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  • Dolphin injured jumping into boat, breaks woman’s ankles

    ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — A dolphin jumped aboard a family’s boat injuring a woman and the dolphin. Chrissie and Dirk Frickman say several dolphins were swimming near their boat on Father’s Day. Suddenly one jumped out of the water and landed right on Chrissie, breaking both ankles. The dolphin also was injured. It flopped around spreading blood all over the boat. Harbor patrol help get the dolphin off the boat. They say despite all the blood the dolphin had just […]

  • Protesters rally at Thompson Center over budget standoff

    CHICAGO — The new fiscal year kicks off today and the state of Illinois still has no approved budget. Lawmakers are pitching a temporary one month spending plan today, but the governor’s office already is calling it “unconstitutional.” Illinois now faces a partial government shutdown after Governor Rauner and democratic lawmakers broke off spending talks. At the Thompson Center in Chicago, protesters are demanding lawmakers and the governor put citizens before politics. They are worried social services will suffer the […]

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    Social media post leads Chicago police to question man in roommate’s murder

    CHICAGO — A Chicago man is being questioned in the murder of his roommate after reportedly confessing to the crime on social media. Early Tuesday morning, police found the body of a 49-year old woman in an apartment in the 4300 block of West Flournoy, according to the Sun-Times. Police have not said how she died but believe the crime may have stemmed from a domestic dispute. This is a developing story.  Check back for updates.

  • Pregnant woman stranded in forest for 3 days delivers own baby

    OROVILLE, Calif. — A woman stranded in a forest for three days delivered her own baby. When Amber Panborn went into labor last Thursday she decided to take an unfamiliar short-cut to her parents house in northern California. She quickly became lost and ran out of gas. Her daughter Marissa was born in the car a few hours later on the side of a deserted road. Over the next three days Pangborn survived on a few apples and some water. […]

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    Woman blind in one eye after catching flesh-eating bacteria on mud run

    DALLAS — A woman is now blind in one eye after competing in a popular mud run race. Brittany Williams says her eye started hurting during the race in Dallas earlier this month. She thought it was just a little mud. By the next morning the vision in her left eye was gone. Doctors say debris cut her eye allowing a flesh-eating bacteria to destroy her cornea. There’s a chance Williams will eventually regain her vision with surgery. Several doctors […]

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    Great America riders stuck for 2 hours on Sky Trek Tower

    GURNEE, Ill. — Riders had some time to check out the view around Great America and Gurnee on Sunday because the Sky Trek Tower was stuck for more than two hours. Passengers eventually had to use the emergency staircase to get off the ride. No one was hurt. The ride was closed until inspectors figure out what went wrong.

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    Mother, son hospitalized after accident sends SUV into retention pond

    AURORA, IL — A mother and her son are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after an accident that sent their SUV into a retention pond. It happened just before 5 a.m.,  on the far west side of Aurora. Police pulled the woman and her nine-year old son from the submerged vehicle. Her seven-year-old daughter got out of the vehicle on her own and was helped to shore. The driver of a second vehicle was injured in the crash. They were both […]

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    Family threatened after ‘Batman’ photos go viral

    HARTFORD, Wisc.  — A family in Wisconsin is being threatened with violence after posting their new family pictures online. Roxanne Daly surprised her husband with a Batman themed photo shoot for Father’s Day. For a background they used railroad tracks near their home. They posted the pictures on Facebook and had 200,000 “likes” within a day. But some people also sent threats – accusing the couple of putting their son in danger. According to Wisconsin law only railroad workers are […]

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    Wounded dog makes “miraculous” recovery

    A dog that was shot in the head is now making a miraculous recovery. “Sophie” was shot during a murder suicide last week between her owner and his partner. Veterinarians say the bullet entered behind her right eye, passed through her neck and smashed into her shoulder. So her balance is a little off right now, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. She could be released as early as next week and be adopted into a new home.

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    Woman diagnosed with TB visited family in McHenry County

    MCHENRY COUNTY — A woman with a rare form of tuberculosis visited family members in McHenry County last month before being diagnosed. State health officials are monitoring the family and interviewing anyone who may have come in contact with the woman. Her name has not been released but officials say she arrived in the United States from India in April and also traveled to Missouri and Tennessee. She is now in stable condition at the National Institutes of Heath in […]


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