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    THUNDERBIRD: Holiday World unveils launched wing coaster

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News Feature Reporter After 66 days of hype, the day was finally here. Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana had more than 2,500 viewers glued to their live stream as the unveiled plans for next year’s new attraction – a $22 million launched wing coaster designed by Bolliger & Mabillard. While a wing coaster is nothing new (Chicago has X-Flight in its backyard at Six Flags Great America), THUNDERBIRD will mark the first “launched” […]

  • WGN Radio host loses weight, gains outlook on life

    WGN Radio’s Brian Noonan loses 157 pounds, gains new outlook on life

    On tonight’s WGN News at Nine, I’ll be profiling WGN Radio Host Brian Noonan. He’s brought a bright personality and sense of humor to the WGN airwaves for more than six years, currently co-hosting WGN Sports Night with David Kaplan and Andrea Darlas. Brian had struggled with his weight for as long as he could remember, but in the summer of 2011, it rose to a new level. He wasn’t happy with the way he looked. He was in pain. […]

  • FIRST GOLIATH POV: See what it’s like to ride the new wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great America

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Feature Reporter and Senior Roller Coaster Enthusiast UPDATE: The Daily Herald has posted an official POV from Six Flags Great America. According to the post, the video was shot Thursday during a test run at the park. I’m not sure if this is the same video that was posted onto the Theme Park Review channel, but it looks pretty similar. You can watch the park’s video here. END UPDATE. So here it is, Theme Park […]

  • Biggest Blackhawks Fan: Paul Bunyan statue gets a giant hockey stick

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News It’s that time in a playoff run when my inbox starts filling up with all kinds of interesting things. A few days ago, it was a series of photos from lifelong Blackhawks fan Jack Dwyer. To support his favorite team, Jack and his uncle Scott built an enormous hockey stick…for a Paul Bunyan statue. The Giant Statue sits on top of Guardian Auto Rebuilders in Evergreen Park. He used to hold a hatchet, […]

  • Phony Following: How to spot a Twitter account with fake followers

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News It seems like just yesterday we were all watching Ashton Kutcher become the first Twitter user with one million followers. But today, a million followers is nothing. It’s estimated that Twitter has more than 800 million registered users. As that number continues to grow, so does another problem – many of these accounts aren’t run by real people. So why do these fake accounts exist? For profit. A quick Google search led us […]

  • Hands Up: New thrill rides and attractions opening in summer of 2014

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Feature Reporter and Senior Roller Coaster Enthusiast (Yes, I gave myself that last title) The weather has finally turned. Well, we hope. The kids are wrapping up school. It’s time to start thinking summer, which means the smell of funnel cake will soon be spreading through the air. Theme Park Season. Amusement parks across the country are doing all they can to bring in visitors this year. On Monday’s WGN Morning News, we’ll be showing […]

  • ManBQue: Breakfast / Brunch Grilling Recipes

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News It’s one of the most popular grilling weekends of the year – a fact you will be reminded of in almost every newscast on television today. Seeing that we’re on the air at 4am, I called upon the guys from ManBQue to give us some breakfast recipes on the grill. We’ll post the story here after it airs. You can get in touch with ManBQue on their website ManBQue.com. Their cookbook is available […]

  • Mother’s Day: Gifts for the high tech Mom

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News Have a high-tech mother in your life? Instead of the simple card and flowers routine, why not spice things up with a tech-related Mother’s Day gift this year? We’re running through some options on today’s WGN Morning News. We’ll post the video here after it airs this morning. Here are links to the gifts we talked about in the story… - BellaBeat Pregnancy Tracking App & Fetal Heartbeat Monitor - Everpurse Mini iPhone […]

  • Review ordered in suspected arsonist and fatal fire

    Roller Coaster Road Trip: Journey to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio

    By Marcus Leshock | WGN Morning News Feature Reporter Cue the “Game of Thrones” theme. The long winter is over. The white walkers of Chicago have retreated. It’s time to hit the road and dream of warmer weather, funnel cakes, and… ROLLER COASTERS. On Thursday’s WGN Morning News, I will be live at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio – just a few minutes outside of Cincinnati. Kings Island is home to nine roller coasters, arguably most famous is The Beast. […]

  • Beer Expo: What’s New In Craft Brew?

    If you’re an avid beer drinker, I don’t need to tell you that craft beer has blown up over the past few years. Even the casual supermarket shopper would have a difficult time not noticing the trend – more and more stores are stacking the latest small brewery IPAs right there near the register. Craft beer is everywhere. Early this week, I went out to Rosemont to talk with the people at the Louis Glunz Beer Company. Every year, the […]