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  • Chicago flower company to customers: condemn racism – or go somewhere else

    CHICAGO — A Chicago flower company is asking its customers to take a stance against racism – or take their business somewhere else. Visitors to the website of Flowers for Dreams are presented with a question in a pop-up: “Do you condemn racism, Nazism, and white nationalism?” If they select “Yes,” the website thanks them “for speaking out against hate,” and suggests they make a donation to groups like the Anti-Defamation League. If they select “No,” the website says: “Thank […]

  • Chicago named ‘Restaurant City of the Year’ by Bon Appétit

    CHICAGO — Chicago’s status as a world-class culinary city received recognition yet again as Bon Appétit named it the “2017 Restaurant City of the Year.” “Where other cities fall into soulless trend cycles, Chicago has a way of generating distinctively personal restaurants,” Chicago native Julia Kramer wrote in the article announcing the magazine’s pick. One way the magazine says Chicago stands out is how it dominates both fine dining at high-end spots like Alinea and Smyth, and neighborhood destinations like Mi Tocaya. Bon Appétit […]

  • Bill Murray’s hilarious Cubs cameos show what he would be like as an announcer

    CHICAGO — Nearly 30 years ago today, Bill Murray joined Harry Caray in the announcer’s booth to celebrate the first night game at Wrigley Field on August 8, 1988 (or “eight, eight, 88, that’s the date,” as Caray put it). A “baptized” Cubs fan, Murray was and still is a regular fixture at games, and on that night Caray asked the comedian if he’d ever considered baseball broadcasting. “I think when I completely lose my mind, Harry, I’m going to […]

  • Scaramucci latest high-profile departure from Trump administration

    Last week it was Priebus. Two weeks ago it was Spicer. Today it was Scaramucci. On Monday, White House Communications Director Anthony Scarmucci became President Donald Trump’s seventh senior-level official to leave the administration in the last six months. Here’s an overview to help you keep track. Sally Yates, former US deputy attorney general Days in office: 10, under Trump administration An Obama administration appointee, Yates became a household name in January when she was fired, ostensibly, for refusing to […]

  • Suburban teen’s shoulder-baring senior photo reignites dress code debate

    PARK RIDGE, Ill. – After a 17-year-old girl from the northwest suburbs was told she had to retake her senior yearbook photo because of her attire, an online backlash reignited the debate over what’s appropriate for students to wear. Grace Goble wore a yellow off-the-shoulder sweater for her senior portrait, but she says she had to re-take the photo because she was told her clothing went against the dress code at her school, Maine South High School in Park Ridge. Upset with […]

  • 6-year-old hit in the head by tossed bat at her first Cubs game

    CHICAGO — Plenty of kids dream of catching a fly ball during a baseball game, but for one unlucky fan it was actually a flying bat that headed her way. Six-year-old Ella and her family were watching the Cubs take on the Padres June 21 at Wrigley Field when Addison Russell took a hard swing in the 7th inning. The bat flew from his hands and into the stands, striking Ella in the back of the head. Dad Matt Hunnicutt […]

  • Expert tips on avoiding tick bites and illnesses this summer

    CHICAGO — Tick populations are on the rise during what officials describe as a particularly active tick season in Illinois, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that experts are seeing an increase in cases of tickborne illnesses in the area. Combine that with news stories about tick bites possibly being behind the death of a 2-year-old from (rare) Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and a viral video of a 3-year-old struggling to stand, and many parents are particularly concerned about keeping their kids safe […]

  • This cool Chicago flag is made of 3-D sculptures inspired by local landmarks, people

    CHICAGO — What’s more Chicago than the Chicago flag? A Chicago flag made up of smaller sculptures that portray the people and places that make it such a unique city. Students at Lane Tech High School in North Center each created the 126 unique pieces of the mosaic using 3-D printers, 3-D carvers, and laser cutters in the school’s unique LTMaker Lab. Teacher Jeff Solin said each student was randomly assigned a square and told they could make whatever they […]

  • Simple but mindblowing couch art pays tribute to Chicago police officer

    CHICAGO – Some people see couches as a place to sit – but others see a canvas waiting to be filled with something other than backsides. One such artist sketched a portrait of a Chicago police officer on his couch that quickly went viral after it was posted online. Dave, the artist behind the portrait, said the officer depicted in the drawing is his cousin and a 13-year CPD veteran. He said was inspired by his cousin’s longtime service in […]

  • Singer and YouTube star Austin Jones charged with child porn in Chicago

    CHICAGO — Singer and social media star Austin Jones is facing two counts of producing child pornography for allegedly persuading underage girls to send him videos of themselves performing sexual acts, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday. Originally of suburban Bloomingdale, the 24-year-old Jones is popular on social media and particularly on YouTube, where he has over 500,000 subscribers. He also has over 228,000 followers on Twitter. His cover versions of popular songs posted to YouTube have millions of […]