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  • CellPhoneVideoPic

    Woman records her own stroke on smartphone

    After the entire left side of her body went numb and tingly, Stacey Yepes went to her local hospital for help, with what she believed to be, a stroke. Doctors said it wasn’t a stroke, but instead, something that was stress related. The next time it happened, Yepes pulled out her smart phone, and recorded herself. Her video was eventually shown to doctors at Toronto Western Hospital, and her self-diagnosis was confirmed– Stacey had had three mini strokes. She is […]

  • funerallady

    Woman attends own funeral with beer, cigarettes & disco ball

    With a case of Busch beer by her side, a menthol cigarette in her hand, and a disco ball flashing overhead, New Orleans native Miriam Burbank attended her last party. Burbank’s two daughters, who call their mom Mae Mae, said she was full of life and they wanted her funeral to reflect that. So they told the funeral home directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home what she liked and came up with this. As side from the beer and menthol cigarette, […]

  • stewart

    Jon Stewart takes on Trump sign debate

      On his show last night, Jon Stewart weighed in on the ongoing Trump sign debate between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Donald Trump. The segment featured Tribune architecture critic and Pulitzer Prize-winner, Blair Kamin, who called the sign a “wart.” With his own running feud with Trump, Stewart went onto say, “You don’t get it, do you? Donald Trump isn’t impressed by Harvard or the Pulitzer. The only name that impresses Donald Trump is his own name.” Stewart concluded the […]

  • Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus live in the Studio

    Chicago Gay Men’s chorus in the studio giving us a preview of tomorrows’ performance for the kickoff of Pride Month activities.

  • Ana learns to ride a bike for Bike Week

    Around Town: Bike to Work Week

  • This is the worst Smuggling Plan ever

    A look inside the world of WGN Anchor Larry Potash

  • Girl forced to urinate in cup on school bus; Parents sue

    Rob Pattinson and Guy Pearce live from New York City on their newest film, “The Rover”

    “The Rover” had its world premiere at The Cannes Film Festival last month. The post-apocalyptic story features Rob Pattinson joining up with a former soldier, played by Guy Pearce, who is trying to get back his last precious possession on earth- his stolen car. Variety is calling it a ‘career-redefining performance’ for Pattinson. Pattinson and Pearce join Dean live from New York City.

  • Liam Neeson talks with Dean on his latest movie, “Third Person”

    Liam Neeson talks with Dean about his latest movie, “Third Person,” directed by Paul Haggis. The movie opens June 27th here in Chicago.

  • Your Money Matters: Disaster Financial Planning

  • Cubs Home Opener Forecast: Windy conditions, spotty showers; High – 47

    Chicagoland is in for a windy and chilly Friday that may be a little wet at times. Spotty showers will be possible on and off during the day as a cold front moves through the region. Southwest winds will turn west during the afternoon and increase to 20-30 mph with gusts of 40-45 mph possible.  Highs around midday are expected to reach the mid to upper 40s before they gradually drop late in the day. Clearing skies tonight will allow […]