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From Carbondale’s Shawnee National Forest to Chicago City Hall, Julian Crews gets around! The roaming street reporter travels to every corner of the Chicagoland and Illinois region, bringing news of the day to WGN and CLTV viewers. From breaking news to feature reporting, this hard-working broadcast veteran gives it his all.

Every spring, with the popular “Cruisin” Illinois travel series, Julian takes people on a spirited road trip across the Land of Lincoln. His entertaining excursions are must-see TV, in stunning high-definition. And his quirky ‘Cruisin’ web exclusives have become a major attraction on wgntv.com.

In recent years, Julian’s also become a WGN Morning News fixture, filing on-going reports throughout the day on the Midday and Evening WGN and CLTV newscasts.

It’s all in a day’s work for this versatile storyteller, who joined WGN in 1996. Through the years, Julian has worn many hats, from the “Around Town” beat to politics and crime, producing in-depth, investigative pieces on Chicago street gangs and organized crime. Covering John Paul II’s visit to Cuba in 1998 was especially fulfilling for Julian. The son of Cuban-born parents, he visited his family’s home in Havana, taking WGN viewers along for the ride.

Recent Articles
  • 140821112535-sot-brantly-ebola-patient-released-00012715-tablet-large

    ‘Miraculous day’ as American Ebola patients released

    (CNN) — Both Americans who were treated for the Ebola virus have been discharged from a hospital. “Today is a miraculous day,” Dr. Kent Brantly said at a Thursday news conference in Atlanta with Emory University Hospital staff members. “I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family.” The hospital had announced that he was being discharged Thursday. The other patient, Nancy Writebol, was released Tuesday and is choosing not to make public […]

  • Suspects in custody, 8 hostages okay in 21-hour hostage situation in Harvey

    A 21 hour hostage situation in Harvey ended this morning with two suspects in custody and all eight hostages are okay and recovering. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart described key tactical decisions made by his Hostage Barricade Terrorist Unit and state police negotiators as negotiations hit a tense stalemate this morning. “We went through the tactics that we are trained in to increase some of the pressure on them,” Dart said. “We assured them that no one was going to […]

  • Capture

    Exclusive video: Harvey hostage raid

    WGN obtained  exclusive video of the final moments of the roughly 20-hour hostage stand-off in Harvey. A witness recorded on a cell phone what appears to be some of the four remaining hostages being turned over to authorities. The video also appears to show one of the two suspects being put in a squad car. A SWAT team launched the raid because officials believed negotiations were in a stalemate and it was time to act. The stand-off began with an […]

  • ‘Red Light Doctor’ helps more drivers fight tickets

    The self-proclaimed “Red Light Doctor” was back at it Tuesday. Barnet Fagel attended administrative hearings to help drivers fight tickets issued by Chicago’s unpopular red light cameras. WGN’s Julian Crews reports Fagel was able to have several citations thrown out. Fagel has successfully argued that the yellow light is too short,  a violation of state and federal standards. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says red light cameras have reduced t-bone collisions by 30 percent. Opponents of cameras say they have increased rear-end […]

  • WomanBurnedCar

    Woman found dead under burning car on South Side

    Chicago police are investigating the death of a women found under her burning SUV on the South Side. Firefighters were called to a fire in an alley at 86th Street and Honore Street on Friday morning. Neighbors say they were trying to douse the flames on a Kia Soul with a garden hose when they discovered the victim’s body under the vehicle. A police source tells WGN that some of the woman’s clothing was found in garbage can nearby. The […]

  • mt baldy

    Researchers try to pinpoint why holes form at Mt. Baldy

    For over a year Mt. Baldy has remained closed on the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore as geologists and the Environmental Protection Agency work to understand what was causing dangerous holes to form in the massive sand dune. The research effort is a combination of powerful ground-penetrating radar able to see the internal structure of the dune which is slowly migrating southward, covering old tree stumps and other debris on this section of the lakeshore. The geologists are also taking core […]

  • Family of woman killed in Pace van crash reaches settlement in suit

    The family of a woman killed in a Pace minivan accident won a roughly three million dollar settlement today. 58-year-old Ella Mae Williams was being taken to a computer class when the driver Leroy Stevenson fell asleep. The van plowed into a light pole at 46th and Halsted in March 2013. Williams later died of her injuries. Stevenson plead guilty to speeding, negligent driving and failure to use a seatbelt.

  • redlightcameras

    Red light camera controversy: Yellow light lengths investigated

    The red light camera controversy is expanding and now yellow lights are being scrutinized. On Tuesday, a judge looked at five separate speeding tickets, and threw two out after ruling the yellow light times lasted only 2.9 seconds. The judge told the Chicago Tribune that he throws out up to 70% of the red light traffic violations that he sees, because in his opinion the yellow light is too short. By law, the yellow light must last at least three […]

  • Joliet double murder trial concludes; Verdict expected in 2 weeks

    Closing arguments concluded Tuesday in the Bethany McKee murder trial. The 20 year-old is charged with the murders of Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins in Joliet  in January 2013. A judge will decide her fate. She’s facing the possibility of life in prison without parole. Her lawyers insist she wasn’t in the bedroom where the murders took place. McKee is one of three people left charged with the killings. Two men, Adam Landerman and Joshua Miner, still face trial. Another […]

  • Capture

    Gruesome details, dramatic testimony in Joliet double-murder trial

    There was dramatic testimony today in Joliet from the prosecution’s star witness in a grisly 2013 double-murder case. In a Will County bench trial, 20-year-old Alissa Massaro testified it was her long-time friend, Bethany McKee, who came up with the idea of calling Terrance Rankin, after Massaro and three  Joliet friends allegedly settled on robbery as a way to score quick cash.  On the stand, Massaro said she heard McKee remark that Rankin always carried cash. And the group allegedly […]


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