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  • lurie

    24 hours with the Lurie Children’s Hospital transport team

    CHICAGO — In Monday night’s Cover Story: the sickest children, and the rapid transport to save their lives. Medical reporter Dina Bair brings us a unique perspective of what happens after the emergency call for a helicopter comes in. The best — and sometimes the last – chance for survival for sick kids begins atop the helipad at Lurie Children’s Hospital. When children, some critically ill, require a level of care many community hospitals simply can’t provide, the Lurie transport team […]

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    New hope for Alzheimer’s sufferers

    The clock is ticking. The number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease may triple by the year 2050. There are drugs that help treat the symptoms, but none alter the natural course of the disease. That’s why researchers hope a new class of experimental medicines will help them hit a target in the brain. The purple awareness ribbons serve as a reminder one month out of the year – but for so many families, Alzheimer’s disease is a constant. John […]

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    Stem cells offer new way to repair joints

    A new way to repair damaged joints – using stem cells. It adds a surgery site, but the hope is it will reduce the rate of healing time. Check out Harold Kling’s journey. Harold Kling, torn rotator cuff patient: “I just stepped head over heels backwards. Clumsy, human mistake.” Three months after he fell off the lift gate of a delivery truck, the 63-year-old is prepped to have his torn rotator cuff repaired. Dr Nikhil Verma, orthopedic surgeon, Midwest Orthopedics […]

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    Frothy foam helps patients with vein issues

    They’re not only unsightly, bulging veins in the legs can cause great discomfort and lead to skin ulcers and hard-to-treat wounds. Now a frothy foam is helping to shut down the problem vessels. Dr Romi Chopra, interventional radiologist: “You start seeing pipes under your skin.” What should be a thin, straight line stretches and expands – the result of a leaky valve in the vein. When the valve fails, blood backs up and pressure builds. Dr Chopra: “Our calves are […]

  • promo275095760

    United adds comfort dogs at O’Hare to soothe holiday travelers’ stress

    CHICAGO – With just a few days left to go before Christmas, the airport is buzzing. Seven million passengers are expected to pass through the United Airlines terminal alone! That’s why the carrier is providing a little comfort and joy for stressed out holiday travelers. It’s the holidays at O’Hare, and whether you’re traveling near or far, the airport isn’t exactly a peaceful oasis this time of year. To help ease the stress, United brought comfort dogs on board – and stationed […]

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    Social media post leads to live-saving donation

    CHICAGO – It was a social media post that changed the course of a young patient’s life. Two old acquaintances reunited on the Internet, and within a matter of months, made a connection that will live on for a lifetime. It was an emotional reunion today for Kendra Perpich and Kimberly Parello; acquaintances who met 20 years ago are now forever bonded. “I reconnected with Kimberly and learned her son was looking for a liver, and we had matching blood so I […]

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    Man’s incredible story of surviving infection that left him quadruple amputee

    It seems like an unbelievable story – a young, healthy man with flu like symptoms rapidly declines and ultimately needs a quadruple amputation. How could this happen? Doctors say it’s more common than you think. Rapid medical attention is the key to survival as Ethan Menges reveals in his incredibly journey. Ethan Menges, amputee: “You can spiral down pretty quickly and that happens some days.” But most days 24-year-old Ethan Menges is focused on moving forward  after spending the past […]

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    A teacher who has a flair for the dramatic

    CHICAGO – Our Teacher of the Month has a flair for the dramatic. Jorge Alvarado stands front and center, acting out a scene in a role-play exercise. The shy student who found his voice in drama class nominated his teacher, Tonya Marchman-Davis, for Teacher of the Month consideration – a plot twist the 20-year veteran didn’t see coming. “I was definitely surprised,” Davis said. The lessons in expression aren’t lost on Jorge or his classmates. “She’s (Mrs. Davis) the one […]

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    New treatment for pain uses light to bring veterans out of the dark

    Looking to the light to bring veterans out of the dark. For many returning service men and women, pain is a constant companion – and with it come anxiety and depression. Instead of medications with heavy side effects … researchers hope a lighter approach will help vets find relief. The loads are heavy from the top down – sturdy Kevlar helmets and 100-pound packs weigh down soldiers – and often leave them in pain long after they’ve served. Jacquwlyn Jackson, […]

  • man

    Man thankful for a new breath of life

    CHICAGO — Tenacity. When medical challenges get you down, think back on this story. A diagnosis with little hope. Then a cure. But the cure carried a life-threatening result. Tonight a young man and his surgeon show us all why giving up is not an option. The physical therapy is welcome work for 32-year-old Patrick Halko. “You go six and a half years without being able to breathe you forget what it’s like to live a normal life. The last […]


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