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  • KeithFarnham

    Ex-State Rep. Keith Farnham considering plea deal

    Former State Representative Keith Farnham is considering a plea deal in the federal child pornography case against him. Farnham is accused of emailing videos of children being molested. He resigned after his home and office in Elgin were raided in March, citing unspecified health issues. Farnham is under house arrest with an electronic monitoring bracelet.  He is also barred from using the internet or having any contact with children under the age of 18. A judge gave his attorneys until […]

  • Chicago Police Department – CPD

    Report: Off-duty CPD officer investigated over Jeter autographs

    The New York Yankees filed a complaint with the Chicago Police Department over the actions of one of its officers. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the off-duty 9th District officer was working as extra security at U.S. Cellular Field during a four-game series between the White Sox and Yankees in May. The officer apparently broke protocol, and asked Derek Jeter to sign several autographs for a police charity fundraiser. It was witnessed by a Yankees’ security guard, all of whom […]

  • quinn birth control referendum

    Quinn signs birth-control ballot question

    Illinois voters will be asked if they support a state law requiring health insurance providers to offer prescription birth control coverage to employees. Governor Quinn signed a measure Sunday to put the non-binding referendum on the November ballot. Illinois already requires insurance plans to cover contraceptive drugs for women. Quinn says the question is important after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that some private companies can refuse to pay for contraceptives, based on the religious beliefs of its owners. Republicans […]

  • Report: NSA watches more ordinary web users than targeted ones

    A Washington Post investigation reveals ordinary internet users far outnumber legally targeted foreigners in the communications intercepted by the National Security Agency. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden provided a large number of intercepted conversations to the newspaper. It found that nine out of ten of those, were not the intended surveillance targets.  Rather, they were caught in a net the agency cast for someone else. Many of the files were on Americans. U.S. intelligence officials declined to confirm or deny […]

  • Florida residents trap python in grill

    Residents of a neighborhood in south Florida are still talking about the unwanted visitor they received last week. A 12-foot long Burmese Python slithered into their community in Florida City on Thursday night. They called 911, but it was going to be a half-hour before reptile specialists could arrive. Residents couldn’t wait, so several of the braver ones took matters into their own hands and trapped the python in a barbeque grill. Officials say the python was not a pet, […]

  • Capacity crowd celebrates July 4th at Navy Pier

    Navy Pier hosted Chicago’s only lakefront Fourth of July fireworks display. So many people showed up, that the pier had to start turning people away.  Capacity was reached more than two hours before the fireworks began. For those who are still feeling festive, or are one of the thousands who were turned away, Navy Pier is still having its weekly Saturday night fireworks display tonight at 10:15 p.m.

  • coach acquitted fs

    Former coach acquitted of sexually abusing 2 students

    A jury acquitted a former high school basketball coach who had been charged with sexually assaulting an underage student, and attempting to assault another. Prosecutors accused Kevin Jones of using his position to take advantage of the 17-year-old girls.  One of them said she had sex with Jones in a motel, which he denied. He was found not guilty on Thursday of criminal sexual abuse, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and attempted criminal sexual assault charges. Jones was a varsity basketball coach […]

  • KFC Hoax

    Report: Disfigured girl kicked out of KFC story a hoax

    A new report suggests the story about a 3-year-old girl being kicked out of a KFC because her appearance was scaring other customers, may have been a hoax. Victoria Wilcher was disfigured after she was mauled by three of her grandfather’s pit bulls. Her grandmother claimed she and the girl were asked to leave a KFC in Mississippi last month. But the Lauren Leader-Call in Mississippi is quoting an anonymous source close to the investigation, who claims the two never […]

  • Peoria mayor sued over raid in response to fake Twitter account

    A man who created a fake Twitter account implying he was the mayor of Peoria has filed a lawsuit. Jon Daniel says his constitutional rights were violated when police in Peoria raided his home in April, took his computer and detained him. He’s suing the city, mayor and several other officials. Daniel says he created the twitter handle @peoriamayor as a parody, which his attorney says is protected by the First Amendment. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis says it’s not clear […]

  • Hillary Clinton continues Chicago visit

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has another speaking engagement in Chicago today. She will take part in Chicago Ideas Week, a discussion that will include a question and answer session with Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the Harris Theater. There were no hard-hitting questions from the mayor but instead helped Clinton showcase her political prowess. Clinton also was greeted by a very welcoming crowd, who paid $50 each to attend the event and receive an autographed copy of her new […]