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    War Stories from Vietnam Combat Photographers

    All week we’ve been telling “Untold Stories” as a salute to veterans of the Vietnam war. Virtually all of those stories contained photographs and film from an elite group of photographers known as DASPO.  DASPO is short for “Department of the Army Special Photographic Unit.”  Hundreds of men willingly signed up for this dangerous assignment, to stand in the line of fire and capture the “Faces of War.”  Here are the stories of still photographer Dick Durrance, and combat cameraman […]

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    Untold Vietnam Stories: The battle of Chicago ’68 told through eyes of soldier and protestor

    One of the most important battles of the Vietnam war was fought right here in Chicago. The whole world was watching when the 1968 Democratic National Convention became the battleground for the hearts and minds of America.  And as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports,   those for and against the war were equally passionate.  And it all came to a head on the streets of Chicago. “When it came to Democratic Convention, everybody was drawn here,” says Dr. Dominic Pacyga  from Columbia […]

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    The untold story of when Ernie Banks went to Vietnam

    Any brush with a celebrity can create lifelong memories and good stories, especially when they happen in a war zone.  A combat medic from Wisconsin was drafted in 1968 and shipped off to Vietnam.  As WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, little did he know his war experience would include Mr. Cub himself. “I’ll be honest. I was oblivious. I was you know 19 years old, I had a nice hot Chevelle and I wanted to chase girls and drink. And I […]

  • Remembering the Plainfield, Joliet, Crest Hill tornado, 25 years later

    PLAINFIELD, Ill. — On Aug. 28, 1990,  Chicago’s southwest suburbs were slammed by a freak of nature; a rain-wrapped, EF-5 tornado — still the most powerful to ever strike the Chicago area. WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling covered the killer storm in 1990 that shook up Plainfield, Joliet, and Crest Hill, as well as the entire weather profession. The Aug. 28, 1990 tornado was very unusual. That day was miserable; temperatures in the 90s, dew points in the low 80s and […]

  • Apes and Humans in Harmony: Local musician’s unique approach

    CHICAGO –All chimpanzees in the United States are now recognized as endangered species, offering them new legal protections from medical research and the pet trade. Still, hundreds of Great Apes are living in sanctuaries. And as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, a Chicago musician and composer is hoping his music will touch chimps lives as much as they’ve touched his. Advocates say consumers can help by avoiding products that use chimps in their advertising. And by buying only sustainably harvested lumber […]

  • For young Chicago climbing star, the sky’s the limit

    If your kids are climbing the walls this summer, here’s a thought; encourage it! Brightly colored climbing walls are popping up all over the country. And as WGN’s Micah Materre reports, a Chicago girl is becoming a star in top national competitions. “On belay. Belay on. Climbing. Climb on. There are actually spider webs up here. You can take them down for them.” Sophie Volchenboum weighs 60 pounds soaking wet, just turned eleven, and is already among the best rock […]

  • Chicago’s Killer Heatwave of 1995: Remembering the city’s tragic days 20 years later

    July 13, 1995, the actual temperature in Chicago at Midway Airport hit 106-degrees; 104 at O’Hare. To this day, they’re the highest temperatures ever recorded here. The killer heat wave of 1995 was very unusual and unlike any summer heat we’d ever known; blistering temperatures and high humidities, no cloud cover, lake breeze, or night cooling. And many neighborhoods had power outages. When it was over, 739 people had died. Only the Eastland disaster a century ago claimed more lives in […]

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    Tom Skilling on Climate Disruption

    Climate change deniers claim global warming stopped more than a decade ago. But WGN Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling is here to tell us about a new study that shows NO slowdown. The study was conducted by a team from NOAA- the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Researchers found that the rate of global warming in the past 15 years has been as fast, or faster, than any seen in the latter half of the 20th century. Argonne National Laboratory scientists […]

  • First Job Detours: How new grads cope with debt, internships, moving home

    For the past five years or more, landing that first job has been complicated by the economy, mountains of student load debt, unpaid internships, older workers not retiring, and kids moving back home. WGN-TV’s Lourdes Duarte reports on the first job detours many 20-somethings and their families are taking, and how they’re adapting. “It’s not hard, you’ll understand it,” an instructor at Harper College tells 24 year old Andrew Castro.  Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in 2012, and was eager […]

  • What are your wishes for end of life care? Experts offer advice

    70% of Americans say they would prefer to die at home. Yet, 70% do not get their wishes. WGN’s Steve Sanders reports there is a way to have a much better chance that your wishes  are carried out, even when you can’t speak for yourself. “I got faced with it when the doctor said ain’t nothing else they can do for me.” Ta-tanisha Rush was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 26. Now at 41, the cancer is back. […]


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