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    FBI still can’t crack encrypted phone from San Bernardino shootings

    WASHINGTON, DC —  The FBI is struggling to find more information hidden in a cellphone from the San Bernardino shootings. The phone was owned by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik. The couple shot and killed 14 people in December. Investigators recovered weapons, homemade bombs and a phone from the scene and their home. The director of the FBI told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the investigation has hit a wall. “We still have one of those killers’ phones […]

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    Woman hit by driver fleeing from fight caught on video

    BALTIMORE, Md. —  A driver was trying to avoid some angry people, when he crashed several times. A witness was video recording the incident from an apartment. It starts when two men are pounding on the van’s window. That’s when the van tries to escape by going forward and hits the car in front. The van’s wheels screech on the road as it tried to push the car out of its way. That’s when the van went in reverse before […]

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    New York chef loses weight by living on pizza

    NEW YORK — A New York chef just dropped 94 pounds in seven months. He exercises and cuts calories by only eating Neapolitan pizza. 38-year old Pasquale Cozzolino says he started gaining a lot of weight when he moved to New York in 2011. He arrived at 254 pounds and eventually grew to 370 pounds and a 48-inch waist. His doctor recommended a diet, so he cut out sweets. He also dines on an entire 12-inch pizza for lunch and dinner. […]

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    Fake priest arrested for defrauding parishioners

    LOS ANGELES — Erwin Mena officiated mass, took confessions and performed weddings and funerals for years. But he’s not really a priest. Los Angeles prosecutors say Mena collected $53,000 from parishioners while pretending to be a priest at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Glassell Park and St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church. Mena faces 19 counts of grand theft of property worth more than $950 and eight instances of alleged petty theft. “Mena is accused of … selling tickets for a […]

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    VIDEO: Eagles trained to take down illegal drones

    NETHERLANDS — The latest weapon against illegal drones in the Netherlands is a natural predator. Guard From Above describes itself as “the world’s first company specialized in training birds of prey to intercept hostile drones.” Its latest customer is the Dutch police force. A video released by Dutch police shows an eagle swooping in at high speed to pluck a drone out of the air with its talons. The drone stops working, and the bird carries it off. “Sometimes a […]

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    Chicago’s Superdawg responds on Twitter to Heinz Super Bowl Ad

    Heinz Ketchup has a new commercial for Super Bowl 50. It shows a group of wiener dogs, wearing hot dog costumes, running to a line of giant bottles of Heinz products. The dogs eventually jump into the waiting arms of ketchup, or in one case a child as a ketchup packet. But that’s a problem for some hot dog eaters in Chicago. There’s a rule that says you can’t put ketchup on a hot dog. Hot dogs are big business […]

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    Wedding ring found in 14-month-old baby’s x-ray

    WASHINGTON — A wedding ring disappeared, but it wasn’t stolen or lost – it was swallowed, according to a Reddit thread. A 14-month old boy grabbed his mom’s wedding ring, put it in his mouth, and swallowed it. The post on Reddit reads: “My wife couldn’t find her wedding ring yesterday. We decided to have our baby x-rayed just in case.” An x-ray shows a ring in the middle of his insides. The parents didn’t see what happened, but they […]

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    The best hotel in Chicago is…

    U.S. News & World Report announced its list of the best hotels in the country. Number one goes to The Lodge at Sea Island in Georgia. Four Chicago hotels made the top 25. The Langham was named the best one in the city. Located at  330 N. Wabash Ave., it’s ranked No. 7. The Langham has 268 rooms on the first 13 floors of AMA Plaza. Guests enjoy 55-inch televisions, a large spa, and a 67-foot-long indoor pool. Rooms at […]

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    10-year-old girl saves baby brother from intruder

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two children were home alone when a man tried to break in. That happened at the Lara family’s home near Kansas City. Georginia Lara says she was gone for 20 minutes when she took her older son to school. During that time, a man tried to get inside the house by kicking down the back door. He was stopped by the chain lock. But 10-year-old Ximena grabbed her seven-month-old brother and ran out of the house […]

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    Mayor Emanuel releases texts following police shooting

    CHICAGO — Mayor Rahm Emanuel released a set of text messages that he sent following a deadly police shooting in December. The messages were sent after an officer shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones on December 26. Their release is a response to an open records request from the Chicago Tribune. They show how the mayor was concerned how the story was being portrayed in the media and how City Hall should respond. Emanuel was in Cuba at […]


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