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    Leafy greens growing in Chicago all winter

    Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood on the far south side made history with trains. But, new pioneers are moving in. Urban agriculture has come to Pullman, creating jobs and year round fresh food. WGN’s Steve Sanders takes us inside an amazing space that is home to Gotham Greens. The Pullman plant is their largest facility to date, and it alone produces close to ten million heads of greens a year. If you’d like even more information about their operation, click these links. […]

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    Nature’s Grace and Wellness; Pot with a purpose

    One year into Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program, the number of patients just topped 12,000 with retail sales of 28-million dollars.  The list of qualifying conditions is growing as well with PTSD, post operative chronic pain, and irritable bowel syndrome either on the list or about to be added.  Our Steve Sanders goes down on the farm with an Illinois family whose pioneering roots run deep. You don’t have to get high to use marijuana, and you don’t have to […]

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    The power of water; bringing people together

    How about something completely different from the divisiveness of politics?  We offer a short break now to remind ourselves what’s possible, that people CAN come together for a common cause. This is a story about the importance of water in our lives, public swimming pools open to all, and the ripple effect a small Illinois town can have on the rest of the world. WGN’s Steve Sanders picks up the story from there. You can learn more about Dr. Nichols […]

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    Medical marijuana in Illinois; a first look inside a cultivation site and a dispensary

    Half of states and the District of Columbia are now on board with medical marijuana. And nine states have marijuana issues on the November ballot.  Since the first sales last November 9th, total retail sales in Illinois topped 23.5 million dollars last month. There are now more than 11,000 medical marijuana card holders in Illinois. And 44 dispensaries have been licensed to sell the home grown marijuana products. Who are these pioneers, and what does the cannabis business look like […]

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    The business of heroin recovery

    The heroin crisis has created exponential growth in the for profit-treatment industry. But, the greater need has opened the door to greed.  Drug overdose is now the number one cause of accidental death in the United States. Families are desperate and recovery has become big business. “People need to know that there are so many different ways to get well, and that it doesn’t need to cost 50-thousand dollars,” said Kathie Kane-Willis, director of the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy […]


    The lost art of rock ‘n’ roll posters: 25 years of Screwball Press

    It takes a brave soul to do business with a screwball, unless that screwball is Steve Walters of Chicago. Walters is a poster artist who was inspired by the psychedelic posters of the 1960’s and led a revival of poster art in the 1990’s. As WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, 25 years of Screwball Press is reason to party. There’s a poster convention of sorts this Thursday night when artists and music lovers will join Steve in at Co prosperity sphere […]

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    Haymarket Center’s Fatherhood program; reconnecting fathers and their children

    Sunday is Father’s Day, and while many dads will be celebrating, some wonder if they will ever re-connect with their kids. The Haymarket Center is treating addiction as a disease, not a choice. Part of the program is focused on fathers. Because the heroin epidemic is not only ravaging the lives of users, it’s ripping apart families. WGN’s Gaynor Hall takes a look at the Fatherhood program this Father’s Day weekend; a program that aims to heal families wounded by […]

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    50 years, one school: Meet Chicago Public Schools longest serving teacher

    James "Fitz" Fitzgerald is a south sider who started his teaching career in 1966 at Hubbard High School, and he's still at Hubbard today. He teaches law, and coaches the school's award winning mock trial team. But what he's really doing is changing lives. Ask him anything, but don't ask his age!

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    Tom Skilling’s personal challenge: Forecasting a healthy lifestyle

    You know him as WGN-TV’s Chief Meteorologist for almost four decades. But the years and pounds have crept up on him. So, with a little help from concerned viewers, Tom Skilling decided 2016 was the year to start living a healthier lifestyle. With his doctor’s approval, Tom started with baby steps, first by eating better; no diet Mountain Dews or late night fast food stops. And on a snowy April 7th, about six weeks ago, he bumped it up by getting some […]

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    Chicago’s heroin crisis; old problem, new approach

    Caught with a small amount of heroin for the first time?  You have a choice: Face charges or enter treatment. Chicago Police just launched the Narcotics Arrest Diversion program for people who do not have violent criminal records and are not in gangs. Law enforcement agencies across the country are making similar changes to address what The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled a “heroin epidemic.” “We’ve had a significant heroin problem in Chicago for many decades,” said […]