WATCH LIVE: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel makes statement after CPS ruling

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  • Jesse Jackson Jr.’s divorce proceedings moved to the East Coast

    Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife Sandi have agreed on one thing in their contentious divorce case. The venue has been moved from Cook County Court to Washington D.C. Jackson Jr. dropped his case here in Chicago. He was in court today. Sandi remains in D.C. with their children. This morning’s hearing was mostly a formality, with the two sides agreeing to try or settle the matter in Washington. This case has been filled with accusations and innuendo since it began. […]

  • Viral sensation Tay Zonday talks 10 year anniversary of `Chocolate Rain`

    CHICAGO — It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10-years and 12 million views since Tay Zonday uploaded his song, “Chocolate Rain” to the internet. America loves it and loved Tay’s deep voice as well as the way he “moves away from the mic to breathe in.” Since then, things have gone well for Tay, he’s a commercial voice actor and spokesperson for lots of brands. He’s also still a good keyboard player and keeps releasing music. He talked to […]

  • Bears Insider breaks down shocking Trubisky pick

    CHICAGO — Drastic needs require drastic measures. Bears general manager Ryan Pace says you can’t sit on your hands if you want to be great, so that’s exactly what the Bears did by trading up to get North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky. They sent three draft picks to the 49ers to get him with the second overall pick. It’s the highest the Bears have drafted a quarterback since Rex Grossman in 2003. Our WGN Radio Bears Insider, Adam Hoge was not completely […]

  • 4th grader reports Friday morning’s weather forecast

    Friday Forecaster: Alizae Santiago, 4th grade, Lorca Elementary

  • Mr. Fix It with bang for your buck products

  • $4 billion tri-state expansion will move forward

    CHICAGO — A four billion dollar expansion of the Tri-State tollway will forge ahead. The Illinois tollway board has approved plans to expand the road from 95th to Balmoral. It’s the most congested part of the tollway. The plan calls for building additional lanes, making a wider inner median and improving the interchanges at 290 and I-55. Construction is expected to start in 2021.

  • Person of interest in connection to Cook County Judge murder hospitalized

    CHICAGO — Chicago police are holding a man in connection to the murder of Cook County Judge Raymond Myles. Myles, 66, was gunned down earlier this month outside of his home in the Roseland neighborhood. His girlfriend was wounded. When police started questioning a man in connection with the shootings, the man suffered a medical emergency and now is in the hospital under police guard. The alleged getaway driver, 37-year-old Joshua Smith, was charged earlier this month with first-degree murder, […]

  • Video shows unarmed Michigan kids held at gunpoint by police

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The mayor of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is asking the police department to review how it responds to incidents involving minors after controversial video was released showing an officer drawing his gun on five black youths. The incident happened March 24th, after reports that a teen was carrying a gun. The body cam of an officer shows him pull over and point his weapon at the 10 to 12 year old boys as he shouts at them […]

  • Chili peppers and pot brownies calm upset stomachs, study says

    If you have an upset stomach, you may want to reach for some chili peppers, or if you have a medical marijuana permit, some brownies laced with pot. A new study found a chemical in chili peppers plays a role in calming the stomach of lab mice. Capsaicin, which gives peppers their heat, binds to receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. The combination produces the chemical anandamide. Cannabis also releases anandamide, which has been known to ease inflammation in the esophagus, […]

  • Wheaton police review sports safety guidelines after college student’s death

    WHEATON, Ill. — Police in Wheaton are reviewing sports safety guidelines after the death of a college student at a track meet. Ethan Roser was killed after being hit by a hammer during the hammer throw event on Saturday. Roser, 19, was a freshman at Wheaton College and was volunteering at the track meet as a spotter. He was standing in an area believed to be a safe distance from where the hammer was supposed to land. Police say the […]