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  • chicagowomanfounddeadmichigan

    Woman found dead in Michigan was from Chicago

    CHICAGO — Police in Southwest Michigan now say a woman found dead next to some railroad tracks was from Chicago. The body was discovered Sunday morning in New Buffalo, in Berrien County. Fingerprint records identified the victim as 42-year-old Elizabeth Brooks. She did not appear to have been struck by a train; so investigators have concluded that she was killed, and her body placed there.

  • jameshargrett

    Police find $1M worth of marijuana during traffic stop; man charged

    CHICAGO — Chicago police made a big score when they arrested a man Saturday for failure to use his turn signal. Inside James Hargrett’s car, police say they found more than $1 million worth of marijuana. Officers say Hargrett jumped from the car and tried to escape, but they caught him. The 400 pounds of pot were wrapped in garbage bags. Hargrett is charged with felony possession; he spent time in prison for the fatal shooting of his mother 12 […]

  • mastadonskeleton

    Skeleton of mastodon dug up in western Michigan backyard

    BELLEVUE, Mich. — A lot of people bury their dead pets in their backyards, but a Michigan man made a shocking discovery behind his home. In the town of Bellevue, a little southwest of Lansing, a man was digging up his yard for a new pond, when he discovered the fossil of an ancient mastodon, an ancestor of the elephant. More than 40 bones allowed experts to put together a pretty good picture of how the beast used to look. […]

  • Flights resume at Chicago airports after snowstorm delays

    TSA intercepts gun in traveler’s bag at Midway Airport

    A man was accused of trying to carry a loaded handgun onto a passenger jet at Midway Airport. Kevin Reed was arrested Tuesday afternoon when an x-ray screener detected a .38-caliber gun in his carry-on bag; he had a boarding pass for a flight to Detroit. His attorney says Reed works for Bank of America. Reed insists he forgot the gun was in the bag.

  • Former Mayor Daley remains hospitalized until mid-week

    Daley speech cancellation raises health worries

    CHICAGO — Former Mayor Richard Daley’s health may be failing. Daley had to cancel a speech this week at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, citing health concerns. It would have been his first public speaking engagement in a year. He spent a week in intensive care last January, and has stayed largely out of the public eye since then.

  • fordcitymall

    Ford City Mall says no unaccompanied teens on weekend evenings

    CHICAGO — The Ford City Mall is cracking down on groups of teenagers who hang out at the mall on weekends. Starting February 13th, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:00 till closing time. A Chicago Police substation will be set up at the mall, and police patrols will be increased. Unsupervised teens will be asked to leave. The new owners of Ford City say they intend to restore […]

  • Metra prepares for snow, cold as transit riders brave weather

    Holiday vacations are coming to an abrupt end. The snow has made Chicagoland roads more challenging for commuters. Both O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport reported delays, and 235 flights out of O’Hare had been cancelled Sunday as of 8:30 p.m., according to the Chicago Department of Aviation. Disruptions continued Monday, with more than 60 cancellations at O’Hare and about 235 delays. Metra reported delays on many of its lines, including the Union Pacific Northwest, Milwaukee District, Burlington Northern Sante Fe, […]

  • mccarthy

    Top cop defends security at mayor’s home after Emanuel’s son mugged

    A year-end briefing on city crime statistics took an unexpected turn when Chicago’s police superintendent was confronted with a question about the mugging of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s son. Zach Emanuel, 17, was robbed December 19th, just a few steps from the family home on the north side; the attackers chipped one of his teeth, and left the teen with a fat lip. A reporter questioned superintendent Garry McCarthy whether police are adequately protecting the mayor’s home. Visibly irritated by the […]

  • 5 dead, 18 injured in Chicago weekend violence

    Five people died in weekend violence on the streets of Chicago; another 18 were injured. Two of those deaths happened in a drive-by shooting Sunday afternoon in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Bobby Norwood was 24, and the father of two little girls; he was walking home at 51st and May when a car rolled up, the window rolled down, and someone shot him in the chest; he didn’t survive. A 29-year-old man was fatally shot in the back, […]

  • NateFox

    Bloomingdale murder not threat to public: police

    Police in Bloomingdale say they don’t believe Monday’s shooting death of Nate Fox poses any danger to the public. Fox played pro basketball in Europe for 12 years. He was on his way home in his maroon Jaguar when someone shot him in the 200 block of Tamarack Lane. Police say they’re not sure of the killer’s motive. No one has been arrested.


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