Marcus Leshock is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and television host who joined WGN-TV as a feature reporter in 2009. Since September 2013, Marcus has been a regular contributor to WGN Morning News each day from 4-6 am. Prior to WGN Morning News, Marcus’ “Leshock Value” segments aired on WGN Evening News, featuring the latest on food, fashion, technology, social media, sports, entertainment and news.

Before joining WGN, Marcus was the host of Metromix on CLTV, a nightly entertainment show focusing on movies, music, fashion, food and pop culture. His reporting and hosting has taken him all over the world, hosting travel specials from Napa Valley, California, to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Marcus is also very active online and on social media. You can follow his constant updates in the field on Twitter (@MarcusLeshock), Facebook ( and YouTube (, where his video features have generated millions of views.

Marcus has won four Emmy Awards for his reporting and hosting work. He was named CLTV’s Employee of the Year in 2008, as well as WGN’s Employee of the Month in April of 2010. He was named Northern Illinois University’s Distinguished Journalism Alumni of the Year in 2010.

Marcus earned both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communication from NIU. While at NIU, he worked at the school’s newspaper, Northern Star, where he edited “The Weekender” entertainment section. He also contributed entertainment reports at the Northern Television Center.

He currently serves as an adjunct instructor at DePaul University’s College of Communication.

When Marcus isn’t working, he’s at home with his wife chasing their two children around the house and loving every minute of it.

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  • WGN talent tries the new ‘Star Wars’ augmented reality headset

    Lenovo’s new “Star Wars” augmented reality headset is becoming one of the hottest toys of the holiday season. WGN wanted to take on this Jedi challenge, so Marcus Leshock brought a headset to the studio. Watch our WGN Jedis use the force in the player above.

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