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    Thieves target North Side vehicle owners – stealing all four tires at once

    CHICAGO — Gone in minutes.  Thieves are targeting vehicles on Chicago’s North Side, stealing all four tires and leaving the car stranded on cinder blocks. 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith sent an email last week warning residents of the thefts. Police say it happened late at night or early in the evening.  They also warned residents to be alert. No arrests have been made.  

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    Female reporters temporarily barred from NFL locker room

    INDIANAPOLIS — Three female reporters were temporarily blocked from entering the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room after Sunday’s game in Indianapolis. Joey Chandler tweeted, “We’re getting ready to enter the Jags locker room with other APSE female fellows, old man tried to deny us entry. It’s still 2015, right?” Another reporter wrote, “I was just blocked from locker room by an old, out-of-touch geezer who wasn’t sure women were allowed because ‘you know how guys are.'” The women were eventually allowed […]

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    University of Chicago receives $100M to study global conflict

    CHICAGO — The University of Chicago will receive $100 million to study new strategies to address violent conflicts like the war in Syria. The donation will create The Pearson Institute for the Study and Resolution of Global Conflicts. It will open next Fall. Officials say the research will address violent conflicts in countries that have become breeding grounds for terrorist groups. The $100 million donation is tied for the second-largest donation in university history. It comes from a Delaware nonprofit […]

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    2 Chicago-area schools make list of ‘Best Colleges for Women’

    CHICAGO — Two Chicago-area schools are on the list of Best Colleges for Women. The University of Chicago and Northwestern University in Evanston were chosen by a Florida organization called Women’s Choice Award. The group surveyed 1,500 schools and came up with a top 10 list based on issues important to women. Criteria included four-year graduation rate, student to faculty ratio, educational depth and campus safety. U. of C. was ranked No. 2 and Northwestern was ranked No. 6. The […]

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    Boy finds $8,000 at the park, turns it over to police

    SALEM, Mass. — Aiden Wright, 7 found a small fortune at the park and knew exactly what he wanted to do with it. He turned it over to police. Aiden was with his uncle at the park last weekend. When he climbed to the top of the slide he found a checkbook full of cash worth $8,000. Police found the owner who turned out to be a contractor who had just been paid for a project. The checkbook fell out […]

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    Emanuel defends budget, confronts lawsuit at council meeting

    CHICAGO — Today is the first City Council meeting since Mayor Emanuel unveiled his proposal for a massive property tax increase. Aldermen are now presenting their ideas to cut costs and increase revenue in order to ease the financial burden on homeowners. Proposals being considered include privatizing Chicago’s 311 call center, developing CTA properties and a food cart proposal which would create jobs and generate a modest amount of revenue. Also Thurday, The Chicago Tribune is suing Emanuel over claims […]

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    Mom buys coffee for women behind her in line despite insulting comments about her looks

    GRATIOT, Mich. — A mother is getting a lot of support online for how she handled an upsetting situation. Dianne Hoffmeyer was at a coffee shop with her daughter, when she overheard women saying negative things about her weight. She told WXYZ she recalled them saying, “Oh look at her hair, it’s nasty looking and the roots are coming through,” and “Oh she’s a whale, oh the whale needs to eat.” Instead of losing her temper, Hoffmeyer decided to pay it forward […]

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    88-year-old man jailed for refusing to clean up his yard

    PARMA, OH — 88-year old Rudy Klicek was sentenced to 180 days in jail for refusing to clean up his yard. City officials say they’ve been trying to work Klicek for nearly a year to bring his property up to code. It’s littered with abandoned vehicles, broken appliances and other junk. His wife admits Klicek is a hoarder but says he doesn’t belong in jail. A judge sentenced Klicek last Friday after he failed to appear in court and ignored the […]

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    High school football player says Apple Watch saved his life

    MARION, MASS — 17-year old Paul Houle was at football practice last week when he started feeling pain in his back and chest. He thought it was from practicing in the hot weather and took a nap when he got home. Two hours later his Apple Watch showed his heart rate was still at 145, nearly double what it should be. Paul went to the hospital, where doctors say he had heart, liver and kidney failure caused from severe dehydration. […]

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    6th District Representative Esther Golar has died

    CHICAGO — Illinois State Representative Esther Golar has died. She represented the 6th District in Chicago. Golar is most recently remembered for singing her “Ballad of the Budget” in Springfield earlier this summer to condemn the state’s budget battle. Governor Bruce Rauner issued a statement today. He said Esther Golar “was a pillar of strength in her community and represented the people of the 6th district with tenacity and grace.” No details yet on a cause of death or funeral […]


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