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  • SkillingClimate

    Tom Skilling on Climate Disruption

    Climate change deniers claim global warming stopped more than a decade ago. But WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling is here to tell us about a new study that shows NO slowdown. The study was conducted by a team from NOAA- the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Researchers found that the rate of global warming in the past 15 years has been as fast, or faster, than any seen in the latter half of the 20th century. Argonne National Laboratory scientists […]

  • First Job Detours: How new grads cope with debt, internships, moving home

    For the past five years or more, landing that first job has been complicated by the economy, mountains of student load debt, unpaid internships, older workers not retiring, and kids moving back home. WGN-TV’s Lourdes Duarte reports on the first job detours many 20-somethings and their families are taking, and how they’re adapting. “It’s not hard, you’ll understand it,” an instructor at Harper College tells 24 year old Andrew Castro.  Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in 2012, and was eager […]

  • What are your wishes for end of life care? Experts offer advice

    70% of Americans say they would prefer to die at home. Yet, 70% do not get their wishes. WGN’s Steve Sanders reports there is a way to have a much better chance that your wishes  are carried out, even when you can’t speak for yourself. “I got faced with it when the doctor said ain’t nothing else they can do for me.” Ta-tanisha Rush was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 26. Now at 41, the cancer is back. […]

  • 2015 Chicago Blues Fest Tribute to Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon

    CHICAGO — Chicago Blues Festival starts tomorrow in Grant Park. Blues greats Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters performed at Chicago’s very first blues fest in 1969. And as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, family and former band mates are converging on the city for a centennial tribute. (Harmonica solo) It’s mid-day on a Wednesday; a time many blues musicians sleep. But not today. “In my opinion, blues is the most powerful music on the planet. It’s the most universal.” Billy Branch, […]

  • Capture

    Heroin in Chicago’s Suburbs: How the drug impacts families

    Heroin is cheaper than cigarettes, beer or marijuana. And it's killing kids in Chicago's suburbs.

  • A look inside the U.S.S. Illinois: The world’s most advanced nuclear powered submarine

    WGN-TV's Nancy Loo has the exclusive first inside look at the U.S.S. Illinois submarine.

  • Suburb honors the ‘power of trees’

    It’s a good week for trees; Earth Day today, Arbor Day on Friday. So, in honor of trees, we headed to west suburban Oak Park and the former home of one of the Chicago area’s original tree huggers. “Most of the trees that are here on the property are the originals,” says Karen Sweeney, the preservation architect for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. Dan Krug is an arborist for a company called, The Care of Trees. “They range in age […]

  • Artist will have you smiling at Chicago potholes

    Have you ever smiled at a pothole? A former Chicago ad man turned mosaic artist, thought it would be kind of funny to fill the universally reviled potholes into something fun. 2 years ago he filled a pothole in front of his house with a mosaic featuring the Chicago flag and one word; Pothole. Since then he's created flowers, and a luscious series for this year. His work is so unique, it earned him a highly visible commission at the Nike Store on Michigan Avenue. And he's flying to Finland in May to appear as a guest artist at their end of winter festival. Smiling yet?

  • Remembering the Palm Sunday tornadoes, 50 years later

    ELKHART, Ind. — 50 years ago this weekend, April 11 and 12, killer tornadoes raced across America’s Heartland claiming hundreds of lives and creating mass destruction. Tom Skilling’s team tracked down survivors of the Palm Sunday Tornadoes to learn firsthand the stories behind two iconic photographs, from Illinois and Indiana. Greg and Betty Huffman are the eldest son and wife of newspaper photographer Paul Huffman. On Palm Sunday, 1965, Paul and Betty had dropped off their youngest son at church and […]

  • Orchids: A Winter escape blooming in Chicago

    If you’ve had your fill of cold and snow, we have just the ticket. And it doesn’t involve a plant to Maui. The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe is furiously putting the finishing touches on their second annual Orchid Show. And as WGN’s Micah Materre reports, it’s a tropical paradise as far as the eye can see. Some parts of the Orchid Show are free, although to see everything in all rooms and greenhouses requires a ten dollar ticket. Members […]


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