Elyse Russo
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Elyse Russo is the Interactive News Producer at WGN-TV. Her Web Watcher segment airs on the WGN News at Five every Thursday.

Before joining WGN in November 2011, she worked as a web producer at ABC7 Chicago. She also spent two years prior working in print journalism in central Illinois before realizing she had a knack for the web.

Elyse earned her master’s degree at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She grew up in Park Ridge, Ill., watching The Bozo Show, naturally.

Recent Articles
  • GrandpaOnTV

    Apps for active duty military and veterans

    For Veterans Day, here is a round up of apps that are useful for active duty armed services and veterans alike: iDeploy Free for iOS Count down the days, hours and minutes until your loved ones come home from deployment. Customize it with a photo and a one-click FaceTime option. Sesame Street for Military Families Free for iOS and Android The Sesame Street for Military Families app is a great resource for military families with young children. The app features engaging videos, […]

  • LakeMichiganZombie

    Coast Guard finds zombie floating in Lake Michigan

    The Coast Guard  turned into zombie hunters over the weekend. High winds and waves on Lake Michigan caused Navy Pier’s Halloween barge to sink Friday, and the Coast Guard confirms that debris from the barge, including zombie mannequins, were pulled from the water. Chief Petty Officer Alan Haraf tells WGN a boat crew from Station Wilmette Harbor came across one of the zombie mannequins from the sunken barge and removed it for two reasons: To return it to its owner and because it was […]

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  • iPhone 5 - 1 - standard

    Apps that will help you save time

    If you think apps only waste your day away, think again. These three apps are designed to help you help you save time. FastCustomer Free for iOS and Android Calling your cable company or bank can be a daunting experience, so this app does the waiting for you. Choose from the app’s list of thousands of companies and it will call for you, navigate through the choices and then call you back when a customer service rep is ready to speak […]

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  • SnapbyGroupon

    Make money from your smartphone with these 3 apps

    Looking to make some extra money? There’s definitely an app for that — several, in fact. Here are three of them: Snap by Groupon Free for iOS and Android No need to clip coupons if you have this handy app. Here’s how it works: First, browse the list of available rebates in the app — some are generic while others are brand specific. After you go shopping, use the app to take a picture of your receipt and the app […]

  • screen320x480

    Apps for breast cancer prevention

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and there are a plethora of apps out there which help with prevention, provide information and even help breast cancer patients. Daisy Wheel Free for iOS This app is a great way to introduce breast self-exams to younger women. Daisy Wheel was specifically developed to educate girls in grades 5-12  on the importance of, and how to do a breast self exam — for life. iBreastCheck Free for Android and iOS This app is a one-stop […]

  • BobJackie

    FULL VERSION 2014: WGN-TV anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange’s commercial break handshake

    WGN-TV anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have been doing their commercial break handshake for years, so when a 2009 YouTube clip of their handshake went viral — again — they decided they needed to record the latest version. Jordan and Bange, who have anchored together for 20 years, say the handshake started in the early 2000s. RELATED: The story behind WGN-TV anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange’s epic commercial break handshake The handshake includes some moves for fun and others that signify certain news events, […]

  • mLxo0z

    The story behind WGN-TV anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange’s epic commercial break handshake

    A clip of WGN News at Nine Weekend anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange doing an elaborate handshake during a commercial break has gone viral — again. The clip, which was published to YouTube in 2009, was recently posted to several websites and even featured on the TODAY show. As a result, the clip jumped from 3.5 million views to more than 5 million views in a matter of days. Even though the YouTube clip is old, Jordan and Bange still […]

  • screen568x568 (1)

    Apps that could prevent a sexual assault from happening

    These apps could potentially help prevent a sexual assault from happening, and they are all free: bSafe Free for iOs and Android This personal safety app has a lot of features to like. The “Follow Me” feature allows your guardians and friends to track your journey home in real-time using GPS technology. And the “I’m here” feature lets them know you’ve arrived. There’s also a “fake call” feature that you could use to get out of an uncomfortable situation. The best feature, […]


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