Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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    How to stay cool, safe while working out in the heat

    Just like a car can heat up in a matter of minutes – from 85 to 120 degrees in a half hour, think of your body as the same type of vessel. It takes just five to 10 minutes to overwhelm your system`s ability to process heat. “The biggest thing you`ll notice first of all is exhaustion,” says Dr Matthew Pirotte, NMH Emergency Medicine. “So if you are out exercising, you’ll just feel like you can’t go any more.  That […]

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    The ‘Lolla Lift’ in the ER: Doctors prepare for onslaught of underage drinkers

    On the Medical Watch: The festival effect in the ER. Shocking statistics from Lollapalooza weekend last year have doctors scrambling to prepare to care for teens this year. The music and the heat mix with long stretches standing and in many cases drinking alcohol not rehydrating water. The effect is frightening. “There’s a lot of vomiting, a lot of emotional outbursts and some behavioral aggression problems,” says Dr Karen Mangold of Lurie Children’s Emergency Medicine. “There are some kids who […]

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    From counseling to clothing, suburban center helps new moms get through tough times

    It’s critical at a time when mental health funding is scarce.  Yet mood, anxiety and depressive disorders are abundant. For a little-known organization operating in the northwest suburbs – it’s their mission to make sure families get the help they need. It was about a year ago when Delia Galicia first came to the non-profit  Preservation of Human Dignity or PHD. The young mother was referred by her doctor after opening up about the anxiety and depression she was experiencing […]

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    Brookfield Zoo’s sloth bear gets a state of the art check-up

    How do you give a 300-pound bear a check-up? We got a behind-the-scenes look today. There are about 3,000 animals at Brookfield Zoo, and just like humans all of them need routine health exams. Now some upgraded equipment with a few more bells and whistles is making a doctor’s visit at the zoo a state-of-the-art experience. This is Kartik, a 300-pound sloth bear who typically spends his mornings grazing and snoozing – a leisurely existence in his habitat. But today, […]

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    Students appreciate Chicago science teacher’s hands on, friendly classroom

    “Good Morning, Ms. Chu!” Anna Chu is WGN’s Teacher of the Month. Ms Anna Chu, Teacher of the Month: “Our activity for today is called connecting circuits, and our challenge question is, how is energy transferred and transformed in electrical circuits?” Ms Chu is a science teacher at Nettelhorst Elementary School on Chicago’s Northside. To let her students tell it she is the best of the best. Aidan Finn, Nettelhorst student: “There are many teachers in this school and all are great, […]

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    Archbishop Cupich on city’s gun violence: ‘We can’t continue this way’

    CHICAGO —  Archbishop Blase Cupich today weighed in on the city’s gun violence problem.  Chicago’s Catholic leader called on the people of Chicago to get involved in the anti-violence movement and he’s prepared to lead the charge. “I really believe people in Chicago want the best for the city,” Archbishop Cupich said. “And if I can be a part of stirring up a greater sense of ownership for the issues that are there, so that we can join hands and […]

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    Loss of sleep leads to gains in weight

    Sleep. If you’re not getting enough, chances are you’re making up for it … with calories! You can blame stress, work, your child care routine … even your smart phone or tablet for keeping you up at night. But experts warn: Too little sleep and you’ll pack on the pounds. It’s what we should all try for — about seven to nine hours a night according to the National Sleep Foundation. Yet about 30 percent of us don’t get nearly […]

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    The welcomed responsibility, benefits of being an involved father

    The playing field has changed when it comes to fatherhood. It’s a generation of dads who want to be more hands-on and engaged in the day-to-day care of their children. And there’s hard science to back up the benefits. Brian Dykes, Chicago Dads Group: “I’m hanging out at the park and I’m the only dad at the park.” Not anymore! Brian Dykes is a co-organizer of Chicago Dads Group, an organization 700 strong. They come by the dozens with backpacks, […]

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    Clearing up the confusion on blood donation

    After the Orlando massacre, a blood shortage, which is typical for summer months, came into focus. And those in the gay community who wanted to support the victims and their families, spoke out about donations. Rumors began to circulate on social media about the rules for donation. They changed in 2015. Gay men are allowed to donate but they have to have been celibate for a year. “There are a lot of people out there who are very confused,” said […]

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    7-year-old cancer survivor shows Cubs pride with prosthetic eye

    CHICAGO — Fighting cancer is no game. But victory is sweet whether it’s on the field or in the medical world. A seven-year-old cancer survivor with a winning spirit shows some Cubs players how to really keep their eye on the prize. Beckham Zobrist was over the moon just being on the field at Wrigley, and then he got to go down into the clubhouse too. He met all of the players. The experience is a gift to the young […]