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    More than 25 arrested in raids targeting fentanyl-laced heroin

    CHICAGO — A series of Chicago police raids led to the arrests of more than two dozen convicted felons and suspected gang members. The charge: Selling heroin spiked with the painkiller fentanyl. In combination, the two drugs are highly concentrated and potentially lethal. Undercover officers arranged drug buys and then, the evidence they collected allowed police to target at least 25 people. The roundup has been going on since Thursday morning. Dozens of people have died of fentanyl-related overdoses over the past year […]

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    Half of privately-owned guns belong to 3% of Americans

    A new study suggests that while a declining percentage of Americans own guns, more than half of country’s stockpile is in the hands of “super-owners.” Harvard University researchers studying gun ownership shared their preliminary findings with the Guardian. They said a majority of America’s 55 million gun owners have just one or two guns. However, around half of all privately-owned guns in the U.S. belong to just 3% of the population. These super-owners have 17 guns each on average, researcher Lois Beckett told NPR. They sometimes inherit guns, collect […]

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    Chicago police getting mandatory de-escalation training

    CHICAGO — Chicago police officers are now getting mandatory training in how to defuse a tense situation without deadly force. The police department hopes to train all 12,000 officers in de-escalation tactics within a year. CPD says it’s the kind of training that is designed to minimize the need for officers to use a gun or a taser. The two-day training sessions recreate actual situations those patrolmen may face on the street. The aim is to give them skills in […]

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    Man charged in DUI crash that critically injured 11-year-old girl

    CHICAGO — Chicago police filed charges Thursday morning in a crash that critically injured a girl on the city’s South Side. William Dunlap, 68, of Calumet Park appears in bond court today. Police say Dunlap was drunk, speeding, and crossing the centerline on Vincennes Ave. Tuesday evening. He hit two vehicles, and then the car pinned 11-year-old Keeshuna Patterson against a porch at 80th Street. He then left the scene of the crash. A woman suffered minor injuries.

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    Chicago red light camera ticket holders may get new appeal

    CHICAGO — More than a million recipients of Chicago red light and speeding tickets may get a second chance to fight those tickets. A pending lawsuit seeks to overturn hundreds of millions of dollars in tickets, because the city failed to send people second notices before imposing the fines and late fees. Instead, the City Council is expected to vote Wednesday to adopt a plan that gives people a new line of appeal. But people who paid their tickets already […]

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    CPS students earn record-high $1.1B in scholarships in 2016

    CHICAGO — Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools announced today that the graduating class of 2016 collected more than $1.16 billion worth of college scholarships. That’s an increase of more than $206 million in scholarship dollars over the previous class year. The average scholarship offer is about $30,000. Some students were offered based on merit, others based on need. But,  total scholarships for CPS grads have almost quadrupled in the past five years.

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    Convicted sex offender accused of 1991 rape and murder

    DIXMOOR, Ill. — A convicted sex offender was charged today in the kidnapping, rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl, 25 years ago in Dixmoor. 58-year-old Willie Randolph was brought over from the Stateville Correctional Center where he was due to be released after completing his sentence on an unrelated drug conviction. Randolph is now facing kidnapping sexual assault and first-degree murder charges. Details of the brutal rape and murder of 14-year-old Cateresa Mathews were described during today’s bond hearing […]

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    Kankakee sheriff: Violent crime spreading to affluent suburbs

    KANKAKEE COUNTY, Ill. — Summer has brought a sharp increase in violent crime — and not just in Chicago. The sheriff of Kankakee County says, many of his county’s local police departments are reporting a troubling increase in robberies. Car thefts and home burglaries are also up. The sheriff blames much of the increase on an organized crime ring involving at least one local gang.

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    Woman, 20, fatally shot in Little Village; killer sought

    CHICAGO — A woman was shot to death in the city’s Little Village neighborhood. Tykina Ali, 20, was a passenger in a car at 26th and Kedzie when someone from another car shot her in the head shortly after 6pm Tuesday. She died at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. It’s not clear whether Ali was the shooter’s intended target. No one has been arrested.

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    Chicago Public Schools looking at $1.5B short-term loan

    CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools once again want to borrow their way out their current budget crunch. The school board meets Wednesday to consider raising the school system’s line of credit to $1.5 billion. CPS plans nearly a billion dollars of construction and renovation work, all with borrowed money; and that’s on top of its $5 billion budget. Part of the money to pay for it will come from a quarter-billion-dollar property tax hike.