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  • Spirit Halloween to hire 30,000 employees this season

    Halloween is big business. You’ve probably seen the pop-up Spirit Halloween stores getting ready to open their doors. The retailer is also planning to hire 30,000 seasonal workers across the U.S and Canada this year. Most positions will be for the company’s retail and online operations. 200 stores will open this week and 1,300 stores will soon be up and running. Spirit Halloween has been in business for 34 years. For more information, go to:

  • Ravinia festival plans new interactive ‘music experience’

    HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Ravinia is moving ahead with plans to expand. The outdoor music venue in Highland Park is adding an exhibition hall. Officials say it will be for education and entertainment purposes. There will be a 65-seat indoor theater, interactive exhibits and two gallery spaces. The extra space will allow Ravinia to plan events year-round instead of just the summer months. Construction is scheduled to be completed by the summer of 2019.  

  • Caught on video: Lyft driver beaten and robbed

    LOS ANGELES – A Lyft driver says she was brutally attacked in what she calls a road rage incident-turned-robbery. A witness caught the violence on cellphone video. It shows Tenicia Bennet being attacked at a gas station in the Miracle Mile neighborhood in Los Angeles. Police have been able to trace the license plate on the vehicle and have a lead on the suspects.

  • Chicago cracks down on unlicensed party buses

    CHICAGO — When you’re making a reservation for a party bus in the city, you may not think to ask if the company is licensed. Now you need to find out or risking losing your money. That’s because a new Chicago ordinance is cracking down on unlicensed party buses that Chicago police say have been a source of concern for some time. It gives the city the power to stop a party bus from operating if it does not have […]

  • Homeowners battle flood waters in Lake County, cleanup begins

    LAKE COUNTY, Ill. — In far North Suburban Grayslake the mayor called this a “100 year flood” event. Standing water also hit the Bull Creek neighborhood of Libertyville near Routes 45 and 137. Rainfall totals range from 3-to5 inches of rain since midnight. Chicago usually sees only 3 1/2 inches of rain during the entire month of July. Lake County residents also are dealing with water in their basements. Several rounds of rain today have caused many basements to flood, […]

  • Last traditional grocery store closes in Calumet Park

    CALUMET PARK, Ill. — The Ultra Foods grocery store in South suburban Calumet Park just closed. The move leaves residents in the predominantly African American and high-poverty community with few options. Residents say a nearby Aldi store and a few neighborhood corner stores have only a limited selection of fresh produce and meat. Ultra Foods store in Calumet Park that closed Saturday as part of the demise of Central Grocers cooperative. — Greg Trotter (@GregTrotterTrib) June 13, 2017 To […]

  • Chicago suburb makes list of ‘nation’s best beach towns’

    NAPERVILLE, Ill. – West suburban Naperville just made the list of best “beach towns”. According to WalletHub the top five beach towns in the United States are Naples, Fla., Key West, Fla., Eden Prairie, Minn., Traverse City, Mich., and St. Augustine, Fla. Source: WalletHub Centennial Beach helped Naperville come in at number 30 on the list. Centennial is not quite a swimming pool and not quite a beach but rather an old quarry spanning a property of about 45 acres […]

  • Jason Van Dyke testifies about night of Laquan McDonald shooting

    CHICAGO — Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke testified in court on Wednesday, one day after prosecutors charged three current and retired officers with trying to cover-up the Laquan McDonald shooting. Van Dyke is charged with first-degree murder in McDonald’s death in October 2014. In court, Van Dyke testified about statements he made to other officers and supervisors immediately after the shooting. Van Dyke testified that he believed he had to make an official statement that night or risk losing […]

  • Police: Good Samaritan beat up trying to help lost toddler

    LAKELAND, Fla. — A man called a “Good Samaritan” by police was branded a child predator on social media. The man said he was trying to help a lost child at a playground in Lakeland, Florida but the girl’s family doesn’t believe his story. The girl’s father admits he punched the man several times because he believed the man was trying to leave the playground with his daughter. The girl’s family posted the man’s name, address and place of work […]

  • Protesters rally against Cook County beverage tax

    CHICAGO — Cook County’s new beverage tax goes into effect this Saturday, July 1. A Can The Tax rally is being held today at the Thompson Center. Protesters call it “excessive” and demand the county board repeal the tax. When the new tax takes effect a two liter soda bottle will cost 67 cents more. And it’s not just for soda.  It will be levied on low-calorie drinks, fruit juices that are not 100% fruit juice, iced tea, lemonade, sports […]