Mark Suppelsa
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Mark Suppelsa is co-anchor of WGN News at Nine and WGN News at Five. He joined WGN-TV in July 2008.

Prior to joining WGN-TV, Mark spent five years at Fox O&O, WFLD, anchoring Fox News Chicago at Nine. He spent ten years at Chicago’s NBC O&O, WMAQ-TV as a weekend anchor, reporter and early evening news anchor.

For more than 25 years in the business of broadcasting, Mark’s experience include covering Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s first visit to the United States, reporting the 2000 Summer Olympics from Sydney, Australia and accolades for his investigative reporting.

Recent Articles
  • Country Club Hills: WGN told you so

    You know the old saying: I told you so? Well we told you so in several WGN- Better Government Association investigations into a small south suburban town. An audit confirms a whole lot of financial shenanigans going on. It’s been three years since we first went walking with Mayor Dwight Welch of Country Club Hills challenging him about outrageous credit card charges on the city’s dime. “It’s a small amount of money when you look at the overall emphasis of […]

  • housing

    WGN Investigates: Can you believe someone lives in this house?

    Carl Shelley said to WGN when we arrived at his home to ask about numerous complaints about its condition, “I’d appreciate any help, buddy.” Post-recession, many homeowners are still struggling, really struggling. In some cases, their house is falling down. WGN Investigates got a tip about Mr. Shelley’s South Side home. Though right next to a beautiful church and the very busy Roseland Hospital, the house had fallen into the disrepair of a 3rd world country. Mr. Shelley couldn’t help […]

  • Illegal Strip Club Shut Down

    South Suburban Harvey shuts down a strip club after a WGN Investigation into whether it was an illiegal operation.

  • Sports bar or secret strip club: What’s going on in Harvey?

    Sports bar or secret strip club: What’s going on in Harvey?

    If this is a sports bar, then maybe our undercover camera was at the wrong address.  Turns out, we had the right address.  But it certainly wasn’t the family restaurant promised to the Harvey city aldermen we talked to.  Alderman Joe Whittington told WGN he had no idea there were strip poles and female dancers inside this long abandoned office building until 6am on weekends.  Alderman Shirley Drewenski said the city doesn’t even give out 6am permits.  She was stunned […]

  • Capture

    Unwanted Suburban Skin: How strip clubs sneak their way into quiet neighborhoods?

    How is it that unwanted strip clubs sneak their way into quiet suburban Chicago neighborhoods? An equally important question, who is the muscle behind the bullying tactics that make it so hard for these towns to fight back strip clubs? The mayor of Broadview says 90% of his residents don’t want a strip club that has fought 7 long, expensive years to set up shop there. The town, which is not an affluent community, has spent several hundred thousand dollars […]

  • investigates

    Former top aide to Gov. Quinn pays money back after pension investigation

    An update to a WGN exclusive: A mistake in the pension system meant a former top aide to Governor Quinn was getting $137,000 per year. She should have been getting under $20,000. On Friday WGN was told, she has paid that money back. WGN traveled to downstate Paris, Illinois, to talk with 63-year-old Carolyn Brown Hodge. The former deputy chief of staff to Governor Quinn resigned in 2009. She said she only found out about the overpayment the day WGN […]

  • onlinecrime

    Lewd pictures lead to suspension of officer’s powers

    A Chicago police officer got his police powers taken away after a WGN Investigation discovered lewd and shocking pictures of a man’s private parts. It began with a tip to WGN Investigates in a simple, strange, anonymous envelope. Inside, a tiny piece of paper not much bigger than what you’d find inside a fortune cookie. On that paper was a web address, apparently set up, to bring down a Chicago police officer. It included his name, home address, the police district where he worked […]

  • Capture

    Unexplained Beating: How a simple grocery run put a father in the hospital

    Even though what happened was caught on a security camera, our WGN Investigation shows answers are still missing. It is tough to watch a man getting walloped. But as Cleveland Walker watches surveillance video of his own beating in our editing room at WGN it makes him pause, saying, “Wow!” ‘They are like ‘Turn over! Turn over! Turn over! That`s what everybody`s yelling,” Walker explains. “I`m yelling back, ‘I can`t turn over! He`s holding me! I can`t turn over!’” The men on top are employees […]

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    WGN Investigates Exclusive: The unwitting murder plot target

    He was two days after from being sliced, diced and bled to death in a modern day torture chamber.  So how did this wealthy, suburban businessman live to tell his story?  And why was he targeted?  The following is what Steve Campbell told WGN-Investigates during an exclusive interview, as we look deeper at one of the wildest murder scheme caught right on camera. “Could you dream this up?” asked Steve Campbell after he asked us to blur his face on […]

  • Secret FBI video outlines final preps in ex-cop’s murder plot

    Secret, FBI video was played Friday at the murder conspiracy trial that involves a former Chicago police officer. The recording outlines of ex-cop Steven Mandell and Gary Engel on October 25th, 2012, allegedly making final preparations. Prosecutors claim they plotted to kidnap successful businessman Steve Campbell, extort money from him, then chop him up with a meat cleaver in a so-called torture and death chamber at a building at 5308 west Devon on the northwest side. Prosecutors say Mandell and […]