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  • New Florida center treats addiction, mental illness with horse therapy

    A new program for treating drug and alcohol addiction is proving its success in Florida. Mending Fences is a treatment center that uses horse therapy with their patients. Katrina Campagnola, Mending Fences primary therapist, and Terry Libera, director of the Equine Program, discussed their center with us on the Morning News. According to the center, more than 50% of patients who complete the program go on to live sober lives. Mending Fences also treats those suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. […]

  • Jenny Riddle discusses overcoming public speaking nerves on Morning News

    Public speaking is often considered the number one fear among Americans, even before death. Jennifer Riddle, believes this fear starts with self-doubt. Riddle shared several tips for how to speak up at work: 1. Reframe your mindset 2. Fake it until you become it 3. Squash negative self-talk 4.  Embrace your unique voice and style 5. Use storytelling to free your voice For more information, visit Prairie Path Books in Wheaton, IL. and Riddle’s website,

  • Financial expert Terry Savage on interest rates, paying off debt and other money questions

  • Funk rock band Mathien performs on WGN Morning News

    Mathien visited the Morning News with music from their new album “Bad Friend.” The funk rock band is originally from Southern Illinois, and they have sold out shows across the Midwest, including three concerts at the House of Blues in Chicago.

  • From the archives: Anthony Bourdain shares his passion for culture in 2015 Morning News interview

    Renowned chef and world traveler Anthony Bourdain passed away Friday morning in Paris, France. CNN confirmed the cause of death as suicide. Bourdain in 2015 visited the WGN Morning News, where he shared his passion for bringing different people together through food and culture. Watch the interview in the player above

  • Multiple treatment options available for depression, psychiatrist says

    Forensic Psychiatrist Andrew Farah joined the Morning News following Anthony Bourdain’s death. CNN confirmed Bourdain was found unresponsive in his hotel room Friday morning, and the cause of death was suicide. Farah said that different treatment options are available for those suffering from depression, including medication, therapy and more. “It’s okay to come in for treatment,” Farah said. Suicide is currently the 10th leading cause of death for adults. For anyone seeking help, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255.

  • Journalist Jon Sall and WGN Radio host Dave Hoekstra talk about ‘The Camper Book’

    Dave Hoekstra from WGN Radio wrote about camping across the country in “The Camper Book: A Celebration of a Moveable American Dream.” Photojournalist Jon Sall documented the adventures. Hoekstra will be at the Komoda Gift Shop at 25-29 W. Chicago Ave. for a book signing and discussion June 24.

  • Number 1 song from 14th birthday: Larry and Lauren

    Marcus Leshock told the Morning Show about an online trend of people finding the No. 1 songs from their fourteenth birthdays. Here are Larry and Lauren’s top birthday hit.

  • Idaho football players rescue car crash victims

    These teenage football players from Idaho teamed up to save a stuck passenger. They lifted the car together, and caught it all on video.

  • Manta ray jumps above water, surprises kayaker

    This kayaker had a rare encounter with a manta ray that he posted on his YouTube channel. The ray jumped over the water, splashing and surprising the man.