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Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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  • New technology helps diabetics manage their health

    Think of it like flying a plane on auto pilot. Two parallel technologies merge to give patients with diabetes a more automated approach to managing their health. The history is fascinating, when insulin was discovered in the 1920s, millions of lives were saved. From there, delivering the life-saving substance – that regulates sugar in the blood – evolved from barbaric steel needles to jet-pack mechanical pumps. “The first insulin pump was something the size of this room. Gradually over the […]

  • 2 gun violence victims share their stories of hope after getting GEDs

    CHICAGO — Two gunshot victims, both with spinal cord injuries and a lifelong struggle had the goal to graduate, but they took that challenge to a whole new level. On Tuesday, Leomar Leyva and Charles Winters celebrated a milestone at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab — earning their GEDs. For both young men, the journey to complete high school was derailed by gun violence. And for Winters, it was exactly 12 years ago on Tuesday that he was shot. “I […]

  • Doctor says it could be risky to find plastic surgeon on Instagram

    CHICAGO — Social media is the go-to tool for consumers interested in cosmetic procedures. Social media sites are an open marketplace, but just one click can lead you to the wrong hands. A local doctor dug deep and what he found is a dangerous and misleading trend. Instagram is a vast visual showcase. Fashion, travel, food, family – it’s all there. And one of the more popular topics is plastic surgery. “Instagram is a uniquely visual social medium, and plastic surgery […]

  • Quick and clear x-ray images delivers more with less for younger patients

    For young patients with orthopedic conditions, regular x-rays are the norm. But regular exposure to radiation is something doctors want to avoid. Now new technology delivers more with less. It’s pretty simple — Gregory Greco steps inside, then gets in position for the quick scan of his spine. For the 16-year-old, it’s a familiar routine. As a young child, he was diagnosed with a severe curve in his spine. Gregory Greco, scoliosis patient: “Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was bad. […]

  • How to keep your eyes safe during the eclipse

    On the Medical Watch how to take in the solar eclipse without hurting your eyes. You won’t feel the damage, but eventually you’ll see it. Eye doctors say it’s a life-changing condition you can avoid if you follow the rules. On a typical day, it’s nearly impossible to stare at the bright sun. We can’t tolerate the intensity so we squint and quickly look away. “And that’s just an average day. what we’re talking about on the 21st is a […]

  • Quick action helps student survive what was more than just a migraine

    On the Medical Watch, we’re looking at the importance of getting involved. Recognizing when someone is in a medical crisis and taking action. We introduce you to a young woman whose life would be markedly different had it not been for the intervention of those around her. Caroline Todd is a high school speech champion. With elegant delivery she can explain a complex topic. But it’s her own story that’s worth a listen. It begins back in January at a […]

  • ‘Did I survive that gunshot wound so I could save these people?’ Wounded in shooting, man called to become Chicago firefighter

    In tonight’s Medical Watch, we’re continuing our focus on a real plague in our city. The violence on the streets of Chicago is not new. For decades we have been covering murders and their aftermath. Now we get to follow up on a story of a young man shot who was stabbed and beaten decades ago, who later struggled, survived and thrived. Now he picks up victims and tries with every breath to help them live. He believes the key […]

  • Understanding Williams Syndrome: Genetic condition brings host of medical problems but also unlimited capacity to love

    How a heart that is broken physically works flawlessly when it comes to emotion. For children born with Williams Syndrome, compromised heart function opens the door for an unlimited capacity to love. Maya is a happy, playful 18-month-old. “The moment I get home from work, the moment she wakes up, she’s usually always smiling and happy,” says Maya’s father Scott Ottenheimer.  “We celebrate and get so excited about the milestones because they mean so much to us.” When Maya was born […]

  • Fighting the good fight to fund childhood cancer research

    Many children survive childhood cancer but in some cases, they experience devastating, life-long side effects. And you may be shocked to know how little money goes for research for the future of the tiniest patients. Benny  Martinez is a thoughtful, caring 12-year-old. “He always gives it 150 percent,” says his mother Michelle Martinez.  “No matter what gets thrown at this kid, he just faces it with amazing poise and grace.” At a St Baldrick’s fundraiser last year, Benny shaved his […]

  • Helping to stop the cycle of violence can start with helping kids overcome anger

    Fighting violence is a contradiction in terms. Instead of battling, those in the trenches say what we really want to do is quell anger and stop the cycle. Changing minds may be the key to bringing about meaningful progress when it comes to saving our city and the people in it. Edward, Mercy Home resident: “When there’s dead bodies lying on the ground, I’m kinda used to it. I grew up in Chicago, like in a rough neighborhood. I started […]