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Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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  • Ms. Ledbetter has students focus on the world around them

    NORTHFIELD — When we caught up with our June Teacher of the Month, she was sitting in the school auditorium taking in the last student assembly of the just ending school year. Toward the end  of the assembly, or chapel, as it is officially called, Sharon Ledbetter found herself on stage receiving a $1000 check from Saint Xavier University and a certificate naming her WGN TV’s Teacher of the Month for a job well done! Sharon Ledbetter is a Language Arts […]

  • Walk in the woods is good for your health

    It’s a free and powerful drug – nature can help heal, de-stress and improve our mental health. It sounds simple, but there’s science to back up the claim. For some, all it takes is a walk in the woods. It may look like a leisurely stroll … but there’s greater purpose for this group gathered among the 1700 acres of trees at the Morton Arboretum. Amos Clifford, Founder, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy: “The question we often get is, […]

  • Blackhawks’ Cup run a welcome distraction for those stuck in hospital

    CHICAGO — Fans across the city are gearing up for a Hawks win – even those stuck in the hospital. With their focus now shifted to tonight’s game, young patients say it’s a welcome distraction from the rigors of treatment. A little rain couldn’t dampen the sense of excitement inside Lurie Children’s today. Jacob Shockley, Lurie Children’s patient: “A little nervous, excited.” Blackhawks fan and cancer survivor Jacob Shockley, now sidelined with an infection, is passing the time until tonight’s […]

  • New tool helps vets fighting PTSD with interview skills

    Mastering a job interview without ever meeting the interviewer. Sounds impossible, and it’s opening doors for veterans who thought it would be impossible to re-enter the workforce. An avatar is helping them tackle one aspect of PTSD. “I’m Molly Porter from human resources. I’ll be conducting your interview today.” She looks and sounds like a real person, but Molly Porter is an avatar whose job is to help others hone their interview skills. Dr Matthew J. Smith, Northwestern Medicine mental […]

  • Thought-controlled prosthetic makes for smart bionic leg

    A giant step forward for leg amputees. A thought-controlled prosthetic so smart it’s carrying users to new heights with little effort. Mike Gilbert, bionic leg user: “I’ve tried every leg made by man.” But this one trumps them all — a prosthetic that combines a knee and ankle joint with thought-controlled bionics. Dr Levi Hargrove, RIC research scientist: “In order to do that we leverage the neuro signals, the muscle signals, because they contract naturally. You can see we have […]

  • Her students say Ms Lonergan is ‘more than just a teacher’

    Our teacher of the month is a biology instructor here at St Ignatius College Prep, but her connection with her students goes beyond the classroom. Ms Maureen Lonergan, teacher of the month: “I go to their improv shows and their sports games and their dances and their talent shows, and I’m impressed with them.” Maureen Lonergan, who herself was once upon a time a student at St. Ignatius, has been teaching at the westside school for six years now and […]

  • Under-eye procedure may make you look less tired

    CHICAGO — They can inject a more youthful appearance — fillers for the face are often used to smooth the skin and boost volume in the cheeks, lips and around the mouth. And if you’re looking tired, a little under the eye may do the trick. It goes in deep — the first of three layers of filler that plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Iteld injects just under the lower eyelid, an area that, for some, can appear sunken-in and hollow. “It […]

  • Singer helps healing process at children’s hospital

    On a quest for stardom, singer Erin Elisabeth Aubrey found a real golden opportunity. She traded in the stage for a much smaller venue. Her powerful voice, which once moved crowds, now lifts up children. WGN’s Dina Bair has more. And more on Erin’s music at www.facebook.com/Erin-Elisabeth-Aubrey

  • Colorful blueprints of nerves help surgeons in new way

    Blending art and medicine. Local doctors create colorful blueprints to map delicate nerves. The designs give surgeons a view like never before. Dr Michel Kliot, Northwestern Medicine neurosurgeon: “Not only are they beautiful but clinically useful images.” They look like pieces of art – bold, colorful images you’d likely see lining the walls of a modern gallery. But these pictures are displayed in an operating room. Dr Kliot: “Here you can see the spinal cord. Now you can see the […]

  • Dividing donated organ can sometimes conquer two life-threatening conditions and save two lives

    CHICAGO — One donor organ, two recipients. It’s not always possible but under the right circumstances, a scarce resource is divided … and conquers not one but two life-threatening conditions. Two-year-old Omkaara Kamath wasn’t up for a high five with Madison Whitlow, but the two share a much deeper connection. Just three months ago, they each received a portion of one deceased donor’s liver. Dr Saeed Mohammad, Lurie Children’s gastroenterologist: “The liver is unique in the way it can be […]


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