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  • Skilling gets a look at an icebreaker in action on the Great Lakes

    SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. — Billions of dollars worth of commerce passes through the Great Lakes every year, and keeping those vital shipments flowing gets tricky when the lakes freeze in winter. Cutting through all that ice is a big job, so Tom Skilling hitched a ride on the deck of the Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw as it crossed the upper Great Lakes to see how it’s done. If the name sounds familiar, it’s also the Christmas tree ship that delivers […]

  • Top-rated Christopher House Elementary takes wraparound approach to education

    CHICAGO — For many Chicago families, the scramble to get their kids into the best schools can be mind blowing. There are public, private, parochial and charter options. One of the city’s highest performing elementary schools is a newer charter school that has grown from roots planted more than a century ago. Christopher House serves around 900 Chicago children on the north and west sides of Chicago, and their charter has been renewed for another five years. If you’d like […]

  • #MeToo and You: Reimagining masculinity to reverse sexual harassment

    There are few topics more divisive these days than the #MeToo movement. Some men feel under attack. Many women feel silenced, ignored, and powerless. It is clear that sexual harassment is nothing new. But, the conversation surrounding it has changed. And, as WGN's Gaynor Hall reports, there's a growing body of research that says we need to challenge the way we raise our boys as we work toward a goal of true gender equity.

  • Survivor of ancient Chinese practice of foot binding shares her story

    The average female foot size in the United States is an 8 or 8.5. So imagine a desire to crush your feet into a size three INCH shoe or 三寸金莲 or the Golden Lotus. That was the practice in China for centuries. And as WGN-TV's Nancy Loo reports, key pieces of this ancient foot binding tradition are right here in Chicago.

  • WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday on Pearl Harbor Day

    Roberto Reyna, Sr. was celebrating his 24th birthday on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After, he was drafted into the Air Force and stationed on a small island in the South Pacific. There were fears of nuclear war. Until in August 1945, Reyna and fellow servicemen watched as the Hiroshima bomb was loaded onto a B-29 bound for Japan. “Some things you can never forget in your life. What you saw. And then what happened,” Reyna said. […]

  • Clocks made by visually impaired Chicago workers sold at local Target stores

    A gift that counts.

  • Fighting Homelessness, 2-part series: Chicago considers tiny homes for affordable housing

    There are many faces of homelessness in Chicago. Why is it happening? And what is the city and others doing about it? WGN-TV's Gaynor Hall reports in part one of two on homelessness in Chicago.

  • WWII Veterans reunited; An encore presentation on WGN-TV

    The miraculous story of two World War II sailors who re-unite via Skype - 2100 miles and 72 years apart.

  • Blue Man Group celebrates 20 years in Chicago

    CHICAGO — In the early ’90s few people had ever heard of the Blue Man Group, much less seen their live shows. Now, they’re known all over the world and they’re celebrating two decades in Chicago. WGN-TV Entertainment reporter Dean Richards reminds us why Blue Man Group never gets old. Their exact Chicago anniversary is Thursday, October 12, and they’re celebrating with a special birthday show at 8 p.m. filled with surprises. Blue Man Group was purchased this summer by […]

  • For those facing foreclosure, there is help available

    CHICAGO — The foreclosure crisis in Illinois is not going away. In fact, in some neighborhoods, it’s getting worse. In a follow up to an affordable housing story we brought you in May, WGN’s Gaynor Hall reports there is money available to help through Illinois’ hardest hit fund. As for the 14 percent who apply for help and don’t qualify, it’s usually one of two things; no income at all, or problems gathering documentations like tax records. We hope you […]