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  • CPS headquarters moving to smaller offices to save money

    CPS faces fury over selective-enrollment school applications

    CHICAGO — Some very angry parents will meet with Chicago Public Schools officials this morning. They wanted to get their kids into the city’s most prestigious schools; but because of a computer glitch, their applications got tossed out. CPS changed its application process to require a family to designate which school they wanted their children to attend. When some parents didn’t select a school, their applications were rejected as incomplete.

  • crime

    Chicago shooting deaths down in February – a little

    CHICAGO — Chicago just finished its least deadly February in 54 years. The number of murders for the month finished one lower than in the same month last year. It was the lowest murder total since February, 1961. The number of shootings was actually up a little from last February. But, according to the police department, overall crime inched down 1 percent.

  • ISISwomen

    Disney movie draws young women to ISIS

    WASHINGTON — ISIS is using a Disney movie to help recruit women. “Mulan” tells the story of a young Chinese woman, turned warrior. It is a story tailor-made for an ISIS fantasy that is being promoted on the social media. Erin Marie Saltman of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue tracks ISIS women online. She says, “They are given this romantic idea that they are traveling to this foreign territory by themselves. It’s quite liberating for them, and they will be […]

  • rahmchuy

    Chicago mayoral runoff campaign begins

    CHICAGO — Part two of the Chicago mayoral campaign has begun. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia have already returned to the campaign trail. The incumbent failed to win an outright majority to avoid a runoff; he says he’s learned his lesson. The challenger says the lesson is still to come. Perhaps an early indicator of the race is the fact that many aldermen backed by Emanuel were also forced into runoff elections. One of the most prominent […]

  • davidwalker

    Man guilty in fatally beating ex-wife’s boyfriend with baseball bat

    BEACH PARK, Ill. — A man from suburban Beach Park has been convicted of beating his ex-wife’s new boyfriend to death with a baseball bat. David Walker went to Phoenix, Arizona in 2012, broke into his ex’s house through the back door, found the bat and killed Adam Moring as he slept; then Walker kidnapped his ex and the couple’s children. He faces sentencing in April.

  • gitmo

    Former Chicago detective tortured Gitmo detainee: investigator

    CHICAGO — The alleged torture of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo prison, now has a Chicago connection. According to London’s Guardian newspaper, there is evidence that former Chicago police detective Richard Zuley — one of commander Jon Burge’s men — tortured a detainee at Gimto during an interrogation in 2002. The Guardian quoted an investigator as calling Zuley’s tactics “illegal” and “immoral.” Zuley still faces a wrongful conviction lawsuit by a man who says Zuley framed him for a murder outside […]

  • Krispy Kreme store apologizes for ‘KKK’ promotion

    HULL, England — A Krispy Kreme store in England offered membership in a Krispy Kreme Klub, and promoted it on Facebook with the phrase “KKK Wednesday.” You can imagine the response. People were outraged over the use of “KKK” — as in “Ku Klux Klan” One has to wonder who in Krispy Kreme’s marketing team thought ”KKK Wednesday“ was a good idea? pic.twitter.com/KdW3J6TfwI — André (@andreimuri) February 18, 2015 The Krispy Kreme ‘KKK’ blunder is proof that some marketeers really […]

  • taylorlevan

    Search for missing 15-year-old Hammond girl continues

    HAMMOND, Ind. — A 15-year-old girl from Hammond has been missing for nine days, and her family fears she have met with foul play. Taylor LeVan went to a Walmart store with a friend on February 8th, then told the friend she was walking home. Her mother thought she had just stayed overnight at the friend’s house; but Taylor hasn’t contacted anyone in her family, and she hasn’t gone to school since the 8th. A missing-person report was filed last […]

  • 80yearoldwomanjudge

    Feisty 80-year-old woman calls judge ‘sweetheart’, cracks up courtroom: VIDEO

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Flor. — An 80-year-old woman provided a Florida judge with a lighter moment in the middle of a long day behind the bench. Doloros Sheinis appeared in Judge John Hurley’s court in Fort Lauderdale, charged with violating an injunction against her ex-husband. They’ve been divorced for 31 years, but they still share an apartment. At one point in the proceedings, the judge asked Dolores, “Let me ask you something, ma’am, how have I done as a judge?” She […]

  • hesterscott

    Chicago teen gets 23 years for murdering grandmother

    CHICAGO — A Chicago teenager will spend 23-years in prison for murdering his grandmother, a Chicago police officer. In 2011, Hester Scott caught her grandson Keshawn Perkins skipping school and sleeping in front of the TV at home. Prosecutors said Perkins flew into a rage when he got caught, and beat, stabbed and slashed Scott to death. Perkins later admitted to the crime, and led police to his grandmother’s body.


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