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  • Sexting at suburban middle school leads to criminal investigation

    High school sexting investigation in Michigan City

    (MICHIGAN CITY, IND) – Widespread sexting is being investigated at a high school, in Michigan City, Indiana. Officials say it involves numerous students, but they didn’t release further details. The La Porte County prosecutors office is alerting families that sending sexual images of minors is always considered child pornography, even if its done by juveniles. “The present incident appears to involve numerous high school students engaging in the high-risk behavior of sending a boy or a girl a sexually provocative […]

  • Durst

    Durst awaits extradition to Los Angeles, from New Orleans jail

    NEW ORLEANS — Murder suspect Robert Durst now faces charges in California and Louisiana. Durst was arrested in a New Orleans hotel March 14. Police say he had a fake ID, a revolver, and marijuana. A law enforcement official says it appears Durst was preparing to flee to Cuba. Durst is charged with first degree murder in the death of Susan Berman. He waived his right to fight extradition to Los Angeles on Monday. But he is jailed in New […]

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    San Francisco police officers investigated for racist texts

    The San Francisco Police Department is investigating four of its officers for exchanging racist and homophobic text messages. The messages were released during a bail hearing for a former officer who was convicted of corruption. Some include the “N word” and “white power.” The San Francisco Chronicle reports all four officers have been on the force for more than a decade. At least two faced disciplinary action in the past. The four officers are now reassigned away from the public. […]

  • Chicago Alderman Carrie Austin mentions a possible property tax hike at City Hall Monday.

    Mayor Emanuel Ally: Property tax hike likely

    A Chicago property tax hike could be on the way. That wasn’t announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. It was said by an alderman who is trying to help him get reelected. Several of Emanuel’s allies held a press conference Monday to question how challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia would pay for the promises he’s making on the campaign trail. That’s when 34th Ward Alderman Carrie Austin, the City Council budget chairman, said property tax increases may be needed to cover Emanuel’s […]

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    Egyptian groom fakes ISIS kidnapping at his wedding

    EGYPT — A husband in Egypt used a fake Isis kidnapping as a prank for his wedding. Guests at the reception wore masks and held up knives as the couple entered. They were led into a cage that’s similar to the one that was used to burn a Jordanian pilot alive. Once the couple gets in the cage, the music starts, and everyone dances. Some Egyptians are calling this tasteless. But the couple says its a message to Isis. “The […]

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    ‘Free Range’ parents accused of child neglect after allowing kids to walk alone

    SILVER SPRING, Md. —  A couple accused of child neglect says the ruling infringes on their rights as parents. Maryland Child Services started investigating Danielle and Sasha Meitiv in December. That’s when their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter were caught walking one mile, from a playground to their home. Child services just found their parents responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect. That means the agency will keep a file on them for at least five years. “At first it was just […]

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    Woman’s shocked mug shot goes viral

    TULSA, Okla. — Being in a police station didn’t stop a woman from looking shocked when she got booked. Tulsa police arrested 23-year-old Ashley Stabler Monday afternoon. Police say she was driving with a suspended license, had no proof of insurance, and had improper license plates. Judging by her mugshot, something got Stabler’s attention just as the police camera took her picture. She’s looking to the side, with her mouth wide open in an appalling manner. According to The Smoking […]

  • depthomeland

    Senate closing in on Homeland Security funding

    WASHINGTON — The Senate is closer to approving funding for the Department of Homeland Security, but it’s not what the House had in mind. A new funding bill is needed by Friday night, at midnight, or else the department will undergo a partial shutdown. The House passed funding legislation that also blocked President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The Senate voted that down four times because of the immigration portion. Senate Democrats are supporting a proposal by Senate Majority Leader […]

  • 19 manatees rescued from storm drain in Florida

    SATELLITE BEACH, Flor. — Rescuers worked overnight to get 19 manatees out of a storm drain in central Florida. The manatees were found in Satellite Beach, which is located on a barrier island along the Atlantic Ocean. The manatees were in a canal and swam into a drain. The opening was wide enough for them to enter, but then it got narrow. There was no room to maneuver, and manatees cannot swim backwards. Wildlife officials say they believe they swam […]

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    Chicago Walgreens employee helps police disarm suspect

    CHICAGO — Authorities in Chicago are calling a Walgreens employee, a hero, after he helped two police officers disarm a man. It happened outside the store located on Clark Street, in the Andersonville neighborhood, on Valentine’s Day. Ray Robinson says Thomas Thompson tried to leave his store with several stolen items. Robinson says he stopped Thompson outside the store, when two police officers arrived. Police say Thompson wound up with one of the officers’ guns during a struggle. One shot […]


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