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  • WojciechSadelski

    Man charged with murdering mother, attacking brother in Archer Heights

    CHICAGO — Chicago police have charged a man from the Archer Heights neighborhood with murdering his mother and trying to murder his brother. It happened Wednesday at 48th and Karlov. Police say 26-year-old Wojciech Sadelski stabbed and bludgeoned his mother, then hit his brother with a hammer and tried to run over him with his car. The brother is in serious condition. Sadelski will be in court today.

  • ctuspringfield

    CTU to rally against Rauner turnaround plan

    CHICAGO — The Chicago Teachers Union is sending a delegation to Springfield this morning to lobby state lawmakers for more money, more benefits, cheaper housing and child care for union members, and higher taxes to pay for it all. The union will rally against Governor Bruce Rauner’s plan to trim social spending to help balance the state budget, and against his effort to make Illinois the 26th right-to-work state. Right-to-work would effectively make union dues voluntary. The CTU says, without […]

  • CPS headquarters moving to smaller offices to save money

    CPS data breach reveals 4,000 students’ records

    A data breach in the Chicago Public School system may have allowed the personal information of 4,000 students to get out in the open. CPS admits it shared the students’ names, addresses, phone numbers and even more personal information with five vendors seeking school contracts. The vendors say they’ve now destroyed those records.

  • charliehebdo

    ‘Charlie Hebdo’ cartoonist calls it quits

    PARIS — The cartoonist who drew the prophet Muhammad after the deadly Islamist terror attack on a French magazine, is leaving the magazine. Renald Luzier says he just can’t live with the loss of 12 of his colleagues in that attack. Luzier drew the cover cartoon in “Charlie Hebdo” that depicted Muhammad with the words “I Am Charlie” and “All Is Forgiven,” a week after the attack. He says each new issue of “Charlie Hebdo” is torture because his friends […]

  • Walmart

    Wal-Mart to compete with Amazon Prime

    Wal-Mart has been hurt by Amazon’s Prime service, which offers free shipping on online purchases in exchange for an annual subscription fee. So now, Wal-Mart will test a competing delivery service, for $50 a year. That’s half of what Amazon charges. But for the first few months of testing, Wal-Mart’s service will be available by invitation only.

  • Coated multicolored candy

    8th grader arrested for throwing Skittles on school bus

    JEFFERSON PARISH, La. — A school district in Louisiana may have gone overboard with its zero-tolerance policy. The Jefferson Parish School District had an 8th grader handcuffed and taken away from a history class, for throwing Skittles on a school bus. In just one year, 1,600 other students were arrested for minor offenses like swearing and carrying cell phones. 40 percent of the student body is black, 80 percent of those arrested are black.


    Driver charged with DUI in fiery I-355 crash

    DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — Illinois State Police filed drunk driving charges against a man who caused a fiery crash on southbound I-355. It happened early Sunday morning near Butterfield Road. The man lost control and crashed his car into a concrete barrier; as it burst into flames, he got out, apparently dazed, and wandered into the middle of the traffic lanes; two college students saw him and guided him safely to the side of the road. No one was seriously […]

  • Airplane

    Woman convicted for sex on plane

    A woman from Canada faces sentencing in July, for joining the “mile high club.” Alicia Lander was convicted Wednesday of engaging in a sex act with a man she had met less than an hour earlier. It happened on a flight from Toronto to Halifax; and it happened in their seats, not in the plane’s restroom. A crew member told her to stop, and arranged for the police to be waiting when they landed. Lander claims she was drunk and […]

  • City Council approves reparations package for Burge victims

    CHICAGO — At the city council’s final meeting of the session, aldermen approved $5.5 million for the victims of notorius Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge. Those who were subjected to electric shocks, beatings, smotherings, and other acts will be eligible for cash rewards of up to $100,000. As many as 80 victims may be eligible to share in the award. But, the loved ones of victims who have died won’t get any money. The city also issued a formal apology […]

  • College of DuPage President Robert Breuder

    College of DuPage president officially suspended

    GLEN ELLYN, Ill. — The College of DuPage board has officially suspended president Robert Breuder. He is being investigated for lavish spending; and school trustees are being criticized for paying him more than $760,000 to accept early retirement next year. Two days after Breuder took a voluntary medical leave, the trustees voted Thursday evening to place him on paid administrative leave. The school is promising an open and public investigation into Breuder’s stewardship of school finances.


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