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  • WATCH: Charles Barkley out of touch with touchscreen

    CBS had a new toy for Charles Barkley during its NCAA tournament Selection Sunday show. A large touchscreen allowed him to make his picks just by touching the school’s name. But, that didn’t work on the first try for Barkley. Unfortunately, that first try was on live television for all to see and mock online. Kenny Smith said Barkley had too much lotion on his hands. That’s when Barkley confessed, “I’m a metro-sexual. I get mani-pedis every week.” Watch the […]

  • 24-hour vigil precedes protest at Donald Trump rally in Chicago

    CHICAGO — A 24-hour protest continues at the University of Illinois-Chicago ahead of Donald Trump’s visit Friday. Trump plans to hold a rally at the UIC Pavilion at 6 o’clock. On Thursday night, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, activists, and students started what they called a day long protest vigil outside of the venue. They say they’re upset over trump’s disparaging comments about Mexicans and Muslims. Dozens of faculty and staff at UIC have already asked the administration to cancel the rally […]

  • Boy finally manages to jump over vault thanks to cheering classmates

    It took some teamwork to make an individual achievement happen. A video posted to YouTube shows a young gymnast repeatedly failing to make a vault. He comes close, but he can’t get over the top. But after his fourth attempt, his friends get up from their seats and join him. They circle around him and appear to be singing or giving some kind of a morale booster. After they go sit down, he tries again, and he nails it. Watch the heartwarming […]

  • Watch boy, 4, dive onto aunt’s wedding dress as she walks down aisle

    IRELAND — A bride was going down the aisle, when a young boy thought that it looked like fun. Andrea Malone posted a video of her 4-year-old son jumping on the train of his aunt’s bridal gown. The aunt was just about to walk down the aisle, in a church in Ireland, when the boy ran and jumped. A collective gasp could be heard in the audience, before the video stops.

  • Bill Clinton campaigns in Evanston for Hillary

    EVANSTON, Ill. — Former President Bill Clinton is on the campaign trail in the Chicago area. He attended a rally today for his wife Hillary, at Beth Emet the Free synagogue, in Evanston. The Clinton campaign said she is not taking anything votes for granted in her home state. The Illinois primary is March 15, with 182 delegates at stake. A new Chicago Tribune poll has Hillary Clinton far ahead of Sanders. In a poll of 600 registered voters, Clinton has […]

  • Chicago protesters plan to greet Donald Trump at Friday rally

    CHICAGO — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is coming to Chicago. Trump is giving a speech at the UIC Pavillion on Friday, March 11. Admission is free, but it requires a ticket. Protesters are also planning to be there to try to get those free rally tickets, so Trump’s supporters don’t get them. A petition on to protest Trump’s appearance had 1,600 RSVPs within several hours. The Illinois primary is March 15, but early voting already started. Polls show Trump […]

  • Google searches for ‘How to move to Canada’ spike after Super Tuesday results

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to be running away with the GOP nomination. Trump got closer to that with seven more victories on Super Tuesday. He now leads his opponent in states and delegates won. But Trump’s big night had a lot of people going online. According to Google, internet searches for “How to move to Canada” surged Tuesday night as election results came in. The search increased by 350 percent between 8 p.m. and midnight. Then it shot up […]

  • Ricketts-funded Super PAC makes Trump attack ad

    CHICAGO — The political action committee that is largely funded by the Ricketts family is about to run some attack ads targeting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Last month, Trump tweeted that the Ricketts should be careful about spending money against him and that they had a lot to hide. Marlene Ricketts’ family owns the Chicago Cubs. She donated $3 million to “Our Principles PAC.” The group is running an ad in Illinois about Trump University, which closed in 2010. The ad […]

  • Meet Wesley, the dog wearing braces

    Getting braces on your teeth can be a downer, but this patient doesn’t mind. Wesley the dog got braces on Friday. Braces on dogs are unusual, but a veterinarian from Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Michigan found them necessary. The vet says braces on dogs are usually for health issues, not cosmetic ones. Wesley needed his teeth realigned because he could not close completely close his mouth. He is expected to only have the braces for a few weeks.  

  • Chicago Cubs single game tickets go on sale today

    CHICAGO — Single game tickets for the Chicago Cubs go on sale Friday. Fans should not go to the Wrigley Field box office this year. It is not open because of all the construction around the ballpark. Starting at 10 a.m., tickets will be available online at the Cubs official website, Customers will be randomly picked from a virtual waiting room that opens at 9:30am. You will need an account to buy tickets from the site. Tickets are also available […]