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  • Elgin teenagers try to pass off pancake mix as kilo of cocaine busted by undercover police

    ELGIN — A pair of teenagers thought they were pulling a fast one when they tried to pass off pancake mix as a kilo of cocaine. The joke was on them when they learned the buyers were undercover Elgin Police. 18 year old Rafael Osorio and 19 year old Jamie Anselmo are facing felony drug charges. Police say they agreed to sell a kilo of coke to undercover officers for 27,000 dollars. They packaged the pancake mix in plastic and […]

  • String of robberies in the Lakeview neighborhood.

    CHICAGO — There’s been a string of robberies in the Lakeview neighborhood. Four times between June 6th and 15th, people have been confronted on streets or alleys near west Belmont, knocked down and threatened, and their cash and valuables taken. The holdups occurred on north Racine, north Halsted and north Kenmore. There are three suspects, including a man wearing a woman’s red dress.  

  • 14-year-old girl missing from the north side

    CHICAGO —  Chicago Police are asking for the public’s help in finding a missing 14-year-old girl from the north side. Pamela Lucero failed to return home to the 61-hundred block of north Hermitage Tuesday. Instead, she texted her family and threatened to hurt herself. Lucero was spotted yesterday in the 24-hundred block of west Jarvis. Chicago Police want you to call 911 if you see her.    

  • African Americans leaving Cook County at increasing rate

    COOK COUNTY — Cook County has the largest African-American population in the U.S., but according to the Chicago Tribune, census data shows black residents are also leaving the county at an increasing rate. Between 2015 and 2016, more than 12,000 black residents moved out of Cook County, an increase from 9,000 the year before. Experts say people are leaving in search of jobs and safe neighborhoods. The general population in Illinois dropped by more than 37,000 people last year, more […]

  • 3 injured in drive-by shooting near Montrose Dog Beach

    CHICAGO — A drive-by shooting left three people injured near the Montrose Dog Beach. A young woman and two young men were in a car near Lawrence and Simonds late Wednesday night, when another car pulled alongside them.  The occupant of the other car fired several shots into the victims’ car. One man was shot in the hip, another in the arm. The woman, in the wrist.  The injuries aren’t considered life-threatening. Police say the shooting may be gang-related, they’re looking […]

  • Video captures runaway bus careening out of control in Brooklyn

    BROOKYLN, N.Y. —  A runaway bus careened out of control on a hilly street in Brooklyn early Wednesday morning.  The driver had accidentally left the bus in neutral. She said it was just her third day on the job.  The bus crashed into several cars, and one person on the street before finally crashing into a church. No one was seriously hurt.

  • Around Town check out Ravenswood Tap

    Ravenswood on Tap June 24 & 25 at Ravenswood Avenue and Berteau Avenue suggested $5 donation   Ravenswood’s Malt Row is home to one of the country’s most prolific craft brewing communities, and the Greater Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce is celebrating with the second annual Ravenswood on Tap craft beer festival! The two-day outdoor event will feature beer and spirits from local breweries, grub from some of Chicago’s favorite restaurants and food trucks, a lineup of original live music, […]

  • Around Town visits ‘Summer in Millennium Park’

    Summer in Millennium Park Family Fun & Free Programs

  • A dozen people were arrested in a wild fight outside Ohio’s Cedar Point Amusement Park

      OHIO — A dozen people were arrested in a wild fight outside Ohio’s Cedar Point Amusement Park. Most of the combatants were park employees. It happened near Cedar Point commons, where many of the park employees live.  It escalated, when one person tried to grab a police officer’s gun.  

  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from his post yesterday after a shareholder revolt

    CALIFORNIA — Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from his post yesterday after a shareholder revolt. Several major investors demanded he step down immediately.  The company has been under fire on many fronts including for a workplace culture that fostered sexual harassment and discrimination. Kalanick will remain on uber’s board of directors.