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  • Former Miss Texas Beth Rengel on new book ‘Anchored in Illusion’

    Former Miss Texas, Beth Rengel, married a football star and was once a beloved news anchor. She sat down with WGN’s Larry Potash to talk about her life that was far from perfect, and the release of her new book: “Anchored in Illusion.”    

  • Owner bans cable news networks at his car dealership

    EVANSTON, Ill. — One local man finds the politics of today so polarizing, he won’t even allow cable news networks to be broadcast at his place of business. Partisan politics in American have left Rob Paddor with no choice but to  turn off the news in his car dealership. Paddor is a salesman who owns Evanston Subaru in Skokie.  Over the years, he has heard arguments swell as conversations grow in the increasingly partisan political atmosphere. Lately, all arguments seem […]

  • Couple gives their daughter unique Cubs-themed name

    WHEATON, Ill. — Two loyal Cubs fans, Stephen and Brownyn Case, name their daughter Waveland after one of the streets bordering Wrigley Field, the Chicago Tribune reports. Young Waveland Case proved to be the best Father’s Day gift for dad Stephen, after being born early last Sunday morning. Happy Birthday to my new daughter, Waveland. It will be tough to top my first Father's Day. Cubs Win! @Cubs #FlyTheW — Stephen Case (@casest10) June 18, 2017 It’s not uncommon […]

  • Colorado group wants to ban sale of smartphones for kids younger than 13

    DENVER — A group in Colorado is collecting signatures to stop the sale of smartphones for use by children younger than 13. Parents Against Underage Smartphones need about 300,000 signatures to get Initiative 29 on the 2018 ballot, KDVR reports. “Initiative 29 prohibits retailers from selling or permitting the sale of a smartphone to a person under the age of 13, of the to any person who indicates that the smartphone will be wholly or partially owned by a person […]

  • Woman flips out after mistaking rattlesnake for dog toy

    CALABASAS, Calif. — A Southern California woman was literally rattled when she picked up what she thought was a dog toy. Carla Portocarerro Rosso was on her way inside when she saw what looked like one of her dog’s toy ropes, according to KRON. “I picked it up and it felt squishy, ” Carla said. “That’s when I realized it wasn’t a rope.” Carla was holding a rattlesnake with her bare hand. After screaming and running away, her and her […]

  • Round Lake man charged with sexually abusing girl he met on social media app

    WAUKEGAN, Ill. — A 53-year-old man is being held on $1,000,000 bond after using a popular social media app to meet a underage female. Police say Steve Spoerl of Round Lake, Ill., used the Whisper app to begin a conversation with the girl. According to police, he made arrangements to meet the girl and picked her up near her home. Then, they allegedly drove to a hotel in Waukegan where he engaged in sexual conduct with her. Detectives say they […]

  • Chicago-area WWII vet, 92, receives France’s highest honor

    CHICAGO — WWII veteran, J. Herman Sitrick, received the Legion d’Honneur, the highest honor France awards a foreign national. The 92-year-old from Morton Grove, Ill. is best known for taking 21 German soldiers captive all by himself during the Battle of the Bulge. He participated in missions all over France, and, more than 70 years later, is receiving foreign recognition. “I’m still surprised,” Strick said. “I never felt like a hero then, and I don’t feel like a hero now.” […]

  • Man killed after pleading with teen gunman, ‘I’m with my kids’

    CHICAGO — “I’m with my kids.” These were some of the last words plead by a man before being shot in the head by two teens Thursday afternoon. The Chicago Tribune reported that a 25 year-old man was talking to his girlfriend and kids through a van window when two teens strolled up beside the vehicle. Police and multiple witnesses said the teens asked the man what he was “about” or what gang he belonged to. After telling the two, “I’m […]

  • World Naked Bike Ride makes its way through Chicago

    CHICAGO — The World Naked Bike Ride will be making its way through the Windy City this weekend. On Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m., nearly naked riders will take to the streets to raise awareness of eco-friendly transportation and body positivity. SATURDAY EVENING!!! Bike naked with thousands celebrating freedom from shame and oil. #bikechi #wnbrc — Chicago Naked Ride (@ChiNakedRide) June 5, 2017 Full-frontal public nudity is against the law in Chicago, so riders will be sure to […]

  • Are you still healthy if overweight with ‘good numbers’?

    Dr. Lauren Streicher joined WGN Morning News Wednesday to dispel the myth of healthy obesity. “Healthy obesity” is characterized  by having normal metabolic health while having a body mass index of 30 or more. She explained that people believe their risk for heart failure or stroke does not depend on their weight as long as their numbers (cholesterol, blood pressure etc.) are OK. A study at the University of Birmingham recently busted this myth. According to the study, scientists suggest […]