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  • Federal anti-violence help for Chicago slow in coming

    CHICAGO — Neighbors gathered Tuesday to speak out against last week’s drive-by gang shooting that left two little girls injured at Warren Elementary School. Three young men have been charged. An Operation Wake Up campaign seeks to encourage neighbors to report violence to the police the moment it happens, and to turn in those who commit it. Nationally, the Justice Department announced it is sending federal resources to 12 cities, including Springfield, to help them fight street violence. Chicago isn’t […]

  • Chicago NOT most dangerous U.S. city, new report says

    CHICAGO — It’s common knowledge that Chicago is one of the nation’s most dangerous cities when it comes to gun violence. But that’s only because it has one of the highest populations. A non-profit news outlet that focuses on gun coverage called The Trace, found that in gun violence per capita, Chicago isn’t even in the top 10 — or the top 15. Miami, Washington, D.C. and other metro areas are worse. And here are the absolute worst: New Orleans is […]

  • Still no cause of toddler’s death in Will County

    Despite an autopsy and toxicology tests, Will County authorities say they still don’t know how 17-month-old Semaj Crosby died. Her body was found under a couch in April at her home in Joliet Township. The sheriff’s office is awaiting a final autopsy report; and officials say detectives are still actively investigating the case.

  • Man who robbed bank to get away from wife sentenced to home confinement

    Would you rather go to jail than spend another minute with your spouse? That’s the choice a man from Kansas made, and he chose poorly. Lawrence John Ripple was tired of fighting with his wife. So he robbed a bank, then waited calmly for the police to arrest him, and take him to jail — away from his wife. He even handed the teller a note saying he’d rather be in jail than at home. But it backfired on him. […]

  • Study suggests 90,000 Cook County youth out of school and jobless

    CHICAGO — A new report by the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago finds almost one-fifth of young adults in Cook County are out of school and can’t get work. The report suggests that the percentage of young people in Chicago and Cook County who aren’t in school or working are slowly decreasing in recent years after the recession. But in 2015, 90,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 remained out of work […]

  • Guantanamo detainee sues creators of CIA’s harsh tactics

    Attorneys for a detainee at Guantanamo Bay are suing the psychologists who created the CIA’s harsh interrogation techniques used in the war on terror, aiming to compel them to provide information to Polish officials who are investigating a former CIA jail in that country. The lawsuit was filed late last month in federal court in eastern Washington state and was announced Wednesday by the London-based human rights group Reprieve. The suit details what it describes as the torture of Abu […]

  • ClimateChange

    Emanuel says Chicago will abide by Paris climate accord

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel says Chicago will abide by the Paris climate agreement, even if Washington doesn’t. President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris accord. He says it would have cost American jobs, and a lot of American taxpayer money, without producing any mandatory cuts in pollution levels. However, economists have argued that leaving the accord could have major negative long-term effects on the economy. But Emanuel says Chicago will commit itself to using only renewable […]

  • Carjacking in Forest Park ends in Chicago; 2 arrested

    Two men are in custody, in connection with a carjacking and high speed chase. A woman says she was carjacked outside a laundromat on West Madison in Forest Park. Police responded and chased the car thieves at speeds up to 120 miles per hour, all the way to the Indiana state line. At that point, the car turned around and returned to Chicago. But police stopped it after it exited at Stony Island, and arrested both men.

  • 3 shot, wounded at bar in Stickney

    A shooting left three people injured at a bar in Stickney. It happened just before 2am at F & J’s, at 50th and Central. One man shot all three victims, then ran away and jumped into an SUV to make his escape. We don’t know the victims’ names yet, but we know their conditions have stabilized. Investigators are trying to determine what led to the shooting.

  • Parents sue school, police over Naperville teen’s suicide

    NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Naperville school officials and police are being sued by the parents of a teenager who committed suicide. Corey Walgren was a junior at Naperville North High School. He was called into the dean’s office Jan. 11, and interrogated about an allegation that he had a cellphone video of himself having sex with a female classmate. The video turned out to have no identifiable images. Walgren’s parents claim the dean and a Naperville police officer threatened to put Corey […]