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  • Fioretti

    Ald. Fioretti forming possible campaign staff

    Chicago’s 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti appears to be closer to running for mayor. According to the Chicago Tribune, Fioretti has hired an adviser, who posted ads for four jobs, including campaign manager and finance director. The ads don’t mention Fioretti, but they do list his new adviser, Michael Kolenc, by name. Emanuel has it out for group of aldermen, Fioretti says “Alderman Fioretti is looking for the senior staffers needed to launch a mayoral campaign should he decide to get […]

  • 129311494

    Why don’t Wal-Mart’s ice cream sandwiches melt?

    A mother in Ohio found out that her son left his ice cream sandwich outside, in the summer sun, for about 12 hours. She expected a mess when she went out there, but there wasn’t much to clean. The ice cream didn’t melt to a soupy mess. It was more like a marshmallow fluff that stayed in a rectangular shape. The ice cream was sold under Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand. Wal-Mart released a statement saying, “Ice cream melts based on […]

  • Chicago congressman address city’s gun violence

    Three congressmen from Chicago addressed the city’s gun violence on the house floor. Congressmen Bobby Rush, Danny Davis, and Robin Kelly talked about that issue Wednesday night. Davis says the solution is not just more police– It’s adding more jobs and business opportunities to areas where there are none. Davis says money for preventing crime should also be invested in neighborhoods, which could lead to better results.


    Dodgers Partly Liable for Fan’s Injuries

    A jury found the Los Angeles Dodgers partly liable after a fan was beaten unconscious after a game. Bryan Stow was cheering for the San Francisco Giants when he attended Dodgers Opening Day in 2011. After the game, Stow was attacked and severely beaten in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot. He still requires constant medical assistance from the injuries he suffered. Earlier this year, Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez pleaded guilty for their roles in Stow’s beating. In a civil […]

  • 4 injured in 2 separate drive-by shootings

    There were several shootings in Chicago overnight. Four people were shot in two separate locations, within minutes of each other. One of them was a park at 9200 S. Eggleston, in the city’s Brainerd neighborhood. A 17-year-old boy was shot in the chest and died and a 15-year-old boy was shot in the leg.  Witnesses say this was a drive-by. Another drive-by shooting happened at 10000 Avenue M, 15 minutes later. A man and a 16-year-old boy were shot and […]

  • Seven Shot in Indianapolis

    Seven people were shot in Indianapolis’ nightlife district early Saturday morning. Police say it started out as a fight between two people. The victims were walking from bar to bar, when shots were fired. Six men and one woman were wounded. One is in critical condition. No one has been arrested, and police did not give a description of the shooter.

  • Search for double murder suspect continues

    A Winnebago County Sheriff’s detective may have spotted murder suspect Terence Doddy. Doddy is wanted for two murders that happened this week. His co-worker Todd Hansmeier was killed in Rockford on Monday. Police say Doddy beat him to death and then tried to burn his body inside an office building. The next day, Tonya Bargman was murdered by a washroom at the Willow Creek rest stop on I-39. Hansmeier’s car was abandoned there. But Bargman’s car, a gray 2013 Nissan […]

  • burning car

    Stranger pulls man out of burning car

    A man in Minnesota is alive because of a super heroic act by someone he never met. Mike Johannes pulled over to a side of the road Sunday night after smoke was coming out of his SUV. The car fire disabled his locks, so Johannes started banging on the windows. But nothing was working, and Johannes thought he was going to die. That’s when he saw a window break and hands reaching in. “He bent the door with his bare […]

  • Ahmed Abu Khattala

    Benghazi Suspect Khattala in Court

    The only person charged in the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi will be back in court for a detention hearing in Washington Wednesday. Federal prosecutors say Ahmed Abu Khattala planned to attack more American interests. In a new court filing, prosecutors said Khattala’s hatred for the U.S. is motivated by his extremist ideology. “There is no condition or combination of conditions that will reasonably assure the defendant’s appearance in court and assure the safety of any […]

  • New Niles Gun Shop on Hold

    The plans for building a new gun shop and firing range, in northwest suburban Niles, are on hold. If the village board gives its approval, the gun shop would be built close to several schools, which has led to some opposition. The Village President of Niles says most of the people who have contacted him are against building the gun shop, but he says the board still has to consider it. He also says he personally doesn’t like guns but […]


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