WATCH LIVE: Mayor Emanuel, city officials on Chicago’s blizzard response
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  • IL lawmakers poised for landmark vote on pension reform

    Special Comptroller election to be decided in Springfield

    SPRINGFIELD — Illinois lawmakers are in Springfield Wednesday to decide the future of the comptroller’s office. Judy Baar Topinka was re-elected to that office, but she died December 10. Under the Illinois Constitution, Republican Governor-elect Bruce Rauner has authority to appoint someone for Topinka’s four year term, but state democrats are fighting against that. They want a special election for comptroller to be part of the general election in 2016. Today, lawmakers could vote on legislation that would create that […]

  • pizzadeliverymurder

    Chicago man killed, robbed while delivering pizzas in Gary

    A man from Chicago was murdered during a robbery in Gary, Indiana. 68-year-old Tate Hatchett Junior was found dead behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a house Saturday night. Hatchett was helping someone deliver pizzas at the time. The car was found smashed into the front steps of a home on the 300 block of Durbin Street. Hatchett was shot multiple times and robbed. No one else was injured in the shooting or the crash. No arrests […]

  • Capture

    Woman finds scorpion while trying on dress at JCPenney

    A woman in California was trying on a dress, when she realized she wasn’t alone. Sandra Hernandez was shopping at a JCPenney in Hayward, California. She took a dress into a changing room, put it over her head, and lowered the skirt. “And when i pulled the skirt down, I gave it a shake. When I gave it a shake, the scorpion fell to the floor,” said Hernandez. The scorpion was alive and coming toward her. “It charged at my […]

  • Capture

    Funky Buddha closing sometime next year after shootings

    The Funky Buddha is closing, but not right away. This comes after two shootings happened near the bar, at 728 W. Grand Avenue, in Chicago’s River West neighborhood. Funky Buddha co-owner Nick Stavropoulos tells city liquor commission officials that he plans to sell the business and close with 10 months. 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. says he’s laid out new rules that the bar must follow in order to keep its liquor license. Those include having security, keeping the […]

  • Chicago police caught on video blasting ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ during protest

    Some Chicago Police officers are being investigated for playing, what some consider, a racist song, during a recent protest. A video shows what appears to be an unmarked police car playing the song, “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. The car is slowly going by a police brutality protest in Garfield Park Saturday. Some have said that the song, from 1974, praises former Alabama Governor George Wallace, who supported segregation. The band says it doesn’t. Others say the song was […]

  • Bears

    Chicago Bears eliminated from playoff contention

    There’s no way the Chicago Bears will make it to the playoffs in 2014. They were mathematically eliminated by he Detroit Lions’ 34-17 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bears (5-8) have now missed the playoffs in four straight seasons. The Lions’ ninth victory of the season means the NFC’s two wild card teams will have at least nine wins. The Bears have three games remaining on their schedule. They host the New Orleans Saints on Monday, December 15. […]

  • Capture

    Police arrest 3 during Ferguson protest in Chicago

    Chicago police arrested three people during a protest over the grand jury ruling in Ferguson, Missouri. The jury’s decision to not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown has sparked protests in several major cities. In Chicago, Richard Newburger, 57, has been charged with one felony count of aggravated battery to a police officer. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon near State Street and Jackson Boulevard. Two women, both 63 years-old, were also arrested during the protest. One […]

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    President Obama’s immigration plan getting mixed reactions

    President Obama’s new immigration overhaul could benefit up to five million people. The president wants to give parents of American citizens, or legal residents, a chance to avoid deportation. The conditions are living in the U.S. for over five years, passing a background check, and paying taxes. It does not grant citizenship or help anyone who recently entered the country illegally. But even those who would benefit from it have some mixed feelings. Local immigration activists watched the President at […]

  • ambervinsonspeaks

    Former Ebola patient gets new engagement ring

    When Texas nurse Amber Vinson contracted Ebola, most of her belongings were destroyed out of fear of contamination. But now one of those items is being replaced. Vinson was planning her wedding when she was diagnosed. Her engagement ring was incinerated as a precaution. “My jewelry box being on my nightstand was one of those things that got destroyed,” said Vinson. “I was kind of speechless. I had no understanding of why some things were there and some things were […]

  • Capture

    Mayor Emanuel wants Rauner to raise minimum wage, extend income tax

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, along with Illinois Governor Quinn, are pushing to raise the minimum wage. Quinn wants to raise it to $10 an hour before he leaves office in January, but he might not have the votes. Governor-elect Bruce Rauner says he supports raising the minimum wage as long as it comes with changes that help businesses pay them. Emanuel wants to know what those are. “I don’t know what those are, I don’t know what that is,” Emanuel […]


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