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  • Chicago bank exec using personal battles to help others

    She’s buddies with the Bulls’ Joakim Noah and his Mom, and is a wildly successful Chicago bank executive. Justine Fedak used to have a secret about her personal battles.  But as WGN Sports Director Dan Roan reports, she’s now very vocal about that secret in the hopes of helping others. “I’m good at feeling sorry for myself very badly for about 5 minutes.” You may not know her face or name, but you’re probably seen Justine Fedak’s work, like these […]

  • BraveHearts: Horses Saving People

    The holidays can be especially hard for people who could use professional help. But, finding the right help can be tricky. As WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, for some in Northern Illinois, it’s not so much finding the right human help, as it is finding the right horse. “There you go cowgirl,” instructs BraveHearts Director of Operations, Paddy McKevitt. On this day, he’s working with 9 year old Audrey Boyer. “I’ve been riding since I was 5.” “Every person that comes […]

  • Tom Skilling’s long-range winter forecast for Chicago area

    Even die hard Chicagoans look back at last winter and shiver with its 82 inches of snow and relentless cold. It turned out to be the third coldest and snowiest Chicago winter on record.  And, our early blast of arctic cold and snow has many asking, is it happening again? What does Skilling say? The Climate Prediction Center has issued its new winter outlook which covers December through February. So, we headed to the Chicago office of the National Weather […]

  • Washington, IL Tornadoes; One Year Later

    A year ago, one of the strongest tornadoes on earth leveled sections of Washington, Illinois. WGN-TV Reporter Sean Lewis returns to this area near Peoria to find much new construction, and a community that’s grown closer. On the ground devastated one year ago, a new Washington is being built. “This is where we were, right here.” Andrea Marfell’s family is still rebuilding, just a few weeks now until they’re back in their home. Andrea snapped a cellphone photo of herself […]

  • Chicago foodies opt for more exclusive ‘underground dining’

    Chicago has a vibrant food scene with some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world. But, more and more foodies are going underground. On any given night, what’s essentially a pop-up restaurant may be operating inside a home or empty business space near you. WGN’s Nancy Loo takes us inside a highly secretive operation called the “Chicago Bite Club.” “What are the first rules of Bite Club?“ asks Nancy? That it doesn’t exist,” says our mystery chef. So, […]

  • Veteran’s Day Tribute to Memorial Squads

    For more than a decade, unpaid volunteers have been providing military honors for deceased veterans at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery south of Joliet. They’re called Memorial Squads.  And on this Veteran’s Day, we get to know a few members of the Friday squad, who on just one day a week, provide more than 700 honors services every year. “Today we’ll be doing 16. We’ve done up to 21 on a Friday.” Larry Plansky is the Friday Squad’s leader. “Ok, […]

  • Tragedy to Triumph: The Willis Family, 20 years after the van crash claims 6 of 9 children

    “I’m Jada, I’m Jaeger, I’m Joy, I’m Jamie, I’m Julie, I’m Jazz, I’m Jedi, I’m Jack, I’m Jet, I’m Jen, I’m Jair, I’m Jess, I’m Brenda, and I’m Toby. And we are the Willis Clan!” Two parents, twelve kids; a talented family with Irish musical roots straight from the South side of Chicago.    Toby Willis is the older brother of the six Willis children who died in a fiery van crash near Milwaukee 20 years ago this Saturday. And as […]

  • Morton, Illinois; The Pumpkin Capital of the World

    Pumpkins are a 33-million dollar industry in Illinois. And as our Steve Sanders reports in tonight’s Cover Story, an area around Morton, Illiois grows more pumpkins than all 49 other states combined. “It’s a big deal for Morton,” says Tom Laatsch. “Pretty much everybody knows, Morton’s the pumpkin capital of the world!” Laatsch has spent most of his 62 years on farms. And from seed to harvest, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable about pumpkins. “The most […]

  • What one Illinois plant is doing about the Asian Carp invasion may surprise you

    The state is getting more help from the private sector in battling the still out-of-control invasion of Asian carp in Illinois waterways. As WGN’s Nancy Loo reports in tonight’s Cover Story, a new plant near St. Louis aims to get rid of the fish faster, and is churning out products people want. Work starts early at the American Heartland Fish Plant in Grafton; a rural town north of St. Louis on the Mississippi River. This innovative business opened just a […]

  • This Illinois town has more Asian carp than any place else on earth

    The state of Illinois’ response to the Asian carp threat has involved everything from electric barriers in rivers, to removal by commercial fishermen, to investments in creating new markets for this invasive species. And it’s all working. But, as WGN’s Nancy Loo learned on a recent fishing trip on the Illinois River, Asian carp are more abundant in Havana, than any place else on earth. “This is Ground Zero. Ya, we’re here.” For more than two decades, state experts have […]


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