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  • Have more sex… doctor’s orders

    Dr. Laura Berman explains the scientific and medical reasons why you should be having more sex. She’s a doctor, you can trust her. Plus she answers viewer sex and relationship questions.

  • Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.22.29 PM

    Hidden recording: Gay teen comes out to mom and she drops bombshell of her own

    A gay teen decided to come out to his mother, but he had no idea that she had a secret of her own to share. In a video posted to YouTube, Hayden Smith nervously sets up a hidden camera to record the conversation he’s about to have with his mother. Then, he calls her into the room. “I’m gay,” he says. She replies: “Are you? That’s ok. That’s very brave of you to tell me that. Thank you for telling me. It’s not going to […]

  • Photo credit: KARE-TV

    Toddler ignores military protocol, hugs mom anyway

    Three-year-old Cooper Waldvogel of Little Falls, Minn., is used to waiting. Cooper’s mom Kathryn Waldvogel had been deployed in Afghanistan for nine months with the 114th Transportation Company. Cooper’s dad and Kathryn’s husband Adam returned from service in Afghanistan back in December. Kathryn and Adam haven’t seen each other in 19 months, which means Cooper has been without his parents for a third of his life. At the reunion ceremony, Kathryn Waldvogel, along with other soldiers, were told to stand in […]

  • Viewer irked by wrestling ring being called ‘squared circle’

    WGN Morning News’ daily Voicemail segment where they answer viewer voicemails and emails.

  • Ray Rice. Photo Credit: CNN

    NFL players’ union files Ray Rice appeal

    Ray Rice took the first step toward a possible return to the football field Tuesday evening when the NFL players’ union announced it had filed an appeal of his indefinite suspension by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell initially had suspended the running back for two games without pay and fined him the equivalent of another game’s pay. Rice was just a few days away from the end of the original suspension when the commissioner decided to stiffen the penalty once […]

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation’s 10th annual Walk and 5K Run

  • NikWallenda

    Nik Wallenda to walk tightrope over the Chicago River

    Daredevil Nik Wallenda is bringing his next stunt to Chicago. He’s planning to walk more than 50 floors above and across the Chicago River, between Marina City’s west tower to the Leo Burnett Building — at night, without a net or harness — on November 2nd. This is the same guy who walked across the Grand Canyon last year on live TV.  He’s also crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope. “This is going to be the most incredible tightrope walk of […]

  • Tom Skilling hands American Red Cross $8,000 check

    Tom Skilling presents WGN-TV proceeds of $8,000 from WGN-TV’s Midland Radio ‘tornado ready’ event to Fran Edwardson, Chief Executive Officer, American Red Cross of Greater Chicago.

  • Tigetr

    Police respond to call of ‘dead tiger’ on side of road and find this instead

    An Arkansas woman called authorities last week to report a dead tiger on the side of the road. According to the Bryant Police Department’s Facebook page, the woman said she “stopped to take pictures of the animal, but was scared to approach it.” When an officer arrived on the scene to investigate, they discovered that the “dead tiger” was actually just a stuffed fake tiger. “Ofc. VanVeelen located the ‘tiger’ and was even nice enough to give him a ride to the PD,” the […]

  • Toby Keith. Photo credit: WXIN

    Was Toby Keith drunk on stage during Indiana concert?

    Some Toby Keith fans want their money back after they say the country star performed drunk at a concert in Indiana this weekend. Concert-goers took to social media to complain that Keith was stumbling on stage and even fumbling some of the lyrics during Saturday night’s show at the Klipsch Music Center. Here’s a selection of some of the comments from Twitter: Wow was Toby Keith drunk tonight !! — John Collins (@JohnCollins911) September 14, 2014 I won't ever go to a Toby […]


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