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  • Oh baby! 50 years ago, mother delivers baby boy during Chicago blizzard

    On January 26, 1967, snow began falling and buried Chicago in 23 inches of snow in 29 hours. It’s a record that stands to this day. In the middle of Chicago’s biggest snowstorm, about a dozen blizzard babies were born.  Each one has a unique story.  But as Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling reports, this story may top them all. The Dunson family would love to know the identity of the stranger who may have saved both mother and son. Can […]

  • The Pussyhat Project and Women’s March on Washington

    In the 60’s, political protestors staged sit-ins. In 2017, some political protests are taking the form of knit-ins. As WGN’s Nancy Loo reports, this is the story of the power of pink, community, and a common cause. If you’d like to attend a knit in at Knit 1 on Sunday, January 8th or 15th, please call them to reserve a space.  773-244-1646  3856 N. Lincoln Ave. And it’s not too late to buy a bus ticket to Washington D.C. for […]

  • Big Monster Toys, where toy ideas are born

    Behind the toy giants, Fisher Price, Hasbro, and Mattel, is a toy design company in Chicago you’ve probably never heard of.  It’s called, “Big Monster Toys.” As WGN’s Sean Lewis reports, their work is top secret. But, in this week’s spirit of giving, they let us take a peek behind their big yellow door. You want one, right? They are either sold out, or you’ll pay a pretty penny for one now. We invite you to share this story. And […]

  • Wool painting: How a love of animals led a Chicago area artist to a new calling

    The world is filled with starving artists. But often it’s just a matter of finding a niche. A Wauconda artist has found hers, painting with wool.  As WGN’s Sean Lewis reports, it’s an art form that has grown from a love of animals, to a new career as an author and illustrator of childrens’ books. Her first book will be published in April called, “Seasons of Joy; Every day is for outdoor play.” If you’d like to find Claudia Marie […]

  • Turkey carvers feeding seniors Thanksgiving Day

    What do you get when you put 40 turkeys, a stack of sharp knives, and the executive chef of the Peninsula Hotel Chicago in a room? You get hundreds of Thanksgiving dinners for Chicago area seniors, courtesy of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.  Check it out. Jose Fernandez, the executive chef at Peninsula Chicago, Little Brothers CEO Simone Mitchell-Peterson, and volunteers Daren Jakeman, Eumir Bautista, Maria Rolon, and Jay Javors appear in this report.   For more information about […]

  • Loneliness help starts here

    If you have feelings of loneliness, especially during the holidays, you are not alone. It’s something many people feel, but are reluctant to talk about.  Research shows loneliness can be lethal, if ignored. In tonight’s Cover story, WGN”s Gaynor Hall looks at the science behind loneliness, something not only treatable, in some cases, it’s preventable.   The pilot program at Rush will be expanded next year to screen all patients with a Rush primary care doctor for depression annually. Producer […]

  • Fix Your Kicks; 3rd generation Chicago cobbler opens his first shoe shop

    Who doesn’t go looking for a shoe repair shop at some point. And yes, most of them don’t make news.  But a shoe shop just opened in Lincoln Square that is making old sneakers, new again. And it may help solve some gift giving problems for many North siders. WGN’s Steve Sanders explains. At least a dozen Marins now own shoe repair shops in the Chicago area. And Joshua’s dad is thinking about opening a school for shoe repair.  And […]

  • Leafy greens growing in Chicago all winter

    Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood on the far south side made history with trains. But, new pioneers are moving in. Urban agriculture has come to Pullman, creating jobs and year round fresh food. WGN’s Steve Sanders takes us inside an amazing space that is home to Gotham Greens. The Pullman plant is their largest facility to date, and it alone produces close to ten million heads of greens a year. If you’d like even more information about their operation, click these links. […]

  • Nature’s Grace and Wellness; Pot with a purpose

    One year into Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program, the number of patients just topped 12,000 with retail sales of 28-million dollars.  The list of qualifying conditions is growing as well with PTSD, post operative chronic pain, and irritable bowel syndrome either on the list or about to be added.  Our Steve Sanders goes down on the farm with an Illinois family whose pioneering roots run deep. You don’t have to get high to use marijuana, and you don’t have to […]

  • The power of water; bringing people together

    How about something completely different from the divisiveness of politics?  We offer a short break now to remind ourselves what’s possible, that people CAN come together for a common cause. This is a story about the importance of water in our lives, public swimming pools open to all, and the ripple effect a small Illinois town can have on the rest of the world. WGN’s Steve Sanders picks up the story from there. You can learn more about Dr. Nichols […]