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Baby Missing in Zion

A 5-month-old baby boy was reported missing from his Zion apartment on Wednesday August 21.

The mother of Joshua Summeries called police to say someone took her son.

More than 100 police officers, dogs and helicopters searched for Joshua without success.

Police have arrested the Joshua’s mother’s boyfriend.

Anyone with information should contact the Zion Police Department at: (847) 872-8000

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A suspect is in custody as authorities in Zion continue to search for a 5-month-old baby reported missing Wednesday morning.

5-month-old Joshua Summeries was first reported gone just after 8 a.m.  His mother boyfriend was gone as well.

An all-call went out to every police agency in the area, which sent 125 officers, helicopters and K-9′s to look for Joshua.

Law enforcement sources tell WGN bloodhounds from the Cook County Sheriff’s office picked up the scent of both the child and his mother’s boyfriend near their Zion home where there’s now a biohazard sticker on the door.

Neighbor Brian Jenkins says he heard yelling and a baby crying last night, but “nothing I would have called the police over.”

A suspected was arrested early Wednesday evening.

Anyone with information should contact the Zion Police Department at (847) 872-8000.