Julie Unruh

Julie Unruh is an Emmy award winning general assignment reporter for WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine. She first joined the news department in September of 2001.

In her years with Channel 9, Julie has appeared regularly on the popular WGN Morning Show and is perhaps more familiar to viewers on the WGN News at Nine, where she covers human interest, political and breaking news, earning praise for her in depth coverage of the political corruption trials of former Governor George Ryan and ex-governor Rod Blagojevich.

Before joining the WGN news team, Julie spent two years as an anchor and reporter on ChicagoLand TV (CLTV). Previously, Julie spent two years as weekend anchor and general assignment reporter at KTKA in Topeka, Kansas.

Prior to her pursuit in television journalism, Julie spent two years in New York working for CBS Network News. Some of her special assignments included the 1996 U.S. presidential election and the O.J. Simpson trial. Julie also spent two years at the White House in Washington, D.C. helping manage the White House Press Corps before launching a career in television news.

A native of Chicago, Julie is a graduate of Indiana University and Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette. Julie resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children.

Recent Articles
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    Man claims Van Dyke choked him over a cough drop

    CHICAGO — It was 8:30 p.m. on March 19, 2011. Jeremy Mayers, 39, had just been at a friend’s. It’s a night that started harmlessly enough,  but when he got pulled over, it ended with violence, tension and a night in jail. Mayers was behind the wheel of his 1974 orange Cadillac at 65th and Cottage Grove when cops said he failed to use his turn signal. Then, they accused him of drinking and driving. A feisty Mayers refused to take a […]

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    Prior complaints about officer charged with murdering Laquan McDonald

    CHICAGO – Jason Van Dyke is someone who has spent most of his career working in high crime areas, the toughest neighborhoods around. He was a patrol officer in Englewood and worked for a time for a unit that aggressively went into neighborhoods where crime was spiking. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy later disbanded this crew. Van Dyke was accused of bad deeds while wearing a badge again Tuesday, this time on a whole new level. According to a University of […]

  • promo272680907

    Chicago releases dash-cam video of officer shooting Laquan McDonald [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

    ***WARNING: VIEWERS MAY FIND THE CONTENT IN THE VIDEO ABOVE DISTURBING.*** CHICAGO — Hours after a Chicago police officer was ordered held without bond on a first-degree murder charge, the city released a shocking police dash-cam video that captured the white officer opening fire on an African American teen on a Southwest Side street, striking him 16 times and killing him. The video is about six minutes long and appears to show 17-year-old Laquan McDonald running down the middle of […]

  • apps

    The dangers of hidden ‘ghost apps’

    CHICAGO — Many say mobile phone apps say a lot about a person; you download what you like — your hobbies, interests, whatever. So how well do you know your kids? You might learn a lot by looking into their apps; “ghost apps” may be right under a parent’s nose and they don’t even know it. Vault apps were largely created to hide, conceal and protect, really. Things like sensitive files, photos, videos on your mobile device, but this is […]

  • promo272243241

    City will not appeal judge’s orders to release fatal police shooting video

    CHICAGO — The court has spoken and the city of Chicago has given up the fight over the release of a controversial police video. The police dashcam video showing the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald will be seen by the public soon. Today in court, a judge ordered that the 2-3 minute dashcam videotape be made public no later than Nov 25th. McDonalds family does not want this video released-after racially charged riots played out in Ferguson and Baltimore. His mother […]

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    Hearing set for today on release of police shooting video

    CHICAGO — A court hearing is scheduled for Thurusday about the release of a much debated dashcam video. The video shows 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot by a Chicago officer 16 times. The case settled for $5 million dollars last Spring Tomorrow a judge is expected to decide if the public should see the tape. The tape is about two to three minutes long and the officer who fired those 16 shots is allegedly shown firing three bullets, pausing then […]

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    Hearing set on release of controversial video showing teen’s death by Chicago cops

    CHICAGO — A hearing is set for Thursday on the matter of releasing a controversial and allegedly graphic dashcam video which shows Chicago police fatally shooting a teen last year. So far, the city has managed to suppress it. But a judge is expected to rule this week.  For the few who have seen it , they say it shows a clear abuse of police power and the officer used lethal force against a minority.  They say if the video was […]

  • Capture

    Text 911: Why some communities don’t have access to service

    Texting is one of the most popular forms of communication on mobile phone devices and yet, less than 15% of 911 centers around the country allow for “Text to 911.” For the deaf, you could say it’s necessary in an emergency. For someone threatened, maybe in their own home, it could be their last hope for survival. Cindy Barbera-Brelle was the first to offer it in Illinois at the Northwest Central Dispatch, which services 11 suburbs and nearly a half a […]

  • Capture

    Teacher coordinates ‘virtual field trip’ for student with severe allergies

    EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. — When it comes to allergies and children today, the risks are a true reality for many families that can be  a matter of life and death. For third grader Max Castillo, allergies can keep him out of the school.  But his teacher is trying to keep him as close to the classroom as possible – even when it may seem impossible. Max has anaphylactic allergies to wheat and dander that have plagued him since birth and […]

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    Victim of burglary questions police response after techs show up 3 days later

    CHICAGO – Police are investigating a series of burglaries to homes in Chicago’s Portage Park neighborhood. One victim, however, says it took three days to get evidence technicians to his house to check out the damage. 47-year-old Brian Shaoul left his house at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 24th. When he and his wife returned before midnight they came home to destruction. Their home was ransacked and items were missing.  The former Marine had his medals stolen along with watches, a family […]


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