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Dina Bair is an Emmy award-winning journalist who is currently the anchor for WGN Midday News. In addition, she is the medical reporter for the “Medical Watch” segments on WGN Midday News and WGN News at Nine. Dina joined WGN-TV as a full-time general assignment reporter in September 1994. Recently in 2013, Dina traveled to Italy to cover the election of the new Pope. She reported live from Vatican City. She anchored the WGN Weekend Morning News from December 1994 to December 1999.

Dina came to WGN-TV from CLTV in Oak Brook where she was an anchor and reporter. Prior to CLTV, she worked at WHOI-TV in Peoria as an anchor, reporter and producer. Dina also worked at WMAQ-TV in Chicago as a field producer.

Dina is the recipient of numerous awards including seven Emmy awards, a Peter Lisagor award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and multiple Associated Press awards for both anchoring and reporting. Dina was named a Fellow by the National Press Foundation for the “Cancer Issues” seminar in Washington D.C. In perhaps the most rewarding story of her career, Dina spent a month reporting inside the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Memorial Hospital. Her news series and documentary, “Intensive Caring,” detailed the cutting edge medical treatments and life and death decisions won awards for its news and documentary coverage.

Dina is originally from the East Coast and received her B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from Northwestern University in Evanston. Dina has four children and is a tri-athlete who enjoys running, boxing, lifting weights, and competitive ballroom dancing.

She is a founding Board member of the breast cancer charity One in a Million: Dancing With Chicago Celebrities. And she leads a media running team devoted to raising funds for charity. Dina is also involved with The National Italian American Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, LUNGevity, Respiratory Health Association, American Cancer Society, and Imerman Angels.

Recent Articles
  • What phone use can tell us about depression – and how it can help in treating it

    They hold all the information we need to navigate our daily lives. Smart phones give us weather and news updates, store our photos, music and phone numbers. And now our life line to the outside world can tell us what we’re feeling on the inside. They go everywhere with us, so it’s no surprise researchers at Northwestern Medicine utilized the mobile device to help them collect valuable information … no questions asked. David Mohr, PhD, Northwestern Medicine, preventive medicine professor: […]

  • Man shows amazing display of true grit at ALS 5K

    CHICAGO — The Strike Out ALS 5K run was Tuesday night at US Cellular Field. More than 700 runners came out to compete and raise money, but there was a special roar for one participant in particular. The crowd had a round of applause and more than a few tears for former Kankakee fireman Derek Hogg, an ALS patient. Two years ago, just after his diagnosis, Hogg ran the 5K in just 22 minutes. Last night he put on a […]

  • Have faith, improve your health: How the Good Book helps you with good eating

    Having faith you will improve your health. Doctors get a little divine intervention in their efforts to educate the public and change health habits. It’s a typical Wednesday morning bible study at Third Baptist Church of Chicago. But the message for the group gathered today – eat more vegetables! Rev Alan Ragland, Third Baptist Church of Chicago: “It’s kind of like when you know better you do better.” The idea started with Reverend Alan Ragland, who asked health care providers […]

  • Archbishop Cupich celebrates mass with Pope Francis, receives pallium

    VATICAN CITY — A special mass at the vatican is now over. Archbishop Blase Cupich received a special vestment called the pallium from Pope Francis. The Leader of Chicago Catholics traveled to Rome to meet the pope for the very first time. Early Monday morning, Pope Francis celebrated mass for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul in St. Peter’s Basilica. During the mass, the pope blessed the pallium, which is a wool white scarf-like item that is given to bishops […]

  • Archbishop Cupich visits Pope Francis, attends Mass in Italy

    ORVIETO, Italy — Archbishop Blase Cupich led a pilgrimage far from the city of Rome to a town called Orvieto. It was there Chicago Catholics got to see a miracle and hear inspiration from their leader. In the land of chirping birds and olive trees, a cathedral sits high atop a hill. Inside, a host, stained with blood from the 13th century when it began dripping during a Mass at the consecration. And Sunday at Mass, archbishop Cupich reminded those […]

  • Walk in the woods is good for your health

    It’s a free and powerful drug – nature can help heal, de-stress and improve our mental health. It sounds simple, but there’s science to back up the claim. For some, all it takes is a walk in the woods. It may look like a leisurely stroll … but there’s greater purpose for this group gathered among the 1700 acres of trees at the Morton Arboretum. Amos Clifford, Founder, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy: “The question we often get is, […]

  • Thought-controlled prosthetic makes for smart bionic leg

    A giant step forward for leg amputees. A thought-controlled prosthetic so smart it’s carrying users to new heights with little effort. Mike Gilbert, bionic leg user: “I’ve tried every leg made by man.” But this one trumps them all — a prosthetic that combines a knee and ankle joint with thought-controlled bionics. Dr Levi Hargrove, RIC research scientist: “In order to do that we leverage the neuro signals, the muscle signals, because they contract naturally. You can see we have […]

  • Under-eye procedure may make you look less tired

    CHICAGO — They can inject a more youthful appearance — fillers for the face are often used to smooth the skin and boost volume in the cheeks, lips and around the mouth. And if you’re looking tired, a little under the eye may do the trick. It goes in deep — the first of three layers of filler that plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Iteld injects just under the lower eyelid, an area that, for some, can appear sunken-in and hollow. “It […]

  • Singer helps healing process at children’s hospital

    On a quest for stardom, singer Erin Elisabeth Aubrey found a real golden opportunity. She traded in the stage for a much smaller venue. Her powerful voice, which once moved crowds, now lifts up children. WGN’s Dina Bair has more. And more on Erin’s music at www.facebook.com/Erin-Elisabeth-Aubrey

  • Colorful blueprints of nerves help surgeons in new way

    Blending art and medicine. Local doctors create colorful blueprints to map delicate nerves. The designs give surgeons a view like never before. Dr Michel Kliot, Northwestern Medicine neurosurgeon: “Not only are they beautiful but clinically useful images.” They look like pieces of art – bold, colorful images you’d likely see lining the walls of a modern gallery. But these pictures are displayed in an operating room. Dr Kliot: “Here you can see the spinal cord. Now you can see the […]


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