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Mark Suppelsa is co-anchor of WGN News at Nine and WGN News at Five. He joined WGN-TV in July 2008.

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Mark spent five years at Fox O&O, WFLD, anchoring Fox News Chicago at Nine. He spent ten years at Chicago’s NBC O&O, WMAQ-TV as a weekend anchor, reporter and early evening news anchor.

For more than 25 years in the business of broadcasting, Mark’s experience include covering Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s first visit to the United States, reporting the 2000 Summer Olympics from Sydney, Australia and accolades for his investigative reporting.

Recent Articles
  • Sadness, frustrations, nightmares: Complaints about Miss Illinois leadership center around one woman

    MARION, Ill. – For years, the historic Miss America Organization heard complaints about the way the Miss Illinois program was being run. Nothing was done. Then WGN Investigates started asking questions and heard from many who quit saying she was dictatorial, abusive and downright mean to some aspiring contestants and their families. Last night, WGN reported and Miss America acted and removed the chairman. She countered, saying she was just maintaining high standards and Miss America’s rules and is now […]

  • Pulling back the curtain on the Miss Illinois Scholarship pageant

    MARION, Ill. — Pull back the curtain on the Miss Illinois Scholarship pageant, and you’ll see things unlike any story before. First, don’t confuse it with Donald Trump’s Miss U.S.A.; that’s old news. Instead, our WGN investigation focuses on another pageant: the historic Miss America Organization that boasts about its scholarship opportunities with the iconic song, “There she is, Miss America.” Before any young woman can reach her crowning moment, she first has to win the title in her own […]

  • Baby, family center of attention after dad’s Cubs game catch

    CHICAGO – Seven-month-old Isaac Hartley is all smiles Wednesday; he’s the talk of Chicago, because of what his dad did Tuesday night. People online are now buzzing about Keith Hartley’s catch. Comments on WGN’s Facebook page alone range from “Great catch dad” and “Best catch of 2015 so far” to “He put the baby in harm’s way … DCFS should be called” and “This idiot should be charged with child endangerment.” But Kari Hartley was sitting next to her husband at the […]

  • Photos suggest Cook County employee at probation building sleeping on job

    CHICAGO — Sleeping at work is typically frowned upon, especially if your job is monitoring criminals wearing electronic bracelets. However, a WGN Investigation caught one Cook County employee sleeping on the job. No one wanted to speak with us when we showed up at the county’s Adult Probation building. In hand were seven pictures of a woman sleeping at a desk. She is sometimes wrapped in a blanket. In other pictures, she has slumped forward with her head resting on […]

  • David vs. Goliath: Baby-faced millennial takes on Chicago Police Department

    Somewhere between age 14, when Freddy Martinez got his first computer and promptly took it apart, to now, a bashful, fidgety 28-year-old learned enough about technology to know more than most of us. Suddenly, his knowledge has led him to face off with the Chicago Police Department…. What he’s almost single-handedly done is expose the CPD’s super-secret, military grade, cell phone tracking operation. He and a few fellow protesters first noticed it a rally, ironically, demanding an end to illegal search and […]

  • Chicago Ridge votes to ditch future trustee insurance

    CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. — Last month, WGN Investigates showed how part-time trustees of Chicago Ridge had a perk that made some politicians blush and residents furious. Tonight, that board of trustees cried uncle and in front of an unfriendly crowd, voted to change the perk. The part-time elected officials only had to serve two terms and taxpayers would pay most of their insurance freight for the rest of their lives.  And if they died, their spouses would enjoy the health […]

  • What a deal! (Except for the taxpayer): Suburban trustees get benefits forever

    CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. — After working 30 years as a waitress in her home town of Chicago Ridge, Pat Kopchar is now retired and struggling on a fixed income.   She’s not looking for handouts to fix things like her leaky car held together by tape, but she’s certainly not interested in having her property taxes pay for a lifetime health insurance policy for her village trustees. WGN Investigates learned that part-time village trustees are getting full-time health benefits – forever. […]

  • Rev Jesse Jackson gives update on son, discusses MLK anniversary

    This Saturday marks the 47th anniversary of a somber day in America: The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Rev Jesse Jackson was there that day. He joined WGN News to talk about that day and gave an update on his son.

  • Union lobbyist suing to get back pension won in loophole

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill –There is now a follow up to a WGN and Chicago Tribune investigation from three years ago about an exposed a gaping pension loophole in Illinois. Union lobbyist David Piccioli was able to be a substitute teacher for a day and get a pension for life. Angry lawmakers took it away. Now Piccioli is suing to get it back, on the same grounds state workers are using to challenge the pension reform law in the Illinois Supreme Court […]

  • Sky’s The Limit: Brave New Drone World

    CHICAGO — It’s ready to explode: America’s drone industry. It has waited and waited for the FAA to green light this new industry. Countries like China and Canada, are far ahead of us. Finally, just three days ago, the FAA responded. But protecting good from bad is like trying to catch a falling star. But we’ll be the first to admit it.  It’s cool.  Just watching a homemade drone fly 200 feet over the WGN-TV studios is amazing, especially when […]


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