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  • Inmates get tablet access at Rockford jail

    ROCKFORD, Ill. — Inmates at the Winnebago County jail in Rockford now have access to tablets that can be used as phones and for approved classes. The inmates can use the tablets between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. The tablets cannot be used to browse the Internet and they don’t have social media, video or camera capabilities. They only allow content the sheriff approves, such as anger management and parenting classes. Inmates with money in their commissary accounts can use […]

  • Gun dealer bill does not pass in Illinois House

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The Illinois House called it quits until January on Wednesday and a bill regarding gun dealers did not get called. About 100 moms came to the Capitol Wednesday to push for new gun laws. They want the state to license Illinois gun dealers. But the House adjourned before calling the bill. The mom’s say they will be back. “We will be back because we know that this bill will reduce the number of guns that get on […]

  • Emanuel wants more parking tickets on weekends

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to see more parking tickets handed out in Chicago on weekends. The Mayor’s 2018 budget includes plans to pay parking enforcement workers overtime to ticket illegally parked cars on weekends — not just downtown, but in other neighborhoods as well. City Comptroller Erin Keane said the city will look to bring in a firm to provide parking enforcement workers with up-to-date “data analytics” about areas where business owners and others are complaining about cars […]

  • 4 Wheaton College football players plead not guilty in battery case

    WHEATON, Ill.  — Four of the five Wheaton College football players charged with battery against one of their teammates pleaded not guilty today. The four players appeared before DuPage County Judge Brian Telander on Monday morning. They are accused of duct-taping the teammate’s hands and feet and attempting to sodomize him with an object in March 2016. They later dumped him half-naked in an off-campus park. Each player was charged last month with aggravated battery, mob action and unlawful restraint. […]

  • Talks resume in District 15 school strike in Palatine

    PALATINE, Ill. — Negotiators are back at the bargaining table today working to settle a strike by school support staff in Palatine School District 15. Hundreds of workers rallied today in front of District 15 headquarters. They say basically they are working under poverty wages. Support staff and educational aides — many of whom work with District 15 special needs students — are asking for what they say is a reasonable raise, given the importance of what they do. 450 […]

  • Las Vegas massacre on the minds of returning travelers

    CHICAGO — Las Vegas is a popular flight destination for people all over the country. WGN’s Judy Wang has been talking today with air travelers returning from Las Vegas in the aftermath of the mass shooting that killed at least 58 people and injured more than 500 others.

  • Deported Chicago Palestinian activist arrives in Jordan

    AMMAN, Jordan — A Chicago Palestinian activist who was deported from the U-S for concealing a bombing conviction is now in Jordan. Rasmea Odeh, 70, was convicted back in 1970 of two Jerusalem bombings, including one that killed two people. She says she confessed under torture. She was released in 1979 in a prisoner swap, and did not disclose her criminal record when applying for a U.S. visa and later for U.S. citizenship. As part of a deal with the […]

  • Chicago mobilizes for Puerto Rican hurricane relief effort

    CHICAGO — Puerto Rico is already reeling from previous hurricanes and a crippling economic crisis. Now it faces a major challenge in the form of Hurricane Maria, which could deliver a direct hit to the island. Chicago’s Puerto Rican community is gearing up for what could be a massive humanitarian effort. More than 4 million Puerto Ricans are bracing for Maria, which has already devastated the island of Dominica. Chicago’s sizable Puerto Rican community is deeply concerned that Hurricane Maria […]

  • Chicago launches program to rehab vacant homes and create youth job and training opportunities

    CHICAGO — The city of Chicago is launching a pilot program to acquire and rehabilitate 50 vacant homes in the Garfield Park, Humboldt Park and Englewood neighborhoods. The Chicago Neighborhood Rebuild Training program is expected to generate transitional jobs and training opportunities for at risk young people and ex-offenders. The rehabbed homes will be marketed and sold at affordable prices. In addition to $2 million in city funding, $4 million in private capital will by provided by MB Financial, Rush […]

  • Judge to decide if ex-priest who molested boys can be committed indefinitely

    CHICAGO — A hearing begins Wednesday to decide if a disgraced ex-priest should remain locked up with other sex offenders. Daniel McCormack, who was formerly a priest at St. Agatha Parish, pleaded guilty in 2007 to sexually abusing five boys. He was sentenced to five years in prison and removed from the priesthood. The Chicago Tribune reports that the allegations against McCormack ranged from inappropriate kissing and touching to sexual assault. They dated as far back as the early 1990s. […]