Pat Tomasulo

Pat Tomasulo is the sports anchor and reporter on the WGN Morning News. He joined WGN-TV in June 2005.

Prior to coming to WGN, Pat was sports reporter and anchor at WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York. He previously spent three years as sports director, weekend sports anchor and reporter at WJFW-TV in Rhinelander, WI.

In August of 2009, Pat was voted one of the top five broadcasters chosen to sit alongside Kelly Ripa as co-host to “Live! with Regis & Kelly” as part of a nationwide promotion. He was also one of the hosts of “Shaq Vs,” a nationally televised reality show featuring basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

Pat received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from The College of New Jersey.

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    ‘I’ve never hated like this before’: Pat Tomasulo’s epic rant on ‘The Bachelorette’

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    Watch the White Sox’s Todd Frazier get a game-winning grand slam

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