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Katharin Czink is WGN’s Medical Watch Producer.

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  • ‘Ride Ataxia’ raises awareness of debilitating disease

    It’s a debilitating disease that robs patients of strength and mobility then shortens their lives.  But this weekend in the Chicago area, they ride up to 52 miles to show there’s no stopping them until they have an effective treatment, maybe even a cure. “I’ve been in a wheelchair for about 3 years now. All these sports were leaving my life. I loved playing golf and baseball, and I loved downhill skiing and basketball.” The rare neuromuscular disorder known as […]

  • Local student unlock possible advances in dementia, Alzheimer’s research

    What if? It’s the question that sparks all science experiments. So when two local electrical engineering students looked deep in the brain for answers – their results opened up possibilities for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Phillip Arteaga, undergraduate student, Purdue University Calumet: “If you could delay a disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s, or just have the brain be able to retain more, that’s a huge improvement.” It’s a huge problem the world’s leading scientists are embracing – and […]

  • New type of stents could help brains

    A new generation of stents – but not for the heart. This device travels to vessels in the brain where large aneurysms loom. Dr. Bernard Bendok, Northwestern Medicine Neurosurgeon: “Very large aneurysm right there.” It’s tough to miss. Classified as a wide-neck aneurysm — the giant, balloon-like bulge in Sue Wakulich’s brain vessel left her with double vision and regular headaches. Sue Wakulich, aneurysm patient: “Right away panic sets in because you don’t want your head cut open.” Northwestern Medicine […]

  • nurse

    Home health care nurse delivers care and compassion

    House calls are one of the most compassionate forms of medicine. But for those who believe in the value of healthcare for everyone – they are willing to pay the price for delivering that basic need. Take a ride with us as we accompany a home healthcare nurse on a real journey to improve the lives of her patients.   Their day begins in the parking lot of a Chicago police station, that’s where Atundra Horne, a nurse for Advocate […]

  • Heart

    Family raises awareness about daughter’s little-known condition

    What started as a family ski trip last December quickly turned into a life-threatening emergency for his daughter. Now, Wally Posner and his family are determined to change the fate of others – and bring awareness to the little-known condition that nearly took his daughter’s life. Robbie Ventura, Vision Quest Coaching: “I think he’s probably close to six or seven thousand miles of training just for this event. He’s been so consistent. There’ve been bad days, rainy days, cold days. […]

  • Capture

    Promising new MS treatment gets a new life

    A promising treatment on the verge of being discarded gets a new life and makes its way into the hands of patients. Sanjay Arora, MS patient: “This is the PoNS device. I put it on my tongue.” Called the PoNS – a Portable NeuroModulation Stimulator – the battery powered device delivers an electrical current. The theory is it strengthens nerves, allowing patients, like Sanjay Arora who has MS and struggles with walking, to better control muscles. Sanjay Arora: “I got […]

  • How to avoid summertime sports injuries

    How to avoid summertime sports injuries

    Summer is a time for fun, but it’s also primetime for sports injuries. So tonight, a little expert advice to stay safe this season. Eight-year-old gymnast Jessica Lancaster used to train for three-hours a night, five days a week. But in March, she began to feel pain in her back. Robert Lancaster, Jessica’s father: “She said it was a sharp pain, and she wasn’t able to complete any of the exercises.” Dr Cynthia LaBella, Lurie Children’s Sports Physician: “She’s very […]

  • How to recognize the warning signs for serious heart trouble

    How to recognize the warning signs for serious heart trouble

    Superintendent McCarthy most likely underwent a procedure called balloon angioplasty – it’s a common treatment for patients with blocked arteries. The goal is to restore blood flow to the heart muscle – as quickly as possible and before any damage sets in. The symptoms of a blocked or narrowed artery can start slowly – or come on quick. Knowing what they are can save your life. Dr. Kim Williams, chief of cardiology, Rush University Medical Center: “The main symptom people […]

  • Teen's legacy lives on in new AED law

    Teen’s legacy lives on in new AED law

    They’re everywhere: Automatic External Defibrillators or AEDs. But do you know how to use one and would you feel comfortable using the device in case of an emergency? Now, a new law passed just this week, will ensure the answer is yes for Illinois high school students. George Laman, Lauren’s father: My daughter Lauren, I always considered her the glue of our family. She was the youngest.  She was our only daughter.  She wanted to be a dancer, and eventually […]

  • Project Onward artists transforming art

    Project Onward artists are painting a different picture

    A beautiful mind transforms into a breathtaking canvas … painting a different picture for those with the challenges of disability. Their work and their words are so powerful, we let them tell the story. Fernando Ramirez, Project Onward artist: “It’s a tornado scene. It’s part of our Americana show we’re having about mom, baseball and apple pie. This one took me about three days to do, a total about ten hours work.” David Holt, Project Onward artist: “My name is David […]