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  • WWII Veterans reunited; An encore presentation on WGN-TV

    The miraculous story of two World War II sailors who re-unite via Skype - 2100 miles and 72 years apart.

  • Blue Man Group celebrates 20 years in Chicago

    CHICAGO — In the early ’90s few people had ever heard of the Blue Man Group, much less seen their live shows. Now, they’re known all over the world and they’re celebrating two decades in Chicago. WGN-TV Entertainment reporter Dean Richards reminds us why Blue Man Group never gets old. Their exact Chicago anniversary is Thursday, October 12, and they’re celebrating with a special birthday show at 8 p.m. filled with surprises. Blue Man Group was purchased this summer by […]

  • For those facing foreclosure, there is help available

    CHICAGO — The foreclosure crisis in Illinois is not going away. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it’s getting worse. In a follow up to an affordable housing story we brought you in May, WGN’s Gaynor Hall reports there is money available to help through Illinois’ hardest hit fund. As for the 14 percent who apply for help and don’t qualify, it’s usually one of two things; no income at all, or problems gathering documentations like tax records. We hope you […]

  • Tom Skilling previews the August 21st total eclipse

    In less than two weeks, the United States will see a rare sky show that hasn’t happened in the *Chicago area since before Chicago existed.  The good news is, a total eclipse of the sun will be visible within a day’s drive of Chicago. WGN-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling previews what’s happening on Monday, August 21, 2017. WGN’s eclipse coverage from the Carbondale area will begin Sunday, August 20th on the 5:00 PM News, through “live” coverage of the total […]

  • Chicago statues brought to life by famous voices

    There is so much public art in Chicago it’s sometimes hard to see.  But, if you take the time to listen to some of the statue’s stories, WGN’s Steve Sanders says there is much to learn about Chicago history. We hope you will share this story. And if you’d like even more information about public art in Chicago, click these links or go to the WGN-TV Facebook page.

  • WWII Veteran from Chicago meets the sailor who saved his life, 72 years later

    CHICAGO — An “Honor Flight Chicago” trip in 2009 was a bit of a rebirth for World War II survivor Norm Lasman of Chicago. He never knew who saved his life on May 11, 1945,  the day Japanese suicide bombers attacked the American aircraft carrier U.S.S. Bunker Hill.  The smoke and flames left him unconscious and suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning for 19 hours. But after reading a book called, “Danger’s Hour,” written by Bobby Kennedy’s youngest son Maxwell, it […]

  • The human cost of no Illinois budget

    Across Illinois, thousands of developmentally disabled people are leading full, productive lives, thanks to group homes and their caring staffs. Yet, finding and keeping direct service professionals, known as D.S.P.’s is becoming more difficult because of long hours and low pay. As WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, Illinois’ budget crisis is quickly becoming a caregiver crisis for some of the state’s most vulnerable people. There are some 27,000 direct service professionals in Illinois who are anxiously awaiting how this plays out, […]

  • The Affordable Housing Crisis in a segregated Chicago

    A community divided over a proposal for mixed income housing. This contentious battle is brewing in the city’s Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest side. In this Cover Story, WGN’s Gaynor Hall looks at how the fate of the privately owned development could impact efforts to increase affordable housing all across Chicago. Please share this story. And if you’d like more information, we have lots of links to click on here: Producer Pam Grimes and photojournalists Mike D’Angelo, Steve Scheuer, […]

  • ‘I felt lucky to be alive:’ Survivors of the Belvidere and Oak Lawn tornado outbreak tell their stories – 50 years later

    A half century ago, 58 people died in northern Illinois in a ten tornado tirade that could not have hit at a worse time. WGN-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling had a chance to speak with survivors of the Belvidere tornado, many who were children when a twister hit Belvidere High School. Tom says never in his life has he had the opportunity to talk to a group of people who came so close to death and lived to tell about […]

  • Lakeview Pantry feeding a need and feeding souls

    One in six people across Chicagoland doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. And many of them are senior citizens, students, and working families. But, as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, Lakeview Pantry’s new location on the North Side is not only a very visible sign that hungry people are everywhere, it’s new space is feeding souls. Lakeview Pantry is part of the Greater Chicago Food Depository network which relies on private donations of cash and food. And Trader […]