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Student charged after hidden camera found in locker room


A student is in custody after a video recording device was found in the boys’ locker room of a suburban high school.

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Fear and disgust — that’s what some students at Crystal Lake Central High School are saying Friday after they learned a fellow student allegedly placed a hidden camera in a boys locker room.

Fear that they may have been victimized, and disgust someone would actually do something like that.

Earlier Friday, Luke Gildea, 17, walked out of the McHenry County jail Friday morning in a hooded sweatshirt with his head down.  He didn’t stop to talk to reporters.

The Crystal Lake teen is charged with 2 counts of unauthorized video recording.

Gildea was arrested after authorities discovered a pinhole camera hidden in a boys locker room.  Prosecutors say he used the camera to capture images of fellow students undressing.

“We’ve ensured that this was an isolated incident, our staff and police have worked to bring a closure to the situation,” said District 155 Supt. Johnnie Thomas.

Thomas sent a letter to parents and says his teaching staff has done a great job being transparent with students about what happened.

He also told WGN that school officials have searched other buildings as well and that they “all came up clear.”

The camera was not capable of transmitting the images it captured, so officials say nothing was ever posted online.  Still, students say there concern throughout the school.

“Of course people were worried that if they were on the video, I’m not in on sports team, so I wasn’t worried. I had friends who were worried about it,” said student Dominic Tripoli.

“It’s the whole fact that he’s putting a camera where people are changing,” said student Karlie Zingrone. “I think people are more disgusted than angry”

A student at Crystal Lake Central High School was in court Friday morning, facing felony charges for placing a hidden camera in the boys’ locker room.

GILDEA Mug Shot17-year-old Luke Gildea’s bond was set at $15,000.

He is charged with unauthorized video recording, including recording minors.

A fellow student discovered the pinhole camera and reported it; school officials inspected the other locker rooms and restrooms and found no additional cameras.

The camera wasn’t equipped to transmit its images.

A student is free on $15,000 after a video recording device was found in the boys’ locker room of a suburban high school.

17-year-old Luke Patrick Gildea is charged as an adult with two felony counts of unauthorized video recording.

Gildea faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

A student at Crystal Lake Central High School discovered a pinhole camera dangling from inside the boys locker room around 7 a.m. Thursday.  Police were called. The camera was seized and images were reviewed.  A recording of a student under the age of 18 found on the camera, prosecutors say.

The time stamp on the recordings somehow led detectives to Gildea, a student at the school. Authorities say he confessed to the crime.

The recording device had no wireless transmission capabilities. No images were being sent or received as a result.

The school told parents they searched all locker rooms and bathrooms at Crystal Lake Central as well as at all high schools in the district as part of their investigation.

Police believe Gildea was working alone.