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    Is this the most racist ad ever? Chinese detergent commercial sparks outrage

    A black man and a young Chinese woman are flirting, as he leans in for a kiss she thrusts a detergent capsule in his mouth and bundles him into a laundry machine. She sits atop the machine as the man spins and screams inside until, to her apparent delight, out pops a handsome Chinese man dressed in a clean, white t-shirt. This staggeringly offensive advert is attracting outrage on both the Chinese and wider web, with users blasting it for […]

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    Obama calls for ‘world without nuclear weapons’ in Hiroshima

    HIROSHIMA — Barack Obama on Friday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, where he called for a “world without nuclear weapons” during his remarks at the city’s Peace Memorial Park. Obama said that “71 years ago on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed.” “A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself,” the President added during […]


    It’s now a hate crime to target police, first responders in Louisiana

    LOUISIANA – With the nationwide friction between the Black Lives Matter movement and supporters of law enforcement as a backdrop, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards signed a bill Thursday expanding the state’s hate-crimes statute to add the targeting of police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel. “Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, I have great respect for the work that they do and the risks they take to ensure our safety,” Edwards said Thursday, adding, “they deserve every protection […]

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    Mom says girl recorded having sex in school bathroom was victim of human trafficking

    FORT MYERS, Fla. — A community firestorm erupted after hearing about a 15-year-old girl having sex with boys in the bathroom at a Florida high school. The county’s sheriff’s office has even become involved after images and videos of the sex acts ended up on social media. A lot of people have commented and shared the story, many casting judgment about the young girl. Her mother reached out to the local NBC affiliate, WBBH, asking the media outlet to share […]

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    Woman caught trying to smuggle meth-filled burritos across the border

    TUSCON, Ariz. — There’s no end to the industriousness of drug smugglers. They’ve tried to smuggle in pot in fake carrots. They’ve tried a drone to drop heroin into a prison yard. This week, border agents in Tucson, Arizona, said they busted a woman trying to sneak in a pound of meth disguised as burritos. The operative word here is “disguised.” Because clearly the smuggler didn’t put much thought into it. No fixings to blanket it in. Not even an […]

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    15-pound baby girl born in India

    DELHI, India — A young woman in India has given birth to a 15-pound baby girl, which doctors believe is the country’s heaviest newborn. The 6.8-kilogram baby is the weight of an average four-month old, and was born by cesarean section Monday to a 19-year-old woman. “I have been working for 10 years in this hospital, and (until now) the heaviest baby I have delivered is 4.5 kilos,” said Poornima, who delivered the baby and wanted to be identified only […]

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    Trump and Sanders to debate each other for charity

    Could a debate between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders be in the works? Trump says he’d “love to.” Sanders? “Game on.” Appearing on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night, Trump said he would be willing to spar with Sanders in lieu of likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, joking, “How much is he going to pay me?” “If I debated him, we should have such high ratings, and I think I should give — take that […]


    1 killed in shooting at rapper TI’s concert in New York

    NEW YORK– A man has been killed in a shooting at a New York City concert venue where rapper T.I. was scheduled to perform Wednesday night, according to law enforcement officials. The incident occurred backstage at about 10:15 p.m. in the third floor green room area of the Irving Plaza music venue, New York City Chief of Manhattan Detectives William Aubry said. T.I. was in the building, but two other people were performing at the time of the shooting, he […]

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    American Airlines waives man’s $200 change fee after witty letter

    The next time an airline hits you with a fee, you can either go on a epic rant about “Big” Business and their “evil” ways. Or you can do what Alex Hamberger did. He took the honey over the vinegar approach and look where it got him. Back in March, a sudden illness forced Hamberger of Buffalo, New York, to cancel a flight to see his 9-month-old niece in Kansas City. He had to rebook, and we all know what […]

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    In Chicago, less than 1% saw a lawyer after arrest

    CHICAGO — On the south side of this wounded city, young black men and women fill a youth center on a recent weekend to learn how to exercise their civil rights. “Who watched the Laquan McDonald shooting?” asks civil rights instructor Charles Jones, referring to the infamous October 2014 episode in which a black teenager was shot 16 times by a white police officer who is now facing murder charges. The shooting, captured on dashcam video, sparked protests across the […]


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