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    How to avoid family fights at Thanksgiving

    It takes more than an Adele song to quell conflict. Family fighting is so relatable it makes us laugh in movies and on TV, but the real feelings are no laughing matter. And during the holidays – the scenes are center stage. So how do you draw the curtain on your emotions without closing the show? The first thing is acknowledging yourself … you have feelings and a reaction toward family members, and they press your buttons. So it’s important […]

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    Family, EMS recount frightening scare as little girl chokes on balloon

    CHICAGO — It was a typical family gathering on Sunday, August 30. Seven-year-old Mia Rodgers had been blowing up a balloon while playing with her cousins. She took one deep breath in, and in an instant, it was down her throat. Officer Peter Pietrusiewicz, Chicago Police Department: “My partner and I were on routine patrol, and a man ran into the street hysterically waving his arms, flagging us down telling us, ‘We got a girl down over there, we got […]

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    Robot can help predict patients’ actions, counteract physical limitations

    A robot that reads your mind may change the way you move. The technology designed to predict the body’s actions may help patients counteract their own physical limitations. The experiment starts with a research assistant who straps her arm into a robotic device. Justin Horowitz, RIC/UIC researcher: “The robot over here quickly and accurately measures someone’s motions.” But it also tracks something far more complex. Watch the white line … it’s following Erica’s arm as she reaches for the red […]

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    Suburban chemistry teacher takes time for the science of stress

    GURNEE, Ill. — Our Teacher of the Month is a science instructor, but she has a winning formula for stress management. Molecular structures are the topic today in Lindsay Consdorf’s chemistry class at Warren Township High School in Gurnee – but her lessons on stress management are a constant. Lindsay Consdorf, teacher of the month: “The students that I tend to get in class are so stressed, and a lot of it comes from mainly themselves, bur from parents, from […]

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    Data shows meat linked to cancer

    A new classification for certain meats – cancer causing. As medical reporter Dina Bair reports they are now in the same classification as tobacco. The International Agency for Research on Cancer – an arm of the World Health Organization — evaluated the carcinogenic effects of eating red meat and processed meats, and the results are not good for meat lovers. Red meat probably causes cancer: that includes beef, veal, pork, lamb and goat. Processed meats like hot dogs, bacon, sausage, […]

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    American Cancer Society says start mammograms at 45, not 40

    CHICAGO — In the ever-changing and confusing advice about when to get screened for breast cancer, the American Cancer Society is now joining federal regulators in telling women to wait to get their mammogram. For years women were told – get your mammogram at age 40. The screening will detect early cancer. When doctors find cancer early, they can treat it less aggressively, and that means better outcomes for women. Survival without side effects. “The patient’s discussion should begin with her […]

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    Program helps cancer patients heal through art

    CHICAGO — In a tiny room at Swedish Covenant Hospital — just steps from where patients receive daily doses of life-sustaining treatments — a study in still life. Sonia Torres, cancer survivor: “Every Thursday we come.” Kari Lindholm-Johnson, artist in residence: “It’s instinctual, I believe, once people start doing art and almost a meditative, soothing activity that people come into their own.” What began as a dark canvas soon comes to life with color. It’s a message not lost on Beverly […]

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    Pre-Op Printing: How 3D imaging is helping patients of all ages

    Pre-op printing … surgeons prep for complex procedures using 3-D replicas of their patients’ anatomy. And for one little boy a result off the growth charts. Kris Heerema, Miles’ mother: “He is the smallest in his class only in body. In personality, maybe the biggest.” Five-year-old Miles Heerema is like any other typical kindergartner — full of energy and, now that a severe curve in his spine has been straightened, growing! Dr Kim Hammerberg: spine surgeon, Shriner’s Hospitals for Children […]

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    Runner faces marathon just days after finishing radiation therapy

    There’s no shortage of inspiration at the Chicago Marathon. This weekend’s event will bring out runners of all abilities – from the amateur to the elite. Among them – amputees, wheelchair racers and cancer survivors including one who hopes to cross the finish line just days after completing a challenging course of radiation therapy. Dave Hicks, cancer survivor: “Celebration day. Graduation day as they call it here …” He’s got the routine down to a science. This is Dave Hicks’ […]

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    Young cancer patient has spirits lifted by major leaguers

    There are a lot of reasons to root for the Cubs as they head to the wild card game tomorrow night. But one may be the off-the-field activity that shows the true spirit of players and their impact on fans. A young cancer patient at Lurie Children’s has had the chance to meet some of his favorite major leaguers over the course of his treatment for a brain tumor. And just about once a month, Anthony Rizzo comes by. Most […]


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