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  • worldseriestickets

    “Man’s best friend” eats his World Series tickets

    When the Baltimore Orioles open their playoffs against the Tigers Wednesday night, one very relieved fan will be at the game. Karl Breslaw almost got shut out. His playoff and World Series tickets arrived in a Fed-Ex truck the other day. But, Karl’s dog Fezzik got to them before Karl did, and chewed them up pretty badly. Luckily for Karl, his dog didn’t damage the bar codes on the tickets; and he can still make out his seat numbers, so […]

  • PoliceLights400x225

    ‘Backside Bandit’ biker on the run on FL college campus

    Florida International University is trying to catch a “Backside Bandit.” He has struck at least six times since June. He rides past a woman on his bicycle, either grabs or slaps her backside, then rides away. All of his victims have given Miami police the same description of the man. Some students think it’s just a prank, but the school is cautioning female students to avoid walking alone.

  • SykutaElementarySchool

    Sykuta Elementary School closed due to vandalism

    Zenon Sykuta Elementary School in Country Club Hills is closed today because of vandalism. It happened Thursday.  Sykuta students spent the day at Southwood Middle School. Today, a cleanup crew will clear away the vandalism; school officials won’t specify the nature of it of what area of the school was hit. Classes at Sykuta Elementary will resume Monday. Southwood, along with Meadowview School, will hold classes as usual today.

  • Study: Chicago communte amongst worst in nation

    Illinois is #4 for highway congestion

    Illinois has the fourth-worst highway congestion in the nation. According to a report by the Reason Foundation, more than half of the state’s highways are congested during rush hour. But there is some good news; the report finds, Illinois spends more than most other states on its roads; so it has very few interstate highways in poor condition. Of course, all that road construction and maintenance contributes to the delays. A study on how to relieve the congestion will come […]

  • joeferguson

    Chicago inspector general may probe city council

    The ethics watchdog who oversees Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office may soon have the authority to investigate the City Council as well. 35 of Chicago’s 50 aldermen now say they support a plan to allow the city’s inspector general Joe Ferguson to investigate ethics complaints against aldermen — but only when an accuser is publicly identified. Legislative inspector general Faisal Khan was recently denied the power to open investigations into aldermen’s campaign finances. Khan said recently that some aldermen may soon […]

  • daredevilvolcano

    Daredevil climbs into active volcano in South Pacific

    A daredevil adventurer climbed down into an active volcano in the South Pacific and captured his experience with a GoPro. George Kourounis and fellow explorer Sam Cossman rappelled 1,200 feet down the inside wall of the Marum volcano, wearing heat suits and stopping just 50 feet from the boiling hot lava. Kourounis says he had to move away from the lava every couple of minutes because the sheer heat drained his energy. Some of the lava actually spurted up and […]

  • BombSuspect

    Police: Driver threatened to blow up his car

    Chicago police say a man threatened them with a phony bomb when they stopped him for driving erratically. According to the Sun-Times, Emad Karakrah was waving an ISIS flag out his window when he was stopped Wednesday at 77th and Kedzie; police say he told them the car was rigged to blow up if they tried to search it. They searched anyway, and found no bomb. Karakrah is charged with making a false bomb threat, aggravated fleeing, three other moving […]

  • squad-car-lights

    Attempted child luring on Northwest Side

    Chicago police say a man in his 50’s tried to lure three children Wednesday evening in the 57 hundred block of West Belden. He offered them cash, but they ignored his advances and walked away. Police say the man is about 6 feet tall, with black hair, a white beard and a raspy voice; and he is seen frequently at the McDonald’s restaurant in the 2300 block of North Central.

  • nancyloosnow

    Old Farmer’s Almanac: Brace for a bitter cold winter, Chicago

    As the Chicago area finally gets its first real heat wave of the summer, the Old Farmer’s Almanac is warning us, we’re in for a bitter cold winter. The almanac says the eastern two-thirds of the nation will be super-cold, while the western states will be a little warmer than normal, and California’s drought will continue. The Old Farmer’s Almanac uses sunspot readings, prevailing weather patterns and basic meteorology to make its forecasts. The almanac’s winter forecast used to come […]

  • Photo credit: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

    Did cellphone thieves post selfies online?

    Burglars broke into a woman’s home in California and stole her cellphone, but they may have given themselves away by using the phone to take a few selfies. A few days after the cellphone was stolen from the house in Santa Clarita, the selfies were posted to the woman’s Cloud account. She says she doesn’t know the people in the pictures. They could be the thieves; or, if the stolen phone was resold, they could just be the buyers. A […]


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