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  • The Affordable Housing Crisis in a segregated Chicago

    A community divided over a proposal for mixed income housing. This contentious battle is brewing in the city’s Jefferson Park neighborhood on the Northwest side. In this Cover Story, WGN’s Gaynor Hall looks at how the fate of the privately owned development could impact efforts to increase affordable housing all across Chicago. Please share this story. And if you’d like more information, we have lots of links to click on here: Producer Pam Grimes and photojournalists Mike D’Angelo, Steve Scheuer, […]

  • ‘I felt lucky to be alive:’ Survivors of the Belvidere and Oak Lawn tornado outbreak tell their stories – 50 years later

    A half century ago, 58 people died in northern Illinois in a ten tornado tirade that could not have hit at a worse time. WGN-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling had a chance to speak with survivors of the Belvidere tornado, many who were children when a twister hit Belvidere High School. Tom says never in his life has he had the opportunity to talk to a group of people who came so close to death and lived to tell about […]

  • Lakeview Pantry feeding a need and feeding souls

    One in six people across Chicagoland doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from. And many of them are senior citizens, students, and working families. But, as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, Lakeview Pantry’s new location on the North Side is not only a very visible sign that hungry people are everywhere, it’s new space is feeding souls. Lakeview Pantry is part of the Greater Chicago Food Depository network which relies on private donations of cash and food. And Trader […]

  • Mindfulness in the classroom

    A divided country, social media, too much to do, not enough time. It can all make you feel like you’re losing your mind. Yet, some people just know how to roll with life’s punches. WGN-TV’s Gaynor Hall introduces us to someone who is taking education to a new level through mindfulness. And she’s preparing young women for the future, by focusing on the present. And mindfulness is starting to catch on. The group “Still Choosing Chicago” is raising money for a […]

  • Mothers in prison: Who is being punished?

    CHICAGO — Mothers in prison. The children they leave behind. And, the caregivers who step in to help when fathers often are not in the picture. In this WGN-TV Cover story, reporter Gaynor hall takes you on a bittersweet ride that shows inmates aren’t the only ones being punished. A previous version of the “Reunification Ride” program was suspended because of state budget cuts. Now, they exist entirely through donations. Each trip for 50 people costs about $2500. And they […]

  • Stars in the Sky: Trailblazing stewardesses tell all

    Chicago has a rich history of trailblazers. And tonight they come in the form of two women who paved a path in the air. Almost 50 years ago, Casey Grant and Debra Surrett were hired by Delta Airlines as stewardesses. As part of WGN-TV’s Black History month coverage, they tell their stories, as only they can. Casey Grant’s book, “Stars in the Sky” has even more stories. And the success of the Oscar nominated movie “Hidden Figures” has movie producers […]

  • Suburban restaurant’s ‘Found’ notes make every day Valentine’s Day

    There’s a place in the Chicago area where nearly every day is Valentine’s Day. As WGN-TV’s Steve Sanders reports, it involves a romantic restaurant, handwritten love notes, and two secret drawers. The drawer tables at Found are very popular. But, you can request them when you make your reservation. You can find this farm to table restaurant by clicking the link below. Producer Pam Grimes and Photojournalist Ted Parra contributed to this report.  

  • Nightmare on Lake Street: 40 years after the worst CTA crash in history

    On February 4, 1977, two CTA elevated trains collided in Chicago’s Loop during rush hour on a Friday night, sending car after car onto the street below at Lake and Wabash. To this day, it’s the worst CTA crash in history. And, as WGN’s transportation reporter Sarah Jindra reports, Chicagoans who saw and worked the crash site, carry those images to this day. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled the cause of the crash human error. But, trains that once […]

  • Oh baby! 50 years ago, mother delivers baby boy during Chicago blizzard

    On January 26, 1967, snow began falling and buried Chicago in 23 inches of snow in 29 hours. It’s a record that stands to this day. In the middle of Chicago’s biggest snowstorm, about a dozen blizzard babies were born.  Each one has a unique story.  But as Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling reports, this story may top them all. The Dunson family would love to know the identity of the stranger who may have saved both mother and son. Can […]

  • The Pussyhat Project and Women’s March on Washington

    In the 60’s, political protestors staged sit-ins. In 2017, some political protests are taking the form of knit-ins. As WGN’s Nancy Loo reports, this is the story of the power of pink, community, and a common cause. If you’d like to attend a knit in at Knit 1 on Sunday, January 8th or 15th, please call them to reserve a space.  773-244-1646  3856 N. Lincoln Ave. And it’s not too late to buy a bus ticket to Washington D.C. for […]