ON-DEMAND: WGN-TV broadcast of 2014 McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade
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  • school

    VIDEO: Mother shames her hooky-playing teen by following her to class

    A mother in Wyoming used a camera and social media to get her daughter to stop ditching school. Jeannie Crutchfield posted a three minute video of her following her daughter to school. “I told you. I warned you,” Crutchfield is heard telling her daughter, Ricki, in the school hallway. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to tell your friends why I’m here?” “So guess what I’m doing Ricki? We’re going to go to class, and we’re going to hold hands and […]

  • goldCapture

    Pictures of suspected Gold Coast robbers released

    Chicago Police released surveillance photos of four people suspected of stealing watches from a store in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. Several watches were stolen from the Bentley store, at 834 N. Rush Street, Saturday afternoon. Police say the two men broke into a display cabinet and grabbed several watches, while the two women provided cover. Police describe both men as of East Indian descent between 50 and 60 years, 5-foot-10 to 6 feet. One man weighed between 185 and 200 […]

  • Cubs fans flock to Wrigley to celebrate 100 years

    Wrigley Field renovations to begin today

    The baseball season is over in Chicago, but the demolition season is about to begin at Wrigley Field. Crews will start tearing down the ballpark’s iconic bleachers Monday. Both sections above left field and right field will be rebuilt after the stadium walls are moved out. The center field bleachers will remain intact. The Cubs plan to have seven new outfield signs up by next opening day. That includes two video boards. Cubs officials say they’re on a tight schedule, […]

  • chicagoflighthitlightning

    Flight from Chicago makes emergency landing after struck by lightning

    A flight out of Chicago had to make an emergency landing after it was struck by lightning. United Airlines flight 4613 was on its way to Charleston, South Carolina, Monday. One passenger said he smelled something burning after lightning jolted the plane. No one was hurt. The pilots landed at Columbia Metropolitan Airport. Crews found that the air conditioning unit was damaged. All 47 passengers were put on a bus to Charleston.

  • NikWallenda

    Wallenda walk in Chicago grounded by state law?

    Illinois state law could force daredevil Nik Wallenda to make some changes to his planned stunt in Chicago. Wallenda plans to walk a tightrope 600 feet above the Chicago River. He and his family members are known for pulling similar stunts over Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon. Each time Wallenda goes on the rope, he does not use a net or a harness to help him in case he falls. That could be a problem in Illinois. The state’s […]

  • policelights

    Feds: We’re not investigating Chicago Police Officers

    The U.S. Justice Department says that it is not investigating any shootings involving Chicago police officers. That comes after an attorney suggested that it was. The discussion started with a letter, dated August 29, from attorney Daniel Herbert. Herbert specializes in representing police officers who are accused of misconduct. In his letter to Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo, Herbert says, “It has come to my attention that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office are investigating certain police-involved […]

  • Capture

    Former Jeopardy champ from Arlington Heights charged with child sex assault

    A former “Jeopardy” champion is charged with child sex assault. Jerome Slowik is from Arlington Heights, but he was charged in Wisconsin. He pleaded not guilty and faces trial in October. Wednesday night, Slowik said the matter would all be cleared up. In January, Slowik won $121,000 as a five day Jeopardy champion. The game show did not invite him to an upcoming tournament of champions, but they would not say if it’s because of the child sex assault case.


    Mystery of moving boulders in Death Valley solved

    An unlikely answer may explain how large boulders move across the desert all by themselves. That’s what the slithering stones in┬áDeath Valley, Calif., do. These boulders leave trails as they move, but no one understood how. But some scientists set up GPS trackers and cameras to find the answer. They say the movement is caused by ice, even though this is usually one of the hottest places on earth. But in the winter, there are lake beds that can freeze. […]

  • chase

    Report: Russian hackers hit Chase & other banks

    Russian hackers may have stolen account information from JPMorgan Chase and four other banks. Checking and savings account information were reportedly stolen, but the number of accounts affected isn’t known. Neither Chase, nor the FBI, confirmed the attack. Companies “of our size unfortunately experience cyberattacks nearly every day,” JPMorgan spokeswoman Trish Wexler said in a statement. “We have multiple layers of defense to counteract any threats and constantly monitor fraud levels.” Bloomberg.com said the FBI was investigating an incident in […]

  • common

    Rapper Common visits Ferguson

    Rapper Common was in Ferguson, Missouri, visiting where 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed. A Ferguson police officer shot and killed Brown over two weeks ago. That shooting sparked days of protests, which sometimes included violence and looting. Common asked for a moment of silence during an appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday. Brown was buried on Monday. There was a peaceful march the following night. About 100 people attended. Police arrested one man for carrying a concealed gun […]


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