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  • MedicalMarijuana2

    Swedish Covenant wants to be first to sell medical marijuana

    Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital wants to be the first in Illinois to open its own dispensary for medical marijuana. Officials there say a hospital is the ideal setting for such an outlet because its pharmacy is already set up for prescriptions; but the federal government still considers marijuana illegal, and a hospital that sells it could lose Medicare and Medicaid funds. Swedish Covenant is asking congress to change the law to reflect the reality that several states now consider marijuana […]

  • met-police-board 0718 mh

    Police officer fired over woman’s suicide with officer’s gun

    A Chicago police sergeant has been fired from his job after a woman killed herself with the officer’s gun. Sgt. Steven Lesner admitted, he left the gun unattended while off-duty at Catherine Weiland’s apartment in 2009; while Lesner was in the bathroom, Weiland used the gun to commit suicide. Lesner was stripped of his police powers and given restricted duties for almost two years after the incident. Superintendent Garry McCarthy recommended a two-month suspension for Lesner, but the police board […]

  • tariq khdeir

    Teen beaten in Israel returns home

    The American teenager who was beaten while visiting Palestinian relatives in Jerusalem has returned home to Florida. Tariq Khdeir was arrested during a violent protest demonstration, and while in custody he was handcuffed and beaten by an Israeli police officer. The beating was caught on surveillance video, and the police officer was suspended. Tariq’s cousin Mohammed Khdeir did not survive his Israeli ordeal. Israeli authorities say they have indicted an adult and two teenagers in his kidnapping and murder. Mohammed […]

  • kennedy compound breakin

    Kennedy home invader: “Is Katy Perry here?”

    A man broke into the Massachusetts home of Ted Kennedy, Jr. Kennedy returned home in Hyannis Port Tuesday to find the home invader in his kitchen with his teenaged son. The man said he was looking for singer Katy Perry; she wasn’t there, and it’s unclear why he thought she would be there. Police showed up and hauled the man away in handcuffs; he is charged with breaking and entering.

  • Mayor Emanuel puts spin on new anti-violence strategy in Chicago

    POLL: CTU President Karen Lewis ahead of Emanuel if she chooses to run for mayor

    A new poll suggests, Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have a difficult time getting re-elected. According to the Sun-Times, an automated phone survey of Chicago voters gives Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis a 9 % lead over Emanuel, should she choose to run. The mayor trails among white and black voters, but leads among Hispanic voters. The same poll suggests, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is an even more dramatic 24 points ahead of Emanuel, though she hasn’t declared […]

  • quinn

    Feds want emails on Quinn’s anti-violence program

    Governor Pat Quinn’s controversial anti-violence program is under federal investigation. A grand jury is demanding emails of five people who helped run the $55 million program; it was launched during Quinn’s re-election campaign four years ago, and characterized by critics little more than a political slush fund for the governor. The program’s former director and four other people are being targeted by the grand jury subpoenas. A Quinn spokesman says the governor’s office is cooperating fully.

  • CPS headquarters moving to smaller offices to save money

    CPS budget proposal means higher property taxes

    Chicago’s property taxes are probably going up again next year, to help the Chicago Public School system close a $900 million hole in its budget. The proposed increase would add another $34 a year to the tax bill on a $250,000 home. The new school budget includes the biggest-ever hike in teacher salaries and pension benefits; there is money to hire more phys ed and art teachers, and money for the Safe Passage program. The budget faces a CPS vote […]

  • ‘Dixmoor 5′ case reopened

    Dixmoor 5 win $40 million settlement

    The Illinois State Police will pay $40 million to five men who were wrongly sent to prison for the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl. They’ve been known as the Dixmoor 5; they were imprisoned as teens for the murder of Cateresa Matthews in November of 1991; but DNA evidence cleared them three years ago. The $40 million settlement is believed to be the largest payout ever by the State Police.

  • Boy

    FBI makes young cancer patient agent for the day

    A 6-year-old boy with cancer now has a memory he’ll cherish for the rest of his life, thanks to the FBI… yes, the FBI. Sammy Nahorny underwent a new type of radiation therapy at Comer Children’s Hospital, for a deadly form of pediatric cancer; it left him radioactive, so he had to spend an entire week in isolation. Agents at Chicago’s FBI office learned that Sammy wants to be an agent someday; so they invited him to their training center […]

  • cityhall

    Bad financial move could cost city taxpayers millions

    A bad financial gamble by the City of Chicago could cost taxpayers $200 million. The Sun-Times reports, former mayor Daley’s administration gambled on a risky scheme known as interest-rate swaps. The deals allow banks to call in their loans and collect big fees if the city’s credit rating drops. It was lowered four times in the past year; any further drop could trigger those fees. A similar bad investment drove Detroit into bankruptcy. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the city is […]