Where to donate to Hurricane Maria and Mexico Earthquake victims
Julian Crews

Julian Crews joined the WGN News team in 1996. He is a general assignment reporter for WGN Midday News and WGN Evening News.

From breaking news to feature reporting, Julian has reported all over Illinois, from Carbondale’s Shawnee National Forest to Chicago City Hall. The roaming street reporter travels to every corner of the Chicagoland and Illinois region, bringing news of the day to WGN and CLTV viewers.

Over the years, Julian has worn many hats, from the “Around Town” beat to politics and crime, producing in-depth, investigative pieces on Chicago street gangs and organized crime. Covering John Paul II’s visit to Cuba in 1998 was especially fulfilling for Julian. The son of Cuban-born parents, he visited his family’s home in Havana, taking WGN viewers along for the ride.

Every spring, Julian takes people on a spirited road trip across the Land of Lincoln with the popular Cruisin’ Illinois travel series. His Cruisin’ web exclusives have become a major attraction on wgntv.com.

Recent Articles
  • Leaders call on corporate Chicago to help Mexican quake victims

    CHICAGO –Local leaders met Friday and called on Chicago’s corporate leaders to help with relief efforts for the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. National Coordinator for Casa Mexico, Ciudad de México, Juan Ochoa convened the meeting with elected officials to join forces in support of Illinois’ relief efforts for Mexico. The organization will be holding a fundraiser next Tuesday at the Chicago Cultural Center where corporate leaders are expected to show up out with checks for hurricane relief. Organizers […]

  • Illinois Supreme Court upholds Drew Peterson’s murder conviction

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The use of hearsay testimony to convict former Chicago-area police officer Drew Peterson in the death of his third wife was proper, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled Thursday in upholding the conviction. The high court, in a unanimous decision , found that hearsay testimony from Peterson’s dead third wife and missing fourth wife did not violate his constitutional right to confront his accusers because of evidence that Peterson killed them to prevent their testimony. The 63-year-old former police sergeant from […]

  • 3 teens hospitalized in Maywood after bully forced them to ingest ‘cocaine,’ family says

    MAYWOOD, Ill. — Maywood police are investigating after three students were hospitalized for ingesting an unknown substance on school grounds. The family of one of the students who was taken to hospital told WGN that the children unwittingly consumed what they believed to have been cocaine. The family said a fellow student at Garfield Elementary, at 1514 South 9th Avenue, allegedly bullied others close to the lunch hour trying to force the kids to ingest what the boy described as […]

  • Chicago’s Mexican community organizing relief efforts for Mexico City after massive earthquake

    CHICAGO — In Chicago’s hardworking Little Village neighborhood community, groups are coming together to organize relief efforts for Mexico City after a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Tuesday. Spearheading those efforts is 22nd Ward Alderman, Ricardo Munoz. “It’s horrific to see the extent of the damage and suffering there,” Munoz says. “I’ve already heard from a number of community groups and in the next 24 to 48 hours, things are going to come together.” Munoz and other community leaders hope to raise awareness about the major earthquake that struck Central Mexico. The Mexican consulate in Chicago fielding countless phone calls from family members here in the Windy City, worried about loved ones back home in Mexico.

  • New Chicago police oversight agency COPA opens today

    CHICAGO — The new agency that will investigate shootings by Chicago police and allegations of police misconduct is set to open its doors. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability holds a ceremony on Friday to officially begin operations. The agency was created to replace the Independent Police Review Authority to help restore public trust that was shattered by the 2015 release of a video that showed a white officer fatally shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald. Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to […]

  • Video shows woman entering hotel freezer alone before her death, activist says

    ROSEMONT, Ill. – A young woman whose body was found in a hotel freezer this weekend reportedly entered the freezer alone. Chicago activist Andrew Holmes says that he was shown hotel surveillance video and it shows 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins alone in the basement of the hotel. At times, she is shown stumbling around. Holmes believes it was in an effort to find a door to the staircase to get back up to the lobby. Holmes says he saw Jenkins open […]

  • Police to show hotel surveillance video to mother of teen found dead in freezer

    ROSEMONT, Ill. — Police investigating the death of a woman whose body was found inside a suburban Chicago hotel freezer say they will show her mother surveillance footage from the night she died. Rosemont police spokesman Gary Mack says Tereasa Martin, the mother of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins, will see the footage Thursday.  Police say they are reviewing about 30 hours of video collected from 47 hotel cameras. Jenkins’ body was found in the freezer early Sunday, about 24 hours after […]

  • Illinois AG gives local authorities direction on immigration

    CHICAGO — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office has issued a handbook for law enforcement following a new state law limiting cooperation between local authorities and federal immigration agents. Madigan’s spokeswoman Eileen Boyce says it’s a response to inquiries from local authorities about the law and President Donald Trump’s immigration-related executive orders. Among other things, the guidance explicitly says Illinois authorities can’t honor immigration detainers because of the law signed last month. Detainers are requests from immigration authorities to hold […]

  • Cook County soda tax repeal vote delayed Wednesday

    CHICAGO — A repeal vote of the Cook County sweetened beverage was delayed after hours of public commentary on Wednesday. “Sugar is deadlier than heroin and cocaine,” Sheila Hickland, Heart to Heart Ministry, said. “Lemonade sold in this building – the price was $2 I had to pay $0.25 in tax. There’s no consistency in this,” Jim Garrett, Chicago Southland Convention & Bureau Center, said. After debate, the Commissioners punted and decided to delay a repeal vote. As the measure […]

  • Cook County officials prepare for vote to repeal beverage tax

    CHICAGO — Cook County commissioners are getting ready to vote on repealing the county’s unpopular sweetened beverage tax and at least one commissioner believes it can be done without hurting Cook County operations. Supporters of the tax, which took effect August 1, are pointing to the tens of millions of dollars in health care costs borne by taxpayers to treat the epidemic of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. A growing list of opponents said that the new tax is doing […]