Larry Potash joined WGN-TV News in August 1994 and has been anchoring WGN Morning News since 1995, just one year after its inception.

Larry does in-depth stories about history, science, religion and more. In 1996, he travelled to Asia to do a multi-part series on the culture of Hong Kong and the transition to Chinese sovereignty. His daily feature, “Larry’s World,” takes a look at the offbeat, fun and sometimes lesser known facts behind various pop culture phenomena and television news-making itself.

Larry has been recognized for his achievements in broadcasting. Five of his eleven Emmy Awards have been for Best Anchor. The Illinois Broadcasters Association also honored Larry with ten Silver Dome awards for Best Anchor in Chicago.

Larry came to WGN-TV from KOTV-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was a weekend anchor and political reporter.

Larry received his Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications and Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College in Boston.

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