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  • Will police body cameras be replaced by gun-mounted cameras?

    A handful of police departments are going beyond body cameras, and testing gun-mounted cameras. Supporters of the idea say it’s too easy for a body camera’s view to be blocked by an arm or a wall; and sometimes a body camera isn’t even turned on. Gun-mounted cameras turn on automatically when a gun is drawn from its holster. But critics say, they don’t record the confrontation that led to the gun being drawn.

  • Illinois National Guard traveling to Puerto Rico to assist in recovery

    CHICAGO — The Illinois National Guard will travel to Puerto Rico to lend a helping hand in hurricane relief, if needed. Governor Bruce Rauner has reached out to Puerto Rican officials, to let them know the state is ready to assist in the island’s recovery. 550 Illinois guardsmen are ready to deploy. Puerto Rico has to formally request the assistance before the guardsmen can ship out.

  • Cubs’ relief donations, Rep. Gutierrez headed to Puerto Rico on Chicago flight

    CHICAGO — The wait is over for hundreds of local Puerto Ricans who want to join their families dealing with the disaster after Hurricane Maria. Two more flights to San Juan will take off from O’Hare Airport today. Congressman Luis Gutierrez is booked on one of those flights. Like other passengers, he is going to check on his relatives. As a U.S. Congressman, he also wants to assess the situation in Puerto Rico for himself. Gutierrez will be met this afternoon […]

  • First post-hurricane flight from Chicago to Puerto Rico departs

    CHICAGO — Puerto Ricans desperate to return home, and relatives of this month’s hurricane victims, are finally getting a chance to fly to the island. The first United Airlines passenger flight from Chicago to San Juan since Hurricane Maria hit departs today from O’Hare Airport. Until now, United has been using its planes to carry emergency supplies to the island, and carry refugees back to the mainland. The 8:55 a.m. flight is sold out. Passengers are eager to check on […]

  • 911 calls from Chicago police sergeant’s death released

    CHICAGO — The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office has released the 911 calls from the shooting death two years ago,of Chicago police sergeant Donald Markham. The calls came from Markham’s wife Dina, also a police officer, who found her husband mortally wounded in the couple’s home in Norwood Park. “Please hurry!” she said in her first 911 call made at 3:06 a.m. “He’s a PO (police officer). … There’s blood all over the bed.” Dina called 911 two more times, […]

  • Former Congressman Mel Reynolds tax trial begins today

    CHICAGO — Former Congressman Mel Reynolds stands trial today, on charges of failing to file four years of income tax returns. For months, Reynolds has been challenging prosecutors to hand over documents he hopes to use in his defense; and he has publicly claimed that the charges against him are racially motivated. Prosecutors say, if he tries to claim racism at the trial itself, they’ll try to introduce evidence from Reynolds’ 1997 bank fraud conviction. That crime cost him 6 […]

  • Chicago records 500th homicide of 2017

    CHICAGO — Chicago recorded its 500th homicide of the year Sunday. The 500th victim, according to Chicago Tribune data, was a man gunned down at 24th and Western. While the homicide numbers are grim, Chicago is actually behind its pace of last year by about 7 percent. The Chicago Tribune says, more than 2,700 people have been shot in Chicago this year.

  • Comfort dogs leave Illinois, bound for Texas

    NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Not all aid to the Texas flood victims is financial or physical; as emotions run high following the devastations, some of it is also very personal. Several “comfort dogs” are on their way from Northbrook to Houston to provide emotional support for flood victims. Lutheran Church Charities began its comfort dog program after Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and now has about 100 dogs nationwide. The dogs from Northbrook will be flown to Texas by a volunteer pilot; […]

  • Neighbors form human chain to help woman in labor get through floodwaters

    ​​ HOUSTON — A woman in Houston, Texas went into labor at her apartment Monday. Because of Tropical Storm Harvey, 32-year-old Annie Smith’s building was surrounded by water — preventing her from getting to the hospital. So her neighbors formed a human chain, to help her through the flood waters to an empty dump truck, which became an emergency vehicle. A crew from the Houston Fire Department showed up to help her deliver her baby girl. Mother and child are […]

  • Pet cow gets custom-made private bedroom

    CENTER RIDGE, Ark. — You think you have a pampered pet? A couple in Center Ridge, Arkansas just built a whole bedroom — for their pet cow. Stan and Shannon Flowers own a one-ton cow named Holly. Holly’s mother died giving birth, and Holly almost died, too; she had to be bottle-fed for several weeks. But she’s just fine now — and even finer, now that Stan built an entire private room for Holly with his own hands. The local […]