Mark Suppelsa

Mark Suppelsa is co-anchor of WGN News at Nine and WGN News at Five. He joined WGN-TV in July 2008.

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Mark spent five years at Fox O&O, WFLD, anchoring Fox News Chicago at Nine. He spent ten years at Chicago’s NBC O&O, WMAQ-TV as a weekend anchor, reporter and early evening news anchor.

For more than 25 years in the business of broadcasting, Mark’s experience include covering Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s first visit to the United States, reporting the 2000 Summer Olympics from Sydney, Australia and accolades for his investigative reporting.

Recent Articles
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    WGN Investigates The Boeing Papers: How safe is the air up there?

    Millions of people get on and off planes every day without ever noticing a thing. But while flying, have you ever gotten a whiff of a nasty smell, which might have burned the eyes, made the throat sore, left you dizzy, with a headache or even disoriented?  You’re about to hear exactly what that might have been.  And it’s not good.  It may be toxic. It’s what one lawsuit calls a dirty little secret of the commercial airline industry. It’s […]

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    Union workers protest their own union, call for change in leadership

    A group of union members protested Monday their own union and it’s temporary boss. Nearly two years ago, Local Union 710, which represents truckers, warehouse and office workers, was placed in receivership. It was taken over by the National Union complaining about financial problems.  Its leaders were replaced and in came a temporary boss  John T. Coli. Coli may seem like a controversial choice.  Another union he ran which oversaw 12,000 government employees got into serious trouble in court.  A […]

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    Man leading many Chicago protests identifies as Communist

    CHICAGO — No doubt you have seen the protests in the streets of Chicago the last six months. So who are these people blocking traffic, shoppers and face to face with police for a cause? WGN Investigates looked into them and found a few who follow the lead of an old foe of the United States. Whether you believe in their cause – or not. Whether you support their methods – or not. The young protesters of today — and, […]

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    Donald Trump’s multi-million dollar Chicago tax break

    CHICAGO — As Chicago considers raising your property taxes, this is a story you need to hear. There is no doubt Chicago’s landmark skyscrapers bring in much needed tax revenue, Trump Tower included. However the presidential candidate who wrote, “The Art of the Deal” got a sweet deal doing things the Chicago way. In an unusual campaign season, celebrity and presidential candidate Donald Trump is pushing his “I’m a winner” message. From his announcement at the Trump Tower in New […]

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    National unemployment rate 4.9% – lowest in 8 years

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the first time in eight years, the U.S. unemployment rate is below five-percent. January’s 4.9-percent is the lowest since February 2008. Another good sign, wages are finally going up. The January jobs report shows a 2.5% wage increase over the past year. As experts and President Barack Obama’s rivals point out, hiring is slowing down. Back in December, the economy gained more than 260,000 jobs and economists projected another almost 200,000 would be created last month […]

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    Presidential candidates prep for New Hampshire

    Fresh off his victory in Iowa, Ted Cruz is embracing his momentum. “Conservatives all across the state of Iowa came out and stood together. They put the country on notice that the media is not going to pick the republican nominee,” said Cruz. It was a dig aimed at Donald Trump who accused Cruz via Twitter of fraud, and stealing the Iowa caucuses. Trump wants either a new election or to have the results nullified. Meanwhile, the GOP field of […]

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    How closing the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ could help Chicago’s gun violence epidemic

    A year and a half ago WGN Investigates traveled to Holly Springs Mississippi to track down a straw buyer, a sort of middle man, who, for a lousy hundred bucks bought and sold a gun to a gang banger who took it to Chicago. That one gun was used to shoot and kill an Iraqi war veteran and Chicago cop, Tommy Wortham.   His father, who had 32 years with the CPD, told WGN News he’s seen gun violence over the […]

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    Woman hires lawyer after she says jail security humiliated her

    CHICAGO —  At five-foot nothing, Veronica McNeary doesn’t look the part of troublemaker.  Just talking about what happened to her last month at the Cook County jail is tough.  It still makes her cry. WGN Investigates  obtained a copy of the security video at the jail.  It shows McNeary proceeding through the public security line to bail out her son.  While going through, she says a deputy demanded she remove a see-through headpiece she wears after having two biopsies.  According […]

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    Fox Lake police report details scene of officer’s death

    FOX LAKE, Ill. — WGN Investigates has obtained a Fox Lake police report that explains, in graphic detail, what responding officers saw when they got to the scene of Joe Gliniewicz’s death. The first officers who responded to Gliniewicz’s call for assistance entered the Old Road from opposite sides. As they came closer to meeting in the middle, the police report says they heard a single gunshot. Down a footpath off the Old Cement Company Road, toward a swamp, they found […]

  • Fox Lake Mayor Donny Schmit and ex-police chief  Michael Behan. (WGN file photos.)

    Fox Lake mayor, embattled ex-police chief enjoy trip amid officer suicide fallout

    SAN DIEGO — Multiple high-ranking officials involved with investigating the explosive happenings in Fox Lake are livid, saying Mayor Donny Schmit is enjoying a trip to San Diego and the Bears game with embattled ex-police chief Michael Behan. WGN Investigates sources say there’s nothing illegal about the trip.  But they say it simply looks terrible given the sensitive time while Fox Lake reels from last week’s revelations about Joe Gliniewicz’s suicide and the circumstances that led to it. Behan, who […]


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