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    Water skiing 6-month-old boy shows off impressive skills

    FALLS LAKE, N.C. — He can’t even walk yet but a baby in is now the youngest water skier in the world, according to his parents. Auburn Absher was six-months and 10-days old when he took his first solo trip on the water. His dad built a training ski out of PVC pipes. In the video shared by Rob Absher, the 6-month-old is seen wearing a life jacket while a woman, presumably his mother, is running along side him. Auburn […]

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    Mother survives car accident, then fatally shot minutes later

    SOLON, Ohio — A woman survives a car accident but police in suburban Cleveland say she was shot to death by the other driver. Deborah Pearl was on her way to work last Saturday when witnesses say an SUV ran a red light and plowed into her car. The SUV landed on its roof and the driver got out with a rifle. Police say Mathew Desha walked over to the woman’s car and shot her several times. Pearl is survived […]

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    Woman suffers traumatic brain injury after falling on backyard water slide

    ROCKFORD, Mich. — A woman suffered a traumatic brain injury and nearly died after falling on a homemade water slide. Rosee Douthett was at a party with friends and coworkers earlier this month. She fell on the water slide and hit the back of her head. At first she seemed fine and then her husband says things got scary.  She began vomiting, having seizures and stopped breathing. Rosee is a registered nurse. Thankfully most of the people at the party […]

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    Chicago mom raises $1.5M to pay parking fees for families at Lurie Children’s Hospital

    CHICAGO — A mother who spent months visiting her son at Lurie Children’s Hospital is being honored for making that difficult experience a little easier for other families. Earlier this month, Carrie Meghie was named a CNN Hero for raising $1.5 million to pay hospital parking fees for other parents. Meghie’s son passed away in 2012 at just under 10-months old. Jackson spent most of his life in the hospital. Meghie and her husband, who live in the city’s Ukrainian […]

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    Neighbors clean up racist graffiti before family returns from vacation

    TENINO, Wash. — A homeowner is thanking neighbors for shielding his family from a hate crime. Police are investigating after someone spray painted racial slurs on the family`s home and truck while they were on vacation. A local football team organized dozens of volunteers to scrub off slurs written on his truck and paint over offensive words on the family’s home. They finished just before Marvin Philips and his family returned from vacation. Philips says he’s grateful his children didn’t […]

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    12-year-old girl receiving death threats after posting safari hunting pictures

    CACHE COUNTY, UT — A girl is getting death threats on social media after posting pictures of a big game hunting safari. 12-year old Aryanna Gourdin went to South Africa with her dad last week. When they arrived back home in Utah she posted pictures of herself posing with a gun and the dead animals. Overnight, the pictures went viral and her Facebook account had 24,000 followers. Some people said the girl should die for killing a giraffe. Aryanna and […]

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    Bat found at suburban hospital tests positive for rabies

    PALOS HEIGHTS, Ill. — One of two bats found at Palos Community Hospital has tested positive for rabies. The bats were found earlier this month in the obstetrics unit. Hospital officials say at, “no time were patients ever in contact with the animals.” As a precaution vaccines to prevent rabies are being administered to people who may have been exposed to the bats. The OB unit was closed and patients were moved to another part of the hospital. It’s not […]

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    Groups may boycott weekend’s Bud Billiken Parade over new rules

    CHICAGO — It’s created an uproar just days before the 87th annual Bud Billiken Parade. It started as a dispute between parade organizers and Chicago’s legendary South Shore Drill Team. The parade is under new leadership this year and organizers are trying to reduce the size and duration of the annual back to school celebration. Up to 300 groups have participated in the parade in recent years, but decided to reduce the number to 175 this year. They say many people […]

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    Activist Ja’Mal Green indicted by grand jury

    CHICAGO — Activist Ja’Mal Green has been indicted by a grand jury on charges he allegedly punched a police officer and tried to disarm an officer. Green appeared in court this morning and was joined by other activists and faith based leaders. He was arrested and charged last month at an anti-police brutality march and protest at The Taste of Chicago. Green was later released on $350,000 bond. He now faces five felony charges and two misdemeanors. Green’s attorney said […]

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    ‘Why are you in my house?:’ Man finds stranger living in his attic

    SEATTLE — A man who heard strange noises coming from his attic was shocked to find he wasn’t alone in his home. When Davis Wahlman arrived home Monday night he noticed some lights were on. Davis didn’t think too much about it until something woke him up in the middle of the night. He confronted a woman who tried to lock herself in a bedroom. “I’m like who the heck are you? Why are you in my house? And she […]