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    BULLS BRILLIANCE Before the Chicago basketball fans and the sportswriters can work themselves into a “Heat-stroke” about the upcoming series against Miami, let’s take a minute to stop and smell the flowers of the Derrick Rose-less Bulls. Winning a Game 7 on the road takes poise, heart and good coaching. Clearly the Chicago Bulls have all three.  What this team and Coach Tom Thibodeau have done should be applauded. How they did it, should be studied. The most maligned player […]

  • Same Sex Marriage and the Illinois Economy

    $103 Million Dollars. There is a new study that claims the State of Illinois could net a much that much,  if it legalizes same sex marriage. Of course, the economics will not be the deciding factor either way. But it is something to think about, especially in a cash strapped state like Illinois. I spoke to a number of people/groups who are against same sex marriage. They pointed to a potential cost increase in benefits, services, etc. I did not find […]

  • Would you replace the Wrigley scoreboard with a jumbo TV?

  • The recall I NEVER wanted to report. Yoga pant recall!

    I think I speak for the majority of men. I LOVE when women wear yoga pants! In fact, the “sheerness” of them is a major plus. So when I hear a major yoga pant supplier, Lululemon is recalling thousands of needed yoga pants due to too much “sheerness”, it hurts! But, we all have a job to do. I hope this doesn’t discourage any prospective yoga pant wearers. I actually think this may be a violation of the man-code. Here […]


    A great cause, a good time and bad dancing (me at least)! I’m proud to say I helped a raise over $200,000  for the fight against breast cancer. I’m ashamed that I looked like Frankenstein doing the lambada. I’ve have been thoroughly clowned by Larry, Robin, Paul and Erin. But, the best comment I got was “Frank you have moves like Jagger, if Jagger were built like William “the Refrigerator” Perry” My partner Cathy Kazibut was an amazing teacher and […]


    I hold these truths to be self-evident: “after the show it’s the after party, and after the party it’s the hotel lobby, then right about 12 you have to clear the lobby…”   You know the rest of the song! Who doesn’t love Reilly’s Ignition (Remix)??? The original was ok, but the REMIX!!! That is enough to inspire the depth and breadth of the nation, right? Actually, no. The anthem is fine just the way it is. But this is […]


    It’s a combination of “YOLO” and “JO” the nickname Noah is pushing with t-shirts and other merchandise, I think Joakim Noah should be known as #YOJO from now on! You have to see the Bulls live to appreciate how hard he plays on both sides of the court. I was lucky enough to have great seats for the game on Thursday. This guy plays like every game could be his last! Growing up a Philadelphia 76ers fan I was excited for […]


    In honor of Black History Month and celebrating three star athletes: Kevin Durant, Serena Williams and Didier Drogba Nike held a “Sneakerball”. The event encouraged sneaker lovers to wear their favorite kicks while they dressed up. It was held at the Zou B Art Center on the Southside on Thursday night. If you really want to see all the best sneaks, check out #beboldbetrue on twitter. Here is small taste, including part of a spoken word poem by Chicago’s Malik […]

  • “Blade Runner” cries in court, faces new charges in killing of model

    An emotional day in court for the man known as the ‘Blade Runner’. 26 year old Oscar Pistorious was in tears for most of the hearing according to reports. Now, the first amputee to compete in the Olympics is facing Premeditated Murder charges for the Valentine’s Day shooting death of his model girlfriend 29 year old Reeva Steenkamp. CNN says Pistorious was too emotional to speak. But his lawyer read this statement in court. “I tried to render the assistance […]


                     Most of the time our memories of great things, great moments and great people fade over time. It’s increasingly rare we can appreciate something special the first time, and then the next generation can see that same something special through their eyes with the same awe, feel the same inspiration and hold the same admiration. What’s really crazy is, I’m not talking about Michael Jordan the basketball player…I’m talking about his eponymous sneaker the Air Jordan. At the Nike […]