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  • michelleknight

    Cleveland kidnapping and rape victim forgives her abuser

    One of the three women, kidnapped and abused for a decade at a house in Cleveland, now says she forgives her abuser. Michelle Knight told a gathering in Cleveland’s east suburbs that a therapist convinced her to forgive Ariel Castro. Now she says she blames Castro’s sex addiction, not Castro himself, for the horrors she had to endure; she says the biggest hurdle in her therapy was simply being able to finally utter the name of her abuser.

  • SpiderTrapped

    Spider crawls under traveler’s skin in Bali

    A man from Australia will forever carry the nickname Spiderman, after a painful encounter with a spider in Bali. Dylan Maxwell returned from his trip to discover an inch-long welt on his belly. A doctor thought it was just a bug bite; in truth, the spider had crawled into Dylan’s abdomen through an incision from a previous surgery. As the spider burrowed beneath the skin, it left a track of inflammation, all the way up Dylan’s chest. Once doctors discovered […]

  • policelights

    Suspect held in Dominican University rape

    Police in River Forest are holding a suspect in a sexual assault at Dominican University. A female student says she was raped in her dorm room Friday night by an acquaintance, a 22-year-old man who walked her home from a party; he is not a student at Dominican. While police consider criminal charges, Dominican University issued this statement: “The alleged perpetrator has been banned from campus. The university is cooperating fully with the River Forest Police Department.” The school is […]

  • NikWallenda

    Nik Wallenda trains for Chicago tightrope walk

    Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda has begun practicing for his next stunt, next month in Chicago. Wallenda plans to climb a 15-degree incline from one of the Marina City towers, across the Chicago River, to the Leo Burnett building. Then he will walk between the Marina Towers, blindfolded. He is doing his training in Sarasota, Florida. The Chicago walk will take place Sunday evening, November 2nd. It will be carried live on the Discovery Channel.

  • jail

    Expert: Cook County jail among most dangerous

    A prison security expert testified, the Cook County Jail is one of America’s most dangerous. Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz was called Wednesday, to support a claim by Northwestern University’s MacArthur Justice Center that two maximum-security divisions at the jail foster a culture of brutality. The plaintiffs claim, jail guards routinely abuse inmates; and an inmate can’t escape abuse by asking to be placed in protective custody, because an abusive inmate can simply asked to be placed there with him. Sheriff Tom […]

  • gadau

    Key suspect in Skokie teen murder released from jail

    The key suspect in the murder of a Skokie teenager is out of jail. A 17-year-old student from Chicago was arrested Monday at Harlan High School, in connection with last week’s shooting of Maxwell Gadau; but a day later, investigators said they have yet to collect enough evidence to charge him, so they let him out. 4 other teens are charged with taking part in Gadau’s murder; police say he was in a car with a female friend who was […]

  • worldseriestickets

    “Man’s best friend” eats his World Series tickets

    When the Baltimore Orioles open their playoffs against the Tigers Wednesday night, one very relieved fan will be at the game. Karl Breslaw almost got shut out. His playoff and World Series tickets arrived in a Fed-Ex truck the other day. But, Karl’s dog Fezzik got to them before Karl did, and chewed them up pretty badly. Luckily for Karl, his dog didn’t damage the bar codes on the tickets; and he can still make out his seat numbers, so […]

  • PoliceLights400x225

    ‘Backside Bandit’ biker on the run on FL college campus

    Florida International University is trying to catch a “Backside Bandit.” He has struck at least six times since June. He rides past a woman on his bicycle, either grabs or slaps her backside, then rides away. All of his victims have given Miami police the same description of the man. Some students think it’s just a prank, but the school is cautioning female students to avoid walking alone.

  • SykutaElementarySchool

    Sykuta Elementary School closed due to vandalism

    Zenon Sykuta Elementary School in Country Club Hills is closed today because of vandalism. It happened Thursday.  Sykuta students spent the day at Southwood Middle School. Today, a cleanup crew will clear away the vandalism; school officials won’t specify the nature of it of what area of the school was hit. Classes at Sykuta Elementary will resume Monday. Southwood, along with Meadowview School, will hold classes as usual today.

  • Study: Chicago communte amongst worst in nation

    Illinois is #4 for highway congestion

    Illinois has the fourth-worst highway congestion in the nation. According to a report by the Reason Foundation, more than half of the state’s highways are congested during rush hour. But there is some good news; the report finds, Illinois spends more than most other states on its roads; so it has very few interstate highways in poor condition. Of course, all that road construction and maintenance contributes to the delays. A study on how to relieve the congestion will come […]


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