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  • oregonstandoff

    Oregon standoff: 3 of 4 occupiers surrender to FBI

    PORTLAND, Or. — Three of the four remaining occupiers at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge’s headquarters in Harney County, Oregon, surrendered Thursday after 41 days, according to David Fry, the lone holdout, speaking on a live streamed phone call. Fry is refusing to come out, saying his grievances have not been heard. [Previous story, posted at 10:07 a.m. ET] The armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge in Oregon say they will turn themselves in Thursday morning, hours after federal agents arrested Cliven […]

  • An image from video shows riot police outside a prison in Monterrey, Mexico, on Thursday.

    52 dead in riot at Mexico’s Topo Chico prison

    MONTERRY, Mexico — Fifty-two people were killed in the prison riot in northern Mexico, Nuevo Leon state Gov. Jaime Rodriguez said Thursday. The riot began as a fight between two warring groups inside the Topo Chico prison, Rodriguez said. Twelve others were injured, including five in critical condition, he said. Inmates set fires during the riot, which affected two of the prison’s units, the governor said. [Previous story, published at 8:58 a.m. CT] An incident at a prison in northern […]

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    Zika virus might damage vision

    Zika may now be linked to serious eye abnormalities that could lead to blindness in Brazilian newborns with microcephaly, according to a study published in JAMA. “These are severe retina lesions that will impede the ability of the children to see well,” said lead author Rubens Belfort Jr., head professor of ophthalmology at the Federal University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. “Many of these children could be blind.” Microcephaly is a birth defect defined by an abnormally small head. Depending […]

  • tamirrice

    Tamir Rice’s family receives $500 ambulance bill from Cleveland

    CLEVELAND, Ohio —  First, a Cleveland police officer shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice as he played with a toy pellet gun in a public park. Then the city said the boy’s death was his own fault. And now Cleveland has charged the Rice family for his final ambulance ride. That latest development, coming on Wednesday nearly 15 months after Tamir’s death, stirred up fresh outrage — not just from his family, but from the Cleveland police union that’s fought […]

  • (Photo credit: Blue Star Line Facebook page)

    VIDEO: Fully functioning replica of Titanic is set to sail in 2018

    Don’t book your tickets for the Titanic II just yet. A spokesman for Australian tycoon Clive Palmer told the Belfast Telegraph that the project to bring an exact replica of the original ill-fated ship has been pushed back from 2016 to 2018. The new ship will be practically identical to the original luxury liner, which famously sank in April 1912 after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The only difference will be that the Titanic II will be wider, […]

  • si

    Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue features another plus size model

    Last year Ashley Graham was in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. In an ad. This year the plus-sized model is one of the stars, a 2016 SI Swimsuit rookie. She’s not the first model in the issue’s history who is considered plus-sized, but her inclusion signals a trend for the 52-year-old tradition. Last year Robyn Lawley, a size 12, broke the SI swimsuit mold. Size 12 is pretty average for most women, but not when you’re in the same profession […]

  • (Getty Images.)

    U.S. congressman proposes law to limit shrinking airline seats

    Among things about which people are “mad as hell and not gonna take anymore,” shrinking airline seats have to be near the top of the list. But now, a U.S. lawmaker isn’t just grumbling about being stuck in economy behind some inconsiderate lummox reclining his seat. He’s doing something about it. Attempting something that’s never been done before, Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, has proposed establishing mandatory federal minimum size standards for airline passenger seats. “This issue, in my opinion is […]

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    President Obama addresses Illinois lawmakers in Springfield

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Even as he works to accentuate eight years of achievements, President Barack Obama paused Wednesday to highlight where he readily admits he’s failed. Returning to Springfield, Illinois, site of his presidential campaign launch nine years ago, Obama confronted the gaping shortfall between his lofty 2007 rhetoric on changing the country’s political discourse, and the reality of politics today: meaner and more divided than ever. Obama reflected on his time in the Illinois state Senate when he worked with […]

  • Burger King unveiled two versions of their hot dogs on the menu for the first time in its 62-year history.

    Burger King launching grilled hot dogs this month

    NEW YORK — The self-proclaimed king of burgers now has hot dogs on the menu for the first time in its 62-year history. Burger King unveiled two versions of the item — a classic and a chili-cheese dog — at a private event Tuesday. One executive called the hot dog the biggest launch since 1970s, when the company introduced its chicken sandwich. The “Grilled Dog” will be available starting February 23rd. “We’ve worked to bring guests a hot dog that […]

  • primary

    Sanders, Trump win New Hampshire primaries

    MANCHESTER, N.H. — His supporters are waving large foam fingers marked “You’re hired.” Backers of Donald Trump are celebrating the billionaire’s victory in the New Hampshire primary. Trump finished well ahead of the pack. Exit polls showed Republicans are disappointed with their representatives in Washington. Four in 10 said they were angry. Bernie Sanders says his solid win in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary was “huge” (yooj) and sends a message that the government belongs to all of the people, not just wealthy […]


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