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  • Everything you need to know about St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, from the parade to the river

    CHICAGO — St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, so everything that comes with it in Chicago — from the parade to the emerald green river — will be celebrated on the actual holiday March 17 downtown. Chicago is consistently named one of the best cities for St. Patrick’s Day parties, and was voted best in the country this year by WalletHub for its combination of traditions, cost and accessibility. Nearly 800,000 people are expected to line the […]

  • How overhead projectors moved from the classroom to the stage

    CHICAGO — Before SMART boards and laptops, teachers used overhead projectors to make visuals for fidgeting students, marking black-lined transparencies with a felt-tipped marker. It wasn’t ideal – and plenty of students fell asleep in the dark – but it’s all they had. While this iconic technology has all but faded from classrooms today, they’ve found new life in the hands of artists who blend live theater, puppetry and cinema in astonishing ways. “We call it ‘hi-fi lo-fi;’ we are […]

  • Angrily smashing computers, plates, whatever encouraged in new Rage Room

    CHICAGO — Modern life is full of frustrating interactions with inanimate objects. Phones with no service. Unwashed dishes. Jammed printers. It’s hard to fight the urge to smash them all to bits. Now Chicagoans can cut their destructive urges loose at a new Rage Room in River North: grab a bat, take a swing, and smash away. “It’s cheaper than a therapist sometimes, as we like to say, so it’s good to get it all out,” Escapades owner Joe Lupa […]

  • Chicago’s indie wrestlers risk it all to catch a dream

    CHICAGO — If you walk in the heart of Logan Square some nights, you’ll hear distant crashes and cheers as they bounce off the the Illinois Centennial Monument and tumble recklessly into your ears. The source isn’t too far away. Up a long set of stairs, above the trendy bars and restaurants, a spotlit ring sits in the center of the historic Logan Square Auditorium. In between the tightly-coiled ropes, wrestlers punch, kick and fly before an enthusiastic crowd, sometimes […]

  • Student determined to be a math major, not a statistic, after dad was killed

    CHAMPAIGN — Marquise Linnear was always really good with numbers, a blessing and a curse for a kid who grew up in a violent West Side neighborhood where the stats weren’t always promising. On his block many didn’t graduate high school, and even fewer made it to college. Still, Marquise was determined to be known as a math major, and not a statistic. Inside a classroom at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently, a seemingly unending equation being scribbled […]

  • Are we addicted to our smartphones? Experts weigh in

    Even on a five-degree Chicago day, people are outside, gloves off, phone in hand. Multiple studies show adults look at their phones from 80 to 160-plus times per day. Research from Flurry Analytics in 2017 found adults spend about five hours each day interacting with our devices. That’s up 20 percent from the year before. Dr. Jonathan Adelstein is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Northwestern Medical Center who focuses on addiction. When asked whether our cell phone use counts […]

  • Free President’s Day activities that aren’t mattress sales

    CHICAGO — Many will get the day off Monday in observance of President’s Day, including CPS students and teachers, government workers and even a few private-sector employees. Instead of taking the day to spend money on a car or a mattress during at yet another “blowout” sale,  here are some fun activities that will be free during the holiday: Hang with Abe at the Chicago History Museum The museum is offering free admission for Illinois residents on President’s Day, as […]

  • Bye, bye dibs: the City is clearing the streets next week

    CHICAGO — The snow is melting, leaving an assortment of chairs, cones, furniture, and other objects standing vigil over empty curbs across Chicago. While it’s tempting to keep those prime spots reserved even after the snow is gone, crews will begin throwing away any objects left curbside starting next Monday, February 19, the Department of Streets and Sanitation said in a statement. “As the snow begins to melt, our crews are focused on clearing streets of debris and residents can […]

  • Police: Man arrested near Portage, Ind. schools with airsoft gun, no apparent threat

    PORTAGE, Ind. — Portage police say a man was arrested and another taken into custody after they were spotted walking with realistic-looking airsoft guns a short distance from a middle school, triggering a soft lockdown of schools in the area, although they “appeared to have had no ill intentions.” According to police, they received multiple reports of two male subjects carrying guns in the vicinity of Fegely Middle School around 7:30 a.m. Thursday. They were both described as being white […]

  • PHOTOS: These pets are (mostly) having the best time in the snow

    CHICAGO — We asked our viewers on Facebook and online fans to share photos of how their pets are dealing with over a foot of snow on the ground in some areas, and they definitely delivered, submitting hundreds of priceless images (and counting). Here are some of our favorites— and you can click the button below to share your own!