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    Psychological harm found in exercise videos

    In case you needed another reason to not workout, you should know it can be bad for your mental health. A new study found that some exercise DVDs include negative imagery and demotivating language. Researchers at Oregon State University reviewed ten popular DVDS and reported their findings in the Sociology of Sport Journal. They found that one in every seven of the motivating statements said on the video, were actually negative. They said statements like “You should be dying right […]

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    WATCH: Powerball player has interesting plans for $700M jackpot if he wins

    Saturday’s Powerball jackpot currently sits at $700 million, and that’s expected to go up.  But one player in Arizona already knows what he plans to do with it.  His answer to a reporter’s question on live television is going viral. But one player in Arizona already knows what he plans to do with it.  His answer to a reporter’s question on live television is going viral. His answer to a reporter’s question on live television is going viral. Watch the […]

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    Mother traps man who molested her daughter in her home

    LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. — A mother took matters into her own hands after she found out that a man molested her four-year-old daughter. Police say 44-year-old Steven Rekowski admitted he took selfies of himself with a 4-year-old girl. The girl is the daughter of a long-time friend. “He took pictures of his genitalia, he took pictures of her genitalia, and he took pictures of him performing sex acts on the child,” said Dearborn County prosecutor Aaron Negangard. According to the affidavit, […]

  • Jessica & Nate Baumgart sold all their belongings, quit their jobs and are embarking on a 1 year trip around the world.

    Married couple from Chicago sells their stuff so they can travel for year

    CHICAGO — Chicago couple Nate and Jessica Baumgart have only been married since July. But now they’re getting ready to put that marriage to a global test. They sold all their belongings and quit their jobs so they can embark on a one-year trip around the world. They leave January 8 for their first their first stop, Colombia. They have saved enough to raise $75,000. They rented out their apartment, sold their belongings, asked for cash as wedding gifts, lived […]

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    Is that a dog or a bear? Photo of adorable animal stumps the internet

    The first internet debate of 2016 is here. An Instagram user posted a picture of a pet dropped off at a doggy daycare. The caption under the picture read, “what in the living hell is this creature.” what in the living hell is this creature A photo posted by Rachel Zarrell (@rachelemilyz) on Jan 2, 2016 at 3:01pm PST The internet responded with all sorts of possibilities. Some said a dog. Some said a bear. Some said a Wookie. The […]

  • Independent Police Review Authority head Sharon Fairley who announces plans for the agency on Monday

    Chicago police review board making changes

    CHICAGO — When the Chicago police department found itself under the critical eye of the world, so did the Independent Police Review Authority. The IPRA is the independent agency that investigates every shooting involving a Chicago police officer. But practices are being scrutinized following the 2014 shooting of 17-year old Laquan McDonald. The agency’s chief administrator resigned shortly after Officer Jason Van Dyke was charged in the shooting. Van Dyke fired 16 shots after encountering McDonald on a street. No […]

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    Green Bay rings in New Year with a llama of course

    GREEN BAY, Wis. – Chicago had a rising star. Times Square had a crystal ball. And Atlanta had a big peach. Now Green Bay, Wisconsin, hopes to start a New Year’s tradition with a myth the mayor just made up. It’s the “Legend of the Lucky Llama.” Officials had a man dressed as Father Time, walk across the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge, with a llama wearing a sash. The mayor says everyone who sees the llama walk across the bridge would […]

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    Man rows boat from US to Australia by himself

    A man went on a six-month long boat trip. John Beeden just became the first person to row a boat, non-stop, from North America to Australia. That’s more than 7,400 miles. Beeden left San Francisco on June 1. He then rowed an average of 15 hours a day to reach his destination 209 days later. He says he would have made it weeks earlier, if it wasn’t for some bad weather.

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    Latest call for Mayor Emanuel’s resignation includes #BlackChristmas

    CHICAGO — The Coalition for a New Chicago is calling on elected officials to demand Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s resignation. Protesters say they will put economic pressure on the city to meet their demands by initiating #BlackChristmas to shut down Michigan Avenue on Christmas Eve. “The reason we’re doing that is because, how much is a human life worth?  That’s what’s happening here.  Schools have been closed down.  Mental health centers have been closed down.  All kinds of things that human […]

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    Chicago Committee meeting on police accountability

    CHICAGO — A Chicago committee is discussing the future of its police department. Tuesday’s joint meeting includes committees on police accountability, public safety, and human relations. The agenda covers a call for re-asserting need for examination of police practices and procedures, a call for a public hearing concerning the Laquan McDonald case, a call for appointing a special prosecutor to represent Cook County in the case against officer Jason Van Dyke, and a call for a hearing on police task […]


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