Cortney Hall

An Emmy Award-nominated journalist, Cortney Hall joined WGN News as a CLTV anchor in December 2013, and now delivers the latest news headlines on the 9 o’clock hour of WGN Morning News.

Previously, Cortney was a news anchor and reporter at WKMG-TV in Orlando, Florida. Cortney began her career at Bloomberg News in New York City, where she produced various morning news segments.

Cortney got her Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2003. She went on to get her Master of Arts from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern.

Cortney was born and raised in the Oak Brook suburb of Chicago. She attended Fenwick High School.

If she’s not in the newsroom, you can usually find Cortney at the driving range or whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. She also enjoys spending time outside or playing tennis.

Recent Articles
  • Privately funded recovery center in Chicago offers different approach to treatment

    CHICAGO — Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center touts a new approach to addiction recovery in being less rigid than traditional treatment centers. Motivated by a family member’s addiction, Chicago businessman Bryan Cressey founded the center a little over a year ago. “I’m passionate about it because I’ve seen it in extended family and I’ve also recognized I can make this work,” Cressey said. “This is something I can do to save lives and transform lives.” Cressey privately funds the […]

  • Nonprofit uses stocks to get young people to invest in themselves

    CHICAGO — A Chicago organization is seeking to close a longstanding gap in financial literacy by educating students in a unique way: buying shares of public companies and learning about the stock market. Called One Stock One Future, the nonprofit has the lofty goal eventually of turning a million underprivileged youth into shareholders, creating a sense of ownership and pride. Founder Rendel Solomon created the organization to teach financial literacy to underprivileged youths through stock ownership. “I’m trying to provide hope, inspiration, empowerment and opportunity,” […]

  • How a journey to sobriety turned into a trip down the aisle

    They say you find love in strange places. And that proved to be true for James Thompson and Coretta Broomfield. They fell in love while getting treated for drug addiction at Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center. Thompson started using heroin after his first marriage fell apart. Broomfield began using when she was 22 years old and had been hooked for 25 years. Both of them say they were at their worst when they got to Above and Beyond. “Doing […]

  • Tired of violence, some Chicagoans opt to move

    The last weekend in October ended in violence with at least 17 dead and 57 wounded in shootings around the city. Chicago has recently marked some grim milestones making people say enough is enough. Constance Lee and her husband Jonas say the violence in Chicago is so horrible, they are prisoners in their own home. Tired of dodging bullets, the Lees say they plan to move their five children out of state within the next two years. “Once you become […]

  • WGN hosts 5-day broadcast camp for kids from Breakthrough Ministries

    CHICAGO — An organization in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood is striving to create fun and positive learning opportunities for Chicago Public School students. WGN Reporter Cortney Hall  teamed up with Breakthrough Ministries for a five-day, hands-on broadcasting camp. For more information, go to: Watch video news packages the broadcasting students put together themselves below:        

  • Chicago firefighters reflect on Sept 11th

    It’s been 15 years since our nation came under attack on September 11, 2001. Hijackers drove two airliners into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. A third plane was steered into the Pentagon. And a fourth plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania. Between New York and Washington DC almost 3000 people were killed, about 400 were police officers and firefighters. Like the rest of the nation, Chicago firefighters watched the horror unfold on television. Department […]

  • Organization helps bridge gap between businesses and people with disabilities

    A local organization is bridging the communication gap between businesses and people with disabilities. JJ’s List works kind of like Yelp and it’s recently gaining traction. From their small office in Evanston, JJ’s List is managing a growing community of thousands across the country. Sarah Armour is part of the team that manages the website. She says it’s changing the way people think about diversity, specifically people with disabilities. “I think it’s about seeing us as people and not as […]

  • New head of Chicago Animal Care and Control’s mission to save more lives

    CHICAGO – The new head of Chicago Animal Care and Control just completed her first month on the job. And she’s got a mission to save more lives. She’s got a long to-do list. The shelter has a renovation underway and faces challenges with K9 influenza, partnerships to build upon and a relatively tight budget. All of this, as more-and-more strays are coming in. WGN’s Cortney Hall reports how those idea falls right in line with a separate effort in […]

  • Chicago singer uses her voice to speak out against cyber bullying

    CHICAGO — After becoming the target of cyber bullying, Chicago world music singer Ugochi used her voice to speak out against negativity. WGN reached out to the woman who posted the original mean message and she even agreed to meet with Ugochi to apologize, but backed out. We spoke with an attorney who says there’s not really much you can do if this happens to you. If this happens to you, a bullying expert suggests reaching out to a social […]

  • For 911 call centers, training and certifications vary across the board

    The people on the other end of your 911 call deal with thousands of life-and-death situations every day.  So it may be surprising to learn  that right now, there are no state standards to train and certify people doing that job. This week is National Public Safety and Telecommunications week. Recently there have been some cases that have shined the spotlight on 911 call handlers which have raised question on their qualifications and how they’re trained. For each call center […]