Erik Runge

Erik Runge joined WGN-TV in November 2013 as a per diem reporter for WGN News.

Prior to working at WGN-TV, Runge spent three years as a general assignment reporter at Fox 9 Minneapolis, Minnesota. He spent several years in central Kansas where he covered the story of a serial killer named ‘BTK’, which stands for Bind Torture Kill. His work has been seen on NBC Nightly News and he has also reported live for MSNBC after Hurricane Ike crashed into Galveston, Texas. He most recently covered governmental shutdowns, a state house protest that lasted for weeks and several natural disasters including hurricanes, tornados, wild fires and blizzards.

An Iowa native, Runge earned his bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa. Runge is a life-long Cubs and Bears fan and lives with his dog Cassie.

Recent Articles
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    Parents of Hadiya Pendleton hold vigil on 3 year anniversary of her death

    CHICAGO — Three years ago Friday 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton was murdered, her death coming just days after performing at President Obama’s inauguration ceremony. Her parents remembered her and other victims of Chicago violence with a vigil on the anniversary of her death. There were no tears, instead, there were a lot of smiles and a lot of love. They gathered on a small piece of a south side sidewalk but we may as well been at church. “Mothers and fathers […]

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    Illinois Institute of Technology student beaten to death near campus

    CHICAGO– A man is being questioned in the beating death of a fellow Illinois Institute of Technology student. Police say an argument broke out early Thursday morning that got physical. The 36-year-old was getting set to graduate this spring, the school tells us he was well liked and right now– we don’t know what led up to the fight. The beating happened outside one of the campus buildings at IIT Police say Jermiron Morris, who went by Jay, was walking […]

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    Fox Lake residents react to Melodie Gliniewicz indictment

    FOX LAKE, Ill. – Fox Lake has been through a lot. First, a beloved Police Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz was thought to be murdered, but a manhunt for three suspects came up empty. Then, word came he’d committed suicide and he’d been stealing from a youth program he was in charge of–spending thousands on lavish vacations, porn sites, and restaurants. Now, Lake County prosecutors say his wife Melodie Gliniewicz was in on it, and have charged her with several felonies. “We’ve […]

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    Surveillance video of Gary phone store shooting released

    GARY, Ind. — A security guard at the ABC cell phone store is shot and it’s unclear if he was targeted or not. Security video shows two people walked into the Gary store, made small talk, then one of them opened fire. The video shows the security guard reading the paper when the suspects walk in. The security guard took a shot to the chest and was rushed to Methodist Hospital where he is in serious condition. The incident happened […]

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    Nuns’ accusations against strip club too broad, says judge

    CHICAGO — A suburban strip club claimed a huge victory in court on Tuesday against a group of nuns and the city of Melrose Park. A judge in Chicago dismissed five of the seven complaints brought against it and even called some of the plaintiff’s arguments “silly.” In order for the case to move forward, the attorneys representing the nuns must be more specific as to why club Allure in Stone Park is a nuisance. The club opened in 2011 and […]

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    Chicago woman tired of singing at friends’ funerals; looking for new song to sing

    CHICAGO– We hope our next story helps to put Chicago’s violence in prospective by looking at it from a different angle. A 21 year old south side woman with a beautiful voice is tired of singing at her friend’s funeral– which to date stands at more than 10. The first thing we were told when we walked in tonight was that under no circumstances was to show their building or address in our story. That is the level of fear […]

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    Travelers prepare for East Coast storm; airlines cancel hundreds of flights

    CHICAGO–  It’s no question– flights all weekend long to the East Coast will be impacted, airlines have already canceled hundreds heading that way. But they are also waiving change fees– all to get people in or out of the East Coast before the storm. When we do stories out at the airport you can almost always count on long lines, angry passengers and flight boards filled with words like delayed or canceled. But there are no lines, few if any […]

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    Illinois Republicans propose state takeover of CPS and possible bankruptcy protection

    CHICAGO — Top Illinois republican leaders, backed by Governor Bruce Rauner, propose a state takeover of Chicago Public Schools. But they face an uphill battle against Mayor Emanuel and the democratic controlled General Assembly. The proposed legislation would allow the Illinois Board of Education to remove the current CPS School Board. Right now the district is facing about a half billion dollar budget shortfalls.  Without state help it says massive layoffs are expected. Filing for bankruptcy would allow CPS contract with […]

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    Rauner addresses proposal of CPS state takeover

    CHICAGO — Governor Rauner says Chicago Public Schools has a financial crisis that’s been long in the making. He attacked Mayor Emanuel for not dealing with the problem. He also called Emanuel’s request for $500 million in state aid to fill CPS’ budget not reasonable. The Governor pushed for his legislation to allow the State Board of Education to take over CPS after donating blood at an American Red Cross Blood Drive at Union Station. “There are a lot of […]

  • CPS headquarters moving to smaller offices to save money

    Republican lawmakers working on plan to bail out CPS: source

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Republican leaders are working on a new plan to help bail out Chicago’s financially troubled public schools. A source tells WGN tonight the plan would allow the state to take over CPS and push it into bankruptcy. That would force the school system to reorganize and eliminate its union contracts. That’s something the governor has been pushing, but Mayor Emanuel has been resisting. Republican leaders have scheduled a news conference tomorrow, to outline their plan for CPS. […]


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