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  • gangmemberschargedheroin

    Gang members charged after week of heroin overdoses

    CHICAGO — Two gang members are charged with selling heroin to an undercover Chicago police officer. Alfonzo Sylvester and Mario Wofford are charged with possession with intent to deliver; Sylvester is also charged with trying to run away from the police. The arrests came after a week in which 74 people on the West Side overdosed on heroin in a 3-day period. The drug may be laced with the painkiller fentanyl; police still haven’t traced the source of the heroin.

  • coupledupedbyadoption

    Adopting parents say they were duped by fake twin pregnancy

    MANSFIELD, Texas — Two men in Texas were duped into an adoption scheme, only to find out that their twin sons were nothing more than an internet video. Jason and Byron Miller made an arrangement to adopt Wenona McClellan’s babies. They had already paid the adoption fee, and they were told the twins were due any day now. But then, McClellan canceled a doctor’s appointment Monday and vanished. The sonogram of the twins turned out to be a video she […]

  • School Chalkboard

    Teacher contract finalized in Prospect Heights

    PROSPECT HEIGHTS, Ill. — Teachers in Prospect Heights School District 23 have a new contract. The school board ratified it Tuesday evening, two days after the teachers’ union accepted it and called off its strike. The four-year agreement gives teachers an immediate pay raise of 3-percent or more, with additional raises in each of the next three years. And a teacher who earns a master’s degree gets an immediate 4½-percent raise.

  • chicagomacarthurfoundationwinners

    3 Chicagoans awarded MacArthur Foundation ‘genius grant’

    CHICAGO — The MacArthur Foundation has awarded 24 new “genius grants” for 2015. Three of them went to Chicagoans. The newest MacArthur Fellows are documentary photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier, computational biologist John Novembre and community education innovator Juan Salgado. Each gets $625,000 with no strings attached. The grants recognize people who have demonstrated creativity in their respective fields and encourage them to be even more creative.

  • untitled-143

    The story behind this heartwarming photo of professor holding toddler during class

    NASHVILLE — A funny thing happened in business class in Nashville. Student and single mother Amanda Osborn couldn’t get child care for her toddler Monday, so she took him to school with her. Halfway through her business professor’s lecture at DeVry Tech, Amanda’s little boy did what little boys do — he got fidgety. So she put him down, and he ran right to the professor, who picked him up and kept right on teaching. Amanda snapped a picture and […]

  • tailgatingnuns

    Nuns in Washington prove tailgating isn’t just for football fans

    WASHINGTON — Nuns in Washington proved that tailgating isn’t just for Bears’ fans They partied outside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception as they awaited the arrival of Pope Francis Wednesday. The Pope delivered a special mass at the shrine. Tailgating, nun style! #popeindc A photo posted by Diane Rice (@dianevr) on Sep 23, 2015 at 10:46am PDT

  • Capture

    Man sentenced to life in prison for murder of CPD officer

    CHICAGO —  Bryant Brewer has been sentenced to  life plus 415 years for the fatal shooting of a Chicago police officer. Brewer was convicted last month of gunning down Chicago police officer Thor Soderberg with the officer’s own gun outside a police deployment building in Englewood five years ago. Bryant Brewer, Chicago cop killer, gets life plus 415 yrs for shooting at other officers responding to scene. @WGNNews — Dana Rebik (@DanaRebikWGN) September 23, 2015 Judge sentences Bryant Brewer, man who […]

  • selfiestick

    Selfies are more deadly than sharks: report

    Despite all the news coverage of shark deaths this year, it may surprise you to know that more people die from “selfies” than from sharks, reports. So far this year, there have been 12 selfie deaths, and only 8 deaths from shark attacks. The latest selfie death happened in India, when a Japanese tourist got so engrossed in taking a selfie at the Taj Mahal that he fell down a flight of stairs. With this information in mind, it […]

  • Trash talk: Mayor’s $18 million garbage savings can’t be verified, IG says

    Emanuel to ask residents to pay $9.50 monthly Chicago garbage bill?

    CHICAGO — It appears Mayor Rahm Emanuel will ask Chicago residents to pay $9.50 a month to have their garbage hauled away. Free garbage pickup would end under the mayor’s plan to help balance the city budget. City hall won’t confirm the $9.50 figure, but one source within the Emanuel administration says the garbage fee definitely won’t be any higher than $11.00 a month. It would be part of each homeowner’s bi-monthly water bill.

  • nunsbrewery

    Nuns denied brewery permit in McHenry County

    MCHENRY COUNTY, Ill. — A group of nuns lost a bid to open a brewery and winery near suburban Huntley. The McHenry County Board rejected a plan by the sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame to build a nursing home and boarding school and fund it partially by making and selling beer and wine. The owners of expensive homes near the property convinced the board that the proposed development didn’t fit the character of the neighborhood.


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