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    Kankakee sheriff: Violent crime spreading to affluent suburbs

    KANKAKEE COUNTY, Ill. — Summer has brought a sharp increase in violent crime — and not just in Chicago. The sheriff of Kankakee County says, many of his county’s local police departments are reporting a troubling increase in robberies. Car thefts and home burglaries are also up. The sheriff blames much of the increase on an organized crime ring involving at least one local gang.

  • womanshotlittlevillage

    Woman, 20, fatally shot in Little Village; killer sought

    CHICAGO — A woman was shot to death in the city’s Little Village neighborhood. Tykina Ali, 20, was a passenger in a car at 26th and Kedzie when someone from another car shot her in the head shortly after 6pm Tuesday. She died at West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park. It’s not clear whether Ali was the shooter’s intended target. No one has been arrested.

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    Chicago Public Schools looking at $1.5B short-term loan

    CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools once again want to borrow their way out their current budget crunch. The school board meets Wednesday to consider raising the school system’s line of credit to $1.5 billion. CPS plans nearly a billion dollars of construction and renovation work, all with borrowed money; and that’s on top of its $5 billion budget. Part of the money to pay for it will come from a quarter-billion-dollar property tax hike.

  • laquan mcdonald

    7 Chicago officers face potential firing over Laquan McDonald case

    CHICAGO — Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson may get his way in asking that seven police officers be fired for lying about the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Since Mayor Rahm Emanuel replaced the head of the police board last year, 12 officers have already been fired for various infractions. Previously, the board routinely rejected calls for the dismissal of cops. In the past year, not a single officer has been acquitted of administrative charges. Officer Jason Van Dyke faces […]

  • braineatingamoeba

    Fourth confirmed case of brain-eating amoeba in Florida

    FLORIDA — There is now a fourth confirmed case this year of someone being infected with a brain-eating amoeba. It is contracted by swimming in freshwater lakes or rivers and it enters through the nose and moves to the brain, where it destroys the tissue. It is almost always fatal. The latest patient is being treated in Florida. An anti-parasitic drug, sold as Impavido, was recently cleared for use against the infection.

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    Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley moves into The Carlyle

    CHICAGO — Richard M. Daley is getting a new home in Chicago’s Gold Coast, and some influential new neighbors. The former Chicago mayor is moving into The Carlyle, at 1040 N. Lake Shore Drive, overlooking the Oak Street Beach. It’s home to Chicago’s rich and powerful, many of whom could now become clients of the law firm where Daley works. Former tenants include columnist Irv Kupcinet, the late Bears quarterback Sid Luckman and real estate mogul Arthur Rubloff.

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    Woman’s body found near jogging path in Orland Park

    ORLAND PARK, Ill. — The body of a woman was found near a jogging path in Orland Park. The body was discovered Monday morning in a parking lot near a forest preserve at Eagle Ridge Dr. and 104th Ave. The Cook County Medical Examiner has identified the victim as 39-year-old Theresa Hilton. Investigators say there doesn’t appear to have been any foul play in the woman’s death.

  • studentsinclassroom

    Chicago Public Schools CEO: Either concessions or classroom cuts

    CHICAGO — Chicago’s school boss is warning that, unless the city’s teachers accept concessions in a new contract, there will be painful cuts in the classroom. School CEO Forrest Claypool raised the stakes, a day after the teachers union said it might strike if teachers have to pay more toward their healthcare and pension benefits. Even if the union accepts the concessions, some classroom cuts may be needed, because the state has refused to contribute more than $200 million to […]

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    Hundreds stranded at Chicago airports after 2nd night of rain

    CHICAGO — Sunday night’s rain caused some flight cancellations at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and forced a lot of people to spend an unscheduled night on cots in the concourses. To make matters worse, the roofs over Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 sprung leaks, and yellow buckets were set out to catch the dripping. About 800 people used the cots at o’hare, and another 200 at Midway Airport; many others chose to stretch out on seats and benches, or simply sleep […]

  • CPD reassigns 200 officers, part of new crime-fighting strategy

    Chicago Police Department suspends outdoor roll call

    CHICAGO — Recent attacks on police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge have convinced the Chicago Police Department to temporarily suspend its regular outdoor roll calls. They began in January as a way to help police interact with the neighborhoods they serve. The police department says a gathering of officers in one place could be a tempting target for someone bent on terror or revenge.