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  • man shot by chicago police

    Man shot by Chicago police during raid on West Side

    CHICAGO — Chicago police shot and critically wounded a man during a raid on a business suspected of storing illegal weapons on the West Side. Organized crime officers were monitoring a car wash and repair shop at Washington Boulevard and Kilpatrick Avenue Saturday night. Police say the man ran and hid, when they entered the building. They say an officer shot the man, when he popped up and pointed a gun at the officer. The man was hit in the arm […]

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    PHOTOS: Homemade bomb found along road in Northwest Indiana

    LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. — A bomb squad detonated a homemade explosive device found along a road in LaPorte County, Indiana. A woman was cleaning up trash Monday, when she found two mason jars filled with flammable liquid. They were connected together with a fuse. The bomb was detonated in an open field. No one was hurt. Police say they have enough evidence to help them figure out who made the bomb. No one has been charged yet.

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    Poll: Most Americans think the economy is ‘rigged’

    A new poll shows the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the economy is set up to favor certain groups. The survey by Marketplace and Edison Research gave people three options. They could say they didn’t know, or that the economy system is fair to all Americans. Instead, 71% said it was rigged. The sentiment was shared by Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Also across multiple ethnic groups.

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    Hillary Clinton campaigns in Chicago

    CHICAGO — Hillary Clinton is back in Chicago raising money for her presidential campaign and taking jabs at Donald Trump along the way. The former First Lady was the keynote speaker at the Operation PUSH international women’s luncheon. She is also holding an afternoon fundraiser in Chicago with singer Michelle Williams, who used to be in Destiny’s Child with Beyonce. Tickets for the event are $2,700 per person. Former President Bill Clinton was in Chicago on Friday for a fundraiser. […]

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    Trump, Clinton kick off general election with attack speeches

      WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton’s first speech since becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee described Republican rival Donald Trump as someone who “doesn’t hold women in high regard.” In a speech to Planned Parenthood, Clinton launched into an unabashedly feminist attack, arguing Trump would take the country back to “when abortion was illegal, women had far fewer options and life for too many women and girls was limited.” Trump addressed evangelicals and held a rally in Richmond, Virginia. At the […]

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    African-American man called out by Trump defends the GOP candidate

    REDDING, Calif. — Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is predicting he will have “tremendous” support from black voters. Trump made the proclamation at a rally in Redding, California on Friday, singling out one black supporter in the crowd, saying “Look at my African-American over here!” Gregory Cheadle says he was that man in the crowd, and that he wasn’t offended … so no one else should be. “I think that I was the only black guy in the audience […]

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    CPD reworking overtime program

    CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department is reworking an overtime program that puts hundreds of officers in dangerous neighborhoods at night. For the past three years, any officer could volunteer to work on their day off on the city’s South or West Side, and parts of downtown. That will end July 1. The specifics of the new program are still being worked out.  But, officers who want overtime will work in their regularly assigned districts so they are in areas they […]

  • teen killed in portage park rollover crash

    Teen killed in rollover crash in Portage Park

    CHICAGO — A teenager was killed and two other people were injured in a rollover crash on the Northwest Side. It happened around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, at the intersection of Major Avenue and Addison Street in the Portage Park neighborhood. Police say an 18-year-old woman was speeding, when her SUV blew through a stop sign and hit another car. The SUV rolled over several times. A 17-year-old girl in the passenger seat was pronounced dead at the scene.  She has not […]

  • rauner addresses il gop convention

    Rauner addresses Illinois Republican Party at state convention

    PEORIA — The Illinois Republican Party wrapped up its convention in Peoria. Governor Rauner addressed members Saturday, but it’s what he didn’t say that got people’s attention. He never mentioned Trump by name. “Now is the time to come together,” said Rauner. “Republicans are going to control our federal government, in every office.” The party chose additional delegates for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer. A majority of Illinois’ 69 delegates were elected during the March primary. Most […]

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    WGN Exclusive: Rev. Jackson addresses violence epidemic in Chicago

    CHICAGO — Rev. Jesse Jackson stopped by the WGN studios Sunday morning, to address the violence epidemic in Chicago. He also talked to our Sean Lewis about the presidential election, as a former candidate himself.