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  • 911 call released in Aurora FAA fire

    Police in Aurora released of the 911 call they received when a fire broke out at the FAA center last week which cancelled thousands of flights. 36-year old Brian Howard of Naperville is now charged with setting the fire in the basement of the FAA radar and communication facility that damaged electronic equipment. After setting the fire, he tried to slit his wrists and cut his throat. In the 911 calls a security guard at the facility can be heard […]

  • baby

    Mother makes ultimate sacrifice for baby, delays chemo and is now fighting for her life

    A mother in California made the ultimate sacrifice for her baby when she refused a treatment for bone cancer that would have saved her own life. When she was 10 weeks pregnant, 24-year-old Ashley Bridges was diagnosed with cancer, CBS Los Angeles reports. Doctors recommended she start chemotherapy immediately and that would required her to terminate her pregnancy. “There’s no way I could kill a healthy baby because I’m sick,” she told CBS. At eight months, Bridges was told the […]

  • Medical Prescription RX

    Database shows drug company payments to doctors

    A new federal database shows how much pharmaceutical companies are paying doctors. The database is part of a provision in the Affordable Care Act. Patients can search through hundreds of millions of dollars in payments and gifts given between August and December of last year. The payments are legal, but some studies show contributions from pharmaceutical companies can influence which medications doctors prescribe. You can find the database on our website here: http://www.cms.gov/openpayments/index.html  

  • Great Chicago Fire Festival: Creative minds play with fire for new river spectacle

    Some of Chicago’s most creative minds are playing with fire this week, as they prepare for the city’s first ever Great Chicago Fire Festival.  It happens on Saturday to celebrate the grit, greatness, and renewal that followed the great Chicago fire of 1871.  And as WGN’s Steve Sanders reports, this flaming spectacle on the Chicago river promises to be unlike anything Chicago has ever seen. The fire festival has a budget of two million dollars, with the city pitching in […]

  • missing

    Suburban police search for missing man with schizophrenia

    Police in Elmwood Park are searching for a 34-year-old how has been missing for over a week. Police say, Johnny Cuevas Ortega was last seen on Sept. 20 at his home in the 2300 block of N. 73rd Ct. “He said he was going to go to the store real quick and he never returned back and he’s been missing since,” Johnny’s broth Hector Cuevas told the Chicago Tribune. “He’s usually good about that. He always comes back.” Ortega has […]

  • girl

    “I’m brave … you can be brave also:’ Courageous 5-year-old offers advice, explains cancer in emotional YouTube video

    This is one viral video that packs an emotional punch. The parents of kindergartener Hannah Higgins uploaded a video of their brave daughter’s “cancer commercial” recently. “If you have cancer, don’t worry,” says the 5-year-old in the video. “‘Cause I am brave and you can be brave also.” The Huffington Post reports that Hannah finished chemotherapy in August with no indications of the disease. From the YouTube post: “Hannah was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms tumor (kidney cancer) in February 2014 […]

  • Wide range of temps expected this week

    Updates at Chicago Weather Center

  • baby

    Amazing video: Dad takes photo of son every day for 4 years and the results are epic

    A father has raised the bar on home movies of children. He took a picture of his son Ray every day for four years.  Then put it all together for a epic time-lapse video From the YouTube post: “This is my Picture Every Day Project for my son Ray. He’s the sweetest kid, love him so much. He still thinks it’s completely normal that I take his picture every day, doesn’t even question it, ha. There will possibly be a […]

  • North Side parking meters vandalized

    Sunday free parking ends on select Chicago streets

    There’s no more free parking on Sundays along main streets in many business areas across the city. Starting today, drivers who park on main thoroughfares will have to feed the meters again from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every Sunday. A deal that was pushed through the city council last year allowed free Sunday parking across most of the city in exchange for longer meter hours on weekdays and Saturdays. Now, paid Sunday meter parking is back on these selected […]

  • Capture

    Buried alive? Reports of screams, banging coming from woman’s coffin hours after funeral in Greece

    A group of people reported hearing a woman’s “muffled screams” and banging coming from a grave in a cemetery in Greece. BBC News reports the 45-year-old woman had been buried an hour before the reports of the noises coming from her coffin. She was being treated by doctors for cancer. They had declared her dead. “Shortly after the last relatives left the cemetery, residents and a group of children playing outside reportedly heard a female voice shouting for help from […]


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