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  • Community protests sex offender who moved in next door to victim

    BRISTOW, Okla. — Residents of a rural community lined a rural highway in Bristow, Oklahoma Saturday, protesting a sex offender who moved next door to his victim. Danyelle Dyer’s uncle, Harold English, served time in prison for molesting her when she was a child. Now, he’s out and living yards away from her. “I struggle with the emotions that it brings back and it brings back a lot of things I have put away for years that I don’t want to […]

  • Gliniewicz trial to be delayed as prosecutor plan to appeal judge’s ruling

    LAKE COUNTY, Ill. — The trial of Melodie Gliniewicz will be delayed, after a judge ruled to keep emails and texts between her and her deceased husband private. Gliniewicz is the widow of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Gliniewicz, who committed suicide, rather than face trial for embezzling from a police youth program. Melodie now faces trial on that charge. Prosecutors say the email and text messages between the couple will show she’s a co-conspirator in embezzlement.  They say they’ll appeal […]

  • Detroit dad of 18 killed by his own father

    DETROIT — A father of 18 children was shot and killed by his own dad. Eric Hatchett, 36, was just getting to know his dad, Karleton Wright. Wright, 50, wanted nothing to do with Eric since he was a baby.  But about a year ago, Hatchett began working for his father at his auto repair shop. The two got into an argument Monday and prosecutors say Hatchett punched his dad in the face. Wright pulled out a gun and shot […]

  • Powerful storm uproots trees, damaging cars and homes

    EVANSTON, Ill. – A massive cleanup is underway in Evanston after powerful storms yesterday ripped up trees, buckled sidewalks and flooded streets. Trees fell onto cars and some hit homes. The storm only lasted about 30 minutes, but it was long enough to cause a lot of damage. The damage was likely caused by a microburst, a localized but powerful downdraft. Part of the roof of a parking garage at NorthShore Evanston Hospital was also ripped off. No one was hurt.

  • U.S. Special Ops helping Filipino military in battle against ISIS-linked fighters

    PHILIPPINES — US Special Operations Forces are assisting the Filipino military in its battle against ISIS-affiliated fighters, the US Embassy in Manila said Saturday. The forces have been deployed at the request of the government, the embassy said. The Armed Forces of the Philippines have been slugging it out with Maute militants for control of Marawi, in the southern Mindanao region of the Philippines. The embassy couldn’t give specifics on the specific nature of the US support for “security reasons.” […]

  • Owner takes photos dressed as Trump with Confederate flag, company sued

    PLEASANTON, Cal. — A California company is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit, after its owner took pictures dressed as President Trump, posing with confederate flags. An African American employee says her boss gave her the pictures at an office Christmas party as a way to intimidate her. She says the images took her back to slavery days. Her attorney says the case has symbolic importance and shows “what’s wrong with this country”.

  • Vegas tip leads to discovery of child’s decomposed body in Illinois

    CENTREVILLE, Ill. — Illinois police are looking into whether a man facing sex trafficking charges in Las Vegas is responsible for the 2015 death of a six-year-old child in Illinois. Police say the child’s mother called them from Las Vegas. She said her husband, Jason Quate, forced her into prostitution and abused their children. Police found the body in an abandoned garage in Centreville. The body of the child was too badly decomposed to identify its gender.

  • CPD officer shot in hand in Chatham

    CHICAGO —  A Chicago police officer is recovering this morning after being shot. Police say officers approached a group of people who were drinking in the street near 82nd and Maryland last night. One man ran off. The officers chased him into the stairwell of an apartment building.  They say he had a gun. In a struggle for the weapon, the officer was shot in the hand. His partner shot the suspect. The officer is going to be okay.  The […]

  • Drivers across the country snap up Covfefe license plates

    The folks at Merriam-Webster dictionary said President Trump’s made up word “covfefe” from his mysterious midnight tweet earlier this week, became the most-searched word on their site. But “covfefe” fever doesn’t stop there. Drivers in at least 21 states have claimed “COVFEFE” license plates, and there may be more. “COVFEFE” has already been claimed in Illinois, but it’s still available in Wisconsin.

  • Study links autism with metals found in baby teeth

    A new study reports a link between autism and heavy metals. Researchers in the study, funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, found that baby teeth from children with autism contained more toxic lead and less of the nutrients, zinc and manganese. The study suggests that differences in early exposure to metals, or how a child’s body processes them, can affect their risk of autism. Researchers said they think autism starts in the womb.  Scientists determined this with […]