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  • Massive house fire in Barrington Hills possibly caused by lightning strike

    BARRINGTON HILLS, Ill. —  Fire crews spent several hours putting out flames at a home in Barrington Hills. The owner says she heard some loud thunder around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Two hours later, she realized her top floor was on fire. “They heard a loud noise. The thought maybe the home got hit by lightning and then they realized the roof was on fire,” said Barrington Hills Countryside Fire Chief Jim Kreher. The owner went back inside and got the […]

  • Plainfield Central H.S. student arrested for threatening school

    PLAINFIELD, Ill. — Police arrested a student for threatening a shooting at Plainfield Central High School. The school reported the threat to police. Investigators say the student admitted to making those statements. He did not have a weapon when he was arrested. He’s now charged with a felony for disorderly conduct. In a statement, Plainfield police said they “take all alleged threats seriously and investigate them to the fullest extent. After so many tragic incidents across our country, we cannot […]

  • Federal contractor can unlock just about any iPhone: report

    The federal government reportedly has someone to go to when they need an Apple product hacked. Forbes reports the government contractor, Cellebrite, is telling customers it can unlock basically every iPhone on the market. Cellebrite, which is based in Israel, says they have the ability to infiltrate the security of Apple devices. As part of its “Advanced Unlocking and Extraction Services,” the company says it can break the security of Apple iOS devices and operating systems, running iOS 5 to […]

  • Man mistakenly buys girlfriend tickets for Red Hot Chilli Pipers, instead of ‘Peppers’

    BELFAST, IRELAND — Duncan Robb had the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day all lined up. Months ago, he spotted tickets online for his girlfriend’s favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The tickets were available for a great price, so he bought them. They were getting excited about the upcoming show, when his wife looked up who the opening act was. But she couldn’t find the Chili Peppers playing anywhere in Ireland. That’s when they took a closer look at […]

  • Woman reports repeated sexual assaults by Chicago police officer in 1980s

    CHICAGO — A woman is coming forward about being repeatedly raped by a Chicago police officer three decades ago. 50-Year-old Trina Townsend told her story to the Chicago Police Board during a public hearing. Dozens of residents watched as Townsend told the secret she’s been keeping. Townsend said it all started after she went to the officer for help because a family member was molesting her as a teenager. She said a short time later, the officer drove her to […]

  • Illinois candidate wiretapped discussing black politicians

    CHICAGO —  Newly released FBI wiretaps captured Democratic Illinois governor candidate J.B. Pritzker making racially insensitive comments during a call with then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, including saying a popular lawmaker was the “least offensive” African-American to appoint to a Senate seat. The Chicago Tribune late Monday published the previously unreleased recording from a decade-old investigation of Blagojevich, a Democrat now imprisoned for convictions that included trying to trade an appointment to Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat for campaign cash. Pritzker, […]

  • Man suspected of attempting to burn down home with children inside

    HAMMOND, Ind. — Charges are pending against a man accused of attempted arson. The Northwest Indiana Times reports a mother told Hammond police that the man she lives with attempted to choke her. She says he poured flammable liquid throughout their home in an attempt to burn it down. When the man tried to stop her from leaving with her two kids, she grabbed a gun from her coat and shot him. She then left the home with her children, […]

  • Police officer shot son for swapping his vodka with water, prosecutors say

    INDIAN HEAD PARK, Ill. — A suburban police officer charged with shooting his son during an apparent argument over a bottle of vodka. The judge in this case called the allegations “disturbing” and ordered 48-year old cop to be held without bail. Prosecutors say a high ranking suburban police officer shot his son inside of the home on the Southwest Side. A neighbor who asked us not to use her name witnessed the aftermath.  She says Indian Head Park police […]

  • Indiana teacher arrested for cocaine could bring drug testing to district

    ST. JOHN, Ind. —  An Indiana school district could start drug testing its teachers. This comes after Lake Central High School teacher Samantha Cox was charged with cocaine possession. Prosecutors say Cox was caught on video using cocaine in an empty classroom. She has pleaded not guilty on charges of possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. The Northwest Indiana Times says School Superintendent Larry Veracco told the School Board that its time to discuss drug testing teachers, like they test […]

  • Rodent inspection at CPS school leads to angry standoff; School fails inspection

    CHICAGO — A rat-infested school on Chicago’s South Side failed another inspection today. Tempers continue to flare at   Mollison Elementary in Bronzeville Now the question is will the doors be open tomorrow? CPS says it  will try to finish the cleaning tonight. In the meantime, parents aren’t satisfied and say they won’t let their kids return until they see the school for themselves. Teachers have been documenting the problem with pictures posted online. Council members say they were scheduled to […]