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2014 Chicago Auto Show

The 2014 Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place runs through February 17.

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Chicago Auto Show: Chairman Kurt Schiele

Chicago Auto Show: First Look for Charity raises $2.3M

Chicago Auto Show: Joe Wiesenfelder with

Chicago Auto Show: Inside Concept Cars

Chicago Auto Show: Test driving cars

As the crowds came for the first day of the Chicago Auto Show, you found the usual; mini cars,  big trucks, something for everyone, as you can tell.

Even the newest spokes bot from ford, entertaining the crowd.

And while Mayor Emanuel came to check the show out for a brief time at the start, Cook County President Toni Preckwinckle touted the benefits of having it here for the past 100 plus years.

“This is a real success story.  We’re really grateful for the resurgence of the auto industry.  It’s something we’ve tried to support.”

Car makers like Nissan rolled out a new version of a taxi– Chicago style.  Donna McDaniel took note.

“Ya know, it had anti-germ seats.  That’s what we need, cause when you get in you go eww.”

As many others, went ahh, enjoying their yearly man’s day out.

Pat D’Andrea said “We try to make it a tradition.  Me, him and my dad.”

Phil Baker said “It’s just cool to come here and see all the new cars like that challenger  that’s really cool. It’s powerful too.”

Need a break from the cruel weather? Warm-up at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place.

It opens to the public today and last night the auto show held it’s annual charity event to raise $2.5 million for 18 Chicago area charities.

The show will run through February 17th. You’ll see the latest from Detroit and foreign-made cars are expected to grab a lot of attention this year

This year’s show fills more than a million square feet at McCormick Place and is targeted to be more interactive for people of all ages

Concept cars are always a big draw– the Cadillac El Mirage is one of the most talked about in the show this year.

The First Look for Charity event has raised more than $36 million for charity over the past 20 years. The public show opens at 10:00 am, Saturday, February 8th.