Jim Deshaies

Jim Deshaies joined the Cubs in 2013 as color announcer for telecasts on WGN-TV and Comcast SportsNet after a 12-year MLB career and 16 seasons announcing with the Houston Astros.

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  • Break-down

    Those of us in the game look forward to the All- Star break each year as an opportunity to get away from the daily grind of the 162-game schedule (a whole lot more for most when you throw in spring training). But what we consider a vacation, the real world would call a long weekend, especially when you consider at least a day is lost if you travel over the break. However brief it may be, it can provide a […]

  • Our Cup Runneth Over

    Thanks to Joel Quenneville for taking a few minutes to introduce me to the Stanley Cup. My hockey buddies are going to be jealous when I sent them this picture! jd

  • Spell(I-94)Bound

    The Cubs have lost 19 of their last 21 games here in Milwaukee including their last 9. Understandable that they would struggle against the Brewers in 2011 and ’12 when the Brew Crew clearly had a superior team. But this season these teams have had very similar campaigns. Both were 31-43 going into last night’s series opener which the Cubs lost 9-3. Is it time to cast a spell on Miller Park? In the late 80’s while with the Astros […]

  • Crystal (Cubbie) Blue Persuasion

    If you follow the Cubs, (why would you be here if you didn’t) you know that Starlin Castro and what he will ultimately become is a very popular topic of conversation. Will he or won’t he become a big time star? Can he take his game to the next level? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I used to own one of these! So what lies ahead for Castro? It is decidely so? Outlook not so good? The easy […]


    Last week on Stats Sunday we took a look at OPS (on base % + slugging %), a pretty straightforward if not perfect way to measure offensive performance. This week we are going to meander down the mysterious trail of BABIP. BABIP or batting average on balls in play is not so much a way to evaluate performance as it is a predictive tool. The premise being that aside from strikeouts, walks and home runs all other outcomes are subject […]

  • Here’s The Pitch

    If pitching is your thing, then be sure to stay tuned to Cubs baseball for the next few days. Runs will be at a premium as the North Siders take on the Cardinals and the Nationals and their top-flight pitching staffs. The Redbirds, Nats and Cubs rank 1st, 4th and 6th respectively in team ERA. But it is the starting staffs that really grab your attention. In that department the Cardinals rank #1 with a 2.21 ERA, a full run […]

  • Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

    Year in and year out you can usually find linkage between outstanding starting pitching and success in the standings. So far the Cubs have managed to defy those projections. Led by Villanueva(1.29), Wood (2.08) and Samardzija (3.38) the Cub starters have the fourth best ERA in Major League Baseball. They have held opposing batters to a MLB low .208 batting average and a also lead  in opponent OPS (on base plus slugging)at .619. For context, there are only seven qualifying […]

  • Think Big

    There is a general perception that good teams separate themselves from bad teams by doing the “little things”. They always throw to the right base. They don’t overthrow the cut-off man. They get their sacrifice bunts down and don’t make mistakes on the bases etc….. I’m not convinced. My guess is if you watched a number of last year’s playoff teams throughout the season they would be guilty of all of the above just about as much as the Cubs […]

  • Let’s Get It Started

    Hey  Chicago what do you say, Cubs will win it all some day. And when they do,  you will party like its 1908. And it will be so much fun to watch.  I’ve been a huge Chicago fan since I started coming to town with the Astros back in 1986. Like just about everyone else in baseball, it has long been my favorite road city. Now I am thrilled to call Chicago home. I love the “bigness” of Chicago. Big […]

  • Sunshine States

    Aside from two weeks at the end of my career, I never spent spring training in Arizona.  I was always with teams that trained in Florida so the past few weeks have been an interesting change for me. The proximity of the teams in the Valley is a huge benefit. No parks are more than about 45 minutes drive so you can get your work in during the morning then head out to play a game in the afternoon. No […]