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  • 150729174415-plane-debris-found-foreman-virtual-studio-lead-00004624-exlarge-tease

    US official: Aircraft debris in photo belongs to same model of plane as missing Malaysia Airline

    WASHINGTON — A U.S. official says air safety investigators have a “high degree of confidence” that a photo of aircraft debris found in the Indian Ocean is of a wing component unique to the Boeing 777, the same model as the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared last year. The official says investigators — including a Boeing air safety investigator — have identified the component as a “flaperon” from the trailing edge of a 777 wing. A French official close to […]

  • cub

    Electric customers warned of ‘slamming’ ahead of service switch

    CHICAGO — Starting next month, more than 600,000 Chicago households will be switched back to ComEd following the end of the city’s power deal with Constellation Energy. The Citizens Utility Board (CUB) fears the switch will lead to an advertising blitz by alternative energy suppliers who are eager to get new customers. And in the process, those customers could end up being ripped off. So today CUB unveiled an online calculator which is designed to help consumers figure out how […]

  • grumpydog

    Remember Grumpy Cat? Now meet Earl the Grumpy Puppy

    IOWA — Viral sensation Grumpy Cat is now getting a run for its money from a new canine counterpart. According to reports, Earle, a 5-month-old puggle, beagle and pug mix from Iowa, sports a nearly permanent frown face. His newfound Internet fame began when his owners shared a photo of him on Reddit a couple of months ago. A picture uploaded to the popular photo sharing service has more than 2 million views. Now, Earl even has his own Instagram page, with nearly 4,000 followers. […]

  • Bicyclist killed after collision with motorcyclist on Northwest Side

    CHICAGO — One person was killed in a crash involving a motorcycle and bicycle on the city’s Northwest Side. The accident involving a motorcyclist and bicyclist happened at the intersection of Milwaukee and Addison around 6 a.m. A witness claims the motorcycle was behind the bike, and then passed on the left to make a traffic light. Police say the motorcyclist slammed into the bike, then struck a building. The motorcyclist was taken to Community First Hospital. The bicyclist was take […]

  • Conan O'Brien onstage during the 2015 AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute Honoring Steve Martin at the Dolby Theatre on June 4, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

    Conan O’Brien sued for allegedly stealing jokes

    BURBANK, Calif. — A San Diego man is suing Conan O’Brien and the “Conan” team for allegedly stealing jokes that he posted to Twitter. Robert Alexander Kaseberg has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that Conan O’Brien, TBS, “Conan” executive producer Jeff Ross and “Conan” head writer Mike Sweeney stole four jokes that first appeared on Kaseberg’s blog and Twitter account, KNSD reports. The lawsuit was filed July 22. The first joke, about Delta airlines, was posted Jan. 14. the lawsuit claims […]

  • cecilthelion

    Minnesota dentist wanted for killing Cecil the lion

    HARARE, Zimbabwe — A Minnesota man is wanted in connection with the killing of a popular lion from a Zimbabwe national park. Minneapolis dentist Walter Palmer, runs the Riverbluff Dental practice in Bloomington. The dentist released a statement saying professional guides in Zimbabwe handled the details of his hunting trip including permits to ensure it was legal. But police authorities in Zimbabwe say it was illegal, and are looking for Palmer who allegedly paid $50,000 to track and kill the […]

  • WGN Anchor receives high praises from her loving ‘parents’

    If Robin’s parents could text, we think they would have sent something like this, too.

  • Scuba Diver Justin Carmack talks about leaving college, making a living as a diver

    In 2012, Justin Carmack was in Mozambique with just $400 to his name. He was on a college trip to Africa, but instead of returning home, Carmack stayed behind. Justin took jobs at a hostel, a dive center and an internet cafe. He started a blog and became a certified scuba diver. Now, Justin travels the world trying to find the top 100 best dive sites on the planet. Today, he joins us via Skype in the studio from Egypt […]

  • jimmykimmelcecilthelion

    Jimmy Kimmel chokes up talking about killing of Cecil the lion

    Jimmy Kimmel became emotional during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Tuesday night while discussing the death of Cecil the lion. During his monologue, Kimmel expressed his disgust with the Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, who is accused of illegally killing ‘Cecil the lion’ who was a local favorite in Zimbabwe. “I’m honestly curious to know why a human being would feel compelled to do that,” Kimmel said. “How is that fun? Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you […]

  • Financial Expert Terry Savage talks home buying the right way

    Financial Expert Terry Savage joined the Morning News Anchors to talk about buying a home in the current economy and things to avoid. She also answers view questions about their financial situations.


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