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  • ape belly kisses

    Video captures orangutan kissing pregnant woman’s stomach

    Colchester, ENGLAND — An orangutan in England has become an intranet sensation for showing his softer side. Video shows the ape comes to the glass at the Colchester Zoo, where a pregnant visitor is standing. It puckers up and gives the woman’s belly a couple of kisses through the glass. This is not the first time the 47-year old male orangutan named Rajang has done this. Another woman says he did the same thing to her … only, it was […]

  • laundry pods

    Laundry pod makers to add foul taste

    Several makers of concentrated laundry-detergent packets are starting to coat them with a foul taste. Doctors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital say the risk is still too high, and that households with kids under six shouldn’t buy them. They cited a new study where 17,000 accidental poisonings were recorded in two years. It prompted Consumer Reports to stop recommending laundry pods.

  • el chapo guzman escapes from prison

    Mexico: Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ Guzman escapes through tunnel

    MEXICO CITY — Top drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped through a 1.5-kilometer (1 mile) tunnel that opened into the shower area of his cell, Mexico’s top security official announced Sunday. With the elaborate escape hatch built allegedly without the detection of authorities, Guzman has done what Mexican authorities promised would not happen after his re-capture last year — slipped out of a maximum security prison for the second time. Eighteen employees from various part of the Altiplano prison […]

  • race to mackinac

    Race to Mackinac underway

    CHICAGO — The 107th annual Race to Mackinac is underway. More than 300 boats are participating in the 333 mile race across Lake Michigan, from Navy Pier to Mackinac Island in Michigan. Those in the racing division left Saturday, a cruising division set sail on Friday. Boats will arrive as early as Sunday afternoon. Most racers take between 40 and 60 hours to finish. A record was set in 2002, when a team finished in 23 hours and 30 minutes. […]

  • idot truck involved in crash

    IDOT truck involved in crash

    CHICAGO — An IDOT truck was involved in a crash on Chicago’s South Side. It happened just before 3 a.m. Sunday at 76th Street and Lafayette Avenue. Illinois State Police say a car hit the truck. The passenger side of the car was smashed in, and there’s a big dent on the driver’s side where the car hit a light pole and knocked it over. Five people were injured, including the IDOT driver. Two citations were issued, but police aren’t […]

  • AmariBrown

    Funeral Saturday for 7-year-old killed on Fourth of July

    CHICAGO — The funeral will be held Saturday for a 7-year-old boy who was shot while watching fireworks on the Fourth of July. A visitation was held for Amari Brown at a funeral home in South Austin Friday evening. His father, 29-year-old Antonio Brown, was among the mourners. Chicago police have said that he was the target, calling him a documented gang member with a lengthy criminal background. A lawyer for Antonio Brown disputes that description of his client. A wake […]

  • lake michigan water levels

    Lake Michigan water levels rising at near record rate

    CHICAGO — The water levels in Lake Michigan are rising at a near record rate. Lake Michigan hit a record-low two years ago. Since then, it’s risen more than 3 feet. Experts say that’s an almost unprecedented rate. It’s been a good thing for commercial shipping, recreational boaters and wildlife. But, it’s also threatened shoreline properties and caused beaches to erode. Despite the resurgence, Lake Michigan is currently less than a foot above average.  

  • DJ Moses "Lucky" Cordell

    Chicago radio DJ Lucky Cordell dies after sustaining injuries in house fire

    CHICAGO — A legendary DJ who was injured in a fire on Chicago’s South Side has died. The Cook County Medical Examiner says Moses “Lucky” Cordell died on Tuesday. An autopsy will be conducted Thursday. Cordell and his daughter were rescued last month after being trapped by a fire in their home. Both suffered severe burns. Investigators blamed the fire on careless smoking. Cordell worked at several radio stations in Chicago, including WVON where he became the general manager. He was 86 […]

  • city pays paramedics in overtime case

    City pays paramedics overtime pay and penalties

    CHICAGO — The city of Chicago pays $1.2 million in penalty payment checks to hundreds of city paramedics after a federal judge determines they were shorted on overtime pay. That’s on top of nearly $2.5 million for the overtime that was owed to the more than 700 paramedics, but not paid. Four separate class-action cases led to the ruling for underpaid overtime dating back to 2004.  

  • Holiday weekend off to violent start; Police stepping up patrols

    CHICAGO — In addition to trying to stop violence in the neighborhoods, Chicago police will have their hands full with several big events this Fourth of July weekend. Officers are working mandatory overtime to deal with the fireworks at Navy Pier, Grateful Dead concerts at Soldier Field, as well as Cubs and White Sox games. Last year, 13 people were killed in Chicago and 70 people were wounded over the holiday weekend.    


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