Recent Articles
  • Hitting The Pool For Health

    We’re making a splash with this healthy habit! A teacher is sharing her healthy habit with Jane Monzures! They’re getting a total body workout as they hit the pool.

  • Relief From A Hiatal Hernia

    A Chicago man shares how he was able to work with his doctors to find relief from a hiatal hernia and get back on the move.  We also learn how hiatal hernias happen and what symptoms they can cause for someone.

  • An Innovation In Pain Management

    In today’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ we’re learning about an approach to chronic pain management that’s making a big difference for patients.  One man shares how this program has helped him resume his routine and keep his long term pain in check.

  • Mixing Up Your Fruits And Vegetables

    Have you ever passed up a fruit or vegetable at the grocery store because you weren’t sure what it was – or what to do with it? Today we’re taking a closer look at some of those foods with Ashley Walter.  She’s showing Jane Monzures why it’s important to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

  • Tips For Working On Your Abs

    Abs are where many of us set our fitness goals when we hit the gym.  So today we’re bringing you some great tips on how to really see some results.

  • Is The Colon Really Lumpy?

    We’ve all seen medical diagrams of the digestive system – which usually depict the colon as a lumpy looking organ.  But is that the case in real life? We’ve got the answer in this week’s ‘Did You Know’ segment!

  • On The Job With JoJo

    We’re spending a day in the life of JoJo the comfort dog to find out how she’s making a difference in the health of the seniors she visits.

  • Weightlifting For Women

    Weightlifting has a ton of health benefits for anyone! And today we’re learning why it’s an especially healthy thing for women to add to their exercise routines.  Jane Monzures is at FFC to learn more about proper technique and all the great benefits.

  • How An ECG Works

    In this week’s ‘How It Works’ segment we’re learning about a test that can give doctors a lot of information about your heart health! Jackie Bender is checking out how an electrocardiogram (ECG for short) works and what it shows about how your heart is working.  

  • The Healthy Habit Of Spinning

    In this week’s ‘Healthy You’ segment Jane Monzures is checking out the healthy habit of an executive assistant – spinning!