Mark Suppelsa

Mark Suppelsa is co-anchor of WGN News at Nine and WGN News at Five. He joined WGN-TV in July 2008.

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Mark spent five years at Fox O&O, WFLD, anchoring Fox News Chicago at Nine. He spent ten years at Chicago’s NBC O&O, WMAQ-TV as a weekend anchor, reporter and early evening news anchor.

For more than 25 years in the business of broadcasting, Mark’s experience include covering Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s first visit to the United States, reporting the 2000 Summer Olympics from Sydney, Australia and accolades for his investigative reporting.

Recent Articles
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    Fox Lake police report details scene of officer’s death

    FOX LAKE, Ill. — WGN Investigates has obtained a Fox Lake police report that explains, in graphic detail, what responding officers saw when they got to the scene of Joe Gliniewicz’s death. The first officers who responded to Gliniewicz’s call for assistance entered the Old Road from opposite sides. As they came closer to meeting in the middle, the police report says they heard a single gunshot. Down a footpath off the Old Cement Company Road, toward a swamp, they found […]

  • Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit and ex-police chief  Michael Behan. (WGN file photos.)

    Fox Lake mayor, embattled ex-police chief enjoy trip amid officer suicide fallout

    SAN DIEGO — Multiple high-ranking officials involved with investigating the explosive happenings in Fox Lake are livid, saying Mayor Donny Schmit is enjoying a trip to San Diego and the Bears game with embattled ex-police chief Michael Behan. WGN Investigates sources say there’s nothing illegal about the trip.  But they say it simply looks terrible given the sensitive time while Fox Lake reels from last week’s revelations about Joe Gliniewicz’s suicide and the circumstances that led to it. Behan, who […]

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    Fox Lake Fallout: No defensive wounds so what took the suicide ruling so long?

    As  details continue to come out on the death of Fox Lake officer Joe Gliniewicz, WGN Investigates is taking a look back at the investigation itself. It was evident Gliniewicz was in top physical condition.  His personnel file is filled with commendations on his training. WGN Investigates obtained a copy of the coroner’s report from the day died. A couple hours after Gliniewicz died near a swamp at a abandoned concrete factory, a deputy coroner noted:  “I did not observe any […]

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    Sources: Gliniewicz family orchestrated sham marriage to boost son’s military benefits

    The Gliniewicz family reportedly took part in a sham marriage to boost the military benefits to the  lieutenant’s son. Sources tell WGN Investigates that officials were briefed about the possibility prior to Wednesday’s news conference where Lt. Joe Gliniewicz’s death was declared a suicide. WGN is told the information was gathered during the investigation of the lieutenant’s  life as authorities came to the suicide conclusion. According to sources,  Gliniewicz, who was married, had an affair with a woman.  He later […]

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    Sources: Gliniewicz’s widow, son under investigation as damning info mounts

    FOX LAKE, Ill. – Fox Lake Lt. Joe Gliniewicz’s wife Melodie and son D.J. are under investigation for spending village funds on personal items, sources tell WGN News. According to investigators, Gliniewicz and his wife vacationed in Hawaii where up to $9,000 of money from the police explorer’s fund was spent. WGN News has obtained photos from that vacation: Gliniewicz’s shooting this summer led to a large manhunt, but today the authorities say he carefully staged his own death after […]

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    Gliniewicz’s suicide traced back to missing money: Where did it go?

    FOX LAKE, Ill. — Authorities reported today that Fox Lake police lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz committed suicide because thousands of police dollars were missing. Gliniewicz’s text messages reveal a lot about the missing money and fear he was caught stealing it. It all started at village hall.  Anne Marrin, the village administrator, demanded Gliniewicz hand over records of the police explorer program.   For years, he ran the program and trained aspiring cops. Marrin made the request the day before he killed […]

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    Chicago’s troubling trend of gun violence against children

    CHICAGO — WGN’s Mark Suppelsa looks back at a troubling trend in Chicago when it comes to gun violence against children, recapping shootings that have claimed victims 15 years or younger in the past year.

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    Two months later, still few answers in Fox Lake lieutenant’s death

    FOX LAKE, Ill. — Nearly two months after the death of Fox Lake police officer Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz, there are few answers. A victimology report is underway to discover everything they can in the lieutenant’s life. The idea is a profile could provide clues to his killer. Tonight, WGN Investigates takes you closer to the crime scene than you’ve ever been while raising questions about what really happened. First, how did a 30-year police and army veteran get taken down? […]

  • Fox Lake Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz

    Fox Lake officials pay for 2 independent investigations this week

    FOX LAKE, Ill. — WGN Investigates has learned more about two independent investigations Fox Lake village officials paid for this week. A bill obtained by WGN shows that Gold Shield Detective Agency charged the town $25,000 of work; 118 hours for investigating the now resigned police chief for how he handled a case where an officer allegedly abused a man in custody; and, 160 hours for a review of the police department’s assets and equipment that Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was first asked to […]

  • Charles Gliniewicz

    New details emerge in Fox Lake; possible connection to fallen officer

    FOX LAKE, Ill. —  There is new information out of Fox Lake, where it has been six weeks since the death of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz. WGN Investigates has learned that the village sought approval to pay more than $25,000 to a private detective agency to investigate its former chief of police. The chief was placed on paid administrative leave after a village administrator started questioning what she called lax discipline of another officer. That officer was accused of verbally and physically abusing […]


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