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  • pope

    Pope says couples without children are ‘selfish’

    ROME — Pope Francis had a new message for couples. Have children. Couples who choose not to have children are a selfish part of a greedy generation, according to the Pontiff. Those were some of the remarks the Pope gave while addressing a large crowd in St. Peter’s Square. “The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It is enriched, not impoverished,” said the Pope. “A society with a greedy generation, that […]

  • Las Vegas' Mountain Ridge All-Stars are now Little League's U.S. Champions after JRW's title was taken away.

    JRW’s championship loss is Las Vegas kids’ bittersweet gain

    CHICAGO — Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West is no longer the 2014 U.S. Champions of Little League. League officials stripped that title away Wednesday morning. They say the players did nothing wrong, but team leaders used falsified maps in order to acquire good players who lived outside JRW’s boundaries. The new maps stole territory from three neighboring leagues that refused to give up that territory. JRW now loses all of its victories and tournament championships. The teams that they defeated for […]

  • Defendants testify at Burr Oak Cemetery trial

    BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — The two brothers charged in the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal plan testifiedĀ in their defense Tuesday. Defense attorneys at the Cook County Courthouse in Bridgeview are trying to counteract a mountain of evidence and made the risky decision of putting the defendants on the stand. Keith Nicks testified first, saying there were already serious record-keeping problems at Burr Oak when he was promoted to foreman in 2005. Nicks also said crews would be assigned to dig a grave […]

  • City to begin cleaning up “dibs” markers today

    Chicago woman’s brakes cut because she violated parking dibs?

    CHICAGO — Snow covered roads in Chicago brings the return of parking dibs. That’s where people plant random objects on the parking spots that they just shoveled out, in order to save them for themselves. Chairs are a common favorite. Some have also used tables, milk crates, and even a baby stroller. A 25-year-old woman in the city’s Ukrainian Village admits she doesn’t live by the code of dibs. She tells DNA info that she parked her car at, what […]

  • Capture2

    Toddler sinks basketball shots before his second birthday

    TORRINGTON, Conn. — A little boy is showing off his ‘Hoop Dreams’ at a very young age. Brayden Ledoux is 21-months old. His parents say he spends a big chunk of his day playing his basketball. Brayden got a toy hoop about nine months ago. Ever since he’s been chucking shots. They didn’t go in right away, but now he’s making them frequently. “He’s on the couch, he’s on a stool, he’s uh, really anywhere. You think he’s trying to […]

  • View from a helmet camera just as a car is about to hit a motorcycle

    Motorcyclist gets hit by car and somehow lands on feet: VIDEO

    SAN FRANCISCO — A motorcyclist’s helmet cam shows how he walked away after he was hit by a car. The video from the camera starts with him stopped at a red light, at a busy intersection in San Francisco. The light turns green, and the motorcycle goes. About a second later, a car comes from the left and hits him. But the rider manages to flip and land on his feet. That perspective is captured on the helmet cam. A […]

  • College of DuPage President Robert Breuder

    College of DuPage trustees get boos after severance vote

    The College of DuPpage board of trustees re-voted on a controversial severance package for its President Robert Breuder. That led to an angry reaction within the crowd of hundreds of people who attended a meeting in Glen Ellyn Wednesday night. The severance package is worth $763,000. Opponents are criticizing the amount and how Breuder’s contract was approved without public discussion. The board first approved the buyout last week. But college attorney Kenneth Florey said there was a mistake at that […]

  • Capture

    Houston woman marries herself for her 40th birthday

    HOUSTON — Yasmin Eleby never found that special someone to spend the rest of her life with. She recently turned 40. So she’s marking her birthday, with a wedding. She didn’t find a new boyfriend, but she did marry herself. According to MySanAntonio.com, Eleby promised herself that if she didn’t have someone by the time she hit 40, she would have a wedding for one. That happened at the Houston Museum of African American Culture on January 3. Eleby wasn’t […]

  • skymall

    Time running out to buy best items from Skymall

    Through all the crowded airplanes and fight delays, you could always count on ‘Skymall.’ That’s the in-flight catalog tucked in the pocket in front of you. Inside were pages and pages of items that you would never buy, unless taxiing on the runway made you less rational. But now the company behind ‘Skymall,’ is seeking bankruptcy protection. The company’s Chief Executive doesn’t blame the products. He says more fliers are scrolling through their smartphones and tablets, instead of flipping through […]


    Houston student turns dorm room into ball pit

    HOUSTON — A Rice University Student in Houston remodeled his dorm room, but not for studying. He’s filled it with balls. Thousands of plastic balls. David Nichol’s room looks more like a ball pit, like the ones you see at an arcade. He says he spent $500 on about 13,000 colorful, plastic balls. “A lot of people are like why but then you think about it for a second, wait, no that just sounds awesome,” said Nichol. But that also […]


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