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Sarah Jindra helps Chicago drivers get to and from work everyday. She anchors the traffic reports for CLTV’s morning and afternoon shows and also fills in doing traffic on the WGN Morning Show from inside the studio and up in the Skycam 9 helicopter.

Sarah has been reporting traffic in Chicago since 2008. Prior to joining WGN/CLTV in August 2012, she was a traffic reporter for Chicago Public Radio and WMAQ-TV. Before getting into traffic reporting, Sarah was a general assignment news reporter for WCIA-TV in Champaign.

A native of the Chicago area, Sarah grew up in Westmont. She received a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and a M.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University.

In her spare time, Sarah posts “good news” stories on her website, INSPIREmeChicago. She also does voice over work and records audio books

Recent Articles
  • Airport security increased after al-Qaeda magazine ‘bomb recipe’

    The Homeland Security Department says the TSA is now doing more random searches on passengers and pieces of luggage. These searches are taking place at the gates once travelers have passed through security checkpoints. The increased security is in response to an al-Qaeda magazine which described how to make homemade bombs using household products. There’s also more security at government buildings in major cities, but no word on if Chicago is included. The Homeland Security Department announced several steps it’s […]

  • How to get better at winter driving

    More snow always means more crashes. So how do you avoid spinouts and slide-offs in this winter weather? WGN’s Sarah Jindra went to the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, where they have a special car that helps teach drivers how to handle spinouts and winter weather. The instructor said he can get a golf book and learn all about golf, but he’s horrible because he never practices. Well, that’s what driving in winter weather is like: you can read all […]

  • Winter weather driving: Take it slow on the roads

    In this harsh, winter weather, police are warning drivers to take it slow on the roads. WGN’s Sarah Jindra has more on that and the current conditions.

  • A behind the scenes look at Skycam 9

    We go behind the scenes tonight to answer your questions about Skycam 9. Our helicopter was grounded due to the weather so it was the perfect time to head out to the hangar in Schaumburg to get answers to some of your questions about the chopper and the crew.

  • Good Samaritan rushes to rescue of bicyclist hit by truck

    A Good Samaritan rushed to the rescue Wednesday after a truck in the South Loop hit a bicyclist. It may have look like an average day at the Midas on Roosevelt and Canal, but Wednesday wasn’t anywhere close to average. A truck was leaving the Midas shop around 8:30 a.m. when the driver hit a bicyclist. Aaron Proctor ran outside and saw a young lady trapped under the front of the truck. He immediately ran to get a jack. Proctor helped get the […]

  • What you need to know about Uber’s NYE surge pricing

    Uber is expecting New Year’s Eve to be its busiest night ever. But that could mean you start 2015 with a much lighter wallet. The controversial startup expects to service 2 million riders worldwide on New Year’s Eve alone. An Uber spokeswoman said New Year’s Eve 2014 was one of its busiest days. And the company has quadrupled its presence in the last year. It’s now operating in over 260 cities across the world — up from 66 in 2014. […]

  • byrne

    Jane Byrne/Circle Interchange construction continues

    Here are the latest updates on the big Jane Byrne Interchange Project (Circle Interchange): Nine bridges will be reconstructed as part of the project and a new flyover ramp carrying NB Dan Ryan to WB I-290 will be built. Currently, EB I-290 is down to 2 lanes heading into Congress for the work. That will go back to 3 lanes in Fall of 2015. Also, EB I-290 ramp to SB Dan Ryan is down to one lane. That is expected […]

  • B50JIPuIEAE8j6k.jpg large

    Person killed in crash on Kennedy

    One person was killed Friday afternoon in a crash on the Kennedy Expressway. The crash occurred at Hubbard Cave and caused lanes and ramps to be blocked for a short time. The inbound Dan Ryan is also saw delays from 31st due to the crash. This is a developing story. Check back for details. BREAKING: One person killed in Crash OB Kennedy at Hubbard. Only one lane gets by. Latest ahead on @wgnnews — Sarah Jindra (@SarahJindra) December 26, […]

  • 7-Eleven

    Owner returns gunfire in 7-Eleven robbery on Northwest Side

    A 7-11 store was robbed on the Northwest Side, and the store owner traded gunshots with a couple of the suspects involved. It happened at about 1:30 a.m. Friday in the 2900 block of West Montrose. Police say there were four robbers in all, though only two of them went inside. A witness says the shootout took place in the alley behind the store. A clerk says he gave the robbers more than $100 in cash before they drove off in a […]

  • Roadways, skies full of holiday travelers

    Today was one of the busiest day at Midway Airport, as people head out of town for Christmas. O’Hare Airport saw its busiest day on Saturday, the start of the holiday travel season. Many people who were planning to fly out of O’Hare today, left yesterday to take advantage of an offer by United and American Airlines to rebook their flight for free. Chicago Department of Aviation officials expect more than four million passengers will travel through O’Hare and Midway […]


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