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  • DarrenWilson-MichaelBrown

    Ferguson grand jury decision to be announced at 8 p.m.

    While protesters chanted late Monday for an indictment in the shooting death of Michael Brown, officials called for calm as the world awaits word of the grand jury’s decision. “No matter what is announced, people will be emotional. I want people to think with their heads and not with emotion,” said St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley. “This is not the time to turn on each other. It is a time to turn to each other.” Protesters were gathering outside […]

  • horses

    What’s up with the Budweiser Clydesdales?

    A report in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday night said that Anheuser-Busch InBev will not trot out the traditional Clydesdales in its holiday beer ads in its bid for younger customers. The Internet and fans of the majestic horses blew up in horror. But Anheuser-Busch on Monday said the report may have left a “wrong impression” — the Budweiser Clydesdales will, in fact, be a part of the brand’s upcoming holiday “responsible drinking advertising.” The company also said the […]

  • A Cleveland police officer responding to a call about a person with a gun fatally wounded a 12-year-old boy brandishing what turned out to be an air gun that looked very much like a real firearm, police said. Photo credit: WJW

    Cleveland police say slain youth’s air gun ‘indistinguishable from a real firearm’

    A law enforcement officer’s quick decision is once again being put under a microscope. On Monday, Cleveland police said officers fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice as the youth reached for an air pistol in his waist. Chief Calvin Williams said the air pistol was “indistinguishable from a real firearm,” WJW reports. An orange tip indicating the gun was not a real firearm had been removed, police said. “Our officers at times are required to make critical decisions in a split […]

  • 141123211017-ferguson-cross-1123-tablet-large

    Ferguson grand jury reconvenes today

    As a grand jury reconvenes Monday to weigh evidence in the Michael Brown shooting, the city of Ferguson is on edge. Some businesses have boarded up and activists are prepared to protest. Local officials told CNN that if the grand jury decides whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson on Monday, an official announcement of that decision could come soon afterward — rather than 48 hours later as previously planned. Officials caution, however, that nothing is set and logistics are still […]

  • 141124111922-sot-hagel-obama-announce-resignation-00022810-tablet-large

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to step down

    President Barack Obama announced Monday that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will step down from his position as soon as the Senate confirms a successor. Hagel, who has served as Defense secretary since February 2013, was forced out by President Barack Obama, CNN confirmed from several sources. During his remarks from the White House, Obama, however, praised Hagel as an “exemplary” Defense secretary, calling him critical to a number of national security accomplishments during his tenure, and characterized Hagel’s resignation as […]

  • ukpoopbus

    UK’s first ‘poo bus’ runs on human poop, food waste

    The A4 bus service from Bristol to Bath in the United Kingdom might as well be called “the number two.” It runs on human poop and food waste. The U.K.’s first “bio-bus” is powered by biomethane gas, which is generated through the treatment of sewage. This UK bus is fueled in part by human waste. We're not sure we'd want to be behind it http://t.co/HZP5gzWHNS pic.twitter.com/dqvJ5iYSZe — CNET (@CNET) November 21, 2014 With a full tank, the bus can travel […]

  • Credit Cards

    Say goodbye to your checkbook and debit card

    The checkbook is dead. While we’re at it, let’s write an obit for card readers too. And if you’ve ever worried about who might be looking over your shoulder at the ATM machine, or the exorbitant fee that money transfer will cost you, don’t fret. In years to come — not even that many — these problems won’t even exist as the way we bank and control our finances will change vastly. It already has in many ways. “We’re in […]

  • marionbarry

    Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry dies at 78

    Former Washington Mayor Marion Barry is dead, a Washington hospital spokeswoman said early Sunday. He was 78. Barry was elected four times as the city’s chief executive and was a council member in the District of Columbia for 15 years. The one-time leader of the city’s old Board of Education, Barry was, at one time, revered nationally as a symbol of African-American political leadership and beloved for his prowess at local politics. But his professional accomplishments were often overshadowed by […]

  • Cliff Huxtable, 'The Cosby Show'

    Ex-NBC employee claims Bill Cosby paid off women with his help

    An ex-NBC employee claims that he served as Bill Cosby’s ‘royal fixer.’ Frank Scotti told New York Daily News that he stood guard as Cosby invited young models into his Brooklyn dressing room. Scotti also claims he helped delivered payments in his own name to eight different women  between 1989-1990. “He had everybody fooled,” said Scotti in an exclusive interview with the Daily News. “Nobody suspected.” A lawyer for Bill Cosby called the increasing number of claims of sexual assault […]

  • TaylorSwift

    8 stars who stole the show at the American Music Awards

    At the American Music Awards on Sunday, there was plenty of love for international artists. British boy band One Direction was a big winner at the 2014 ceremony, taking home both the artist of the year award and the trophy for favorite pop/rock band, duo or group. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who walked into the ceremony as the lead nominee with six nods, also won two awards on Sunday, including the favorite rap/hip-hop album honor. “This award is the first […]


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