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    Police investigate Rogers Park fire as possible hate crime

    CHICAGO — Chicago police are looking into whether a suspected arson case in the city’s Rogers Park neighborhood is also a hate crime. A 16-year-old boy was arrested and charged with two counts of arson and one count of burglary for allegedly torching a garage in the 7500 block of North Winchester Tuesday morning. The teen was arrested after neighbors spotted him trying to hide in a yard next to the victims’ home while firefighters were still on the scene. […]

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    Illinois budget crisis hurting state investments, Rauner not budging

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. –There’s more fallout from Illinois’ lack of progress on a budget deal. Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs announced Tuesday that the state has lost millions of dollars in investment income because of the budget stalemate in Springfield. The state has been without a budget for nearly a year, as an epic political standoff between republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and democratic leaders opposed to his agenda continues with no end in sight. Lawmakers have just more than two weeks to reach […]

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    Chicago North Side school warns of attempted luring

    CHICAGO — A warning is going out to families living near a North Side grade school about a report of an attempted child luring incident. Administrators at Bell School in the North Center neighborhood say a female student was walking near Grace and Western Ave. Wednesday when a man tried to lure her into his car. The girl moved away from the car and made it safely back to school. It all happened after the girl left an evening program […]

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    CPD watchdog group pushes for openness in reform process

    CHICAGO — A group of civil rights and criminal justice advocates are calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to keep the police reform debate open and transparent. The group, calling itself The Coalition to Follow up on the Police Accountability Task Force,  delivered a letter to Emanuel at City Hall Wednesday demanding that any steps he takes on police reform be debated in the open, with public input. The task force was set up in the wake of the controversy over […]

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    Another meeting with Gov. Rauner and legislative leaders goes nowhere

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — For the second consecutive day, the Illinois legislative leaders meet in private Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office. But they say the tone of the private talks has changed. Republicans accuse Speaker Madigan of abandoning negotiations. Madigan says Democrats will continue meeting to discuss reforms. The speaker says Gov. Rauner is asking for too much. He says the governor is now pushing changes in health care for state retirees. Asked about that, Republican leaders say that’s not true and […]

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    Social services advocates plead for funding during ongoing budget impasse

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — With eight days left before the Illinois General Assembly is to set adjourn,  there’s still no sign of an agreement to end the 10-month-old budget stalemate. That could have a devastating effect on education and social service programs already hurt by the impasse. Even though an agreement isn’t in sight, Gov. Bruce Rauner says he still thinks he and the democrats can reach a compromise. But Rauner says he believes many democrats are ready to accept some […]

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    TSA examines long lines at Chicago airports

    The head of the TSA comes to Chicago Friday to find out why there were unusually long lines and waits this week at O’Hare and Midway Airport security gates. Travelers stood in lines for as long as three hours at security Wednesday. Thursday, they were told to arrive at least two hours before departure. The TSA has responded by sending 58 agents to Chicago to help. They’re also upgrading 100 part-time TSA workers to full time. U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin […]

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    Prom couple criticized for tornado selfie

    WRAY, Colo.– A high school prom couple is being criticized for taking selfies during a tornado. Colorado teens Charlie Bator and Ali Marintzker stood outside and snapped pictures of themselves with a twister in the background. The two then posted the pictures on Facebook. When they returned to school, some teachers and students told them they were famous. Others said they were reckless. Marintzer said they stayed inside until they knew the tornado was a safe distance from their home.

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    Autopsy underway on body of woman found at Chicago auto pound

    CHICAGO — An autopsy is underway on the body of a woman found inside a car at an auto pound on the city’s Southeast Side. The body was discovered Saturday afternoon at a tow yard at 103rd and Doty Ave. Police aren’t saying if the car was towed to the yard with the body inside or where exactly the woman was found. Authorities are expected to release the woman’s name after the autopsy is completed. Sources tell WGN News the body may […]

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    Chicago Cubs bypass alderman for new plaza liquor license

    CHICAGO — The owners of the Chicago Cubs are bypassing the local alderman in their attempt to get a liquor license for Wrigley Field’s new plaza. The Cubs want to serve alcohol at the area outside the ball park until 11 p.m. on weeknights, and midnight on weekends. Alderman Tom Tunney (43rd) wants to cut it short by two hours. The Chicago City Council tends to support local aldermen on these matters. So the Cubs are applying directly with the city’s […]