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    VIDEO: Woman confronts convicted voyeur, chases him out of Target

    YULEE, Flor. — Dozens of women have come forward after a woman posted a video of stranger approaching her in a store to ask inappropriate questions. Candice Spivey started recording Jeffrey Polizzi after he approached her in a Target store. She posted the video to Facebook and it’s been viewed more than 1.5 million times. She says it started with a question about a dress for his wife, and then he began asking about her underwear and body. That’s when Spivey […]

  • Richard Campos. Photo: Lake County Sheriff's Department

    Inmate escapes from Lake County, Indiana jail

    CROWN POINT, Ind. — Police are searching for an inmate who escaped from the Lake County jail. Authorities say Richard Campos walked out of the jail around noon on Saturday while working in the laundry area. He got into a vehicle driven by a woman. Authorities believe the escape was planned. Campos was being held on charges of resisting arrest and DUI. If convicted of escape he faces an automatic five year jail sentence.

  • Photo credit: CTV News

    Boy suffers severe burns after using school bathroom

    CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — A mother is suing the school board for $250,000 after her son received chemical burns from a toilet seat. It happened to a seven-year-old boy last month at Stewart Avenue Public School. According to CTV Kitchener News, the child used the school’s washroom and later that day, he noticed a red rash similar to a sunburn on his legs. The rash later began to bubble and ooze. The toilet had been cleaned with a harsh disinfectant. His mother […]

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    Teen arrested after filling up McDonald’s water cup with soda

    SPRINGDALE, AR. — A teen is facing felony robbery charges over a cup of soda. Police say three teens ordered cups of water at a McDonald’s restaurant. But they dumped the water and filled the cups with soda at the self-serve fountain. A manager demanded they return the drinks. Two did as he asked, but the manager said 18-year-old Cody Morris refused. The manager was injured when he tried to stop them from driving away. Police say Morris was behind the […]

  • Capture

    Authorities identify remains of teen missing since 1997

    HOUSTON — The remains of a 17-year -old girl have been identified nearly 20 years after she disappeared. Jessica Cain was last seen in 1997 after leaving a high school party in Houston. The remains were found March 18 after investigators dug for more than three weeks in a pasture pointed out by 56-year-old William Reece. He’s already serving a 60-year sentence for kidnapping one woman. Reece also led authorities to remains identified as those of 20-year-old college student Kelli Cox, […]

  • 1Capture

    SUPES executive pleads guilty in CPS scheme

    CHICAGO — Another guilty plea today in the SUPES Academy fraud scheme. Co-owner Thomas Vranas pleaded guilty Tuesday at a hearing in federal court in Chicago to one count of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery. He faces a maximum five years in prison. Vranas is accused of offering kickbacks to former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett in exchange for steering no-bid contracts worth more than $23 million to the firm. Byrd-Bennett pleaded guilty to wire fraud in October and faces […]

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    Teen drinking game refers to Holocaust

    PRINCETON, NJ — High school administrators are investigating a picture on social media showing underage students playing a drinking game based on the Holocaust. According to the NY Daily News, students from Princeton High School appeared in a Snapchat photo playing a game of beer pong with the cups arranged in the shape of the Star of David and a Nazi swastika. One student exposed the game called “Holocaust pong” or “alcoholocaust.” The student, who is not Jewish, wrote about the picture in […]

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    Woman secretly records doctors making fun of her during surgery

    HOUSTON, Texas — A woman says she recorded doctors making fun at her body during surgery. The audio tape was obtained by FOX 26 in Houston. Ethel Easter said she hid a tape recorder in her hair extensions while undergoing a hernia operation. She says doctors made fun of her size and made a reference to Bill Cosby while touching her body. She came up with the plan after having a tense encounter with a doctor who told her she […]

  • Puppy

    Too costly to turn Chicago animal shelters into no-kill zone?

    CHICAGO — Animal welfare groups want Chicago to make animals shelters across the city no-kill zones, but it may be too expensive. The goal would be to save 90 percent of animals taken in by the city and euthanize no more than 10 percent as a last resort for severely ill or dangerous animals. Last year, the city saved 64 percent of dogs and cats. But the public school budget shortfall and a looming public pension crisis are making it […]

  • North Central College. Tribune file photo

    Report: 10 sexual assaults at North Central College in 3 years

    North Central College students reported 10 sexual assaults on campus between 2012 and 2014, according to The Naperville Sun. Campus officials say privacy laws prohibit them from releasing information about whether the Naperville police department was notified or whether criminal charges were filed in any of the cases. According to U.S. Department of Education, over the same period of time Benedictine University in Lisle reported three forcible sex offenses in 2013 and one fondling case in 2014; Aurora University reported […]


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