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  • Man shot on the Eisenhower Expressway

    A man was shot while in a car on the Eisenhower Expressway early Sunday morning. It happened on I-290 near Laramie Avenue. The driver of the car dropped the man off at Loretto Hospital and then took off. Illinois State Police blocked westbound lanes of the Eisenhower near Laramie for about an hour while they looked for evidence in the shooting.

  • Jailbreak in Alabama

    A manhunt is underway in Alabama this morning after three inmates escaped from jail. One of the men faked being sick so that the jailer would open the cell door. That’s when the three men jumped him, took his keys and cell phone, and escaped. Two of the men are charged with murder and the third was in for armed robbery. It’s believed they were picked up by a car near the jail.

  • The Twelve Bars of Christmas hits Wrigleyville

    The annual Twelve Bars of Christmas descended on the Wrigleyville neighborhood Saturday. The annual pub crawl began in 1996 with a handful of people. Now almost ten thousand people take part in the holiday get-together. Pub crawlers went to more than 36 participating bars from eight in the morning to closing time. And it was hard to miss them – festival goers dress up in holiday themed costumes. Organizers say they’ve raised and donated ninety thousand dollars to charitable organizations […]

  • Fire destroys Bolingbrook home

    A fire tore through a home in suburban Bolingbrook last night. Neighbors say the home owner runs a daycare center out of the house. The owner escaped the fire without injury. The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

  • Chemical spill in Rosemont sends 19 to the hospital, disrupts Midwest Fur Fest

    A chemical spill at a Rosemont hotel sent 19 people to the hospital early Sunday morning It happened at  1 a.m. at the O’Hare Hyatt Regency Hotel at 9300 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. People complained of a strong chlorine-like smell on the 8th and 9th floors of the hotel.  Several hotel guests complained of nausea and dizziness. Several fire trucks and ambulances from Rosemont and surrounding suburbs were called to the scene, as well as the Hazmat and decontamination units. […]

  • Defense Secretary announces more Afghanistan troops

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the United States will keep 1,000 more soldiers in Afghanistan through next year. Hagel announced the need for extra troops while on a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Ten thousand troops have been told they’ll be staying in Afghanistan beyond the new year – now that number has increased to 11,000. Hagel says continued Taliban attacks in Afghanistan make the additional troops necessary to help stabilize the region.

  • Street named for WWII veteran

    A World War II veteran had a street sign dedicated to him on the Southwest Side Saturday morning. Eighty-nine year old Hank Rutkowski was a prisoner of war for a year after his plane was shot down over Europe in 1944. Everyone on the plane survived – except for one soldier, who’s parachute didn’t open. Rutkowski has gone to mass at St. Bruno Catholic Church on the Southwest Side every December 6 for the last seventy years to pray for […]

  • Ferguson decision could come as early as Monday

    A grand jury has not come to a decision on whether to indict a Ferguson police officer in the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown. Since that grand jury did not make a decision Friday night, the earliest it can reportedly reconvene will be Monday. In the meantime, preparations are being made for civil unrest. Protestors still take to the streets in and around Ferguson, despite the rain, as the wait continues for a decision in one of the […]

  • Ferguson, Missouri awaits grand jury decision

    Protests continued overnight in Ferguson, Missouri as that community waits for a decision from a grand jury. The jury is trying to decide whether Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for killing unarmed teen Michael Brown back in August. Sources tell KTVI-TV in St. Louis that there won’t be a decision this weekend, and the grand jury will reconvene on Monday. Protests overnight were peaceful, but three protestors were arrested after they blocked traffic and refused to move. Local officials […]

  • Bicyclist critically injured after being hit by two cars on Lake Shore Drive

    A bicyclist who was hit by two cars on Lake Shore Drive early Saturday morning is in critical condition. Police say the 24-year-old man was intoxicated when he was riding a rented Divvy bicycle on North Lake Shore Drive early Saturday morning. The man was on Lake Shore Drive near Belmont in the city’s East Lakeview neighborhood at about 2:40am. When the first car hit him, he was pulled under the vehicle. Then, as a second car pulled over to […]


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