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    Documentary aims to raise awareness about violence

    A Humboldt Park Church has partnered with a local comedian to raise awareness about gang violence. Faith World Church has launched a campaign to get students to watch a 27 minute documentary about what mothers go through when their children are killed due to gang violence. The video called “For the Love of Mom” was put together by Mike Oquendo and a group of volunteers.  It highlights the moment a mother receives the call letting her know that her son […]

  • Residents, park district at odds over treating lake causing Swimmer’s Itch

    Illinois lakes are popular spots during the summer months, but one community has had to back off from using their lake. Valley Lake has produced a parasite which leads to the disease Swimmer’s Itch. It spreads through snails. Signs went up near the lake warning residents but it didn’t keep kids away and soon bite that itch “worse than mosquito bites” were everywhere. Now residents say they can’t do a thing to get rid of it.  They went to the […]

  • Bed bugs reportedly found on 16th floor of Willis Tower

    Chicago’s most recognizable building has a tiny problem it is trying to shake.  Bed bugs were found on the 16th floor of the Willis Tower which is home to United Airlines. Employees are complaining that they’ve been told very little about the infestation which is believed to be contained to an area on that floor. The Willis Tower sent out two e-mails in late June but nothing else has gone out. The June 23rd e-mail said, “The crew will use […]

  • Sharing the road with semis: What authorities are doing to keep all drivers safe

    With so many people out on the roads this summer, state police are paying special attention to even the smallest of violations. They’re also keeping a close eye on semi-trucks. Recently, deadly accidents on the nation’s interstates have put the focus on what can be done to keep those accidents from happening again. One of the other reasons why state police are being so watchful of semis is something simple: the conditions of our roads.  Overweight semis contribute to road […]

  • Boating safety concerns prompt lawmakers to take action

    As the summer heats up, so does boating season. And in Illinois, lawmakers are taking extra steps to keep boaters and passengers safe. Just last year, 16 people were killed in Illinois in boating accidents. A new law this year says after three boating DUI’s, drivers could have their boats taken away. Last weekend, Gov Quinn signed a law requiring anyone born after 1997 to take a boating safety course before operating a boat with an engine larger than 10 […]

  • Is the real estate housing market rebounding?

    Is the real estate housing market rebounding?

    Could the real estate housing market be turning around?  That’s what millions of Americans are hoping will happen as the spring and summer selling season kicks off. Some in the real estate market predict that this will be the turnaround year. The Chicago Realtors Association broke down the numbers for WGN.  President Matt Farrell says they are already noticing an upswing in prices with about a 25% increase in the median price since last year.  Also, condo sales which stalled […]

  • Eye exams online, can it work?

    Eye exams online, can it work?

    These days just about everything can be done online.  A Chicago tech start-up is adding a new concept to the list and it’s linked to your health. Eye exams online, can it work?  Dr. Steven Lee came up with a concept that would allow you to have an online eye exam to generate a prescription for eyeglasses.  He partnered with Aaron Dallek to create Opternative.   The project is expected to launch in late summer. The online eye exam would take […]

  • Winter Farming: How the cold can help crops

    Winter Farming in Illinois: How the cold can help crops

    Trying to grow anything in the ground this time of year in Illinois seems like mission impossible- especially this winter. Not only are some Illinois farmers harvesting winter crops, as WGN’s Lourdes Duarte reports, one Illinois farm couple is hoping what plays near Peoria, will catch on all over the Midwest. “See all the lettuce, it’s pretty huh?”  Lyndon and Kimberli Hartz are newlyweds who farm      ten-and-a-half acres in Wyoming, Illinois, about a 40 minute drive Northwest of Peoria. You […]

  • First Job Detours: How new grads cope with debt, internships, moving home

    For the past five years or more, landing that first job has been complicated by the economy, mountains of student load debt, unpaid internships, older workers not retiring, and kids moving back home. WGN-TV’s Lourdes Duarte reports on the first job detours many 20-somethings and their families are taking, and how they’re adapting. “It’s not hard, you’ll understand it,” an instructor at Harper College tells 24 year old Andrew Castro.  Andrew earned a bachelor’s degree in 2012, and was eager […]

  • Chicago high school creates one-of-a-kind audio yearbook

    Curie High School’s Audio Yearbook

    It’s deadline time for school yearbooks, snapping those last few candid photos and sending them off to the printer. At Curie High School on Chicago’s Southwest side, teachers and students create two yearbooks. And as our Lourdes Duarte reports, one is traditional, the other, one-of-a-kind. “It’s really a time capsule, says Curie English teacher and audio yearbook club adviser Sam Geraci. “That’s really the purpose of a yearbook.” Mr. Geraci calls high school yearbooks “lifelong treasures.” He remembers the day […]


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