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Erin Ivory joined WGN Morning News in April 2011. She currently covers traffic, as well as live and breaking news via Skycam 9.

Two years prior to covering traffic, Erin had been working at WGN-TV as a per-diem general assignment reporter for WGN News. Before reporting with WGN, she helped launch the station’s online traffic reporting show CommunterCast in 2007 and worked as a traffic anchor on CLTV.

Prior to WGN, Erin was a weekend news anchor and general assignment reporter at WDJT-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also worked as a reporter for WSBT-TV in South Bend, Indiana, and at WREX-TV in Rockford, Illinois, as a reporter and morning anchor.

Erin graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism.

Recent Articles
  • Mayor Emanuel announces $10,000 neighborhood art project in Pilsen

    CHICAGO — Hundreds of local artists will be creating one of a kind murals throughout Chicago wards this summer. All 50 Chicago wards are slated to get the colorful upgrades as part of the new initiative that Mayor Emanuel will announce Thursday at the Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. It’s called the 50×50 Neighborhood Arts Project. Each alderman gets $10,000 to finance the project, which will be matched by the city dollar for dollar. It was the first stroke […]

  • Stadium provides quiet place for fans with autism

    SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — Everything that makes baseball great for the average spectator can be excruciating for those with sensory issues. The crack of the bat, hollers from the dugout and cheers from the stands are sounds that make up everything nostalgic about baseball. And it’s exactly what makes a game unbearable for many on the autism spectrum. Many baseball stadiums, like the one in Schaumburg, are now something about it. The Schaumberg Boomer Stadium has a handful of quiet rooms […]

  • Extra oomph helps e-bike propel into mainstream

    The technology of electric bikes puts more power in pedal strokes. It is illegal for professional racers but is now available and on the market to anyone who wants speed without the work. The extra boost comes  from a motor built right into the pedal and front derailleur of the bike.  The juice is a removable battery pack that can last up to 50 miles and it’s all tracked by a small computer display. For years, E-Bikes have been popular […]

  • Mile-long pizza from local father and son breaks world record

    Chicago has the Mag Mile and can now claim it’s part of the mile long pizza record just broke by a local father and son team. Pizza has been king for the Troiano family for generations. In Roger’s Park, their pizzeria, J.B. Albertos, has lines wrapped around the corner practically every night. They’ve got a reputation – and now a world record – for doing things big. If you like your pizzas big, there’s no bigger delivered pie in Chicago […]

  • Beloved school support dog earns a place in students hearts – and the yearbook!

    PARK RIDGE, Ill. — Their mascot is the Blue Demons but at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, there’s another figure that has captured their hearts. A dog by the name of Luke is so popular with the students, he made this year’s yearbook – not once, but twice. Staff say Luke’s like a extension of the counseling department. “Part of our focus was what can we do to support students here,” says Asst. Principal of Student Services Michael […]

  • Bicyclists buzzes with happiness as she helps neighborhoods’ bees

    CHICAGO — It’s that time of year you might start noticing your backyard is humming with bees. Love the honey but hate the hive? A Chicago woman  is determined to change your perspective. If there every were a bee-whisperer, Jana Kinsman just might be it. She tends to over 40 hives throughout the South and West sides of Chicago and runs her entire business by bicycle. “Whenever I’m in the hive, it’s like some type of meditation,” she says.  “It’s […]

  • Preschoolers cheer on their teacher and Special Olympic champ

    DEER PARK, Ill. – A local teacher got a hero’s welcome this afternoon at a preschool in the suburbs. Garrett Anderson has been teaching and inspiring kids at Bright Horizons in Deer Park for years. Garrett is a sign language teacher by day and strong man by night as he puts in trained in heavy lifting and prepared for the Special Olympics. Today, the school welcomed him home with cheers, signs and pride. “These kids were so proud of me,” […]

  • Boat sharing company makes getting on the water easier, more affordable

    Who doesn’t love being out on the lake? But it’s the cost and the time it takes to maintain a boat that keeps most of us back on shore. That’s where SailTime comes in. The company treats luxury sailboats like time sharing a vacation condo. A monthly fee gets you on the water on any size sail boat or catamaran of your dreams.  And it takes care of all the downsides of boat ownership for you. The maintenance, the slip fees, the […]

  • New app helps make paying off student loans easier

    7 out of 10 college students now graduate with student loan debt that can take decades to pay off. Now, a couple Chicago brother are setting out to change that. A new app is the brain child of Daniel Stelmach and Nick Sky, who, like so many others, found themselves saddled with heavy debt from college. They tried consolidating, refinancing and even postponing payments until one day it hit them. The solution might be as simple as reinventing the old […]

  • Buddies band together to buy bike and surprise friend

    BATAVIA, Ill. — Thousands of bikes are stolen every day. It’s not newsworthy. But it was how this stolen bike story ends that makes it different. It begins with a young man who left work at a Batavia grocery store one day to find his ride home was no longer there. “At first I thought one of my friends put it somewhere else as a joke,” says Christopher Narup. “Nope, it was gone.” Christopher’s bike was gone and a good […]