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    Magician pulled over by police, uses trick to get out of ticket

    Pulled over for speeding, one man had the perfect trick to get out of a ticket. He solved a Rubik’s Cube in just one second. Magician Steven Brundage was driving home from an event early Friday morning in New York when he was pulled over by police. During the traffic stop, officers noticed all the magic props in his car and asked Steven to show them a trick. They let him go with a warning.

  • Santa stays on roof to raise money to save Far South Side school

    Santa Claus usually flies from rooftop to rooftop but he’s planning to stay on the roof of a Chicago Catholic school on the Far South Side. He’s trying to help the school raise enough money to avoid being closed. St. Florian was one of six schools slated to close during the 2014-15 school-year by the Archdiocese of Chicago. Students, staff and the Hegewisch community raised $140,000 to keep the school open this year. But the school needs $56,000 for next […]

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    Cleveland cop who fatally shot 12-year-old had poor job performance record

    We’re learning more about the police officer who shot a 12-year-old at a park in Cleveland. Surveillance video shows Tamir Rice being shot by officer Tim Loehmann within two seconds of his patrol car stopping on Nov. 22. According to London’s Daily Mail, Loehmann had a poor job performance record and was forced out of another police department in 2012. Records show he fell asleep during firearms training, was often seen crying and once left his gun inside an unsecured locker […]

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    2 teens charged with running high school prostitution ring

    Two teenagers are charged with running a high school prostitution ring involving students from three schools in Sarasota County, Florida. Police say a 17-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy posted a business plan on Facebook, listing rates and using messaging to set up meetings with “Johns.” They’re accused of trading money and alcohol for sex. Police say there may be more victims and more arrests. School officials have not commented on the case, citing the on-going police investigation.

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    Wrigley renovations create market for collectors

    Cubs fan can now buy pieces of Wrigley Field that were recently removed from the ballpark during its renovation. Cubs are in the first phase of a $575 million restoration project. By opening day next year there will be new bleachers and the bullpens will be moved under the bleachers. Seats, flags, scoreboard tiles and signs are available at http://www.cubs.com

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    Prosecutors: Suspect admitted guilt in Hadiya Pendleton murder

    New details are being released about the deadly shooting of Hadiya Pendleton nearly two years ago. The 15-year-old was shot while standing with classmates in a park on the South Side. Prosecutors say shortly after the shooting, her alleged killers, Micheail Ward and Kenneth Williams, stopped nearby to pick up two friends and Williams told them about the shooting. Ward allegedly became angry and told Williams to stop talking. A hearing has been scheduled for December 8th, when prosecutors will […]

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    San Diego plans to purify sewer water for drinking

    City leaders in San Diego just approved a new water purification project to turn sewage into water – for drinking. Experts say the purified water likely will exceed current quality standards and supply about one-third of San Diego’s daily needs. Some residents want more debate on the issue and question how much water and sewer rates will increase to pay for the $3.5 billion system. State reservoirs are at record lows because of a three-year drought in California.

  • Chicagoans battle record-setting cold

    The frigid temperatures dipped even lower today, and in doing so they broke a record that’s been around for more than 100 years. With an official high of just 19 degrees, Tuesday marked the coldest Nov. 18 on record in Chicago. The previous record of 22 degrees was set in 1903. The bone-chilling temperatures made it a difficult day for firefighters and anyone who has to be outside today. Temperatures are expected to rise over the weekend, but still be below normal for Thanksgiving.

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    Suspects found guilty in connection with off-duty officer’s death

    Two suspects were found guilty Thursday in connection connection with the killing of an off-duty Chicago police officer four years ago. Two different juries decided 34-year-old Toyious Taylor and 24-year-old Paris McGee should be held accountable for the deaths of off duty officer Thomas Wortham IV and one of the gunman who was killed during the 2010 robbery. The victim’s father, a retired Chicago officer himself, in court today was pleased justice was served. He wishes more young people would […]

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    CTA crackdown on illegal Ventra card use

    The CTA is losing millions of dollars because of the fraudulent use of Ventra cards. The agency is cracking down on people who are taking advantage of free or reduced-fare rides. Federal and state laws allow seniors and people with disabilities to receive Ventra cards at a discount or free. But a recent audit by the CTA found many of those cards are not being used by the authorized card holder. 1,800 cards have been confiscated over the past several […]


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