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  • depthomeland

    Senate closing in on Homeland Security funding

    WASHINGTON — The Senate is closer to approving funding for the Department of Homeland Security, but it’s not what the House had in mind. A new funding bill is needed by Friday night, at midnight, or else the department will undergo a partial shutdown. The House passed funding legislation that also blocked President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. The Senate voted that down four times because of the immigration portion. Senate Democrats are supporting a proposal by Senate Majority Leader […]

  • 19 manatees rescued from storm drain in Florida

    SATELLITE BEACH, Flor. — Rescuers worked overnight to get 19 manatees out of a storm drain in central Florida. The manatees were found in Satellite Beach, which is located on a barrier island along the Atlantic Ocean. The manatees were in a canal and swam into a drain. The opening was wide enough for them to enter, but then it got narrow. There was no room to maneuver, and manatees cannot swim backwards. Wildlife officials say they believe they swam […]

  • Capture

    Chicago Walgreens employee helps police disarm suspect

    CHICAGO — Authorities in Chicago are calling a Walgreens employee, a hero, after he helped two police officers disarm a man. It happened outside the store located on Clark Street, in the Andersonville neighborhood, on Valentine’s Day. Ray Robinson says Thomas Thompson tried to leave his store with several stolen items. Robinson says he stopped Thompson outside the store, when two police officers arrived. Police say Thompson wound up with one of the officers’ guns during a struggle. One shot […]

  • Huge clubhouse, more signs proposed in new Wrigley renovation plans

    Federal ruling expected in Cubs, rooftop dispute

    Federal Judge Virginia Kendall says she will make a ruling Thursday on whether the Cubs should stop installing new signs at Wrigley Field right now. This comes after the owners of two Wrigley rooftop businesses asked for a temporary restraining order. That would keep the Cubs from installing the new signs and videoboard until another hearing on the issue next month. The rooftop owners argue that they can’t sell tickets for their business if the signs go up because they […]

  • Capture

    Suspected retail theft ring broken

    Four people are charged with running a retail theft ring. The Sun-Times reports 36-year-old Dragan Moro Owens, 34-year-old Natsasa Petrov, 18-year-old Kochak Owens, and 21-year-old Zvanko Dobobrov are all being held on bond. Arlington Heights police say they expect a fifth suspect to surrender this week. Police say the suspects stole merchandise from stores in the Chicago area and sold the items online. Someone would distract security guards, while others did the shoplifting. Search warrants were executed at the suspects’ […]

  • Decision2015

    Poll: Emanuel closing in on 50% support in Chicago mayor’s race

    CHICAGO — The latest Chicago Tribune poll shows Mayor Rahm Emanuel with a comfortable lead as he runs for re-election. But that lead is not enough to avoid a runoff. 709 registered voters were polled over the phone February 11-15. When asked, ‘If the election were held today, whom would you choose for mayor of Chicago?’ Emanuel is in the lead with 45% of the vote. That’s a 3% increase since a similar poll taken in January. He still needs […]

  • Capture

    Strangers pick store front to have sex in broad daylight

    CHULA VISTA, Calif. – It may have been love at first sight, but it was still illegal. A man and a woman had an all out make-out session in public, in broad daylight. The spot they picked was just outside a dress shop in California, on a sunny Saturday afternoon. A shop employee was shocked at what she saw, so took out her phone and started video recording it. “They were rolling on the ground making out and getting sexual,” […]

  • pope

    Pope says couples without children are ‘selfish’

    ROME — Pope Francis had a new message for couples. Have children. Couples who choose not to have children are a selfish part of a greedy generation, according to the Pontiff. Those were some of the remarks the Pope gave while addressing a large crowd in St. Peter’s Square. “The choice to not have children is selfish. Life rejuvenates and acquires energy when it multiplies: It is enriched, not impoverished,” said the Pope. “A society with a greedy generation, that […]

  • Las Vegas' Mountain Ridge All-Stars are now Little League's U.S. Champions after JRW's title was taken away.

    JRW’s championship loss is Las Vegas kids’ bittersweet gain

    CHICAGO — Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West is no longer the 2014 U.S. Champions of Little League. League officials stripped that title away Wednesday morning. They say the players did nothing wrong, but team leaders used falsified maps in order to acquire good players who lived outside JRW’s boundaries. The new maps stole territory from three neighboring leagues that refused to give up that territory. JRW now loses all of its victories and tournament championships. The teams that they defeated for […]

  • Defendants testify at Burr Oak Cemetery trial

    BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. — The two brothers charged in the Burr Oak Cemetery scandal plan testified in their defense Tuesday. Defense attorneys at the Cook County Courthouse in Bridgeview are trying to counteract a mountain of evidence and made the risky decision of putting the defendants on the stand. Keith Nicks testified first, saying there were already serious record-keeping problems at Burr Oak when he was promoted to foreman in 2005. Nicks also said crews would be assigned to dig a grave […]


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