Sean Lewis

Award-winning journalist Sean Lewis joined CLTV in March 2007 and WGN-TV in June 2008. Currently, he anchors WGN Weekend Morning News and files reports for WGN News at Five and WGN News Nine during the week.

Sean came back home to Chicagoland after more than two years as weekend anchor at WWBT-TV, the NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia. He grew up watching Chicago news but has lived and worked throughout the Midwest, reporting in Fargo, North Dakota, Madison Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois.

Sean is a native of Kenosha, Wisconsin. He graduated from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

In Rockford, Sean served on the board of AIDS Care Network and was named Best Newswriter by the Illinois Associated Press. In 2009, the Associated Press recognized Sean again for his special report on the student journalists who were the first on the scene of the NIU shootings.

Recent Articles
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    Along lakefront, a race to honor those who served

    CHICAGO — Along the lakefront Saturday came a 10-mile journey to honor those who’ve served. Petty Officer First Class Jesse Reed was one of the many active service members who handed out medals, while saluting those who’ve served and the thousands of runners. Said Reed, “It’s all about them and they paid the ultimate sacrifice and they should be remembered for that.” Many, like Khit Masoud, are grateful for their service. “This is my first time running Soldier Field with […]

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    School officials address parents’ concerns over lead levels

    CHICAGO — After school at Tanner Elementary School is always a time to celebrate, if you’re a kid. But many parents are worried about the high lead levels found in the building’s drinking water supply. Last week, CPS announced that Tanner was one of the 32 schools recently tested that came in over government lead limits: 47 1/2 parts per billion in one sample, more than three times the allowable 15 parts per billion. Today, school administrators held a meeting to […]

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    Mother of teen fatally shot by police sees dashcam video

    CHICAGO — The family of a teenager who was shot and killed by Chicago police is finally getting to see new footage from the deadly shooting. 15-year-old Michael Westley was shot and killed back in three years ago. Superintendent Eddie Johnson invited Michael Westley’s mother Chantell Brooks to CPD headquarters to watch the video. But what was meant to possibly provide answers opened up more questions for her. “I want justice for my son,” Chantell said. The video shows the […]

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    Clinton vs. Trump could shake up electoral map

    WASHINGTON — While Donald Trump moves toward the Republican nomination, 2016 could reshuffle the electoral map. If Trump has proven anything, it’s that nothing is out of the question. Even Democrats are eyeing states, particularly southern states, that haven’t been in play for decades. That begins in North Carolina, where the push to capitalize on that state’s so-called “bathroom bill” restricting rights of transgender residents may galvanize more socially liberal voters. In 2008, Barack Obama won North Carolina by a slim margin, something that hadn’t […]

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    Festival celebrates dogs — for a cause

    CHICAGO — On a day like today, when it’s gone to the dogs, who’s to argue with pitching in? Saturday brought a walk along the lakefront, a quick drink along the way and a festival celebrating our best friends. For more than two decades now, Bark in the Park has raised a lot of money to support Chicago’s anti-cruelty society. “We’re supporting a really good cause and we’re glad to be out here,” said Lakeview resident Melody Legge. Said Chicago […]

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    Video captures devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma

    In Oklahoma tonight, video of tornadoes captured about an hour south of Oklahoma City are enough to take your breath away. There were reports of eight dangerous tornadoes in Oklahoma alone today. Storm chasers captured some of the devastation on video. The tornadoes left destruction in their wake even though they passed through rural areas. Even Oklahomans, very much storm fortified this time of year, are simply caught up in fast moving storms like these. An elderly man was killed […]

  • promo287100483

    Opening statements delivered in lawsuit against Chicago Police

    CHICAGO — Opening statements got underway Monday evening in a lawsuit against Chicago police. A robbery victim says officers shot him at least six times, as the bad guys got away. Jury selection took longer than expected in this case, which has been delayed over the years, most recently after the Laquan McDonald video was released in December. At the center of this case: three Chicago police officers and the city are being sued by Bassil Abdelal, the owner of […]

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    Illinois teen graduates college before high school

    PEORIA, Ill. — Call her studious at 17. Antonette White is ahead of her time, about to graduate high school outside Peoria. But first, she graduated from junior college. White was just 13 when she began college course work. Her dad is an instructor and she came along, for the fun of it, from the age of 8. Now White, who is not even old enough to vote, is getting a college degree — with honors, no less. She has […]

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    On this Mother’s Day, single mom grateful for boy’s health

    CHICAGO — You can only imagine how very busy it is, the day before Mother’s Day at Ashland Addison Florist in Lakeview. But through the creative chaos of making mom’s special card, and getting her special flowers, WGN found a special story in Caleb. Caleb just turned five a few weeks back, and is, just by being here, a very special gift. On October 13, his mother Liz took Caleb to the doctor with what they thought was the stomach […]

  • cps

    CPS release new guidelines to support transgender students, staff

    CHICAGO — Chicago Public Schools introduced today new guidelines to support transgender students and employees. CPS has had rules on the books for number of years when it comes to transgender students. The guidelines  released today expand on them and give schools more specifics on how to address not only transgender students but staff as well. Even as lawmakers in Springfield consider HB 4474 placing restrictions on transgender citizens in Illinois, the state’s largest school district is expanding safety for its students who […]


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