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    Phil Vettel reviews Il Porcellino

    CHICAGO, Ill. — One of restaurateur Rich Melman’s gifts, I think, is his ability to identify niches, up and down the dining price scale, and fill them. The same mind that created Ambria, Everest and Avanzare also came up with Mon Ami Gabi, Tucci Benucch and Frankie’s Scaloppine. Apparently there’s a gene for that sort of thing, because it’s been passed down to his children, who have become serious restaurateurs in their own right. The three (RJ, Jerrod and Molly Melman), […]

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    Man shot by Chicago Police

    CHICAGO, Ill. — A 40 year old man was shot and wounded by Chicago Police officers late Saturday night. It happened in West Garfield Park near the intersection of Washington and Kilpatrick. A Chicago Police spokesman said an organized crime unit was targeting a suspected gun house in the area at the time of the shooting. The 40 year old man was rushed to Stroger Hospital where his condition stabilized.

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    Phil Vettel reviews Saved by the Max

    CHICAGO, Ill. — Fans of the classic teen sitcom Saved by the Bell are flocking to Wicker Park to snag a table at a themed pop up restaurant called Saved by the Max. It’s dripping with 90’s nostalgia, and packed to the gills every night—but how’s the food? The team brought on a highly regarded Chicago chef to take over the menu, and put some new twists on familiar classics. Chicago Tribune Restaurant Critic Phil Vettel checked it out.

  • Super Saturday sees multiple winners

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the Nebraska Democratic caucuses, and Hillary Clinton won the Louisiana primary according to a CNN projection. [Previous story, posted at 9 p.m. ET] Ted Cruz has won the Kansas and Maine Republican caucuses as the Texas senator seeks to use the Super Saturday contests to bolster his argument that he is the only viable alternative to Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders picked up his first win of the night in the Kansas Democratic caucuses, […]

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    Phil Vettel reviews de Quay

  • Phil Vettel reviews C Chicago

  • New Video Surfaces In Accident That Paralyzed Woman

    A suburban family is praying for miracles tonight. Nearly a month after their daughter was involved in an accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down,  video surfaces of the driver, police say,  caused that accident. The victim’s family says it shows the driver, seconds after the accident–before running from police. Four people were hurt in that single-vehicle crash- all friends of the driver. Kelsey Ibach was the most seriously injured.  

  • Mother Fights Back After Losing Son To Violence

    The courage of a north side mother fighting back after losing a son to the streets. Elizabeth Ramirez launched an effort to stop the violence after her son was killed in  2011. Henry Rodriguez was killed after he jumped in front of a gunman to save two others.   The crime remains unsolved.   But instead of letting sorrow consume her family  his mother decided to do something. Ramirez began speaking out on community radio, at peace rallies and prayer vigils.  This […]

  • Probe Sees Flaws In Red Light Program

    If it seems like the yellow lights on Chicago’s streets aren’t as long as they used to be- you’re right. The city inspector general’s independent investigation revealed Mayor Emanuel’s administration quietly shortened yellow lights last spring. That has generated an extra 77 thousand red light tickets. The mayor’s administration has now agreed to end the practice. The investigation also called the red light camera program fundamentally flawed- and rife with city mismanagement and inconsistent enforcement. But it did not explain […]

  • Catholic Charities Gifts Stolen

    A search is underway in the north suburbs for the grinch who took off with 150 toys meant for Catholic Charities’ holiday gift program.  Catholic Charities’ Lake County office had been storing the toys and other gifts in an empty building in Waukegan.  They were intended to be given to families in need this holiday season.  Catholic Charities gave gifts to 15 thousand people last year thanks to its donors and volunteers.