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  • Ketchup

    It’s not Heinz ketchup, it’s ‘tomato seasoning’: Israel

    [ndn id=29596418] ISRAEL — Heinz ketchup is no longer ketchup in Israel. The country’s health ministry says Heinz ketchup should be called, “tomato seasoning.” They ruled the product does not contain enough “tomato solids” to be considered ketchup. The ruling came after a complaint from local competitor, Osem. Osem claimed Heinz ketchup contains 21 percent tomato concentrate, rather than the 61 percent that it claims. Israeli food standards require ketchup to have 41% tomato concentrate. The Heinz distributor in Israel […]

  • sibsCapture

    Siblings reunited after 75 years apart

    SALT LAKE CITY — A pair of siblings has reunited after their family was split up several decades ago. Patsy Maughan and her little brother Dan hugged for the first time in 75 years, when they saw each other in an airport in Salt Lake City. Patsy was seven when her baby brother and sister were taken away from her parents. She had no luck in finding them, but her son did. Her little brother wasn’t so little anymore. He […]

  • Susan "Kayla Kupcakes" Surrette flashes Judge in Florida courtroom

    Woman flashes judge during bond hearing

    BROWARD COUNTY, Flor. — A woman was having her day in court when she displayed exhibit-A and exhibit-B. Susan Surrette was in court in Broward County, Florida, for disorderly intoxication, when she flashed her breasts at the judge. During a conversation with Judge John Hurley, Surrette said she was a hair dresser and had another job. “You’re also what,” asked Hurley. “Kayla Kupcakes.  I’m an escort too,” answered Surrette. Surrette calls herself Kayla Kupckakes on her website, which advertises her […]

  • Capture

    Man takes cab to theme park and takes driver inside

    ABU DHABI — Irish businessman Liam Murphy was visiting the United Arab Emirates when he decided to go to a theme park. On the way there, his cab driver, Shakiha, told him he had never been to one. So when they arrived, Murphy got out and told Shakiha to get out too, because he was coming with him. Murphy treated Shakiha to a day of food and rides at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The day included the driver’s first roller […]

  • Pro golfer Ernie Els with his 12 year old son, Ben

    Golfer Ernie Els opens school for children with autism

    JUPITER, Fla — Autism is something golfer Ernie Els and millions of other parents deal with every day. His autistic son, Ben, is now 12 years old. But when he was diagnosed, Els says it was difficult to find good information for parents and good education programs for kids. Over eight years, the Els family has raised over $30 million. That has led to the Els Center of Excellence in Florida. It’s a 26-acre campus for autistic children, with classrooms […]

  • Capture

    Woman targets neighbor with insulting ‘For Sale’ sign

    DALLAS —  A “For Sale” sign in Texas says less about the house and more about the neighbor. The sign was posted after a dispute between two neighbors in Farmers Branch, Texas. Lisa Price says her neighbor reported her to the city because her four dogs were barking. That led to a $121 fine. And that led Price to put her house up for sale, but she might not attract any buyers. The sign reads, “For sale by owner because […]

  • Capture

    Surveillance video captures robbery victim running down suspects with car

    RIO RANCHO, NM — The victim of an armed robbery is in jail after he hit the robbers with his car. It started when 18-year-old Quinn Chavez was robbed at gunpoint, at a park in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The three robbers ran away. But when Chavez got in his car, he found them a few blocks away. That’s when he sped up and hit two of them. One went flying through the air, but neither one was seriously injured. […]

  • Gilbert Phelps taking a selfie with a smiling Iowa City police officer in the background. Phelps was being charged with DUI

    Arrested man takes selfie at police station

    IOWA CITY, Iowa —  A mugshot wasn’t the only picture taken when a man was arrested for speeding. Gilbert Phelps was taken to a police station in Iowa City for driving under the influence. It was there that he felt compelled to take a selfie, with an officer in the background. He asked the officer first, and then he took the picture. The officer smiled and gave a “thumbs up.” Phelps then posted the picture online, along with pictures of […]

  • blagojevich

    Blagojevich reaching out to full court of appeals

    (CHICAGO) – Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s lawyers want his case to go before the full court of appeals to rule on his case. A three judge panel of that court threw out five counts of his conviction last week. His 14 year sentence was also vacated. Federal court Judge James Zagel, who sentenced Blagojevich to 14 years in prison, would get to sentence him again. But now the defense team is petitioning to have the full 7th U.S. Circuit […]

  • chi-chief-keef-dui-court-waukegan-20140411

    Chicago mayor has advice for possible election challenger Chief Keef

    CHICAGO – Chicago rapper Chief Keef is looking toward the future. This week he posted on Twitter, “I’m running for mayor of Chicago.. It’ll be the best thing done yet!” Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not shaking in his boots just yet. When asked if he was worried about the rapper’s challenge, Emanuel said, “My unsolicited advice would be think fast and hard about the residency requirement, as somebody with experience with it.” Emanuel went through a lengthy process to prove […]


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