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    Community alert issued after string of armed robberies on North Side

    CHICAGO — Police have issued a community alert after nearly a dozen robberies on the North Side. The attacks happened in the Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Wicker Park neighborhoods between November 15th and the 27th. Victims were robbed at gunpoint by two to three men. In one case, a victim was shot in the hand. After the robberies the suspects were seen running to a waiting car.

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    Woman survives crash, killed while trying to get things from wrecked car

    LONG ISLAND, NY — A woman who walked away from a rollover crash died while trying to get her belongings from the wrecked car. This happened early Sunday morning on a highway on Long Island. Brittany Leith crawled out her wrecked car. and other drivers helped her to safety. But she insisted on going back to the car and was struck by another car as she ran across the busy highway. She was 25 and leaves behind a three-year-old daughter.

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    Former babysitter accused of kidnapping, beating 2-year-old

    NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — A family’s former babysitter is accused of kidnapping and beating a toddler. Abigail Hanna was barely able to stand in court Monday and had to be held up by officers. Doctors and attorneys said she is suicidal and suffers from severe mental illness. Hanna is the family’s former babysitter. She’s accused of kidnapping the 2-year old while the family was asleep last Thursday. The child was found hours later on the side of a road. She had […]

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    Boy empties piggy bank after hearing about vandalism at mosque

    PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — A random act of kindness after a mosque in Texas was vandalized. Members found torn pages from a Quran that were covered in feces at the front door. Police are investigating it as a hate crime but no arrests have been made. When 7-year-old Jack Wanson heard about the story he emptied his piggy bank and donated $20 to the Islam Center. An official at the mosque said, “If we have more kind-hearted kids like him in […]

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    Husband of woman killed in Paris attacks writes emotional open letter to terrorists

    PARIS — The emotional letter written by a man who lost his wife in the Paris attacks is trending. Helen Muyal-Leiris was shot by gunmen who stormed the Bataclan Theater. In the open letter posted to Facebook titled “You will not have my hatred”, her husband Antoine Leiris wrote: “On Friday evening you stole the life of an exceptional person, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not have my hatred.” “So no, I will […]

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    Counterterrorism workshop held in Chicago

    CHICAGO — The 21st annual Joint Counterterrorism Awareness Workshop is being held in Chicago. The event was planned months ago but takes on special significance after last week’s terror attacks in Paris. Just about every speaker who took to the podium today commented about the timing of this conference and emphasized the importance of the work that will take place here over the next two days. More than 200 counterterrorism experts at the local, state and federal level are attending […]

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    Mayor Emanuel heading to Paris for global climate summit

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel met with the French Consul General in Chicago on Monday. After that meeting Emanuel announced he will travel to Paris on Dec. 4 for a global climate summit. It’s being hosted by the mayor of Paris and is the largest global meeting of mayors, governors and local leaders to focus on climate change.

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    FBI seizes inspector general files

    CHICAGO — The city’s outgoing legislative inspector general has turned over his office’s files and computers to the FBI. This comes as Faisal Khan calls some of the city officials he’s investigated “devoid of ethical morals and values.” According to a report in the online political magazine Politico, FBI agents have seized “investigative documents, computers and files” from the office that oversees the Chicago city council on Friday afternoon. Friday was the last day that Faisal Khan was in charge […]

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    Daycare workers say religious beliefs prevent them from recognizing a transgender child

    HOUSTON, TX — Two daycare workers say they were fired for refusing to recognize a transgender child. Officials at the daycare center in Houston say they agreed to follow a family’s request to change the gender identity of a six-year-old girl. But the daycare workers say their religious beliefs prevented them from treating the child as a boy. A daycare spokesman said the women were fired for other reasons, unrelated to the transgender child. The women have filed a lawsuit […]

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    Police search for person who drove into group of teens, injuring 1

    HOUSTON, TX — Police are searching for the person who drove into a group of teenagers critically injuring one girl. It started with a fight between a group of girls last week at a middle school in Houston. Witnesses say a 20-year-old woman got into a silver car and plowed into the group. 14-year old Debrianna Hunter was run over. She suffered a broken hip, ribs, leg and internal bleeding. Police say they have solid leads on the name of […]


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