Emmy award winning reporter, Erin Ivory joined WGN-TV in April 2011. After many years waking up early as part of the WGN Morning News team, she has returned to her reporting roots as WGN Evening News features reporter. She loves her new role, getting to thoughtfully share the stories of everyday people doing amazing and good things all over Chicagoland.

Prior to landing at WGN-TV, Erin circled a 90 mile radius around Chicago, working as a news anchor and reporter in Milwaukee, South Bend and Rockford.

Erin graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When she is not turning stories for the ‘feel-good’ beat, you can find her chasing her wild and crazy four children and two dogs at home with her husband, Demetrius Ivory. Before all that, she used to enjoy running, camping, travel adventures and triathlons. In the interim she’s living on a glorious mix of coffee and chaos…and says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recent Articles
  • Teen with autism honored as manager of suburban basketball team

    LAKE ZURICH, Ill. — For as long as he can remember, Andrew Koppel loved basketball. Since freshman year, he never missed a Lake Zurich home game and got as close to the action as he could. “As a mom with a son with special needs, you worry about your child being accepted,” says Courtney Carlson. She knew her son’s autism would prevent him from making the lineup, but Lake Zurich’s basketball coach took notice of the kid who loved the […]

  • Suburban mom runs 152 miles in 5 days to honor her own mother’s battle with MS

    Kelli McDonald was in 8th grade when her mom began waking up in excruciating pain. Pain that was ultimately diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. Over the years she has watched her mom’s health deteriorate, and along with it, her own determination grow, to do something about it. For the last five years, her feet have carried her hundreds of miles; one foot in front of the other, to fight the disease that robbed her mom of her own ability to run. […]

  • Forget BINGO, these seniors are learning to scuba

    SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Most senior citizens will do just about anything to avoid being hooked up to an oxygen tank, but 91-year-old Velma Robinson and her friend Helen signed up for it, donning goggles, fins and a 45 lb. oxygen tank to try scuba diving for the first time. “I just can’t see people sitting in their rooms watching TV when they can get out and enjoy life!” Velma said. For years the friends have played water volleyball at their Friendship […]

  • Retired preschool teacher brings learning to children in underserved Chicago neighborhoods

    CHICAGO — They say once you’re a teacher, it’s always in your blood. That couldn’t be more true than for retired preschool teacher Michelle Dinneen-White. It bothered her that young children in certain parts of our city weren’t getting the same leg up when it came to early education. So what did she do? She got in her car and brought the lessons to them. Dinneen-White and her team of volunteers bring their mobile preschool to five sites on the […]

  • Iconic Orbit Skate Center to close as number of roller rinks dwindles

    PALATINE, Ill. — Illinois’ largest roller rink is about to call ‘Last Skate’ for the final time this month. Orbit Skate Center in Palatine opened its doors in 1972. At one time the rink packed in over 5OO people a night. But those numbers have been dwindling over the years, while property taxes have gone up. “You need a big footprint for a good skate rink,” owner Sandra Levin said. “When property taxes are charged by the square foot, it’s […]

  • Local high school auto shop fixes up cars for community

    CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. — Instead of being dumped in a junkyard, some broken-down cars are getting an overhaul — and it’s for a good cause. WGN’s Erin Ivory has the full story.

  • Community rallies to support cat colony after homeless neighbor passes away

    CHICAGO — Here in Chicago we hear more about the rat population than street cats, but there’s a corner of town where it’s the cats that reign. Over 30 cats have been spotted in a small alley in the West Loop. How they got there and why the neighborhood is fighting to save them is another story. It’s a story that begins with a homeless man by the name of Antonio Garcia. It was almost 10 years ago that Antonio […]

  • One of Chicago’s most-decorated WWII vets shares his story for the first time

    According to the Veterans Affairs Department, nearly 400 WWII soldiers are dying each day, and the number of those left behind to tell their stories is dwindling quickly. One of Chicago’s most decorated WWII soldiers kept most of his memories hidden for nearly seven decades. Dominic Errichiello is a father to five kids, 18 grandkids and 10 great grandchildren. He says it always bothered him that he couldn’t remember all their birthdays, but he could remember every date of the […]

  • Grieving parents team cardiologists to research heart conditions in young people

    “Gone in a heartbeat.” It’s an agonizing phrase you hear from parents who lost a child this way. Each week an estimated 60 young adults die from Sudden Cardiac Death. Many could have been prevented with a simple ECG test. This is a story about a handful of those grieving parents who are now on the front lines with cardiologists and a slew of volunteers to catch these fatal heart conditions before it’s too late. They call themselves “Young Hearts […]

  • Wedding planner donates leftovers instead of throwing them away

    CHICAGO — A local wedding planner is making a name for herself for something she does after her weddings: doing good with leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away. For the last year and half, Kristin Anderson’s work doesn’t end with last call and the final dance. Instead, that’s when she goes into high gear, packing up all the leftover catered food from the wedding. “We were dumping a ton of food. It would just literally be going into […]