Julian Crews

Julian Crews joined the WGN News team in 1996. He is a general assignment reporter for WGN Midday News and WGN Evening News.

From breaking news to feature reporting, Julian has reported all over Illinois, from Carbondale’s Shawnee National Forest to Chicago City Hall. The roaming street reporter travels to every corner of the Chicagoland and Illinois region, bringing news of the day to WGN and CLTV viewers.

Over the years, Julian has worn many hats, from the “Around Town” beat to politics and crime, producing in-depth, investigative pieces on Chicago street gangs and organized crime. Covering John Paul II’s visit to Cuba in 1998 was especially fulfilling for Julian. The son of Cuban-born parents, he visited his family’s home in Havana, taking WGN viewers along for the ride.

Every spring, Julian takes people on a spirited road trip across the Land of Lincoln with the popular Cruisin’ Illinois travel series. His Cruisin’ web exclusives have become a major attraction on

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    Make it Wright – and more – in Spring Green, Wisconsin

    SPRING GREEN, Wisc. — It’s an architectural treasure drawing visitors from around the world.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s landmark home named “Taliesin” Is carefully integrated into the landscape of  Southern Wisconsin. Historians say the structures that were created there revolutionized design  with its focus on nature. But as our own Julian Crews discovered in this week’s Cruisin’ Wisconsin , there’s a whole universe of artistic wonders when you visit the town of Spring Green. Planning a trip? Here’s some helpful information: […]

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    Thousands of dollars worth of purses stolen from downtown store

    CHICAGO – Chicago police are looking for three suspects who reportedly stole thousands of dollars’ worth of luxury handbags from a department store downtown. Two men and a woman appear to have been working together when they robbed the Barney’s store at Oak and Rush just minutes after opening at 10 a.m. The thieves reportedly snatched as many as a dozen purses.  The luxury Barney purses can sell for thousands of dollars each. Police say a getaway car then scooped […]

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    Illinois lawmakers call on Auditor General Frank Mautino to resign

    CHICAGO — The man in charge of watching how the state of Illinois spends its money is facing questions about his own finances. A group of state lawmakers says the Auditor General Frank Mautino should resign. The General Assembly appointed Mautino to a 10-year term as auditor general in October. The issues stem from Mautino’s days as a state representative. Lawmakers say a series of questionable transactions from Mautino’s campaign account were discovered, including $200,000 spent on gas and vehicle repairs […]

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    Chicago police pair up for safety, show solidarity after Dallas shootings

    CHICAGO — Chicago police are working in pairs to increase their safety following the fatal shooting of Dallas officers during a protest of police shooting deaths of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson plans to reach out to Dallas police to offer condolences and assistance. In a statement Friday, department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says officers have been told they must pair up “to increase visibility and strengthen officer safety.” He adds that the week’s events are […]

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    Wisconsin breweries: All suds, no duds

    From Milwaukee’s legendary beer barons to modern-day micro-brews, beer has a rich history in Wisconsin. And it’s become a major tourist attraction. Visitors love the brewery tours, sampling different styles of beer. Few places in the Midwest have a more colorful assortment of locally-produced craft beers. But a fascinating exhibit takes you back to the past – when a few massive breweries dominated the market. And don’t forget to visit the Beer Baron Cemetery. Milwaukee County Historical Society 910 N […]

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    See the Beer Baron Cemetery

    MILWAUKEE, Wisc. —   It’s like no other cemetery in Wisconsin. Visit historic Forest Home Cemetery and you’ll see a who’s who of the state’s rich history. Milwaukee’s most powerful beer barons are buried here in magnificent mausoleum’s. But you can also see the final resting place for Milwaukee’s own William “Billy” Mitchell, the visionary who laid the groundwork for the US Air Force. And many, many more, from the co-founder of Harley Davidson, William Davidson, to Milwaukee’s greatest civil rights […]

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    Police and neighbors go door-to-door to promote peace in Englewood

    Englewood residents and Chicago police will join together on Thursday night to call for an end to gun violence. OPERATION: Wake-Up will take place at 57th and Morgan at 7 p.m. 50 volunteers are expected to participate. CPD will beef-up patrols on bike, foot, and in squad vehicles in the neighborhood. The event comes after a four year-old boy was shot and wounded at 57th and Morgan on Wednesday.

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    Chicago police search for shoplifter who shot and killed Family Dollar employee

    CHICAGO — Chicago police are hoping surveillance cameras will give them a good look at a shoplifter who shot and killed an employee of a Family Dollar store in Auburn Gresham. JQuinn McCune witnessed the shoplifter trying to take stolen items out of the store at 79th and Ashland Tuesday afternoon. When McCune confronted the thief, he was shot in the chest at close range. A witness heard the shots from across the street. Police are investigating and examining security camera […]

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    Mechanic’s body found in remains of fire on Chicago’s Southeast Side

    CHICAGO — A man’s body was discovered early Tuesday morning in a burning auto repair shop. The body of 56-year-old Edward MacArthur was discovered by firefighters as they put out a blaze had his South East Side Auto Mechanic on 80th and Stony. An autopsy on MacArthur’s body scheduled for later this week. But police say  MacArthur had a gunshot wound to the head.  A gun found near his body. Friends and loved ones grieved the loss of the mechanic […]

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    Major concerns about gun violence in Chicago as holiday approaches

    A possible explosion in gun violence this 4th of July weekend is a major concern in Chicago. The holiday follows a high murder count in June. There were 72 murders last month. Also, there were 355 shootings and 429 shooting victims. Chicago police are beefing up patrols and adding thousands of additional officers to the streets. Federal agents, Cook County sheriffs, and State Police officers will also provide assistance. Earlier this week, CPD raids targeting gangs resulted in 27 arrests in the Uptown neighborhood. Special operations on Friday […]