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  • How Harmonicas Can Help COPD Patients

    A Chicago man living with COPD shares how playing the harmonica has helped him with his lung health, and how he’s able to keep up with his favorite hobby. We also learn about what COPD is and how it can impact someone’s life.

  • How Stitches Work

    The idea of getting stitches can be intimidating if you’ve never had them.  But they can be an important tool for helping our bodies heal.  So Jackie Bender is learning more about what types of wounds might require stitches, and how doctors  determine what materials to use to close a wound.

  • How A Couple Lives Healthy

    In this week’s ‘Healthy You’ we’re learning about the healthy habit of a local couple that gets them up and moving together – ballroom dancing! They’re showing Jane Monzures how they make time for it in their busy schedules.

  • Immune Boosting Foods

    We all do our best to avoid illness – but did you know you can give your immune system an additional boost through the foods you eat? Jane Monzures is meeting up with Balanced Babe Sarah Baker to learn about four categories of foods that can be especially helpful.

  • Is It Better To Breath Through Your Nose Or Mouth?

    In this week’s ‘Did You Know’ we’re answering a question many of us have wondered about – is it better to breath through your nose or breath through your mouth?

  • How To Keep Your Salad Interesting

    Salads are a great healthy food option.  But sometimes, they can get a bit boring.  So we’re bringing you some great tips to help you spice up your salad routine and keep you eating healthy all year round.

  • Shoulder Replacement Part 6

    In our final episode of ‘Advancements In Healthcare’ we come to the end of Paul’s journey with shoulder replacement.  We’ll learn how working with Dr. Anthony Romeo and the team at Romeo Orthopaedics over the last six months allowed Paul return to his practice of martial arts.     If you are dealing with shoulder pain or immobility, learn more about how Dr. Romeo and his team can help you here:

  • Having A Stroke: A Nurse’s Experience

    A local nurse shares her story of having a stroke in hopes of educating others about the signs and symptoms to watch for.  We also learn why it’s important to get someone you suspect of having a stroke to a hospital as soon as possible.

  • Innovation In Lung Cancer Screening

    In this week’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ we’re learning about some technology that is helping doctors catch lung cancer earlier in former smokers.  One man shares how early intervention helped him get back to bike riding – and why he hopes to encourage other former smokers to get screened as well.

  • How To Quit Smoking

    Smoking is a habit that can lead to numerous health problems – but it’s not always easy to quit.  So we’re bringing you some great tips to help  you kick the habit for good.