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  • DrewPeterson

    Drew Peterson tries to block evidence in new trial

    CHESTER, Ill. — Drew Peterson is turning to a new legal tactic to try to derail a trial that could cost him 60 years in prison. Peterson is already serving 38 years for murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He still faces trial for an unsuccessful plot to murder his prosecutor, James Glasgow. But Peterson’s lawyers say there are irregularities in court-approved wiretapped conversations, so those recordings should be declared inadmissible as evidence.

  • coveryourcoughposter

    Evergreen Park student has whooping cough

    EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. — A freshman at Evergreen Park Community High School has been diagnosed with whooping cough. The disease is very contagious. It is spread through saliva when a person coughs or sneezes. Its symptoms include vomiting and severe coughing, especially at night, but it takes as long as three weeks after exposure for those symptoms to show up.

  • jaredfogle

    Reporter says she secretly recorded Jared Fogle’s conversations

    INDIANAPOLIS — A reporter in Florida says she wore a wire for the FBI and recorded conversations with former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle. Rochelle Herman says Fogle spoke candidly with her about his fondness for under-age girls. She said she made those recordings over four years while serving as an FBI informant. Fogle has agreed to plead guilty to crossing state lines to have sex with at least two teenagers. He also admits to possessing child pornography. His attorneys have agreed […]

  • Prices at the pump rise during holiday weekend

    Why is Chicago’s gas so expensive?

    CHICAGO — Chicago drivers are paying almost a dollar a gallon more for gas than the rest of the country. The good news is, the price spike is only temporary. For the entire metro area, unleaded regular averages $3.46 a gallon; the national average is $2.66 — the lowest in six years. Chicago’s gas prices rose almost immediately after BP reported a problem with its refinery in Whiting on Aug. 8. When it’s fixed, the price will come down; but […]

  • harveypolice

    Harvey settles suit over untested rape evidence kits

    HARVEY, Ill. — Seven rape victims will share over $1.5 million in damages after the City of Harvey admitted mishandling their rape evidence kits and those of 200 other women. Normally, those kits are sent to the State Police Crime Lab, where DNA testing often leads to criminal charges against the accused rapists. But a raid in 2007 found the kits at the Harvey police station, all untested — one of them for 10 years. As part of its settlement, […]

  • infantdeathinvestigationenglewood

    Englewood couple may face charges in 1-month-old son’s death

    CHICAGO — Child welfare officials are pressing for charges against a couple from Englewood after a one-month-old boy was found dead. It happened Sunday morning at 71st and Parnell. police got a call that Devin Dixon Jr. was unresponsive. DCFS is investigating allegations of neglect against the boy’s parents; the couple was already under investigation for a previous incident a month ago. It’s not clear whether the couple has other children, or if it does, whether they were removed from […]

  • burglarsscaredoff

    Watch martial arts student scare off attempted burglars

    KANSAS CITY — Burglars got a most unfriendly reception when they tried to break into a house in Kansas City. Nathan Engert was home sick from work when the thieves kicked in the front door and tried to steal his stuff; and Engert was having none of it. He says he was prepared to fight all three crooks hand-to-hand, and he probably would have won; Engert knows ju-jitsu. The reason the entire confrontation was caught on camera is that Nathan […]

  • Florida mom has child blow into breathalyzer to start car

    APOPKA, Flor. — A woman in Florida with a drinking problem apparently taught her 4-year-old son how to use a breathalyzer to get her car started. In a video captured by a police body camera, a young boy can be seen blowing into the breathalyzer. April King, 35, was arrested Sunday after being accused of leaving her son in a running car as she went to a bar in Apopka. According to WFTV,  police received a call from the bar […]

  • fireworksstairwaytoheaven

    Stunning firework display creates ‘stairway to heaven’ in China

    CHINA — An artist in China is showing off an incredible achievement with fireworks. The designer created an effect that gradually builds a “sky ladder” as one explosion follows another. The spectacle took place in Quanzhou City in southeastern China. It was actually the artist’s third attempt to create the sky ladder; he dedicated it to his grandmother in honor of her 100th birthday.

  • andregreen

    Witnesses sought in fatal police shooting of 15-year-old in Indiana

    INDIANAPOLIS — The family of a 15-year-old boy, shot to death by police in Indianapolis, is pleading with two of his friends to come forward. Andre Green and two others were in a hijacked car Sunday night when police tried to stop the car; they had received reports of shots fired from the car. Green’s friends jumped out and ran away. Green was the driver. Police say he slammed into a police car, then accelerated toward the officers themselves, when […]


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