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  • Naperville, Elmhurst hospitals face $50M in cuts

    NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Hospitals in Naperville and Elmhurst are planning $50 million in cuts. Edward-Elmhurst Health said they saw an $8 million shortfall in its expected operating income. The group said it was caused by an influx of Medicare and Medicaid patients and others who can’t make their insurance deductibles and co-pays. The health system plans to make cuts through layoffs and by renegotiating supply and consulting contracts. It’s already left 300 open jobs unfilled.

  • Rauner signs bill to prevent preschool expulsion

    CHICAGO — Unruly students can face expulsion for their bad behavior.  But typically expulsion is thought of as a punishment for teens. Schools today are expelling preschoolers as well and the problem is growing.  But a new law in Illinois will prevent the youngest kids from getting kicked out of class. Governor Rauner signed the bill this morning.  Preschools that get state money can no longer kick kids out of school, if they don’t follow very specific rules to do […]

  • Ferrari totaled just an hour after purchase

    SOUTH YORKSHIRE, England — Owning a Ferrari is a life-long dream for those who like to put the pedal to the metal. But that dream died very quickly for one Ferrari owner in England. Just an hour after purchasing a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the owner lost control of the car, causing it to go airborne and roll over into a field. The car was engulfed in flames. Fortunately the driver walked away from the crash with just some minor bruises […]

  • Wrongful death lawsuit filed against CPD and officers

    CHICAGO — The sister of a man shot by Chicago police officers last year, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Arlena Love says that three officers used excessive force when they shot and killed her brother, Derek Love, last July 21, near 18th and Calumet. Police said that Love had pulled a gun out of his backpack and began firing, hitting an officer in the leg. The lawsuit claims that Love was unarmed and tried to walk away from the […]

  • CPD named in civil rights lawsuit

    CHICAGO — A federal lawsuit is filed against the Chicago Police Department. Luis Vicente Pedrote-Salinas has filed a civil rights lawsuit.  He says he was denied immigration relief because the Chicago Police Dept. had mistakenly included him in its gang database. He and his family will be holding a press conference later today. Check back for updates.

  • Smart home device calls 911 amidst domestic disturbance

    TIJERAS, N.M. — A smart home device came to the rescue during a domestic assault in a suburb of Albuquerque, New Mexico, The gadget recorded the suspect of the assault asking his girlfriend “Did you call the sheriffs?” The device apparently understood the question as a prompt and called authorities. A county sheriff said the suspect, Eduardo Barros, took out a gun and threatened to kill his girlfriend during the dispute. Police were able to rescue the girlfriend and her […]

  • CPD rolls out new, improved squad cars

    CHICAGO — The Chicago Police Department put its first batch of the latest generation patrol cars on the streets Thursday. Forty Ford Explorers and Interceptors rolled out of the fleet facility at 51st and Wentworth. The cars are equipped with new mobile computers that connect officers to crime cameras, real time mapping and data bases. The cars feature a new style of lights to enhance police presence in neighborhoods. The department is getting a total of 500 new vehicles by […]

  • Colorado man shoots son who he says he mistook to be an intruder

    SEDALIA, Colo. – A man in Colorado shot and killed his son.  He told authorities he mistook him for an intruder. Authorities say Leo Huner shot his adult son, Nick about six times. Investigators spent hours removing evidence from inside the home. They also launched a drone and used metal detectors around the property. It’s unclear what they’re looking for. Huner is in jail, being held on second degree murder.

  • Community protests sex offender who moved in next door to victim

    BRISTOW, Okla. — Residents of a rural community lined a rural highway in Bristow, Oklahoma Saturday, protesting a sex offender who moved next door to his victim. Danyelle Dyer’s uncle, Harold English, served time in prison for molesting her when she was a child. Now, he’s out and living yards away from her. “I struggle with the emotions that it brings back and it brings back a lot of things I have put away for years that I don’t want to […]

  • Gliniewicz trial to be delayed as prosecutor plan to appeal judge’s ruling

    LAKE COUNTY, Ill. — The trial of Melodie Gliniewicz will be delayed, after a judge ruled to keep emails and texts between her and her deceased husband private. Gliniewicz is the widow of Fox Lake Police Lieutenant Charles Gliniewicz, who committed suicide, rather than face trial for embezzling from a police youth program. Melodie now faces trial on that charge. Prosecutors say the email and text messages between the couple will show she’s a co-conspirator in embezzlement.  They say they’ll appeal […]