WATCH LIVE: Chicago police detail Memorial Day Weekend preparations

Julie Unruh is an Emmy award winning general assignment reporter for WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine and Ten. She first joined the news department in September of 2001.

In her years with Channel 9, Julie has appeared regularly on the popular WGN Morning Show and is perhaps more familiar to viewers on the WGN News at Nine, where she has covered human interest, political and breaking news, earning praise for her in depth coverage of the political corruption trials of former Governor George Ryan and ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. Since its launch in October 2015, Julie has been featured on the WGN News at Ten bringing viewers unique and timely stories outside of the usual news of the day.

Before joining the WGN news team, Julie spent two years as an anchor and reporter on Chicagoland TV (CLTV). Previously, Julie spent a year as weekend anchor and general assignment reporter at KTKA in Topeka, Kansas.

Prior to her pursuits as a reporter and anchor, Julie spent two years in New York working for CBS Network News. Some of her special assignments included the 1996 U.S. presidential election and the O.J. Simpson trial. Julie also spent two years at the White House in Washington, D.C. helping manage the White House Press Corps before launching a career in television news.

A native of Chicago, Julie is a graduate of Indiana University and Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette. Julie resides in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children.

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