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  • Mark Wahlberg coming to Chicago to encourage young Catholics to find faith

    CHICAGO — Actor Mark Wahlberg wants to help young Catholics in Chicago find their faith. He’s among several speakers to take part at the Archdiocese of Chicago’s (re)Encounter young adult faith night. That is at the UIC Pavilion, 525 S. Racine Ave, on October 20th. The event is for helping young people “discover how you can live your dream and have an active faith life,” according to the Archdiocese’s website. Wahlberg is known for talking about his faith on social […]

  • Man gets body part stuck in a weight at the gym

    WORMS, Germany — A man was clearly not lifting with his legs when he ran into a problem at a gym. Firefighters in Germany came to his aid after he got a weight stuck around his penis. It was inserted in the hole of a 5.5 lb. weight. The firefighters said it took them about three hours to break him out, using tools that included a grinder and a hydraulic saw. The fire department posted a picture of the broken […]

  • Incomes are up, poverty is down, in Illinois

    CHICAGO — Poverty is falling and income is rising in Illinois. Chicago’s poverty rate dropped to 12.4 percent in 2016. It was 13.3 percent in 2015. That’s according to American Community Survey data released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Illinois’ poverty rate went from 13.6 percent, to 13 percent. That is still higher than its pre-recession level of 11.9 percent in 2007. The median household income went up 3.2 percent in the Chicago metro area. It’s now at $66,020. […]

  • Registration for Cubs playoff tickets now open

    CHICAGO — Cubs fans can now enter the lottery for playoff tickets. Online registration is at: The deadline is Tuesday, September 19, at noon. Fans will be required to complete an online form and pay a one-time refundable deposit of $50. The deposit can be applied to the ticket purchase or refunded after the postseason. “We have implemented a new refundable deposit this year as a safeguard to ensure those who register are Cubs fans wishing to attend these […]

  • Tests reveal extremely toxic floodwater in Houston after Hurricane Harvey

    HOUSTON, TX — Some of the flooding left behind by Hurricane Harvey is now making people sick. The New York Times reports it had the high water in two Houston neighborhoods tested. One site had levels of e-coli that were 135 times what is considered safe. Elevated levels of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals were also found. Some of the highest levels are being found in water inside homes. Experts say the conditions are ideal for bacteria to grow […]

  • Police say they were ‘terrified’ of red balloons tied to sewers

    LITITZ, Pa. —  The new movie, “It,” will be in theaters this week and it’s already freaking out some people out. The movie, based on Stephen King’s novel, features a child-murdering clown named, Pennywise. He is known for luring his young victims with a floating red balloon. That image has been showing up in real life in a small town in Pennsylvania and it has police officers “terrified.” The Lititz Police Department posted photos of red balloons that someone tied […]

  • Chance the Rapper to grill at new Nando’s restaurant for CPS

    CHICAGO — Chance the Rapper is taking a break from his day job to raise more money for Chicago Public Schools. He’s working in the kitchen at the new Nando’s restaurant, located at at 117 E. Lake St, that’s opening in the Loop on Tuesday, September 5. Chance tweeted, “Meet me at @NandosUSA Michigan Ave opening. I’m grilling on 9/5 @ 6pm to #SupportCPS & raise $ for @SocialWorks_Chi. Meet me at @NandosUSA Michigan Ave opening. I’m grilling on 9/5 […]

  • Anheuser-Busch canning water — instead of beer — for Harvey victims

    CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — The victims of Hurricane Harvey are getting some help from the makers of Budweiser beer. According to KTVI, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Cartersville, Ga., is canning drinking water so they can send it to the affected areas. More than 50,000 cans are being shipped. The cans will be used at Red Cross shelters and distributed by volunteers. “Throughout the year, we periodically pause beer production at our Cartersville, Georgia brewery to produce emergency canned drinking water so […]

  • midway

    Bad odor from airport noise-reducing windows draw 86 complaints

    CHICAGO — There have been dozens of complaints about the noise reducing windows the City of Chicago is installing in homes near Midway Airport. Homeowners say they stink. They say they’re concerned about a strong odor that’s emitting from the glass. One family says their children are sick with breathing problems that only seem to happen when they’re home. The Department of Aviation says it has received 86 complaints. Just over half of those homes have been inspected. Windows that […]

  • Nuns rollerblade in full wardrobe through Texas streets

    CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Two nuns are hitting the streets of Corpus Christi, Texas, on wheels. The Solt Sisters have earned the nickname “The Holy Rollers” because every week they can be seen on their in-line skates. But they’re not wearing athletic gear, or even helmets. They’re wearing their full religious attire, and some gloves. The nuns say people stop them all the time for pictures and high fives. “We did meet a group of roller derby women and so […]