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  • Who is eating Asian carp?

    Who is eating Asian carp?

    In the summer of 2010, Governor Quinn signed an agreement to ship up to 30-million pounds of Asian carp a year to China. He said at the time, “If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em!” Now, almost four years later, we wondered, are people warming up to this invasive species? WGN’s Nancy Loo traveled to an Asian carp processing plant near the Mississippi river that now ships Illinois caught Asian carp, worldwide. “Our annual purchasing of all species is around […]

  • Chickens in the City: Urban coops growing in popularity

    Chickens in the City: Urban coops growing in popularity

    If you live in the Chicago area, down-on-the-farm could be right next door. Many cities across the country are making it easier to own chickens. And WGN’s Ana Belaval had no problem finding a chick chick here, and a chick chick there. “Morning ladies.” In all her 60 years, Mo Cahill of Rogers Park has been many things. “Let’s go.” Mother, animal lover, a bit of a rebel. (flapping wings) She’s never been a chicken owner until two years ago. […]

  • colored

    Historic 1964 Civil Rights Law turns 50

    July 2, 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the landmark civil rights act, intended to virtually eliminate almost all forms of discrimination.The battle for civil rights was long and bloody. WGN’S Steve Sanders looks at the Chicago events and people who sparked history making change, more than a half century ago. “This was the first day of the sit-in January 2, 1962,” says Chicago genealogist and author Tony Burroughs. “This history has been buried for 50 years.” […]

  • Making a pension back-up plan

    Making a pension back-up plan

    Nearly half of all Americans now say they’re worried they’ll outlive their money, or won’t be able to save enough to ever retire. Whether you work in the public or private sectors, WGN’s Steve Sanders reports one thing is clear; the retirement landscape is changing. Adriana Caballero is a former social worker turned bi-lingual education teacher at Piper Elementary in Berwyn. And with pension reform in Illinois, her career change has left her feeling far less secure. “The uncertainty is […]

  • Stuck in Cook County Jail

    Stuck in Cook County Jail: Prison population strains system, tax payer wallets

    Nearly 9,400 people are sitting in Cook County jail tonight. It’s one of the largest jail systems in the world, and taxpayers are paying the price. The Illinois Supreme Court and county elected officials agree they need to reduce the jail population. But, as WGN’s Gaynor Hall reports, there’s no consensus on how to do that. “I was 19 when I first went to jail. But I was 14 when I started drinking and getting high,” says ex-offender Patrick Covington […]

  • Winter Farming: How the cold can help crops

    Winter Farming in Illinois: How the cold can help crops

    Trying to grow anything in the ground this time of year in Illinois seems like mission impossible- especially this winter. Not only are some Illinois farmers harvesting winter crops, as WGN’s Lourdes Duarte reports, one Illinois farm couple is hoping what plays near Peoria, will catch on all over the Midwest. “See all the lettuce, it’s pretty huh?”  Lyndon and Kimberli Hartz are newlyweds who farm      ten-and-a-half acres in Wyoming, Illinois, about a 40 minute drive Northwest of Peoria. You […]

  • Watts of Love: Local group bringing light to typhoon-ravaged Philippines

    It’s been almost six weeks since Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippine Islands.  For those who survived, restoring electricity and rebuilding will take years.  But, as Steve Sanders reports, there’s a Chicago area group bringing light to one of the darkest places on earth. “I’m handing out these lights and telling the stories of how it helps people.” Kevin Kuster’s calling to the Philippines comes by way of Playboy Magazine.  He was a senior photo editor there for almost two decades. […]

  • Vinyl record renaissance: Wax makes a comeback

    People who gave away their record players and record collections years ago may be regretting it now.  A vinyl record renaissance is underway, thanks to a new generation of music fans who prefer vinyl. In fact, young people are fueling a 33-percent jump in sales so far this year.  As Nancy Loo reports, in tonight’s Cover Story, it’s keeping some local record stores alive. “This might be my favorite album of theirs”  says 14 year old Brian Johnson as he […]

  • The Story of Chicago’s Christmas Tree Ship

    The municipal Christmas tree in Daley Plaza belongs to all the citizens of Chicago, and is a tradition that began 100 years ago.  But do you know why?  On this Christmas eve, 2013, WGN’s Steve Sanders brings us a rich and enduring part of Chicago history; the story of the Christmas tree ship, and it’s beloved “Captain Santa.” ”He thought he would beat the weather.  But, if he didn’t, then the people wouldn’t get their Christmas trees,” says Dr. William […]

  • Strength in numbers: Male cheerleaders in high demand

    A male cheerleading boom is happening in parts of the country, and the Chicago area is one of them. WGN’s Pat Tomasulo says some teams are desperate for guys which could lead to college scholarships. Jared Erlenbaugh is head coach for an Illinois All Star team that practices at Ultimate Athletics in Wauconda.  He’s drawn kids from 26 different high schools. “Illinois is a very very competitive state in the cheerleading world. It’s one of the top 5 I would […]


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