Dina Bair is an Emmy award-winning journalist who is currently the anchor for WGN Midday News. In addition, she is the medical reporter for the “Medical Watch” segments on WGN Midday News, WGN Evening News and WGN News at Nine. Dina joined WGN-TV as a full-time general assignment reporter in September 1994. She anchored the WGN Weekend Morning News from December 1994 to December 1999.

In 2013, Dina traveled to Italy to cover the election of the new Pope. She reported live from Vatican City.

Dina came to WGN-TV from CLTV in Oak Brook where she was an anchor and reporter. Prior to CLTV, she worked at WHOI-TV in Peoria as an anchor, reporter and producer. Dina also worked at WMAQ-TV in Chicago as a field producer.

Dina is the recipient of numerous awards including nine Emmy awards, a Peter Lisagor award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and multiple Associated Press awards for both anchoring and reporting. Dina was named a Fellow by the National Press Foundation for the “Cancer Issues” seminar in Washington D.C. In perhaps the most rewarding story of her career, Dina spent a month reporting inside the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Her news series and documentary, “Intensive Caring,” detailed the cutting edge medical treatments and life and death decisions won awards for its news and documentary coverage.

Dina is originally from the East Coast and received her B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University in Evanston. Dina has four children and is a tri-athlete who enjoys running, boxing, lifting weights, and competitive ballroom dancing.

She is a founding Board member of the breast cancer charity One in a Million: Dancing With Chicago Celebrities. Dina leads a media running team devoted to raising funds for charity. Dina is also involved with The National Italian American Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, LUNGevity, Respiratory Health Association, American Cancer Society, and is an Advisory Board Member for Saleh Freedom, a movement to aid victims of sex trafficking.

Recent Articles
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    On the Medical Watch: A more cosmetically appealing way to remove the thyroid gland – and the only person who will see the scar is your dentist. “Traditionally we make a transcervical incision which is about a 4-6 centimeter incision straight across the neck,” says Dr Raymon Grogan, a endocrine surgeon at the University of Chicago Medicine. It’s the traditional approach that’s been used for at least a century. But the operation to remove the thyroid gland – due to […]

  • Mini reproductive systems helping doctors in big ways

    There is a new way to test drugs for a specific person without ever trying them on that person. It’s high tech science creating mini reproductive systems for men and women in a lab. Organs that communicate with each other can also tell doctors how to better treat their patients. From complicated machines to the intricate workings of the human reproductive system, visionaries – engineers and biologists grew organs that look like computer chips. “As engineers they know how to […]

  • Using the eye’s own healing power to stop condition that impairs vision

    Patients can see it coming; cloudy, foggy vision creeps in over time. The traditional treatment is a corneal transplant, but a local doctor has pioneered an alternative that harnesses the eye’s natural healing power. It’s the most common reason patients undergo corneal transplant.  Fuchs’ Endothelial Dystrophy affects about four percent of Americans. The pumping cells in the inner lining of the cornea fail. “When the cells stop working the cornea becomes water logged and vision becomes blurry,” says Dr Kathryn […]

  • With veteran’s guidance, young patients connect, develop and heal

    He was on the front lines in Iraq as an army medic who swooped in to help those injured in combat. Now Joe Weismantel’s job is to play. But he plays a critical role in the lives of young patients. “Being a combat medic in Iraq and flying into different environments and picking up casualties, the more and more I think about it the more I’m like, I did what?!” Joe says.  “I did impact a positive change on somebody […]

  • Can an implant help with opioid addiction?

    There is a new option for opioid addiction in the form of a cutting edge treatment. It’s an implant that offers 24 hour relief with no need to take daily medication. WGN News were there when one of the first patient got the implant in Illinois. It may come as no surprise because of the stigma of the struggle, but she did not want to be identified on camera. But she did know how important it was to get help […]

  • WGN Special Report: Hijacked – The Opioid Addiction Crisis

    WGN’s Special Report: Hijacked – The Opioid Addiction Crisis featured several personal stories. You can see all the stories that are part of WGN’s special report here.   For more information on the buprenorphine implant – Probuphine – check out: Physician locator: http://braeburnaccessprogram.com/physician-locator/ Braeburn has been successful in obtaining third-party payer coverage for Probuphine from large and regional insurance companies, as well as coverage under Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration plans. Payer coverage varies from plan to plan and […]

  • Can a sound wave replace the ‘little blue pill’ for men?

    It’s not a little blue pill, but a pulsing sound wave. The technology has been in use for decades for medical ailments – and now a local doctor is harnessing its power to help patients boost their sexual health. Jason Solid, Gainswave patient: “I’m 49 so you feel the physiologic changes as you age. It’s hard to find a man in his late 40s that hasn’t tried some sort of ED medication.” Yuri Polyak, 50, Gainswave patient: “Everybody has issues […]

  • Which suburbs are heroin hot spots? The answer might surprise you

    Drugs on your street. When we talk about the opioid epidemic – most people think “not in my backyard.” You might be surprised how close the drug problem is and how far the product traveled to get here. This is the busiest border crossing in the world! The port of San Ysidro, just south of San Diego. Cars backed up every day from Tijuana. Sixty thousand vehicles go through — some hollowed out holding illegal drugs. “Every day, of course […]

  • Opioid pain relievers kill more than just pain: One doctor shares her struggle with addiction

    They kill the pain, but they’re killing people by the thousands. Opioid pain relievers are so abundant – there are enough in circulation for every person in the country to have one. Sometimes patients go to more than one doctor. Others order them off the internet. Whatever the means to get the pills, for some, the end result is an inescapable addiction. For Dr. Gail Basch, it started in a medicine cabinet. “I received my first opioid after having my […]

  • Daughter’s addiction leads to rapid and fatal decline

    Opioids, including heroin, hijack the brain. In our last piece, we told you how the brain is powerless to resist the pull of these drugs.  Now we show you the young girl who tried opioids and in just six months was dead. She wanted to stop using and told her sister “You have no idea what I’m going through.” She was literally hijacked by heroin. Ken Chiakas had no idea the pain behind the beautiful blue eyes of his daughter. […]