Larry Potash joined WGN-TV News in August 1994 and has been anchoring WGN Morning News since 1995, just one year after its inception.

Larry does in-depth stories about history, science, religion and more. In 1996, he travelled to Asia to do a multi-part series on the culture of Hong Kong and the transition to Chinese sovereignty. His daily feature, “Larry’s World,” takes a look at the offbeat, fun and sometimes lesser known facts behind various pop culture phenomena and television news-making itself.

Larry has been recognized for his achievements in broadcasting. Four of his nine Emmy Awards have been for Best Anchor. The Illinois Broadcasters Association also honored Larry with nine Silver Dome awards for Best Anchor in Chicago.

Larry came to WGN-TV from KOTV-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was a weekend anchor and political reporter. Prior to that, Larry worked at WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana, as a morning anchor. He also reported and anchored for KLMG-TV in Longview, Texas.

Larry received his Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College in Boston.

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    Armchair spies solve deadly mystery

    From Africa to Ukraine to the Middle East, innocent civilians become casualties of terrorists or rogue government soldiers. But there is a growing group of intelligence analysts trying to track them down, right from their living room and laptop, a half world away. In an exclusive, WGN’s Larry Potash talked to one man who has solved a deadly mystery. Watch the exclusive in the video player above

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    During ISIS’ reign of terror in the Middle East, it has destroyed priceless ancient artifacts. But one man,  who got his start in Illinois, is on a mission to save the valuable stories that these statues and sculptures tell. WGN’s Larry Potash has the story. Watch in the video player above. For more information, go to:

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    Man declares love for dream girl with 840 Rubik’s cubes — but she says no

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    Larry’s mom airs out his dirty laundry on LIVE TV

    In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, WGN Morning News talked with a number of our talent’s moms today. Well, anchor Larry Potash found himself quite embarrassed during a phoner with his mother, Loretta. Loretta held nothing back as she talked about Larry’s naughtiest moments as a child, his nick-name and his many “lady friends.” “Oh I had to keep the doors locked to keep them (girls) out of the house. He had one after the other,” Loretta admitted. That’s when […]

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    Larry’s Mother’s Day essay about his mom

    In honor of Mother’s Day, Larry made a special tribute to his mom.

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    The worst TV shows of all time

    For Throwback Thursday we’re looking at the worst TV shows of all time according to TV Guide. The mid 90-‘s brought us Homeboys in Outer Space. Astronauts Flex and Bell flew around the universe in a winged car nicknamed the “Space Hoopty,” which was piloted by a talking female computer named Loquatia. Guest stars included Gary Coleman as Snafu. In the mid 70’s the alleged comedy duo was Holmes and Yo-Yo. Detective Alexander Holmes’ new partner is an android named […]