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    Driving on less than 5 hours of sleep is like driving drunk, study says

    CHICAGO — If you don’t get enough sleep, you are increasing your chances of crashing while driving. A new, AAA study says driving on less than five hours of sleep is like driving drunk. The report also says missing just one or two hours of sleep can double the risk of a crash. It’s recommended people get at least seven hours of sleep daily. AAA warns that drowsy driving is a factor in 20% of fatal crashes each year.

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    Fine lifted for Montreal man who gives free hugs

    MONTREAL, Canada —  Free hugs almost cost a man nearly $100. For about a year, Tommy Boucher has been giving random strangers hugs in Montreal. But, when he tried it with a police officer at a train station, the officer asked him for his permit. He didn’t have one, so he got a $101 ticket. Authorities said he violated a rule that prohibits people from selling or offering services without a permit. The transit agency has since lifted the fine.

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    Thousands of workers join ‘Fight for $15’ protests at O’Hare and across Chicago

    CHICAGO —  A nationwide “Day of Disruption” didn’t really disrupt much as the Fight for $15 made its way to O’Hare Airport Tuesday afternoon, where demonstrators and the SEIU say workers need to earn $15 an hour to raise their families. Protests started off early Tuesday morning outside a corporate McDonald’s at Chicago and Damen. About 60 people were arrested after sitting in the middle of the intersection. It wasn’t long before police moved them out and into two waiting buses to get their ticket, […]

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    30-year-old man fatally stabbed at Hawthorne Race Course

    CICERO, Ill. — A 30 year-old was found stabbed to death at Hawthorne Race Course on Wednesday night. The body was discovered in the living quarters. The identity isn’t yet released. Hawthorne Race Course says its security learned about a physical altercation between two employees of trainers stabled on the “backstretch.” It says security called police and medical services, who quickly arrived on the scene. It says it is cooperating with the investigation. Police are holding three persons of interest. Two of them […]

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    Willie Wilson to bail out more jail inmates with own money

    The successful Chicago businessman, Willie Wilson, will bail-out some more inmates at the Cook County jail with his own money on Wednesday. He will help free 61 additional inmates. He bailed-out 64 back in September. He hopes to help release another 100 by Thanksgiving Day. Wilson will also provide a Thanksgiving meal for all of the former inmates, and give each of them $200. He has worked with some lawmakers to draft a bill that will get people charged with misdemeanors […]

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    Chicago area students stage walkout protest against Trump

    CHICAGO — A week after Donald Trump was elected president, the protests continue.  Today it was college students gathering at campuses across the nation, including Chicago, exercising their First Amendment right. A group of protesters began to gather at University of Chicago around 3 p.m. Northwestern students are planning a rally at 8 p.m.. Earlier, at UIC and campuses across the state and country, college students rallied in support of each other.  They are protesting peacefully and say they just […]

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    Cook County Board approves proposed sugary beverages tax

    CHICAGO – A penny-an-ounce tax on sugary and artificially sweetened drinks has been adopted by the Cook County Board of Commissioners in Chicago. The board on Thursday split eight-to-eight on the new tax, designed to raise millions in revenue, but promoted as a way to reduce soda consumption and in turn improve public health. County Board President Toni Preckwinkle cast the tie-breaking vote for the tax. Preckwinkle said raising revenue isn’t her first choice, but money is needed to prevent […]

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    Chicago voters react to Donald Trump’s win

    CHICAGO — Voters in Chicago are reacting to Donald Trump’s election to the White House. Some are disappointed, since Hillary Clinton easily won in Illinois. Others are taking a wait-and-see approach. Regardless, people are eager to move on. An emergency protest against racism, bigotry, and hate is scheduled for Wednesday at 5pm at the Trump Tower.    

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    World Series paraphernalia selling fast

    CHICAGO — Cubs fans are hurrying to buy World Series championship paraphernalia on Thursday. They’re quickly buying hats, shirts, jerseys, pennants, and other memorabilia. Clark Street Sports has long lines at its so-called “Cubs Hub Mega Store” at Lawrence and Kildare.

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    Cubs fans from across the world come to Chicago

    CHICAGO — Cubs fans from across the world are coming to Chicago to cheer for their team in Wednesday night’s Game 7 of the World Series. People are stopping by the marquee at Wrigley Field to snap pictures. Two brothers from North Carolina, Mike and Brian Newport, arrived at The Cubby Bear around 7am on Wednesday in anticipation of the big game. Other fans came from Phoenix, New Zealand, and Venezuela.