Monica Schneider
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Monica Schneider is a CLTV Weekday anchor and also a WGN reporter. “It’s never boring! I absolutely love the range of stories I’m able to cover in both my anchoring and reporting roles, everything from ‘A to Z.’ Though lately on the political front, in some cases, more like ‘D to D’ – dumb to disaster!”

Before coming to CLTV, Monica worked as an anchor/reporter at stations in Rockford, Illinois, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I truly appreciate the people my work has led me to over the years, from top political, religious, and corporate leaders to everyday folks, including a couple kids saving kittens from suburban flooding. I can only hope the stories they’ve helped me tell have impacted others. I know they’ve impacted me, in more ways than one. (Those kittens, by the way, are now cats living at my house!)”

Recent Articles
  • Family’s quest to make sure kids swim safe

    With beach and pool time in full swing, water safety should be at the forefront for families. Too many children drown each year, because they don’t know how to swim. The Boys & Girls Clubs swim camp on Chicago’s west side is one of ten across the country this year and is inspired by one family`s water tragedy. 6-year-old Zachary Cohn  of Connecticut  drowned in 2007 after getting caught in a pool drain. He is the namesake for the Zac […]


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