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  • burbankstabbing

    Argument over social media post leads to stabbing in Burbank

    BURBANK, Ill. — A fight in Burbank sent a 17-year-old girl to the hospital with several stab wounds. It happened Friday afternoon at 81st and Nashville. One girl confronted another girl about something she posted on social media. That’s when the other girl pulled a knife. Police say as many as 30 teens were involved in the ensuing argument by the time officers arrived. The girl was stabbed in the back and chest. She’ll recover, and so far, no one has […]

  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia

    Poll: Emanuel widens lead in mayoral race

    CHICAGO — Another poll on Chicago’s mayoral race reaffirms that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a comfortable lead over challenger Jesus Garcia. A poll for the Sun-Times suggests that Emanuel has opened a 16 percentage point lead, 48% to 32%; and that lead has increased with each weekly poll, including a 6% gain in just the past week. The poll suggests 18% of voters are still undecided; if the poll is correct, Garcia would need to carry all of those undecided […]

  • ComputerMouse

    Library settles lawsuit over internet porn

    The Orland Park Public Library will pay $55,000 to two people who repeatedly demanded records on the library’s policy of allowing adults to view internet porn on library computers. The lawsuits merely targeted the library’s refusal to release the records, not the viewing policy itself. The library board approved the payout Monday.

  • cathedralhomelesspeople

    San Francisco cathedral will no longer soak homeless people with sprinklers

    SAN FRANCISCO — The Catholic cathedral in San Francisco will no longer spray water on homeless people who curl up next to the building at night. Overhead sprinklers were installed two years ago, to discourage people from sleeping in the doorways at St. Mary’s Cathedral. It’s said, they frequently leave behind human waste and drug needles. But now the Archdiocese has caved to public pressure and said it’ll shut off the sprinklers — though it says the strategy actually succeeded […]

  • McDonald’s faces protests, lawsuits over worker safety

    CHICAGO — McDonalds employees protest outside, and inside, one of the restaurant’s locations on the West Side. The workers chanted, “No safety! No peace!” inside the restaurant at Roosevelt and Kedzie Tuesday morning. Police later arrived and had to move the employees back outside. The demonstration was part of a nationwide effort to highlight new labor complaints against the fast-food giant. Workers complain about unsafe work conditions. Employees in 19 cities, including Chicago, filed 28 complaints against McDonalds. They say […]

  • Banana

    Woman buys bananas infested with world’s deadliest spiders

    BRISTOL, United Kingdom — A British couple made a shocking discovery a few days ago, after buying bananas from their local grocery store. The bananas were infested with spiders. And not just any spiders — when a Brazilian Wandering Spider bites a man, its venom can cause a painful four-hour erection, and can even lead to death. The woman who bought the bananas, recognized the spider cocoon, and put the bananas into her freezer to kill all the spiders.

  • uber

    Uber wants to hire 1 million women as drivers

    Uber is looking for a few good women — well, a lot of them, actually. The online ride service wants to hire a million women drivers over the next five years. Uber has faced criticism that it doesn’t do enough to protect its female passengers from harassment or even assault. Letting them ask specifically for a woman driver may help alleviate that concern; but finding enough women who want to be driver may be a challenge. Only 2% of American […]

  • fatasemiaccidentvictims

    Trucker, employer sued for wrongful death in fatal semi accident

    CHICAGO — A truck driver and his employer are being sued over a deadly accident in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The police report says Zachary Barngrover turned left at 43rd and Ashland last Friday and ran over three people in a crosswalk. Elizabeth Peralta-Luna and her children Elizabeth and Dylan were killed. Now the victims’ family is alleging wrongful death — claiming Barngrover was talking on his cellphone while driving, and wasn’t paying attention to the road. The […]

  • angelgonzalez

    DNA clears man who spent 20 years in prison for rape

    WAUKEGAN, Ill — A case 20 years old was dismissed today and the man who was convicted of abducting and raping a Waukegan woman is still waiting to hear if he can finally go free. A Lake County judge vacated the felony conviction in court Monday afternoon, in theory setting 41-year-old Angel Gonzalez free. But Gonzalez was also charged with property damage while in isolation. His lawyers hope that conviction will also be dropped and set an innocent man free […]

  • firefighterinjuredwestenglewood3-5

    Firefighter injured in West Englewood blaze

    CHICAGO — A Chicago firefighter was injured while fighting a fire in the West Englewood neighborhood. The 2-11 alarm fire forced ten people to evacuate three homes near 74th and Paulina shortly after 1 a.m. The owner of the home where it originated, Janice Hooper, says she smelled something like burning plastic, and called the fire department to check it out. An initial inspection revealed nothing, so the inspector left, and Hooper went to a relative’s house, two doors down. […]


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