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An Emmy-nominated journalist, Cortney Hall joined CLTV as an anchor in December 2013, and now delivers the latest news headlines on the 9 o’clock hour of WGN Morning News. Previously, Cortney was a news anchor and reporter at WKMG-TV in Orlando, Florida. Cortney began her career at Bloomberg News in New York City, where she produced various morning news segments.

Cortney got her BS from from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2003, and then went on to get her MA from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern.

Cortney was born and raised in the Oak Brook suburb of Chicago. She attended Fenwick High School.

If she’s not in the newsroom, you can usually find Cortney at the driving range or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. She also enjoys spending time outside or playing tennis.

Recent Articles
  • Tech assisting schools in worst case scenarios

    School districts are getting ready for worst case scenarios. Some perform graphic drills schools to prepare for active shooter situations. Now, many districts are turning to technology to assist them. WGN’s Cortney Hall has more  

  • Decision to be announced next month in Adolfo Davis re-hearing

    CHICAGO — A re-sentencing hearing concluded late Monday night for convicted murderer Adolfo Davis.  The judge will announce his decision on May 4th. Davis is  serving a mandatory life sentence for a gang related double murder since he was 14-years-old. 25 years later, he’s is being re-sentenced after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling said it’s unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to “mandatory life without the possibility of parole.” Davis’ attorneys called several witnesses today to talk about the man he’s become […]

  • Cook County pushing schools to become safer — with help of Homeland Security

    CHICAGO — Cook County is pushing to get teachers trained and prepared in case there’s a threat of violence in the school. Earlier this month some 300 teachers and administrators from public and private schools gathered for training. Cook County Homeland Security and emergency management: this is the first on many sessions. Columbine, Sandy Hook: massacres that forever rocked our sense of security at school. Now walk up to a suburban school like Reavis High, and you’re met with locked […]

  • U.S. Supreme Court decision prompts resentencing for Adolfo Davis

    CHICAGO– A man who was sentenced to mandatory life in prison as a teenager, Friday learned he’ll be resentenced and possibly freed because of a U.S. Supreme Court decision. It’s on the court calendar. Adolfo Davis will be resentenced in the spring. He was locked up at 14-yrs-old for a gang-related double murder. He’s spending two-and-a half decades in prison. Now he’s being held in the cook county jail. And freedom is in reach. Rachel Steinback, Davis’ attorney: “I think if there […]

  • The challenges and opportunities of Gary at its turning point

    New business is breathing life into an Indiana town that’s been struggling for decades. Gary, Indiana was once a bustling city in the 1960s. Then it declined. But now city leaders say Gary is at a turning point and young business owners are leading the way. A few of them spoke about the challenge and opportunity.

  • More African-Americans turn to technology to learn more about ancestry

    More African-Americans turn to technology to learn more about ancestry Many African Americans curious about their ancestry are taking DNA tests to find answers and opening a door that’s been closed for centuries, WGN’s Cortney Hall wanted to learn about her heritage. She explains how using the test African Ancestry looked at her mitochondrial DNA, genetics specifically inherited from one’s mother, and her mother, and her mother and so on. African Ancestry is just one of a few companies gaining […]

  • Juvenile ordered to life in prison now has hope for re-sentencing

    Should you be punished for life for a crime you committed at the age of 14? That’s at issue in our highest courts right now. There are roughly 100 juvenile offenders in Illinois who’ve been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Since the U.S Supreme Court found that unconstitutional each state must decide if that ruling is applied retroactively. Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Iowa and Michigan are a few that said “no.” Illinois is one of the states that said […]

  • Creating calm in one of Chicago’s roughest areas: Yoga comes to West Englewood

      In the heart of one of Chicago’s roughest neighborhoods, between two gang territories, is one corner of tranquility at 64th and Honore. The organization I-Grow Chicago bought a house on this corner of West Englewood in hopes of helping to reduce stress levels for its neighbors. The block outside the home is closed for five hours, four days a week. Kids who attend get a light breakfast and then practice street yoga. “Englewood has some amazing resources in the […]

  • More women applying for concealed carry permits

    Concealed carry is the law now in Illinois.  That means paperwork, background checks and hours of training for people who want to carry guns. And a surprising number of those applications are being filed by women. Illinois State Police say almost 12% of those concealed carry applications coming in state are from women. And firearms trainers say they expect that number to grow as they see interest building. Nationwide the number of women who owned guns spiked to 23% in 2011, […]

  • Gov. Quinn to deliver state budget proposal today

    Governor Quinn faces a no-win choice when he proposes his budget today before the General Assembly.


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