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  • Kindness and caring just as important as reading and math in Miss Wood’s classroom

    Our Teacher of the Month teaches second grade in far northwest suburban Ingleside. Of course, reading, writing, math and science dominate her lesson plans, but it’s her kindness, caring and show of affection that’s having the most impact. Miss Wood’s personality shines through each day.  She puts a heavy emphasis on the importance of self-love and the love and affection for others. It’s part of the family-like atmosphere she’s created over the past 19 years at Gavin Central Elementary. In […]

  • Student’s amazing, hand-painted prom dress a real ‘Scream’

    A high school student in Florida is getting attention across the country for her prom dress. Senior Jadyn Duguid painted her prom dress to look like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and even painted her date’s tie to match! Jadyn bought the dress for just 40 dollars at a thrift shop. Then she spent about 20 hours painting her masterpiece. Last year, she painted Van Gogh’s Starry Night on her dress. Jadyn is thinking of selling her dress on Ebay.

  • Suspects sought in string of violent robberies

    ] CHICAGO — Chicago police are searching for suspects after a series of recent robberies on the Near West Side. Police say a group of two to seven men 16 to 25 years old approached their victims, then beat and robbed them. Two of the robberies took place on April 20th  in the 900 block of South Bell and the 900 block of North Leavitt. There were two more on April 21st in the 900 block of North Honore and […]

  • Making scones with Marissa Hermer of Bravo’s ‘Ladies of London’

    The hit Bravo show “Ladies of London” follows the lives of several friends as they navigate the London scene while running businesses, raising kids and causing drama. Marissa Hermer is a fan favorite who has spent three years on the show. She shared recipes from her new cookbook An American Girl in London.

  • 83-year-old arrested in hit-and-run that killed motorcyclist

    HANOVER PARK, Ill. — An 83-year-old driver is now facing charges for a deadly hit and run crash in Hanover Park. Police say Ramon Barajas crashed into a woman on a motorcycle Monday at Army Trail and County Farm roads. 30-year-old Christina Jankowski was killed in the crash. Police say Barajas left the scene. His bond has been set at 50 thousand dollars. His lawyer says Barajas has a number of health problems and suffers from dementia.

  • Ride the ‘Cubster!’ Cedar Point makes good on World Series bet

    Some would say watching the Cubs in the World Series was like riding an emotional roller coaster. Now, thanks to their victory, there’s an actual roller coaster to ride in their honor. Way back last fall, just as the Cubs were about to face the Cleveland Indians in Game 1, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio and Six Flags Great America in Gurnee made a World Series wager.   The losing team’s home park had to rename a signature attraction in […]

  • Jimmy John’s bringing back Dollar Sub Day

    In just a week, a Jimmy John’s sub can be yours for one whole dollar only. The sandwich chain announced the news on social media today. DOLLAR SUB DAY AT PARTICIPATING JIMMY JOHN’S LOCATIONS! MAY 2ND 4PM-8PM #REALNEWS — Jimmy John's (@jimmyjohns) April 25, 2017 Subs #1 – #6 for a buck, they say. @BennyBean75 #1-#6! — Jimmy John's (@jimmyjohns) April 25, 2017 They say you can find out if your location is participating just by calling them and asking. […]

  • Suburban couple married nearly 70 years pass away just minutes apart

    SKOKIE, Ill. — A remarkable love story was celebrated Tuesday night a few days after a Skokie couple who had been married for nearly 70 years died just minutes apart. Issac and Teresa Vatkin were holding hands when they passed away this weekend. Their daughter Clara, who immigrated to the United States with her parents in the 1960s from Argentina shared the story of their enduring 69 year marriage. “They were wonderful people. They were in love,” Clara says. “Never […]

  • Man charged with murder in fatal shooting of truck driver on I-88

    Police have arrested a man in the fatal shooting of a truck driver on I-88 and are now calling it a “road rage incident.” 34-year-old Anthony Tillmon of Lansing, Illinois has been charged with first degree murder in the death of 43-year-old Eduardo Munoz. Munoz was shot while driving his semi-truck in the eastbound lanes of I-88 near York Road in Oak Brook last Friday during rush hour when he was shot. He was taken to the hospital where he later […]

  • Mini reproductive systems helping doctors in big ways

    There is a new way to test drugs for a specific person without ever trying them on that person. It’s high tech science creating mini reproductive systems for men and women in a lab. Organs that communicate with each other can also tell doctors how to better treat their patients. From complicated machines to the intricate workings of the human reproductive system, visionaries – engineers and biologists grew organs that look like computer chips. “As engineers they know how to […]