Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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    Archbishop Cupich on city’s gun violence: ‘We can’t continue this way’

    CHICAGO —  Archbishop Blase Cupich today weighed in on the city’s gun violence problem.  Chicago’s Catholic leader called on the people of Chicago to get involved in the anti-violence movement and he’s prepared to lead the charge. “I really believe people in Chicago want the best for the city,” Archbishop Cupich said. “And if I can be a part of stirring up a greater sense of ownership for the issues that are there, so that we can join hands and […]

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    Loss of sleep leads to gains in weight

    Sleep. If you’re not getting enough, chances are you’re making up for it … with calories! You can blame stress, work, your child care routine … even your smart phone or tablet for keeping you up at night. But experts warn: Too little sleep and you’ll pack on the pounds. It’s what we should all try for — about seven to nine hours a night according to the National Sleep Foundation. Yet about 30 percent of us don’t get nearly […]

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    The welcomed responsibility, benefits of being an involved father

    The playing field has changed when it comes to fatherhood. It’s a generation of dads who want to be more hands-on and engaged in the day-to-day care of their children. And there’s hard science to back up the benefits. Brian Dykes, Chicago Dads Group: “I’m hanging out at the park and I’m the only dad at the park.” Not anymore! Brian Dykes is a co-organizer of Chicago Dads Group, an organization 700 strong. They come by the dozens with backpacks, […]

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    Clearing up the confusion on blood donation

    After the Orlando massacre, a blood shortage, which is typical for summer months, came into focus. And those in the gay community who wanted to support the victims and their families, spoke out about donations. Rumors began to circulate on social media about the rules for donation. They changed in 2015. Gay men are allowed to donate but they have to have been celibate for a year. “There are a lot of people out there who are very confused,” said […]

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    7-year-old cancer survivor shows Cubs pride with prosthetic eye

    CHICAGO — Fighting cancer is no game. But victory is sweet whether it’s on the field or in the medical world. A seven-year-old cancer survivor with a winning spirit shows some Cubs players how to really keep their eye on the prize. Beckham Zobrist was over the moon just being on the field at Wrigley, and then he got to go down into the clubhouse too. He met all of the players. The experience is a gift to the young […]

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    Teen amputee climbs back after cancer with rock solid determination

    Climbing back after cancer. A young patient gets back to the sport he loves just weeks after major surgery altered his form forever. Ian Vallejo, rock climber and cancer survivor: “I just like being up there. You kind of get into a flow just going one hold to the next, and you don’t really think about anything. It’s just you and the wall. My uncle he always had a climbing wall in his house that he built, and he’d throw […]

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    Protecting the teeth of a prep athlete can save a smile

    Sports injuries – most parents and athletes are concerned about concussions, but few consider the impact of a head blow on the teeth. With a little protection you can preserve that smile. I know firsthand since my son became a statistic … three days into the soccer season he lost both of his front teeth! They kick the ball with skill – but few kick around the idea that their teeth may be in jeopardy. Cameron Kleinberg, lost teeth on […]

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    Computer science teacher nurtures through technology

    CHICAGO — The lab-like classroom at Chicago’s Wells Community Academy is filled with 3-D models and robotics, but it’s the human behind the all the technology that captivates the students. Shadia Daniels teaches computer science — a required subject, but her students come willingly. Shadia Daniels, May Teacher of the Month: “Students become more engaged when it becomes personal, when they can see themselves as programmers.” Traeshaun Norwood, nominating student: “Ever since the first day I fell in love with […]

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    Special spine procedure leaves young gymnast standing tall

    A cheerleader and a tumbling trampoline accident that seemed almost impossible to bounce back from. But then a local doctor offered a unique spine procedure that has her standing tall without a large scar. Christina Martyniouk: “As I was in the air, I knew that I did something wrong.” It was a combination the competitive cheerleader had been practicing on the tumbling track. Christina Martyniouk: “I was doing a toe back tuck.” But just as Christina Martyniouk launched backwards, she […]

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    New training has loved ones helping those suffering from aphasia

    The word is on the tip of your tongue … but you can’t get it out. Now imagine struggling with that challenge every day in every conversation you have. Picture someone speaking English, but this is what you hear. Leora Cherney, PhD, RIC Director for Aphasia Research and Treatment: “We don’t just mean a problem with speaking. We mean a problem with understanding language, expressing language, reading, writing, even math.” It’s not something you can see, but listen as Ashley […]