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  • Style Files: Personalized fashion emergency kit

    Susan Redstone To purchase a copy of the book: Just Try It On! The products mentioned today: www.oakley.com www.aerosoles.com www.thesolemates.com www.fashionfirstaid.com www.vaseline.com www.zpalette.com    

  • School Empty Classroom

    UPDATE: Soft lock down lifted Hoffman Estates High School after unattended package found

    A soft lock down at Hoffman Estates High School was lifted at 12:20 p.m. Thursday after police gave the all clear. At 10:24 a.m., the school was placed on soft lock down when an unattended package was was found in the stadium on the outer perimeter of campus. At this time, police will not say what the package was and why it was deemed suspicious. Police stress that it was not a bomb, and no threats were made to the school. The school […]

  • video2

    Watch this gender reveal party take an unexpected turn

    Family and friends of a Pennsylvania couple cheered following the big moment during a gender reveal party earlier this month. But minutes after the couple announced they were having a girl, everyone realized something was wrong. Natalie and Ben received two sealed envelopes from their doctor that revealed the baby’s sex. One envelope was given to a bakery and the couple kept the second envelope. The couple asked the bakery for a cake with pink icing if the envelope said […]

  • adilyndance

    11-year-old girl teaches herself to dubstep, becomes internet sensation

    Meet the latest YouTube sensation. She’s 11-year-old Adilyn Malcolm, AKA Audicious Adi and she has some slick dance moves. That’s not even the interesting part. She’s only been dancing for six months and hasn’t taken a single dancing class. On her YouTube channel, Adilyn says she learned the dance moves by watching other YouTube videos. The Littleton, Colorado girl says dancing has become her new passion.

  • Do-It-Yourself pumpkin decorating

    Chicago Bungalow & Vintage Home Expo South Saturday, October 25 Chicago State University Visit Kellyedwardsinc.com for more information

  • ‘Twin Chefs’ Lilly and Audrey make a delicious dish

    ‘Twin Chefs’ Lilly and Audrey have been all over television. Now they have a new cookbook, ‘We Heart Cooking: Totally Tasty Food for Kids.”

  • IceCreamTruck

    7-year-old boy dies after struck by ice cream truck

    A 7-year-old boy was struck and killed by an ice cream truck in South Los Angeles Wednesday night. Police tell KTLA the boy was riding a bicycle alongside the ice cream truck, and was possibly holding on to it, when he fell off the bike and was run over by the vehicle. The boy, identified as Jamarion Thomas, was taken to Harbor-UCLA Hospital where he later died in surgery. Following the incident, the ice cream truck driver was assaulted by a group of neighbors who also threw […]

  • Photo credit: CNN

    Nina Pham’s dog tests negative for Ebola

    Finally, some good news to report about Ebola. Ebola patient Nina Pham’s dog, Bentley, has tested negative for the virus. The news came via the Dallas Emergency Services and Adoption Center’s Facebook page. Canines can be asymptomatic, meaning they can carry the virus, but show no symptoms. The pooch got the OK from a Texas A&M veterinarian team that cleared him. That same team reported that Bentley’s spirits were high and the staff has “fallen in love with him.” Bentley […]

  • WGN Morning News reenactment: Woman wins $35K lawsuit after falling off toilet

    An elderly woman in Dublin, Ireland has just won $35,000 in a lawsuit . In 2011, Isabela O’Sullivan had her bathroom retiled. And she claims, that while she was sitting on the toilet one of the tiles fell close to her. She was so frightened that she fell forward and injured her right knee. She lay on the ground in pain, before calling a friend. She sued her contractor and won the money. Check out the WGN Morning News reenactment […]

  • crash

    ‘I knew it was coming!’ Men spot erratic driver before three-car crash

    The video above contains language that some viewers may find offensive. Two men in Fayette County, Pa., predicted the future after spotting an erratic driver. After seeing the driver in front of them swerving in and out of lanes, one of the men got out his cell phone and started recording. At one point, the driver nearly swiped the side of a school bus. Later on, the man recording the video tells his friend who is driving to slow down. “Man, I don’t want […]


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