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Chicago-native Tahman Bradley anchors WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine on Saturdays and Sundays. He also serves as the station’s political reporter.

He is a former ABC News correspondent based out of Washington, D.C., where he covered breaking news for the network’s affiliate service.

Since joining WGN-TV in July 2015, Tahman quickly distinguished himself in Chicago by reporting on issues impacting Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police Department. He also has scored notable interviews with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Bruce Rauner and the viral story on Ethan, the shirtless jogger.

Tahman came to WGN News with an extensive background of reporting breaking news having worked as a reporter on scene during the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy and the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri. He’s also covered everything from tornadoes, hurricanes, political conventions to even presidential inaugurations.

Being a pioneer for ABC in “digital-journalism,” Tahman was assigned to cover the city of Detroit where he filed a series of in-depth reports. Among the stories he covered: the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber’s alleged attempt to take down Northwest Airlines Flight 253, the arrest of Michigan’s Hutaree militia and the U.S. auto industry’s transformation. In 2010, Tahman travelled the Gulf Coast for several months to report on the substantial devastation that happened during the BP oil spill.

Before reporting breaking news, Tahman worked numerous assignments for the network, including a stint as part of ABC’s team covering President Obama’s White House. Tahman is an experienced political reporter and producer having covered the 2006 and 2008 elections extensively. He would go on to create and anchor the show Sunday Sound, an online weekly show on ABCnews.com.

Tahman is a graduate of Howard University in Washington, D.C.

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