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Dina Bair is an Emmy award-winning journalist who is currently the anchor for WGN Midday News. In addition, she is the medical reporter for the “Medical Watch” segments on WGN Midday News and WGN News at Nine. Dina joined WGN-TV as a full-time general assignment reporter in September 1994. Recently in 2013, Dina traveled to Italy to cover the election of the new Pope. She reported live from Vatican City. She anchored the WGN Weekend Morning News from December 1994 to December 1999.

Dina came to WGN-TV from CLTV in Oak Brook where she was an anchor and reporter. Prior to CLTV, she worked at WHOI-TV in Peoria as an anchor, reporter and producer. Dina also worked at WMAQ-TV in Chicago as a field producer.

Dina is the recipient of numerous awards including seven Emmy awards, a Peter Lisagor award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and multiple Associated Press awards for both anchoring and reporting. Dina was named a Fellow by the National Press Foundation for the “Cancer Issues” seminar in Washington D.C. In perhaps the most rewarding story of her career, Dina spent a month reporting inside the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Her news series and documentary, “Intensive Caring,” detailed the cutting edge medical treatments and life and death decisions won awards for its news and documentary coverage.

Dina is originally from the East Coast and received her B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University in Evanston. Dina has four children and is a tri-athlete who enjoys running, boxing, lifting weights, and competitive ballroom dancing.

She is a founding Board member of the breast cancer charity One in a Million: Dancing With Chicago Celebrities. And she leads a media running team devoted to raising funds for charity. Dina is also involved with The National Italian American Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, LUNGevity, Respiratory Health Association, American Cancer Society, and Imerman Angels.

Recent Articles
  • Blackhawks honor nurse who save the life of a teen

      There is a follow up to a story the Medical Watch reported last week in which someone who went out of her way to help someone else. Her efforts made the difference between life and death. Emily Petersen, a nurse practitioner jumped into action when a young hockey player collapsed at a local ice rink and she was honored at another arena last night. The Blackhawks presented her with their volunteer of the month award for saving a young […]

  • Blood test could take the guesswork out of concussions

    A portable, rapid blood test to detect concussion. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s in development now. And it takes the guesswork out of diagnosis. It’s like a portable laboratory – a handheld device developed by healthcare company Abbott. A few drops of blood on a cartridge and the i-Stat goes to work. Within minutes, the rapid blood analyzer can measure a range of organ functions and blood gases. The results help nurses and doctors make treatment decisions – […]

  • After evaluating passenger for Ebola, Rush staff says they now know what to expect

    Two patients have been sent from O’Hare airport to local hospitals to be evaluated for Ebola. One is a child under observation at the University of Chicago. Federal authorities screened the child and said there were no symptoms of Ebola, or known risk of exposure. The child is in isolation at the University of Chicago and his family is currently under quarantine. One is an adult, taken to Rush University Medical Center where doctors have determined that the patient does […]

  • Stranger’s kindness helps save young hockey player’s life

    A small act of kindness. A stranger steps in and changes the course for a young hockey  player– near death after collapsing in front of his teammates. This is a story about heart, getting involved and saving a life. Emily Petersen, Lurie Children’s nurse practitioner: “Do you mind if I take a listen to you?” Just as she does for all her patients, nurse practitioner Emily Petersen checks Grey Small’s heart rate and his incision site. Emily Petersen: “No puffiness, […]

  • Cardinal George final interview as archbishop

    Francis Cardinal George is speaking out as he prepares to hand over the reins in the Catholic Church in Chicago. During his time, there were closing parishes and growth and the realization of mistakes in the church sex abuse scandal. But as the Cardinal points out, he made a lasting impression on Catholics in Chicago. He says people write to him now and tell him how he changed their lives. Cardinal George’s successor, Archbishop Blasé Cupich will be installed on […]

  • Rush considered for treating Ebola patients in Chicago, other hospitals prepare

    Hospitals in the Chicago area are preparing to treat Ebola cases. Rush University Medical Center is being considered the main hospital in the Chicago area to treat the illness. Medical staff are being trained on how to deal with the patients. Dina Bair has more.  

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    Depression: One woman’s journey from out of the darkness

    A call to action. Today is the day — doctors want anyone suffering with depression to pick up the phone and make a call for help. Don’t know if you have depression? One woman walks us through her journey coming out of the darkness. Calls are up 25 percent at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health in Hoffman Estates. The increase in volume came within one day of Robin Williams suicide – a man who in life made people laugh … in […]

  • National Depression Screening Day brings awareness and help

    A day to save lives. It’s National Depression Screening Day. And as medical reporter Dina Bair tells us – there is help for people who are suffering. Hotline staffers are manning the phones as we speak in local hospitals. At Alexian Brothers – calls are up 25-percent since the suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams. His case helped bring depression out of the darkness. But doctors say people still fear the stigma surrounding a depression diagnosis. And that […]

  • Wife of WGN’s Pat Tomasulo faces rare pain disorder; couple raises awareness

    Shocking, stabbing pain in the face — when trigeminal neuralgia strikes, patients are left in agony. For some, the pain is a constant. With few effective treatments, sufferers are speaking out – putting on a brave face to share their stories and spread awareness. Amy Tomasulo, trigeminal neuralgia patient: “I woke up one day about 13 and a half years ago, just woke up with the pain.” Sharp, electric-like shocks radiated across the left side of Amy’s face. Amy Tomasulo: […]

  • Local doctor puts Ebola in perspective

    Education, quick action and containment are the keys to halting the spread of Ebola. After school children were exposed to the current Texas patient, many wondered, what are the chances they will come down with the deadly virus? So tonight we explore the virus, how it is transmitted from one person to another and how likely it is we will see Ebola in our own community. Ebola patients deteriorate rapidly once the first symptoms emerge, but that can take up […]


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