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    Emanuel job approval rating increases, undecided voters key to election: Tribune poll

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a double-digit lead over other candidates in the upcoming mayoral election, but he does not have the 50 percent majority needed to win next month’s election outright. The latest Chicago Tribune poll shows 42 percent of voters support Emanuel. His closest challenger, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has just 18 percent followed by Ald. Robert Fioretti with 10%, Willie Wilson with  7% and William “Dock” Walls with 2percent. However, 20% of voters say they’re still undecided. Emanuel’s job approval rating […]

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    Judge throws out Friendship 9’s civil rights era conviction

    ROCK HILL, SC — 54 years after their arrest, a group of black men known as the “Friendship 9″ were exonerated Wednesday. The men were the first civil rights activists to serve jail time for sitting at an all-white lunch counter in South Carolina. Their case made national headlines because after the men were convicted of trespassing they chose a sentence of 30-days in a labor camp rather than paying a $100 fine. Civil rights protesters often agreed to pay […]

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    Mundelein teen pleads guilty to first-degree murder

    MUNDELEIN, Ill. — A teenager pleads guilty to murdering her younger sister in a plea deal that could let her go free when she turns 21. The murder happened just over a year ago in a home in suburban Mundelein, when the teenager was fourteen. WGN is not releasing the name of the suspect because she was a minor when the crime happened. She admitted stabbing her 11-year-old half-sister dozens of times after an argument. The teen will be formally […]

  • Chicago mayoral candidates meet for first debate

    (CHICAGO) — The candidates for Mayor of Chicago debated for the first time Tuesday. They spoke before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Ald. Bob Fioretti, Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Willie Wilson and William “Dock” Walls all attended. Each candidate made a statement about why he would make the best mayor for the city. The debate was spirited and confrontational at times. The mayoral candidates will five debates altogether. The election will be held February 24.

  • Some security concerns for controversial magazine in Evanston

    EVANSTON, Ill. — The first copies of the french satire magazine “Charlie Hebdo” may arrive in Evanston as early as Friday. Evanston police are stepping up patrols to prepare for anything that might develop. The Chicago Main Newsstand is capitalizing on the new awareness of the magazine’s biting and controversial political humor. Islamist terrorists were so offended by that humor they stormed the magazine’s offices in Paris, and murdered 12 people. Evanston police don’t want that to happen here, so […]

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    Rare frilled shark caught off Australian coast

    AUSTRALIA — Fishermen who hooked a strange looking fish thought they had discovered a new species of underwater life, but it turns out the rare frilled shark has been around for 80 million years. It was caught recently by fishermen in Australia. They say it was alive when they hauled it into the boat, but it quickly died. The six-foot long shark has the body of an eel but the mouth is packed with needle-like teeth. The frilled shark is […]

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    Police warn of robbery scam on social media

    (CHICAGO) — Two people in Humboldt Park have been robbed this month after agreeing to meet with someone they met on social media in order to buy or sell electronic equipment. The first incident happened January 8th in the 1300 block of North Monticello. The second incident took place January 14th in the 1600 block of North Pulaski. Police say the suspects were armed with a knife in the first robbery and a handgun in the second robbery. In both […]

  • CTU President Karen Lewis ready to get back to work

    Many familiar faces today at the Chicago Teacher’s Union annual Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast. That includes a rare public appearance by CTU president Karen Lewis, who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor last fall. She had emergency surgery for a brain tumor in October and is now undergoing chemotherapy at least five days a week. Lewis says she often feels tired but is ready to increase her CTU workload. She’s already working hard to influence the Chicago mayoral […]

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    Warning about nationwide kidnapping scam

    NEW YORK — The FBI and local police are issuing a warning about a nationwide phone scam that may sound like a prank call. Aggressive callers who threaten to hurt kidnapped loved ones are tricking people into wiring money to thieves in order to save a family member. Authorities say the kidnappings are a lie, but the calls are so real many people are falling for it. If this happens to you, police say try to slow down the conversation […]

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    Parents file lawsuit, claim son was put in straitjacket

    GALLATIN, Tenn. — The parents of a boy with autism are suing a school district and sheriff’s office, accusing them of putting their son in a straightjacket. Colton Granito, 8, admits he hit a teacher in the face because he wasn’t allowed to have a book. It happened last year at an alternative school. Colton’s parents say he is prone to meltdowns, but the school was aware of his situation and a crisis management plan was in place to help […]


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